6ix9ine FINALLY SPEAKS OUT While Locked up about Him SNITCHING!

  • Published on Sep 29, 2019
  • #InDaNewsDaily #6ix9ine #Tekashi69 6ix9ine Tekashi speaks out to everyone who has a problem with him snitching. The Rapper also thinks this event has made him more of an popular rapper and he's going to make himself richer when hes released..
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  • In Da News Daily
    In Da News Daily  2 months ago +319

    Like this Comment Yall...

    • TreyLayLow _
      TreyLayLow _ 13 days ago

      In Da News Daily aye bro do an update on that mans #FreeRalo he been on lockdown since April 2018...turned down 5 year deal from the feds then fed the whole dorm...and he puttin out projects steady from inside with a lot a help from shy glizzy

    • Martin Ramos
      Martin Ramos Month ago

      In Da News Daily 69 is his name stoooooopid. 6 letters for Daniel & 9 for Hernandez. There’s footage of him saying this. Look it up stoooooopid I thought you did your research.

    • dolla bills
      dolla bills Month ago

      @Josh Crews they didnt rape her tho.. she was w it. Think about that for a minute..🤔

  • topasioo
    topasioo 11 hours ago


  • 510jamica
    510jamica Day ago

    I'm happy for 69

  • Biggie
    Biggie 2 days ago

    Lil Wayne doesn’t snitch
    Just saying

  • Biggie
    Biggie 2 days ago

    In prison if you are rich everything is for sale. Cell phones boooty money food drinks.
    And parole

  • Biggie
    Biggie 2 days ago

    Sixnine be like Judge that man had the gun
    That man robbed me
    That man ran a train on my girl
    And trippie red is a gang member
    50 cent introduced me to a gang member
    And I know who killed Tupac and biggie

  • Absolute Longplay
    Absolute Longplay 4 days ago

    little snitch wait till you get out!

  • Joe Buck Hoff
    Joe Buck Hoff 7 days ago

    3:57 lol he is a crack baby

  • sneekmatrix
    sneekmatrix 8 days ago

    He will come out and make music with features artist and be a big star with security and chains and driving a hummer.

    TheLOSshow FABULOSO 10 days ago


  • David Restivo
    David Restivo 10 days ago

    This kid should of moved out of the neighborhood and bought him and his family a house as soon as he made some money. He would still be working and gettin* cash. Instead he fucked up his career.

    hAMSTER BAE 12 days ago

    nigga he already said hes not getting rid of the tattoos stop talking about removing them like wtf

  • Maryboo39 Livin Life
    Maryboo39 Livin Life 13 days ago

    Born in 96

  • Carter Mister
    Carter Mister 13 days ago

    He a true six nine fan that made this video

  • Angel Camacho
    Angel Camacho 15 days ago

    Hes a bitch snitching

  • Tyriq Criswell
    Tyriq Criswell 15 days ago

    You a snitch to

  • Shh Winner
    Shh Winner 16 days ago

    snitches get stiches

  • Christopher Cornelius
    Christopher Cornelius 17 days ago

    I don't think he will maked in the rap game anymore he caused to mush problems for himself

  • Dana Szabo
    Dana Szabo 18 days ago

    the poor lil guy had to get prison looking tattoos and messed up teeth to look like the rest of the big bad macho "rappers" or they would have punked him instead and make him a roadie...even worse a groupie!

  • Vinny Tenaglia
    Vinny Tenaglia 24 days ago

    No just no he sucked before he snitched!!

  • Youngsavv361 Silva
    Youngsavv361 Silva 25 days ago

    Don’t click on this vid he talks for the whole time first 4 minutes about his tats

  • South side baby From tha 4

    No cap they bout to smack his ass 😂

  • Eddie boyd
    Eddie boyd 26 days ago

    Skip to 9:45 to miss a course in tattoos and dermatology. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Eddie boyd
    Eddie boyd 26 days ago

    It’s Basketball numbers son!!!

  • Hakeem Jimenez
    Hakeem Jimenez 27 days ago

    Can u shut tfu and play the audio already

  • Elijah Reyes
    Elijah Reyes 27 days ago

    He explained it by saying how he looks at the that's six nine people and he season 9 6 what he sees the world differently even though that it's the same

  • Talif GK
    Talif GK 27 days ago


  • Colter Daniel
    Colter Daniel 28 days ago

    69 dope

  • lee lehmann
    lee lehmann Month ago

    69 your a proper funny dude man , free 69

  • ash ville
    ash ville Month ago

    You fired

  • Dr.Mario Sandoval
    Dr.Mario Sandoval Month ago

    He said he got the 69 tats because he's good at the 69 sexual position and it's his favorite. Ill try to remember where I saw it.

  • cashbadazz Watson
    cashbadazz Watson Month ago

    69 mine u got 69 years to live or u got 96 years to live no matter what

  • EmeraldBlueYT
    EmeraldBlueYT Month ago

    Song FeFe homes

  • BestOfBoxingTalk
    BestOfBoxingTalk Month ago

    Bla bla bla. HE already signed with sm1!!! And wgaf abt 69

  • Gil167bxny Rodriguez

    Talking to much wtf 😡

  • Andy Ortiz
    Andy Ortiz Month ago

    Free 69

  • Jason Machado
    Jason Machado Month ago


  • Yolanda Sepulveda
    Yolanda Sepulveda Month ago

    69 got alot to think about but I don't think he's a bitch or nun

  • Clarence Thomas
    Clarence Thomas Month ago

    I’m fan of the music 🎶

  • DeAnthony DaVincc
    DeAnthony DaVincc Month ago

    Not to talk s*** but at least put the right hand on the right side I bet you were stoned as hell editing that picture

  • R J
    R J Month ago

    the video gets better at 12:05

  • JR GEE
    JR GEE Month ago


  • Lexie S
    Lexie S Month ago

    Ying yang

  • Jose Montoya
    Jose Montoya Month ago

    Sorry you think like that. I’d rather die like man than live like a coward you did the crime you do the time.👌🏾💯

  • Hilda Mena
    Hilda Mena Month ago

    Luv ur channel u get the real tea

  • Tina Howard
    Tina Howard Month ago

    Well yhall made him like yhall.made cardi now they running the game .its yhall fault.neither 1 from the mother land .played yhall asses

  • Taco Carlsón
    Taco Carlsón Month ago

    He's getting his cheeks busted 100%

  • Nathaniel Eric
    Nathaniel Eric Month ago

    Hey just tell him you be his body guard kill him get his money and earn a solid with the blood and come up

  • Chace Dinero
    Chace Dinero Month ago

    He'll get killed in no time...c'mon think rationally, without that wpp he's a sitting duck 💥

  • L&D
    L&D Month ago

    I don't know whats gonna happen

  • Shelly53 2018
    Shelly53 2018 Month ago

    Dude a Target

  • Luit Serrano
    Luit Serrano Month ago

    Blood piru // 6 being the blood sign _ the nine being the piru sign

  • FuSeD UPP
    FuSeD UPP Month ago

    if u have a 2 years nd u got football numbers the right way is not to fold idk if u have a family wen you in that game there is no love shud of never entered if u cuddnt handle either u a family man or ur in the game cud do both but remember the consequences

  • manufacturedfracture

    Regarding the tattoos. He could get a sleeve and cover 80% of them. Cover ups is fast and easy. The face tattoos is difficult.
    Regarding the meaning.
    Place two people on the opposite side of a table. On The table is the number 18 for the guy on the right. But the guy on left said 81 who's right? Neither one is wrong. Sixnine no matter how you flip it will always be itself sixnine. Like racecar is also racecar backwards.

  • Joseph Blacksam
    Joseph Blacksam Month ago

    If u flip the numbers u get the same so no matter what way u see him he will still be the same

  • carlos romero
    carlos romero Month ago +1

    Nobody in the ghetto:
    Tekashi "I didnt snitch ya her me it was my managa"

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez Month ago

    QC is the garbage pail of modern music. This kid just needs to quit music.

  • Rebecca Henery
    Rebecca Henery Month ago

    I love this kids heart.they hated him before this now they can say a reason other than PURE JEALOUSY. I LOVE YOU DANIEL...69I CANT WAIT TO HEAR YOUR NEW #1 HITS

  • Rebecca Henery
    Rebecca Henery Month ago

    I respect you dude saying the truth about 40 years .He did NOT make those people commit crimes.feds already knew and NOONE WOULD GO TO PRISON FOR LIFE TO BE A THUG

  • Donald Green
    Donald Green Month ago

    Lies lies and more lies