Guillermo Del Toro talks 'The Shape of Water' Oscars Win, and what Iñarritu and Cuaron told him


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  • annacoribioanna
    annacoribioanna Month ago

    To the last question, I would say that I feel that these three Mexican directors (Cuaron, Del Toro, Inarritu) have this sense of sticking to their passions
    with a last kick of "I don't give a ^&*^*" (while being terribly scared)
    This way of "I will do my vision even if they laugh at me"... which is a very mexican thing, this sense of putting yourself out there in spite of judgement, of projecting failure and knowing you will be okay because at last you can laugh at yourself, and that in itself is survival.
    This Mexican way of extreme passion and taking big risks... as these directors have done with their movies (as Sean Penn said about Alejandro having the guts to take so much money from studios for The Revenant and just going for his vision which could have been extreme failure)
    And although their styles are different they all share the same views on this attention to love for the mundane, for people, and for life as it is.
    Of the "feeling" of space (Gravity), of the "feeling" of Nature (The Revenant), the feeling of loneliness (Shape of Water).....
    They just go for it.
    This has allowed creativity to enrich cinema again, for studios to take risks again
    for viewers to want to buy movie tickets and not just wait for them to come to their tablet because they might miss
    an opportunity to not see but "experience" something.
    Their movies are more humane, more driven to create an "Empathy machine" where art connects people to others through a screen

  • M.J O
    M.J O 8 months ago

    I'm so happy for Guillermo

  • Jesus Marquez
    Jesus Marquez 9 months ago

    making the real Mexican Zorro history

  • Paula Figueroa
    Paula Figueroa 9 months ago +2

    I admire Guillermo and it is wonderful to see a Mexican Oscar’s night in trump times.

  • YesGregYes
    YesGregYes 9 months ago

    Perfecto. Gracias, Guillermo.

  • Clara Luz Garcia
    Clara Luz Garcia 9 months ago


  • Justina Petke
    Justina Petke 9 months ago +1

    This puts a huge smile on my face, he's so sweet

  • Maliha Intikhab
    Maliha Intikhab 9 months ago +36

    He should have won years ago for Pan's Labyrinth!

    • La Clos Du Bois
      La Clos Du Bois 8 months ago

      Maliha Intikhab Yes, though I did like The Lives of Others

  • Efra Bros
    Efra Bros 9 months ago +3


  • VenomShock
    VenomShock 9 months ago

    The fuck's up with the frame-rate in this video?

  • Matthew Corya
    Matthew Corya 9 months ago +1

    Well deserved. I great filmmaker!

  • Bianca B
    Bianca B 9 months ago +4

    He makes me so proud to be mexican, more so than I already am because I love my country, and this is just amazing and well deserved it leaves me speechless GOZALOS GUILLERMO!! TE LOS GANASTE!

  • Zissou Moonshot
    Zissou Moonshot 9 months ago

    It's a great movie but mainly due to the work of Terry Gilliam and Jean Pierre Jeunet from whom del Toro unashamedly cops everything in the film. I literally thought I was watching a Jeunet film throughout the entire opening. The color palette, the music, the sentiment, the characters, the set direction and interior spaces, the art direction, the period vehicles and wardrobe, the style of narration, literally everything is exactly the same as what you see in a Jeunet movie.

    • cmnweb
      cmnweb 9 months ago +1

      Google the email of the Oscars jury and tell them, no body cares here!!.

    • SamuraiJack
      SamuraiJack 9 months ago +1

      OKAY OKAY have a nice day !

    • Zissou Moonshot
      Zissou Moonshot 9 months ago

      Well if you're a big fan of Del Toro than you aren't biased at all on the subject. *eyeroll* I never said it was a remake. I said it resembles Jeunet's and Gilliam's works in almost every respect, which it does. If you watched The Shape of Water without knowing a thing about it and had to guess who made it, you could easily mistake it for a Jeunet film, they are so similar. Nothing ridiculous about the comparison at all.

    • SamuraiJack
      SamuraiJack 9 months ago +8

      I know a lot about Del Toro, I'm a big fan. And I'm french, I know Jeunet's work. Del Toro has probably a thousand reasons to make this movie, it is not from any play, it is not a Jeunet remake. Since he has 6 years old, he wants to make a creature from the black lagoon movie, he was going to make a remake of that movie in the 90's. The idea comes from both Daniel Kraus and Del Toro which bought the idea from Kraus. Del Toro mainly makes new worlds, new stories, he wrote more than 20 original scripts. He is one of the most well read and huge cinephiles in Hollywood, and uses references and influendes as wide as comics and poetry and illustration. This is a ridiculous comparison to Jeunet who made strange little french movies with the extensive help of Caro, his art director. Jeunet himself is accused of plagiarism on Amélie. And I have 1000 more arguments.

    • Zissou Moonshot
      Zissou Moonshot 9 months ago

      It's not wrong at all. Go compare the films. Also the plot was entirely lifted from a play in 1969. Who cares? Not you, I suppose. As I said, great movie. Just not an original thought or idea to be found within.

  • Ash Monkey
    Ash Monkey 9 months ago

    WIRTER/DIRECTOR. tisk tisk Variety

  • AX7 Duran
    AX7 Duran 9 months ago +13

    MEXICO STAND UP !!!! Mexicans are taking over Hollywood behind the cameras

  • Dhar Maitri
    Dhar Maitri 9 months ago +4

    So happy for him. He’s so adorable. He deserves this win.

  • Rob _
    Rob _ 9 months ago +7

    Best way that could have turned out. It warms my heart for Guillermo to finally get his due after so many times he caught a bad break.

  • Yuvraj Singh Grewal
    Yuvraj Singh Grewal 9 months ago +20

    such a beautiful human

  • Thomas Barrientos
    Thomas Barrientos 9 months ago +8

    Congratulations to the lovable Teddy Bear!!!!

  • SMOSHiepieDawson
    SMOSHiepieDawson 9 months ago +19

    One of my favourite directors of all time and the first director that encouraged me to pursue film. Love you Guillermo.

  • Hard Rock Master
    Hard Rock Master 9 months ago

    Song playing.... ??

  • Eli Ram
    Eli Ram 9 months ago +11

    He's adorable!

  • Jim Barnable
    Jim Barnable 9 months ago +17

    Beautiful man

  • FunkPOP Casador
    FunkPOP Casador 9 months ago +32

    Triplemente orgulloso de Memo primero por el género en que se especializa monstruos cual es mi favorito
    Segundo porque es Mexicano
    Y tercero por ser paisano de Guadalajara
    Eres grande entre los grandes
    Y el mejor de los mejores
    No solo por tu creatividad si no por tu forma de ser
    Eres Árbol de madera roja
    Que alcanzas los cielos pero con las raises bien postradas en la tierra

  • mixit247
    mixit247 9 months ago +13

    Absolutamente chingon!

  • Arturo Peredo
    Arturo Peredo 9 months ago +3

    Lovely interview :)

  • gentelNatan
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  • Jesus Marquez
    Jesus Marquez 9 months ago +1

    please making speedy Gonzalez

  • SHR
    SHR 9 months ago +16

    I wanted nolan to win , but winning doesnot decide who is the best but guillermo also a good director and he deserve to be happy with these oscars...!

    • lalo landa
      lalo landa 9 months ago +3

      sam & dean mature coment

  • Angiie Pintle
    Angiie Pintle 9 months ago +44

    I've being in love with his work since pan's labyrinth! I'm so happy now he's getting the recognition that he deserves. I love u Totoro-san

    • rhythmoriented
      rhythmoriented 9 months ago +4

      Angiie Pintle - with Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water del Toro has accomplished the rarest of feats: the creation of two masterworks in the same career.