Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes Breakdown

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes Explained. Jon Snow Ending Final Scene, Daenerys and Ser Jorah Mormont ►
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    Covering Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Alternate Ending, Game Of Thrones Season 8 Deleted Scenes. Jon Snow Ending, Ser Jorah Mormont Changes, White Walker Night King Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Changes and the Future of Jon Snow after the Game of Thrones Finale. Still doing a Finale Q&A video this week! Bonus Episode airs on Sunday Night
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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome  5 months ago +506

    Here's my *Game Of Thrones Season 8 Finale Alternate Ending* and Deleted Scenes video. There will be a lot more deleted scenes we'll learn about when the blu ray is released, so leave all your video requests in the comments. My Finale Q&A video will post in the next few days!

  • Courtney Horton
    Courtney Horton 9 days ago

    hate them both. worst ending to the greatest show of all time. Literally the worst. MY ending was better.

  • tyler schranf
    tyler schranf 9 days ago

    I hope in the books, jon kills Dany to bring Lightbringer

  • Rouzmary
    Rouzmary 9 days ago

    I think it's better that Jorah did die, at least it added a bit of reality to the fast forward of Dany's "kill them all" mindset.

  • karimam1275
    karimam1275 12 days ago

    Doesn't change much, does it? It stillll sucks!

  • throw back tv
    throw back tv 12 days ago

    Sansa wanted to get rid of Jon but she did it smartly, if she didn't do it smartly aya would of needle her

  • Frostyboi100
    Frostyboi100 13 days ago

    don't care what she did she lost to much and snapt, but danny should still be queen, jon should of been beheaded along with tyrion

  • Jarred W
    Jarred W 14 days ago

    I’d prefer a good ending after all these years and dedication to the show....but of course we got the dumpster fire that was season 8.....just saying

  • Bill Skinner
    Bill Skinner 14 days ago

    OK, so this alternative ending, with Jorah surviving, would have changed my opinion/rating of season 8, from 2 of 6 Stars to 2.2 of 6 Stars. I'm kinda numb on GOT. On to Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Gitta Sapiano
    Gitta Sapiano 16 days ago

    I would like the alternative ending would be better!

  • Anna Castro
    Anna Castro 18 days ago

    No matter what, I refuse to have Bran come out of fucking nowhere to be king. An excellent advisor? Yes. But they never actually cultivated his character into some great leader

  • Anna Castro
    Anna Castro 18 days ago

    I don’t think this detail makes that much of a difference tbh. It just kind of clarifies at least wtf the writers were trying to do. Im still not huge on the ending regardless

  • Bluescobra
    Bluescobra 19 days ago

    I was expecting Arya to end the mother of dragons, somehow after being disgusted by the horror she saw in the streets.
    She could have used the commander's face for instance.

    Then feel free to imagine all the possibilities from a story point of view.

  • Lica Eduard
    Lica Eduard 19 days ago

    In my opinion, the ideal ending would've started with the King's landing war, exactly as it went down except Dany stops at the bells, find Cersei and give arya the kill. Then, the night king destroys the wall, Jon and Dany go to Winterfell to fight the night king, they lose in a devastating battle, Winterfell is destroyed. Jorah dies protecting Dany, but Dany still dies in the end burned by Vyserion at the night King's order (yes, burned, somehow) , and then drogon and Vyserion kill each other. No more dragons. Brienne dies sacrificing herself so that sansa and Arya can flee. Everyone still alive flees to Kings landing, where Jon is appointed king because of his heritage. One more epic battle takes place and Sam finally finds out how to kill the night king. Meanwhile, Jon gets In a 1v1 with him and wins but nothing seems to kill him. Sam realises that in order to kill the NK, they need to go all the way back to the North and destroy that tree. Bran goes back in time, seeing himself talking to the three eyed raven, and is able to make past bran understand what he needs to do, so he burnes the tree. But because that tree is also the source of bran's power, he dies As well. Back in KL, every dead zombie collapse, few remain alive and they decide to rebuild. Jon doesn't enjoy being king, makes the seven kingdoms independent, and the people from each kingdom vote for their leader.
    Jon says goodbye to everyone, taking the black again, as king of the crows. Fast forward a few months later, everything is rebuilt, people start to feel safe again. Arya still goes east, yadda yadda yadda...

  • mellowenglishgal
    mellowenglishgal 20 days ago

    It seems like a waste, that they put all this effort into an alternative ending for the sake of one character - nothing actually altered in the actual story because Ser Jorah lived. The characters still ended up in the same place. An "alternate ending" would have been the Northmen and the Knights of the Vale turning on Daenerys' troops, arresting her for the atrocities in King's Landing, and executing her after a trial witnessed by the Lords and Ladies of Westeros, with Jon being forced to take the throne by Tyrion as his birthright, to rebuild the Riverlands, the Reach and the Westerlands - the Vale, the Iron Islands and Dorne all follow suit with Sansa, declaring independence from the Iron Throne: But someone has to organise the lands most severely affected by the recent wars.

    Jon's penance isn't to go back to where he's truly free, but to spend his life hating what he gained from Daenerys' execution - following the pattern of him going from steward to Lord Commander to King in the North, despite never seeking out power.

    If being a good ruler and leader means never thinking about what you want personally, but what's best for your people, Jon probably would have ended up marrying politically (perhaps Sam's sister, as House Tarly might have been one of the few Houses with wealth and influence in the Reach, the breadbasket of Westeros), and fathering children he would have raised in the Northern way: Duty before desire. Their duty is to their people: Thus breaking the wheel. And with Sam as potential Hand of the King later (after Tyrion has either died of old age or retired to his vineyards) he could have guided the kingdoms under Jon's rule toward something more of a constitutional monarchy where the people were protected by the law, and the monarch could be legally deposed if they overstepped, eventually, after a very long time, actually introducing votes etc.

    Sad and disappointing that the only change in the "alternate ending" was that Ser Jorah was sent into exile with Jon. So much potential, wasted. Oh well!

  • Dief Enbaker
    Dief Enbaker 22 days ago

    Jaime should have died before getting to Cersei. Cersei should have suffered a horrible death or starving in prison, tortured by Grey Worm, ripped to shreds by the survivors of Kings Landing, something extremely horrible and humbling. The others don't matter as much but Jaime should have never made it back to Cersei and Cersei should have died a torturous death. Cersei caused the death of Robert, Ned, Margaery, Olena, Tommen, Oberyn, Ellara, Myrcella, Tyene, and others, she is the evilest villain of GoT, she makes Ramsay Snow-Bolton look like a saint.

  • Dominik Schemhaus
    Dominik Schemhaus 23 days ago

    A King needs a great Story, and who got a better story than ... JON!!! Gone to the wall, die for them, being stark AND targaryen, ...

  • Ivan Drago
    Ivan Drago 23 days ago

    I usually stay grounded and dont get to annoyed or exited at entertainment properties. I can only think of two times I was legit mad, annoyed, disappointed at a entertainment property. GOT and the ending to Mass Effect 3. Im not saying others shows and movies have all gone the way I wanted, but I cant recall being legit punched in the gut disappointed. GOT and Mass Effect both sparked my imagination and wonder. They where properties that I would think about and discuss with my friends. The thing that sucked was in both cases the endings where simple, the stories and characters had already done the work, just get to the finish line and you have greatness. In both cases the creators had to have illogical spin, rushed archs, and both felt cheap and lazy.

  • Harold Ramson
    Harold Ramson 24 days ago +1

    I don’t care about this!!! It means nothing to me. I have moved on to something else.

  • R. Burchardt
    R. Burchardt 28 days ago

    I like the alternate ending because- and I'm a writer myself- I like how it fleshes things out so much better than the original. While I would have liked to see Dany live, I'm glad that at least Drogon was allowed to live and leave the world of humans that killed his mother so brutally. Sir Jorah living would have also been a nice touch, but ultimately it would have made no difference in Dany's eventual fate. The reign of the dragons ended for Westeros, though I would like to see a series where Dragons might yet be found in a very far corner of that world. I forgot JRRM's name for this unknown [and unwritten about] continent, but that is where I think Drogon might take up residence.
    Thank you for this video. It is nice to see that there at least was an option for a different ending.

    • R. Burchardt
      R. Burchardt 28 days ago

      Ulthos is the land where Drogon might be [were I Mr. Martin].

  • Phillip Mayfield
    Phillip Mayfield 28 days ago

    Neither. I rather of had Jon kill the night king, the true queen stop after the war was won or she got pregnant so she couldn't get involved after the night king had died she finds out she's pregnant so Jon and squad go to finish the job and then little sis saves the day when Jon and crew are struggling with to win she does what she does. At least it could of been better then that last season

  • Darrius Cole
    Darrius Cole 29 days ago

    Even the alternate ending is Bull$hit.

    So Gendry is mad that Jon killed Dany after Dany burned down his hometown, killing like 90% of the people he knew, including his Father, the blacksmith who raised him. BULL$HIT He would be glad that she is dead.

    As for the others like, Yara. They wouldn't be mad of Dany's death either. It's like taking sides with Hitler after he lost. No one in his right mind would do that.

  • DZ280
    DZ280 29 days ago

    i like the one that's make sense and connect the previous lore/prophecy or at least more logic approaching

  • Hiren Chandarana
    Hiren Chandarana Month ago


  • Amy Morrison
    Amy Morrison Month ago

    Why does everyone giving commentary on these epic moments sound like this? It’s this same pattern of speaking very quickly with a particular inflection and when I hear it I don’t want to watch the video anymore even though it sounded interesting to begin with.

  • Taddawson68 Dawson
    Taddawson68 Dawson Month ago

    Love it

  • James Ultron
    James Ultron Month ago

    I still don't get the whole "TRUE HEIR TO THE IRON THRONE" shit
    like who's gonna follow Jon ? The Dothraki ? The Unsullied ? Drogon ? Oh ffs, Dany's Army followed her out of power and love. Aegon didn't conquer the seven kingdoms because he was "true heir" or some dumb shit, he took them with fire and blood and POWER. This whole true heir shit is soooo fucking dumb

  • James Ultron
    James Ultron Month ago

    Dany : *is losing allies*
    Season 8 Missandei & Grey Worm : WE'RE LEAVING QUEEEEEEEEN

  • SABER!
    SABER! Month ago

    I'm pretty sure Gendry is team Jon. he has a good relationship with him, fight with him beyond the wall and could relate with him as a bastard, and he's in a relationship with Arya

  • YoJon
    YoJon Month ago

    I’m still disappointed in the ending

  • Christina Chavez
    Christina Chavez Month ago

    I think that jorah living would have prevented the darkness from coming out of dany without the development her character needed. It wouldn't have made any sense for jorah to turn on dany. Against his own common sense he let dany give herself and drogo to miri mas dur. And he had barely fallen in love with her. To see her on the throne he would have burn the city himself, if of course he didnt managae to convince her to wait in the north a few weeks, acknowledge the dangers of the south and prepare for the very obvious ambush from the fleet dan and dav said they "forgot about" and win without the slaughter of the innocents in kings landing. Dany never went mad seeing plots and betrayals from nothing. So she wouldnt have seen jorah as a traitor. If they had spun it that, they would have needed a season of development to drive dany mad. And justified or not, jorah would have killed jon when dany was murdered and let the northman rip him limb from limb to be with her. No way that jorah is ok with jon murdering the love of his life.

  • Kate Banks
    Kate Banks Month ago

    Okay okay, IF you wanted to go the “Mad Queen” route, here’s the way it should’ve happened : Dany has a baby with Jon snow, a baby that she was told she’d never have - an heir, some hope for her future line and something bigger than herself - and something occurs where Cersei and maybe like a “council” of the people of King's landing cause the child’s death. BOOM, this makes sense that this would drive her insane while also driving her and Jon apart: Dany seeks violent maddened revenge and Jon only wants to punish those directly responsible according to the laws of justice (or whatever laws they follow in Westeros). Dany kills a bunch of innocent people in her murderous tirade to get to Cersei , Jon thinks that’s not cool and here we are at the same ending but please dear God without Drogon having a moment of “it was the lure of the throne that caused your death so I’m gonna burn that (the throne) instead of the man you trusted who just stabbed you in the heart” scene. Done.

  • Mars Kras
    Mars Kras Month ago

    Where are the deleted scenes?

  • Darian Willis
    Darian Willis Month ago

    No one gives a fuck about Jorah we want to see Jon Snow kill gray worm and the night king

  • Amanda Miranda
    Amanda Miranda Month ago

    I honestly dont think Jorah would have let dany feel alone. He cares deeply for her. She probably would have listened to him instead of tyrion or jon. I rather have him dead and her know he loved her then him betraying her and going down the same path with the rest of the traitors.

  • SkriP StreaM
    SkriP StreaM Month ago

    It makes more sense with Jorra alive. It feels like it would have been more of an acceptable comprehensive reason for danny to have burn kings landing.

  • bliva 1don
    bliva 1don Month ago

    They had gotten 2god damn years the literally fucked the last season after two years, what a waste of a season

  • 2teej
    2teej Month ago

    Which ending is better???? Oh lemme think neither they both sucked!

  • Lady Cat
    Lady Cat Month ago

    Kit Harington himself said Jon Snow is leaving and ain’t coming back. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Resent C137
    Resent C137 Month ago

    Jon snow was my favorite character, S8 made him look like a dumb ass

  • Russell Coleman
    Russell Coleman Month ago

    Still a train wreck. The only thing that changes is the mile marker

  • Steven Carr
    Steven Carr Month ago

    I love how u called it his 360 no scope scorpion bolts hahaha

  • SMK
    SMK Month ago

    theres actually more story structure to the alernative, it is still a pile of garbage, but it's a better pile.

  • Jason Vailes
    Jason Vailes Month ago

    I would have liked to see the alternate ending

  • Sumipun
    Sumipun Month ago

    Example of billion dollar screwup

  • Comic Blues with Jonygitar

    They had a homeric quality story that they screwed up at the end and I just lost interest

  • Jeff Allen
    Jeff Allen Month ago

    That ending is just as dumb it makes no sense there is no way that drogon and danys followers would just let her get murdered and do nothing especially drogon and gray worm gray worm already lost missandei he had nothing left he would have fought to the death thats just his character and drogon was her baby he would have set the world on fire after losing dany a big civil war is the only logical ending if you have jon kill dany anything else makes no sense and bran being king makes no sense at all either

  • Catherine Garvin
    Catherine Garvin Month ago


  • Tristram Shandy
    Tristram Shandy Month ago

    Letting Gendry have more lines in that final council/court would've made more sense but I also LMAO at Gendry trying to threaten Jon's life with a whole Arya and Sansa Stark sitting right there

  • Derrick Logue
    Derrick Logue Month ago

    They both SUCKED

  • Jonas Franklin
    Jonas Franklin Month ago +1

    I loved everything up to dany being killed by Jon, I just wish Bran wasnt made king, that was dumb af

  • Adrastos O
    Adrastos O Month ago +8

    How about an alternate ending where John and Daenery rule the 7 kingdoms together! 😎

    • Adrastos O
      Adrastos O 26 days ago

      freepeople091 don’t mind if I do...... I love Disney movies; They usually give us the endings we want!

    • freepeople091
      freepeople091 26 days ago

      How about you go watch Disney movies?

  • Cattleya Entrolezo
    Cattleya Entrolezo Month ago

    I like the original. Jorah was the flame that’s been extinguished from Daenery’s life. He was everything good that Daenerys stood for. Without him, Daenerys was the Mad Targaryen she was always destined to be.

  • mrwho995
    mrwho995 Month ago

    Why the fuck is this dude so popular. Channel is garbage.

  • Red Guerrero
    Red Guerrero Month ago +1

    Dany and Aegon (Jon) Should have married and rule the 7 (now 6) kingdom together.

    • SAMUEL YouTube
      SAMUEL YouTube Month ago

      Red Guerrero
      150% I agree with you, I wished it almost from the beginning, and I think it would please more people than this what they did

  • Ric Walker
    Ric Walker Month ago

    For me the 2nd ending was like Mass Effect 3 ending: Nothing but to choose between red or green or blue colored explosion.

  • Rick Bailey
    Rick Bailey Month ago

    Jon deserved so much better then what he got... all he did was sacrifice the entire show and nothing came from it smh.

  • Jose Ulloa
    Jose Ulloa Month ago

    They both sucked tbh😂

  • Kayser Sajid
    Kayser Sajid Month ago

    Jorah Alive damnnn tormourd the next mance Jon snow lrdcommander

  • talljib
    talljib Month ago

    Both endings were crap