How 1 Man Survived Being Lost 438 Days at Sea

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
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Comments • 13 727

  • battlq64
    battlq64 10 months ago +964

    It’s insane to think that while we were all going about our lives normally, there was someone that was stuck in the ocean for more than a year

    • RandomGamer5936
      RandomGamer5936 17 days ago

      that trip probably took *Atoll* on him

    • mankuro
      mankuro 4 months ago +7

      I had just turned 19 and was in my sophomore Year in College thinking life was rough while my guy over here was stuck in the Ocean lol

    • Oh No Bro
      Oh No Bro 5 months ago +2

      Holy hell this just hit me

    • A Wild Wilow
      A Wild Wilow 6 months ago +14

      Makes me wonder if anyone is going through that right now

    • Cowgoesmoo
      Cowgoesmoo 7 months ago +10

      Just think there’s been prolly hundreds of ppl that went through that and we’ll just never know about it crazy world we live in

  • temcade 7
    temcade 7 10 months ago +3917

    imagine if the human that he found at the house said im finally saved!

  • Melo
    Melo Year ago +2731

    Every single human being celebrated their birthday while this man was stuck alone on a boat

    • G1biH
      G1biH 2 days ago

      I don’t celebrated 😂

    • I am strange
      I am strange 4 months ago

      @Reggae sunnY he means there birthdays

    • hFilms // zippee100
      hFilms // zippee100 5 months ago

      @FinlandForceTeam no

    • HXV9
      HXV9 5 months ago

      Christmas too

    • Catalin Radoi
      Catalin Radoi 6 months ago

      Every single human celebread their birthday while I was working :(

  • never gonna give you up👞🎙

    I can't believe he managed to physically and mentally overcome this

    • Skorpy Nekomimi
      Skorpy Nekomimi 3 months ago +1

      Once you've been stuck in hardship for a while, survival just becomes habit. Especially once you have a system worked out for survival.

    • Last chance fancy pants
      Last chance fancy pants 4 months ago

      He thought about you.

    • e
      e 7 months ago

      Why did I read the username TT

    • Roy Lavecchia
      Roy Lavecchia 10 months ago +1

      can't*, managed*

  • Joseph Solis
    Joseph Solis 2 years ago +16555

    Someone is currently beating this record and no one knows it...

  • espacfc23
    espacfc23 Year ago +282

    During the entirety of 2013, this man was somewhere in the ocean, just drifting. Think of anything that happened then, at the same time, he was out facing this.

    • CarlisROY 666
      CarlisROY 666 2 months ago

      @GGF871 The joke > You.

    • The Copper Element Itself
      The Copper Element Itself 7 months ago

      @Yellow Flash woooosh time

    • Yellow Flash
      Yellow Flash 7 months ago

      @The Copper Element Itself pretty sure it was a joke

    • The Copper Element Itself
      The Copper Element Itself 8 months ago +4

      @PantsofVance he is probaly saying that he had 2 flies in that year crossing the near equator pacific lol, and passangers cant even see that further below

  • Zachary Jones
    Zachary Jones Year ago +2494

    If I ever go missing with a friend and he turns up a year later and I'm dead, please honor my memory and celebrate with him and his family and don't sue him... Even if he did eat me, at least I helped the homie out.

    • Alexander Simon
      Alexander Simon 7 months ago

      @Charles Lalawigan ☠️☠️

    • Juan Bolanos
      Juan Bolanos 8 months ago +1

      @Osama Sufian most fish stay by the coast
      If you are in the middle of the ocean food will be hard to come by. You either find a mountain size amount of fish in a single location or none at all for miles.

    • Osama Sufian
      Osama Sufian 8 months ago

      @TheRatsintheWalls him barely walking on his own when he first made it to the island definitely tells us it was hard enough for him to think about how it's his chance to eat as much as he can to survive a little longer

    • Osama Sufian
      Osama Sufian 8 months ago +1

      @TheRatsintheWalls there was food available but it was hard too get, he was prolly eat once every 3 days, do uk how hard it is to catch fish with your hands

  • Denis DRC
    Denis DRC 10 months ago +525

    This is a lucky one. Imagine all those unlucky dudes, we never hear about...

    • Ronaldo Talison
      Ronaldo Talison 5 days ago

      A father in Brazil tried to fly with balloons and got lost in the ocean. Half of his body was found months later.

    • Jim Owens
      Jim Owens 10 months ago

      That is 1.2 years

    • Muhammad Anas
      Muhammad Anas 10 months ago +12

      true and those people who waved the unlucky ones and did not help may be sitting next to us

    • Marwan K6
      Marwan K6 10 months ago +1


  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju Year ago +1636

    My immediate thought was "so did he eat the guy."
    Even if he did, provided he didnt kill the guy, in that situation i dont blame him

    • Hashirama Senju
      Hashirama Senju 4 months ago

      @Shah Affiq not proving anything. Just an off-hand comment that was taken to the ends of the earth and then some. Obviously, no-one through all of human history has ever committed cannibalism, and it would be ridiculous to assume otherwise, or even *suggest that it was possible*

    • Shah Affiq
      Shah Affiq 5 months ago

      @Hashirama Senju it's possible but unlikely. Even if he ate the guy then what you're trying prove?

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name 8 months ago

      @Zachary Jones That's still another 1/2 days of food where he can fill himself up completely which will then last him at least a week from his last serving...

    • Zachary Jones
      Zachary Jones 8 months ago

      @First name Last name I said that it was highly unlikely for the simple fact that it wouldn't increase his chances of survival because he had to go a whole year surviving anyways. Read my whole comment. One or two days maximum of eating his friends wouldn't help over a year span.

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name 8 months ago

      @Zachary Jones There is still meat on the bones and who said he was still eating him months later. Wtf is your logic? LOL

  • Elliot
    Elliot 3 years ago +1592

    To go through the emotional distress of being 400 days at sea with a crew mate dying then having the family sue you. It’s just sickening

    • Aluminium Knight
      Aluminium Knight 6 days ago

      He was a bad captain, not unlucky but careless. They deserve compensation

    • dog
      dog 2 years ago

      @Stefan Urban We don't have the death penalty. And he's Mexican. And he didn't eat him.

    • Dark Tea
      Dark Tea 2 years ago +1

      @Stefan Urban what does the British Government have to do with him, plus there are different governments in Britain

    • caitlin forester
      caitlin forester 2 years ago

      maybe he shouldn't have ate him then

    • tara
      tara 2 years ago

      Stefan Urban what I’d he didn’t?

  • TRG
    TRG Year ago +81

    The amount of anger and frustration I feel just sitting in my bed watching this through a screen when I heard about 1) how the one ship he had seen after months IGNORED him and 2) how he got sued after all that ._.
    Imagine how he must’ve felt :(

    • AshisH ParashaR
      AshisH ParashaR 4 months ago

      @Janelle O bro provided if someone's signals that he is in distress , ships do come across a lot of fishing vessels deep down the ocean but they dnt turn there head up to them just to ask if everything's okay

    • Janelle O
      Janelle O 7 months ago +4

      @Viliam Tomčo those ships have ways to rescue people. They are prepared to rescue men overboard. Of course they could have done something

    • Viliam Tomčo
      Viliam Tomčo Year ago +14

      The saddest part is that it wasn't possible even for them to rescue him. Those cargo ships are big and can't be stopped, also they are really tall with ladder being almost 17 meter above sea level. Also the waves would propably crush him if he came too close to that ship.

  • Melo
    Melo Year ago +9

    I actually read the book, called “438 Days”. I feel really bad for the other guy. It was his first day out at sea, and he was so scared. According to the book, he died from eating a bird who had a venomous snake in its stomach.

  • jelaine sift
    jelaine sift Year ago +845

    "They knew a storm was coming, but they could make enough in one day to support their families for a week."
    Go tomorrow, bro.

    • SkyDiams Team
      SkyDiams Team 5 months ago +1

      @Gary Hernandez Pulido "sinner"

    • Vaibhav Maswadkar
      Vaibhav Maswadkar 7 months ago

      Lol 🤣

    • LFC Glory
      LFC Glory 8 months ago

      @Heart2HeartBooks stick to avengers you captin america fanboy

    • Marc
      Marc 8 months ago +1

      ‘bRo’ he’s not your bro

  • Davider
    Davider 3 months ago +4

    Its beyond absolutely unimaginable to realize that during the ENTIRE year of 2013 from the first second to the last
    -He didnt ever feel solid ground and land
    -He didnt even ever see any land
    -He wasn't ever covered by a roof
    -He couldnt ever walk
    -He couldnt know how long he would still have to endure what he was experiencing
    -And so much more...
    Absolutely horrifying..

  • Tempted L9
    Tempted L9 3 years ago +5508

    What if you were lost at sea and found someone else that was also lost at sea

    • Sage The Nomad
      Sage The Nomad 26 days ago

      Really? Everyone's just passing by when an obvious dad joke can be made?... Fine, I'll do it...... You just make a new friendSHIP.

    • Kalash 74
      Kalash 74 Month ago

      @Sandhorst you know they could just be friends right

    • Azhar Azhari
      Azhar Azhari Year ago

      Someone will be gone and someone will survive 🗿

    • Capone Da_don
      Capone Da_don Year ago

      What’s really crazy is what if y’all speak 2 different languages lol

    • Capone Da_don
      Capone Da_don Year ago

      Y’all better think of something lol

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick Year ago +93

    He’s fortunate to have been in the part of the ocean that doesn’t really get much storm activity. It’s crazy how the ocean is the equivalent of a desert to humans. Honestly he probably didn’t eat his friend, dude had slowly starved to death.

    • The Copper Element Itself
      The Copper Element Itself 8 months ago +9

      He also had no reason to eat the other guy, he had a lot of food sources (not the best, but he had), if u compare rotten dead human flesh with recently killed uncut uncooked fish what would u ratter? He probaly just yeeted the friend out because of the many problems a corpse can bring. The family was really ignorant with him, just imagine having to see your own friend die slowly

  • matthew wycoff
    matthew wycoff 10 months ago +41

    Someone could be breaking this record right now

  • Shenyan Zhang
    Shenyan Zhang 10 months ago +129

    it really amazes me how much the guy wanted to be alive. I mean i would literally just give up

  • Sam Kozak
    Sam Kozak Year ago +6

    I feel like this story is something that could get a lot of attention as a survival move similar to 127 hours, have the book as the main source of inspiration but really make it a character study and focus on how much mental and physical damage that could do to a person

  • Kris T
    Kris T Year ago +2

    That's amazing!! Who knows how many people were actually lost at sea way longer than that and never made it. We will never know! However, his story about the cargo ship that just went by, that was most likely a very strong hallucination. Most likely he was so dehydrated, that he began to hallucinate, this is very common for people who are stranded at the ocean. Most likely that's what happened to his friend, and made him suicidal. Anyways, that's an amazing story!!

  • pedro6720
    pedro6720 Year ago +8

    Now I gotta read his book. I believe everything was engraved in his memory perfectly so it wasn’t difficult to write it, he even deserved a movie made about him

  • Mariandavecomplete green

    Maximum respect to those who make a living from the seas.
    It's a life or death situation.

  • courtney wynd
    courtney wynd 7 months ago +6

    This guy was out stranded on a boat for basically a year somehow physically and mentally overcoming this whilst I was probably crying to some minor inconvenience. This really shows how long id survive 💀

  • Vinica
    Vinica 3 years ago +12748

    Imagine him getting finally home after 438 days and asking his wife whats for lunch and she answers ‘fish’ lol.

    • RandomGamer5936
      RandomGamer5936 17 days ago

      that probably would've taken *Atoll* on him

    • The Timbs
      The Timbs 2 months ago

      That’s sus

    • CakCake
      CakCake 2 months ago +1

      @Logan Addis Lmao

    • Rowan Melton
      Rowan Melton 2 months ago

      @Vic Salvo We got it, it's just not funny

  • Klumszy
    Klumszy Year ago +679

    If they think he "probably" ate their son, then they're basically saying that's what they would have done if they were in that situation. Therefore, case dismissed.

    • Carlos G
      Carlos G 6 months ago

      Thats not what they're "basically saying"

    • Yellow Flash
      Yellow Flash 7 months ago

      Also how would he store the body and eat it, he probably cannot eat it all at once.

    • Markus I
      Markus I 8 months ago

      @mabhodlela JJ I can tell English isn't your first language. What I'm saying is the main assumption is he killed his friend and immediately ate the body. Just because he got survive doesn't make him innocent from doing certain things

    • Markus I
      Markus I 8 months ago

      @mabhodlela JJ ? XD why does rotting ever matter. He ate right after killing, that is the assumption here

  • Pat Aherne
    Pat Aherne Year ago +4

    He was remarkably well fed after being alone with no food for 438 days.

  • Mohammed Dhiaa
    Mohammed Dhiaa Year ago +150

    I cant really blame him if he ate his friend "IF"
    I mean he was lost more than a year without knowing is he going to live the next day or not...
    What do you expect?

    • Shah Affiq
      Shah Affiq 5 months ago

      Plus corpses are smelly and why would you ate that?

    • Yellow Flash
      Yellow Flash 7 months ago

      @Phencyclidine M i mean maybe they had something sharp. Because how else would they get blood from turtles

    • Yellow Flash
      Yellow Flash 7 months ago

      Plus his friend was sick, he probably could have died eating his friend

    • Phencyclidine M
      Phencyclidine M Year ago +34

      @joe marx exactly. plus eating humans especially raw can endanger your life. why tf would he do that. at most the body can last for a few days before going bad and what did he do? bite into him? theres no mention he had anything sharp that can cut into his skin to do so. i hope he had a good lawyer to defend him and sue the family for defamation

    • joe marx
      joe marx Year ago +22

      How stupid. If anyone can survive for 438 days without eating human then why would he eat human just to satisfy his hunger for a day?

  • Mike O.
    Mike O. 10 months ago +9

    Gotta read this book! His ethnicity definitely helped with that sun, i'm sure he eventually got sunburn though. And those peaceful nights out in the middle of the ocean must have been crazy.

  • Ty AZ
    Ty AZ 2 years ago +5111

    words cannot describe the amount of hatred i feel towards the people who sued him after he was lost at sea.

    • GOD
      GOD 15 days ago

      More so than the 4 men on the cargo ship that did not rescue him?

    • Daryl Phelps
      Daryl Phelps 17 days ago

      If I had to choose between starving to death and eating my dead friend, I'd choose to starve

    • E Van
      E Van 18 days ago

      I think he killed and ate his friend. Happens more in those situations than you would think. In larger groups, they just eat the ones who die. When its 1 on 1 or just a few people involved starving and needing water, cannibalism sometimes happens. Bet their lawyers argued that

    • HOnTheRun
      HOnTheRun Month ago

      @Pious I mean they probably assumed that he was unwillingly eaten and the friend killed him then ate him

    • Stephen
      Stephen 2 months ago


  • fr89k
    fr89k Year ago +7

    "They never even bothered to stop" - Like a freight ship could just stop :D This option is pretty much non-existent. The best you can hope for is that the crew reports your position and hoping that any cost guard has a plane available with a sufficiently long range to drop them some supplies, plus they would need to dispatch a ship to pick him up...

  • J Redacted
    J Redacted Year ago +9

    Always: extra batteries, second/third way to maneuver the craft, and a small stash of survival gear. Everytime. Even if you go out on a lake.

    • Noorish Ataef
      Noorish Ataef 8 months ago

      They had it but had to let it go cause they needed to maneuver away from the storm

  • medulgurl roxx
    medulgurl roxx 10 months ago +2

    The next time I'm having a bad day there's a chance someone's out there hoping to be rescued today!

  • geotechms
    geotechms Year ago +3

    Fascinating story! Thoroughly enjoyed this.

  • Hype Chris
    Hype Chris 10 months ago +3

    I wonder how the interaction went with the people he first saw, especially with a language barrier

  • Katniss
    Katniss 10 months ago +9

    It's unlikely he ate him. They managed to feed themselves before that. And he died from being sick. Eating him would be poisoning oneself since they only ate raw food. That's what I think. I wouldn't eat a sick animal.
    Also there would be no way to keep the meat "edible". I don't expect the fridge to be still working I guess it was powered by the motor. There's no reason to kill a human to eat it like that.

  • CreATE CaPz
    CreATE CaPz 11 months ago +2

    Question for yall. youre 15 miles away from the shore and you know youll be stranded in the middle of the ocean if you dont try. Do you try to make the swim? assuming its relatively calm conditions

    • Rich
      Rich 4 months ago

      Swimming 15 miles is a huge risk in open ocean. Not to mention the extra strength you need to go against the current. The average person wouldn’t make it

  • Kashi
    Kashi 10 months ago +4

    Whenever my personal life becomes overwhelming, I watch this video to feel better.. At least I'm not going through this nightmare! 🥶

  • calamorta
    calamorta 2 years ago +1789

    Imagine how scary it must have been to suddenly hear someone knocking on your door even though you live in the middle of nowhere

    • Mike Waves
      Mike Waves 2 years ago +1

      Like #860

    • Darragh Corr
      Darragh Corr 2 years ago +1

      He must have been petrified

    • Mash
      Mash 2 years ago +13

      @Vinny Booboo
      If you watch documentaries, you'll see...the people who found Jose Salvador Alvarega contacted authorities.

    • albert
      albert 2 years ago +1

      i dont live in the middle of nowhere lol

    • William Bonney
      William Bonney 2 years ago +2

      calamorta 😂 Yeah....Knocking.... at night.... in a storm.... 😱😂

  • Bdawg 910
    Bdawg 910 10 months ago +30

    *Love how I'm watching this right before a fishing trip in the ocean tomorrrow*

    • Bdawg 910
      Bdawg 910 6 months ago

      @Just Peachy bro dw, i wouldn't leave the boys like that.

    • Just Peachy
      Just Peachy 6 months ago

      I was going to ask if you're back but your replies answers it. Glad you're safe.

    • Bdawg 910
      Bdawg 910 7 months ago

      @Yellow Flash haha yup

    • Yellow Flash
      Yellow Flash 7 months ago +1

      @Bdawg 910 thankfully you didnt break salvador’s record

    • Bdawg 910
      Bdawg 910 9 months ago +3

      @Just a user 🇺🇦 lol nah it's all good

  • serialcarpens290
    serialcarpens290 10 months ago +1

    Been to the Marshall Islands. I’ve never seen water so pure. I was in the military and when our plane landed and took off it was a huge spectacle that all of the natives came and watched.

    BRAINSTORM VIDZ 10 months ago +1

    The fact that he was sued after going through this ordeal, is proof that there are horrible human beings on this planet.

  • MyNameIsDark
    MyNameIsDark Year ago +4

    Man poor guy. Freaking legend. Survived 438 days lost at sea, just to get sued..

    LONE WOLF 3 years ago +3954

    It's sad that someone probably has beaten this world record, and may still be extending the time.

    • Vulpes
      Vulpes 2 months ago

      Or worse, someone who would have beaten the record had they survived
      Mariners and astronauts are the bravest men

    • Joe Johnson
      Joe Johnson 2 years ago +1

      Or no one ever found them and they died

    • Kevin
      Kevin 2 years ago

      Sala L., not probably.

    • Bruh
      Bruh 2 years ago

      Mean Man what

    • daanishhh
      daanishhh 2 years ago

      Exedy nos

  • nrsrymj
    nrsrymj 7 months ago +2

    I can't even believe that a cargo ship sailed right past him and people waved at him. That must have been a hallucination. That would not happen. Or maybe I have too much faith in humanity.

  • Tania Lubna
    Tania Lubna 8 months ago

    I love your videos thank you keep up this great work

  • Joel Garcia
    Joel Garcia 7 months ago +4

    In that coast (the coast of Chiapas, where he set sail) have disappeared many fishing men. Actually the other guy that castaway with him was from Pijijiapan, the town were my grandparents live. I have been in a beach there and the waves are super strong; despite that, people doesn’t care, they are used.

  • King Kalitzchen
    King Kalitzchen 10 months ago

    imagine how that must feel when you're an astronaut being lost in space.
    Like this just in 3D, almost impossible to ever be found.

  • vqoo
    vqoo 2 years ago +5636

    they really tried sueing for 1 mil and this guy was in the middle of the ocean for 438 days. tells alot bout our world

    • MultiLangCoder
      MultiLangCoder 6 months ago

      @Colter 42,550 US.

    • wyskass
      wyskass Year ago

      Not While lost.. Basic research. After he was going to be getting some money from a book deal, he was sued by the family of the companion who died with him. They accused him of eating his companion, but mostly just did this when finding out he was going to get some money.

    • George Samaras
      George Samaras Year ago

      Here in greece there was a guy. He was on a trip with his family in their little car. They stopped on a highway parking spot for him to take a piss. When he returned he found his car ablaze, his wife and daughter dead. A rich kid had lost control of daddy gift porsche and crashed onto the little car with more than 180mph. The guy sued rich dad, got around 1 million in damages and re-married and had a family in less than 1 year. Everybody wandered how the fuck can someone recover from such a tragedy so fast. This was like a double edged lottery but still many couldn't fathom at that time how someone recovers so fast from losing their wife and kid in an instant. In every public appearance he wouldn't show any kind of emotion.

    • Colter
      Colter Year ago

      1 mil Mexican whats that like $5 US?

    • annie bobsumal
      annie bobsumal Year ago


  • Landon Harrold
    Landon Harrold 11 months ago +1

    This is my worst fear ever, I’ve had nightmares of getting lost at sea

  • LeoTrovatoMusic
    LeoTrovatoMusic  Year ago +11

    Dude, I'm sure every member of that family would've eaten the other guy as well. I don't know if he even did it, but the question is who wouldn't. If you're so desperate and it's your only chance of survival, what is wrong with that?

  • Damn It
    Damn It 7 months ago +3

    Imagine if he drifted in the empty part of Pacific Ocean? Somewhere near Point Nemo?

  • Games RFun
    Games RFun Year ago +133

    “Finally! After a year and a half, I’m finally free again!”
    *yo we’re suing you for something you probably didn’t even do after being trapped in the pacific for over a year.*

  • alain kaizer
    alain kaizer Year ago +1065

    A few weeks after that, he made the trip back to Mexico to talk to the Córdoba family and to tell them the story of what had happened to their son. He was accompanied by his attorney, Benedicto Perlera, whom he had known since he was a child. Alvarenga and Perlera had a huge argument on the journey, and Perlera now represents the Córdoba family.
    Alvarenga signed a book deal, but chose to use a different lawyer in setting it up. Shortly after signing the deal, Perlera sued him for $1 million for breach of contract because he had replaced Perlera with another law firm, according to an NBC report.
    The attorney also provided support for the Córdoba family’s claim that their son did not die the way Alvarenga described it. They suggested that Alvarenga had eaten his companion’s body rather than throwing it overboard, and this was the basis for a second $1 million legal action against the unfortunate Alvarenga. The family believe they should be entitled to a share of royalties made from the book.
    - Yup, his old butthurt gold digging asshole attorney is the reason why he got sued.

    • Gianna Lombardo
      Gianna Lombardo 3 months ago

      @Skeleton Janitor not you being racist during bhm 😐

    • Lebanon
      Lebanon 5 months ago

      @LUCA viva IL russell

  • Bjaubert
    Bjaubert 10 months ago +1

    Ah yes, the infinitely resupplying human body able to feed a man for 438 days. What a true marvel of evolution.

  • Reflecterr
    Reflecterr 10 months ago +59

    even if he did eat him, he was a literal corpse anyways. i wouldn’t blame him because all he could eat were raw fish. they have absolutely NO proof that he was eaten alive or killed by him, so therefore case dismissed.

    • SluggishRain
      SluggishRain 10 months ago +5

      Also, the guy was sick, so eating him would just make the other guy sick, so he couldn’t have eaten him.

  • M K
    M K Year ago

    Survived over a year in the ocean. Wow!

    NATURE CURE LAB 3 months ago +1

    when I was working on a cruise ship. we met a burning cargo ship with 5 to 8 crew waving for help in the middle of the night, the captain of our ship left without stopping and rescuing as he don't want to delay reaching the next port of call,

  • Ricky Williams
    Ricky Williams 2 years ago +2474

    I can honestly see this as a film. Sounds like an extremely interesting and frustrating story.

    • Darduel
      Darduel 2 months ago

      there is the life of pi

    • Bamberditto PingPong
      Bamberditto PingPong 2 months ago

      @SirTickleBear Pretty interesting how Life of Pi came out in the cinema at the same time of the start of them floating in the Pacific

    • MuchXpected
      MuchXpected 3 months ago


    • Saint Sergius
      Saint Sergius 3 months ago +1

      Yeah, frustrating because they were too stupid and shortsighted to take even the most basic of safety measures and precautions. They may not be rich, but a pair of oars doesn't cost shit.

    • Alex Lagoa
      Alex Lagoa 7 months ago

      It reminds me of Life of Pi

  • Oh No Bro
    Oh No Bro 5 months ago

    Imagine being on a cargo ship and seeing some guy alone in a tiny boat pass you in the most remote part of the ocean looking terrible and you’re just like “I missed the part where that’s my problem.”

  • thefiestaguy
    thefiestaguy 6 months ago +1

    Why does it always seem, in every survival scenario like this, that on every encounter which could result in rescue, it doesn't.
    For instance, numerous stories about people being trapped at sea, in the desert, firing flares at a passing helicopter or plane, who either doesn't see it, or by chance some thick cloud just comes overhead and blocks their vision of the tiny figure trapped on the ground/ocean below, or in the desert and right at that moment a sandstorm comes and masks the flare completely from above.
    24KM away from the shoreline, when their motor just happens to give up....
    Man waves at a passing ship, no doubt using what little energy he has left to scream for help, crew on the boat think he's probably just out fishing and waving at them, so wave back and carry on.. "to work!".
    Meanwhile he's then left to drift around hopelessly in the ocean for another few months....

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 months ago +2

    Imagine all them cold rainy nights of hopelessness and worry. The soreness from sitting in a boat,eating disgusting things. That guy really wanted to live. He won the challenge of how bad you want to live. I need to see this guy interviewed. How about a movie?

  • Melo
    Melo Year ago

    There needs to be a documentary about this man

  • Chapter 444
    Chapter 444 3 years ago +6524

    I'm guessing he never plays ocean sounds to go to sleep

    • Justap Erson
      Justap Erson 9 days ago +1

      Considering probably less than 0.00001% of people do this anyway, I think it was a safe assumption to say that he didn't do that even before he was stranded.

    • Valentin Borisov
      Valentin Borisov Year ago

      i mean he was there for so long he might as well just call it home

    • Sam Valladares
      Sam Valladares 2 years ago +1


    • Danny
      Danny 2 years ago +1

      Or even sleep on a water bed

    • No
      No 2 years ago +1

      Merry Christmas he probably has some sort of panic attack or PTSD from ocean sounds

  • Al M
    Al M Year ago

    Damn, I saw a video a while ago of someone surviving like 30 days at sea (forgot the exact number, perhaps 28 or 32 idk) and I was amazed but 438!?

  • Wayne _
    Wayne _ Year ago +5

    Such a strong will to live/survive, my mans a savage

  • Michael H
    Michael H Year ago +2

    This reminds me of Kon Tiki, the documentary from the 1950s. Once you get caught in the current, you are going West if you don't have a motor. The fiction movie Kon Tiki sucked, by the way, but the documentary was fascinating.

  • Bryant The Lemur
    Bryant The Lemur 10 months ago +2

    That family the sued this poor man are total douche bags! How do they think finding any evidence against a guy who’s been in the middle of the sea and why would you sue someone has already suffer enough

  • Cameron Phillips
    Cameron Phillips 3 years ago +11221

    The fact that he got sued after that is like the biggest slap in the face lol

    • Yellow Flash
      Yellow Flash 7 months ago

      @GrimGracious it didnt have pity on him then either, he had to get sued

    • Yellow Flash
      Yellow Flash 7 months ago

      @Morten 85 how do you know about when he reached the island the picture was probably taken a few months later

    • Yellow Flash
      Yellow Flash 7 months ago

      @skoluh there is also no body, so it could have been assumed, that he ate him and threw his bones in the pacific

    • Cryptixx
      Cryptixx 9 months ago

      @BritGuyStuckInSweden and get stuck for over a year at sea? Yea no

    • Alex
      Alex 10 months ago

      @juamont Damn, if only it happened at macragge, maybe he would have had a chance

  • vivek vy vlogs
    vivek vy vlogs 7 months ago +1

    Imagine if we are for that side how could we feel

  • Fin
    Fin Year ago

    How are you going to have the audacity to sue someone after being lost at sea for 438 days in the pacific ocean and STILL surviving?? That guy diserves some kind of diploma.

  • Holly2017 Simms
    Holly2017 Simms 10 months ago

    Being in that small of a boat, how in Gods name did he luckily manage to survive the various storms that he must have encountered over that long of a time? Really hard to believe

  • Jax Matthews
    Jax Matthews Year ago

    Poor José... He had to spend that entire time by himself (mostly) and when he was found he was sued for something he didn't even do! That's what I call a double whammy.

  • ShintyShinto
    ShintyShinto 3 years ago +964

    It's scary to think that right now there is probably someone else lost at sea that nobody knows about.
    Maybe in a couple hundred days we'll hear their story.... if they make it!

    • Crypto Jonny6
      Crypto Jonny6 3 years ago

      @Redmonkey010 damn that's hard to believe there's probably treasure so far out there.

    • Ancient Andy
      Ancient Andy 3 years ago +1

      We must pray for them! 🙏

    • theextremeviking
      theextremeviking 3 years ago

      @SuperSonicSpeeder also....we are able to send a spacecraft to fucking mars but can't find a missing plane in the ocean? something is suspect.

    • theextremeviking
      theextremeviking 3 years ago +1

      @SuperSonicSpeeder we don't have satellites....everything is through cell towers and radio towers that triangulate your position (GPS) and undersea cables (internet). research it. NASA lies. why do you think airplanes dont got GPS signal in the middle of the ocean hmmm? cuz no cell towers nearby to triangulate position

    • Hachiman
      Hachiman 3 years ago

      Abdu Jose banana and rice

  • Kazo
    Kazo Year ago +66

    Me: Watching this video
    Video: The two men were on a tiny boat
    Me: reads the title: how one man survived being lost at sea : R.I.P

    • Basauri
      Basauri Year ago +1

      The other guy didn't survive though.

  • niki
    niki 3 months ago

    It's the determination to stay alive for me like if I was in a situation I wouldn't even try for more than 2 days at most haha I'm not drinking my own urine or eating raw fish, death sounds way better

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison Year ago +1

    And you thought Magellan had it bad; his crew survived for 96 days without sight of land, 500 years ago.

  • Meat Man
    Meat Man 12 days ago

    If this is the longest someone survived at sea before getting rescued imagine the longest someone survived before inevitably dying in the middle of the ocean

  • Hell yeah
    Hell yeah 2 years ago +1274

    My god, imagine the feeling of stepping on land after being in a boat for 438 days

    • The cake of communism
      The cake of communism 2 years ago

      My question is: Was he even able to walk normally?

    • Punkhead Harlow
      Punkhead Harlow 2 years ago +1

      Man after 3 hours of being on water and then tried to sleep. I literally felt like my bed was bouncing or like floating on something
      Imagine trying to sleep after over a *YEAR*

    • Olivernotoli Irrelevant
      Olivernotoli Irrelevant 2 years ago

      Yeh in it like how lasted more than a year without food

    • funnybus3rd
      funnybus3rd 2 years ago

      There are people in 3rd world countries like Malaysia where they live on floating fishing villages their whole life.

    • Night101
      Night101 2 years ago

      Now imagine being in space

  • The Comedy Bros
    The Comedy Bros Year ago

    i have heard of this story. imagine being stuck at see and being on a tiny tiny boat. which is probably uncomfortable. and then this happens. that would suck

  • Carmen Yeatts
    Carmen Yeatts Year ago +1

    Seriously?? I can’t believe that family sued him based on a suspicion! And yeah if you’re stuck out at sea for that long and you have no source of food, then your own body is going to do whatever it can to survive and that includes telling you to eat from whatever source is in front of you. It’s survival. (Not saying he actually ate the guy, but just in case, I’m standing up for that)

  • Zack Estin
    Zack Estin 10 months ago +9

    Moral of the story for all of y’all, always bring an oar when going out on a boat

    • Yellow Flash
      Yellow Flash 7 months ago

      An oar wouldnt do shit if you are 100 km away from the coast.

    • srkforlife
      srkforlife 7 months ago


    INVINCIBLE CRAFT Year ago +1

    Imagine being at sea for a YEAR AND 82 DAYS JEEZ

  • Delightman
    Delightman 2 years ago +1917

    Imagine suing a man on a baseless, and unproveable argument of him having supposedly 'executed' his coworker and eaten him. And then ALSO demanding a fifty-percent share of the profits of the book published by the survivor, on the basis of compensation for him dying, which wasn't the suvivor's fault.
    I didn't know having a 1 digit IQ was possible, but the family of his coworker proved me wrong.

    • Munish EPT
      Munish EPT 11 months ago

      @bg_ant All humans are NOT trash,There are good people out there and people who ARE evil were most likely made evil.Japan makes kids independent and respectful but if you put a kid in a toxic environment they'll become toxic themselves because they were made toxic

    • Steve Hardy
      Steve Hardy Year ago

      That has nothing to do with IQ, they're just horrible, horrible people.

    • Anna
      Anna Year ago +1

      @Atomic - Studios I thought about that

    • Atomic — Studios
      Atomic — Studios Year ago +1

      And the fact it’s not even true
      He died of starvation and asked to have his body thrown overboard and that’s exactly what happened

  • Coleton Garbutt
    Coleton Garbutt 12 days ago

    Personally, if I was stuck in a situation where I was 280 miles off the coast, I would follow what direction the sun is in the morning hours or what direction the sun is in the twilight hours. The sun rises in the east in the morning and sets in the west in the evening hours. Of course this is dependent on if its clear or not, but if it is I would work my way toward the sun in the morning and away from the sun in the evening. Since off the coast is west then you would want to turn the boat 180 degrees the other direction.

  • MichaTheLight
    MichaTheLight 17 days ago

    That's other worldly mental strenght!
    425 km's in five days! Due Wind. That's 80kms a day. 3,5km per hour

  • Ron Chapsky
    Ron Chapsky Year ago

    This man is so awesome. Read the book!!

  • fuzzythelion
    fuzzythelion 10 months ago +33

    "engines died, no paddles, no oars..." well there's your problem right there, you NEVER get in a boat with no oars.

    • Known as
      Known as 10 months ago

      @zGJungle Well, the broken radio and the broken engine. lol

    • zGJungle
      zGJungle 10 months ago +1

      I would of been looking for a part of the boat I can rip off and use as a paddle, if there is any such non critical parts ?

    • fuzzythelion
      fuzzythelion 10 months ago +9

      Hoenstly i doubt it would, the oceans current and wind is gonna be way stronger then whatever energy your legs kicking make, not even to consider you would have to travel 24 entire kilometers doing it as well. I'm with you on this though, id rather try and (probably) fail to get back rather then just sit and let myself float out to the abyss of the pacific lmao

    • NSDC
      NSDC 10 months ago +3

      I agree, I don't like water or boats or anything but you can be sure as shit there will be something to paddle with. My question... Why didn't they jump into the water and push the boat while kicking? I know that would burn energy but do you think it would of made a difference?

  • Eric Chandler
    Eric Chandler 3 years ago +17045

    How a 30 hour shift turned into a 10,512 hour shift.

  • Lewis Thomas
    Lewis Thomas 2 months ago +1

    This guy spent the entirety of 2013 staring at a boat and water. That’s mental

  • HXV9
    HXV9 5 months ago +2

    So you're telling me spent Christmas AND his birthday on a boat?!

  • •charlotte•
    •charlotte• 11 months ago +2

    The guy who survived 133 days in sea: D: he beaten my score D:

  • CammanTex18
    CammanTex18 Year ago +1

    Someone could be beating this record right now

  • jmsprnll
    jmsprnll 2 years ago +1295

    *You can only imagine how this man broke down when he saw another human face after all that time. His mind must have been near it’s limits of monotony. To see another human must have invoked a gush of emotions*

  • hispanica316
    hispanica316 4 months ago

    Forgot to mention that some people don't believe he actually spent that much on the ocean

  • Elijah Moore
    Elijah Moore 7 months ago +1

    Imagine if they're is someone out there is the pacific today. That has been there way longer than him. still surviving. it's a horrifying thought.

  • Declan Luedtke
    Declan Luedtke 6 months ago

    I can’t imagine celebrating Christmas in the middle of the ocean

  • Mrs Slav
    Mrs Slav Year ago

    if you sometimes get suicidel imagine this man, this is the best example of human power of will , everything is possible when you want to ......
    living Legend

  • algo
    algo 3 years ago +1334

    We need a movie of this.

    • Lewis Thomas
      Lewis Thomas 2 months ago +1

      Cast Away? I know that in the movie he isn’t stuck in a boat in the middle of the ocean but it’s the same concept

    • Skorpy Nekomimi
      Skorpy Nekomimi 3 months ago

      @sebestyen molnar So... Like they did at the end of the book?

    • Skorpy Nekomimi
      Skorpy Nekomimi 3 months ago

      It wouldn't be very interesting, though.

    • Miss Cracker
      Miss Cracker 2 years ago

      It will be a 348 day long movie

    • dergereat l
      dergereat l 2 years ago

      438 days

  • Pc Tweaker.
    Pc Tweaker. 9 months ago +1

    How small a human is but look how smart his brain is,beautiful.

  • Enki Bergmann
    Enki Bergmann Year ago +1

    it's sooo sick that they were so close to the shore again in the beginning and then they are lost for over 400+ days at sea

    • Just a user 🇺🇦
      Just a user 🇺🇦 9 months ago +1

      This literally reminds me of Odyssey. Odysseus almost got home, he even saw a shore, but then wind took his ship sideways and he returned only 10 years later.