7 MUST KNOW Facts about ANOREXIA - Eating disorder & Treatment w/Kati Morton | Kati Morton

  • Published on Feb 10, 2014
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    Eating disorders can be scary and at times feel completely out of control. Today I am offering up 7 facts about anorexia and why it's so important that we get help as soon as we can. I know recovery from an eating disorder is difficult, but know that you are not alone and you can get through it!
    1. Bad breath. This actually has nothing to do with our dental hygiene, it really happens because we aren't giving it enough nutrients and our body is eating itself to survive. The bad breath that comes with EDs is very different from regular bad breath, and the only way to make it go away is by nourishing our bodies.
    2. Heart problems. When we don't give our body enough food and nutrients it begins to eat other parts to keep us alive. One of the things it will break down is muscle. Since our heart is a muscle, this can weaken it and lead to heart attacks. I have seen this when I worked in inpatient eating disorder treatment centers. Please be careful and go get a check up asap!
    3. Osteopenia & osteoporosis. Just like I stated before, when we don't give our body enough food and energy it will begin eating away at our muscles and our bones. It will leech the calcium from our bones to keep us alive. This can lead to the breaking down of our bone density, but if we catch it early enough we can usually repair it!
    4. Skin and hair issues. Firstly our hair will fall out because it's honestly seen as an extra in many ways. We don't need it to survive, therefore our body will stop producing it as it looks for ways to save energy. Also, our skin can sag and age rapidly. Our skin needs fat, water and many different types of nutrients to look supple and smooth. If we are starving our body our skin will look starved too.
    5. Cognitive functioning. If we are starving ourselves, we cannot focus or remember things properly. Our brain needs a lot of energy to function! Especially fats and proteins. If we aren't giving that to our body, it can't do all that we need it to and we may forget things, not be able to concentrate at work or school and we will struggle to keep up with our work.
    6. Anorexia doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care who you are, what age, race or gender we are. Eating disorders are a coping skill and they can happen to anyone.
    7. Recovery is possible!! With the proper help and support we can over come our nasty ED!!! Trust me, I have seen it happen for so many others and I know it can happen for you.
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  • shannon osullivan
    shannon osullivan 2 days ago

    I like the way you talk. For a half second I thought we were old friends. It’s just that engaging. As you were talking I had to put headphones in to stop my evil sarcastic ed voice from chiming in.

  • Brittanie Shea Nixon

    Is there any way you can cover a topic on eating disorder relapse? What are the best ways to avoid relapse? Etc.... Maybe help for people who are recovering.

  • saraa x
    saraa x 11 days ago

    Is a sign of osteoporosis when your legs are like inwards from the knees? If that makes sense x

  • saraa x
    saraa x 11 days ago

    I thought my heart beating differently was anxiety

  • Learn It
    Learn It 22 days ago

    You’re so cute

  • SavvyPlayz
    SavvyPlayz 27 days ago

    I once fainted from ALL this.
    Now I'm still not convinced.
    As long as I get skinny, I don't care.

  • SavvyPlayz
    SavvyPlayz 27 days ago

    *But you get skinny*

  • Dicey The Dutch Angel Dragon

    This is such a sad medical problem. Your body is eating away from itself just to survive.

  • English Irish
    English Irish Month ago

    They think they are fat they are not skelaton s

  • Desert Nymph
    Desert Nymph Month ago

    Literally everything she said I have a hack for. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago

    You remind me of Supergirl from the series! :)

  • Gabby With Ed
    Gabby With Ed 2 months ago

    I got help but I’m not trying to get better ya know

  • Ana B
    Ana B 2 months ago

    I have been in recovery for a month eating a lot, I’m following a special mea plan but I’m not gaining any weight .. please help why is this happening?

  • That Awkward Hippie :3
    That Awkward Hippie :3 3 months ago +1

    This is informative... but triggering.

  • Mikaila Daniel
    Mikaila Daniel 3 months ago

    I dont want to know bye

  • Thrifty artist life
    Thrifty artist life 3 months ago

    My son has anorexia and also watches endless conspiracy videos, is obsession with this something anyone else has experienced?

  • --
    -- 4 months ago

    do anorexic people know that they're anorexic

  • Yuge Yun
    Yuge Yun 4 months ago

    Oh my god. I have almost all of these and I don't have anorexia, but swallowing disorder. The peristaltic wave of the oesophagus is too slow. I'm really skinny, because eating is really difficult and I simply cannot get enough food down or like I would have to eat 24/7, but going to work and all that, it's not possible. The doctors don't know what to do about it. There's no cure. I haven't worried too much about it, but now that I recognize having all of these problems, I'm a bit worried. I didn't realize all of these weird symptoms were caused by my poor nutrition.

  • Bajiru Hu
    Bajiru Hu 5 months ago

    It's sadding that you know where its going but you just cant fight with thoughts

  • Off Topic
    Off Topic 6 months ago

    I was anorexic off and on a lot, I can feel it coming back. How do I not give in?

  • An-arouse blogspot com
    An-arouse blogspot com 6 months ago +1

    I know everything about this facts but this video helps when things getting harder. Specially nr.2 when You talk about heart attacs. Its so scary.. unfortunately nr.3 really hits me because i've osteoporosis because of anorexia so everyone who struggle - please keep going in your recovery!

  • My name Trish lol
    My name Trish lol 6 months ago +1

    I got a text therapy ad and I answered the damn questions and it said “unfortunately online therapy isn’t the best option..”

  • Alice
    Alice 6 months ago

    I didn’t knew I had anorexia before watching this vid..

  • Where are you NASA!
    Where are you NASA! 6 months ago

    Hello, my name is a Chrrristoppher AcChu (student) and I live Minnesota. In the county that I live in people of authority can place mental health commitment holds on individuals with out any prior record or any major signs or symptoms of mental illness. I am not a member of any activist group, government group or "College group". Alot of the elderly people seem very prejudice toward people of color since the Black Lives Matter protests. In Hasting, MN there is a refinery that likely largely contributes to pollution and Mental illness . The smell of the city of South St Paul can be smelled from 3 cities away because of what they say is the stockyards. The nearest jail is private.... and and most physicians from what I've seen are not american or doctors that I nearing retirement. I friend of my said that he has never once showed his degree for a job interview. May 2019.

  • Vanessa Takeda Vighova
    Vanessa Takeda Vighova 6 months ago

    Hi I’m just not sure if I’m over dramatising it or not but everything that was sed in here is accurate on me put I’m to scared to tell mom or any one because I’m not that skinny for an anorexic girls but I just watched different videos about anorexia and everything is accurate on me my hart range is weird when I stand u and do stuff and my hair started falling like crazy I’m scared to eat in public all of this has been going on for a year no but idk I guess I’m over dramatising it. I’m just too scared to tell anyone.

  • Kathrin3
    Kathrin3 6 months ago

    I think another thing to add about anorexia and it not discriminating against is size.
    Now pause.. obviously during the extremes people are verrryy skinny but just because someone doesn’t look very skinny doesn’t mean they don’t have an eating disorder.

  • Ania's VEVO
    Ania's VEVO 7 months ago

    My friends anorexic but how could i help her if she hates me?! 😭

  • Ania's VEVO
    Ania's VEVO 7 months ago

    My friends anorexic but how could i help her if she hates me?! 😭

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith 7 months ago

    People: u should not be anorexic u need to stop now
    Me: it's a mental disorder

  • pheoniks15
    pheoniks15 7 months ago

    It’s good that you told us this, but anorexics don’t just go to a therapist or counselor and explain our problems, because we think we are helping ourselves, so it would need to be someone else that does something but that would be hard because we are pretty good at hiding it

  • chicken nuggee
    chicken nuggee 7 months ago

    Being skinny is not worth your life. Skinny does NOT mean beautiful my loves. I think I’m struggling with anorexia and it’s scary, but pain does not mean beauty. You are worth more then what you think you are. Please talk to someone my loves

  • Andrea Rosemhaft
    Andrea Rosemhaft 7 months ago

    It took me 26 years to recover from anorexia. I have ostpeorosis, I lost an inch in height and worst of all - due to bone loss - NOT loss of enamel due to BULIMIA because I never purged in that way - I lost all my teeth. So now in my mid-fifties for the rest of my life, I'm wearing dentures. If you are in the early stages of anorexia, please get treatment and work hard in treatment. Its tough, I know, but it's possible.

  • NeoCrackheadTechnology
    NeoCrackheadTechnology 7 months ago

    I need help....

  • An-arouse blogspot com
    An-arouse blogspot com 7 months ago

    Thank You for this video.

  • Kassy Maron
    Kassy Maron 7 months ago

    It's only for"'Rich white girls' thats a bunch of bullshit!" -Kati Morton
    Yeessssss thank you!!

  • Thanos
    Thanos 8 months ago +3

    Can't you see?
    What you
    Show is killing

  • lana gray
    lana gray 8 months ago

    does someone have to want to lose weight to be anorexic? can someone want to lose weight without knowing it them selves? :|

    EVOLVE FREELY 8 months ago +1


  • Girl George
    Girl George 8 months ago

    @katimorton, I’ve got a question about my eating disorder. When I’ve fasted for a few days and I eat/drink again (usually to purge, so lots of water with each bite) the very back of my mouth HURTS. Swallowing is so difficult and it makes it not even worth it to eat. Do you get this a lot? Is this A Thing or just a me thing? What does it mean? Sorry if this is too descriptive, hopefully it’s okay to post

  • Henky45
    Henky45 8 months ago

    Indonesia bahasa

  • Maneet S
    Maneet S 8 months ago +2

    omg i never realized the bad breathe thing was an anorexia symptom, this explains so much asdfayshdka I've been trying to figure out why my breath is never minty for so long now

  • Em R
    Em R 9 months ago

    Should I be worried about sternum pain? It's not sharp just a dull ache with the occasional stab. 😕🤔

  • Micah Schellenberg
    Micah Schellenberg 9 months ago

    Is it normal if I want my anorexia to spiral out of control

  • homie beaglePG
    homie beaglePG 9 months ago

    then why don't u guys get u r freaking emotional problems up and not suffer through disorders and do shit.GET OVER WITH U R STUFF THIS IS LIFE.

  • Carolina de Brisac
    Carolina de Brisac 9 months ago

    im watching because i my project in school

  • alexsquared02
    alexsquared02 9 months ago

    @katiemorton can you do a video on atypical anorexia?

  • itazuragaki
    itazuragaki 9 months ago +1

    People think anorexia is just about losing weight. Sometimes its about feeling like your in control for once.

  • Kawaii Puppy
    Kawaii Puppy 9 months ago

    So there’s no way I can lose weight... GREAT JUST FUCKING GREAT!!! I can’t exercise it’s so hard because I run about of breath and it hurts.
    I can’t go on a diet because then i’d get anorexia!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 THIS ISNT FUCKING FAIR!!! 😞😞

  • Kawaii Puppy
    Kawaii Puppy 9 months ago

    At least if you got anorexia you wouldn’t be as fat as me 😞

  • Political Fashionista
    Political Fashionista 9 months ago

    so rich girls don't eat. very smart. start eating! my mother died because she refused to eat. this is crazy.

  • WisdomSeeker
    WisdomSeeker 9 months ago

    We should show this video to some kpop agency...

  • WisdomSeeker
    WisdomSeeker 9 months ago

    I need a banana.

  • Marina Kursey
    Marina Kursey 10 months ago

    You can eat and be thin. Don't over eat or under eat.

  • Chris  Cantu
    Chris Cantu 10 months ago

    Eugenia Cooney

  • Lilly Petersen
    Lilly Petersen 10 months ago

    Idk what to do. I’m so close to my goal weight. I’ve lost 11lbs in like 2 weeks. I plan to stop when I get to my goal weight, but in the back of my mind I know I won’t.

  • Kirsikka
    Kirsikka 10 months ago

    so osteoporosys leaves you with permanent damage?

  • Aang mahenggar
    Aang mahenggar 10 months ago

    I have anorexia problem im getting weak day by day.Thanks for the video, now im not scared to recovery myself coz i believe its posible.

  • Anne Piera
    Anne Piera 11 months ago

    My parents constantly tell me that I need to eat less and I am a normal weight. It is now getting in my head. How can I stop myself from getting an eating disorder.

  • J Hollingworth
    J Hollingworth 11 months ago

    Diagnosed with osteopenia at age 20... osteoporosis at age 24. Heart failure at age 26. Renal (kidney) failure at age 28 and adrenal insufficiency. Listen to Kati. She's telling the truth.

  • **Ya Ya**
    **Ya Ya** Year ago

    Both of my brothers have anorexia probably because their bodies are anorexic