Democratic Presidential Debate - June 26 (Full) | NBC News

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo host 2020 presidential candidates in two primary face-offs, Wednesday June 26th and Thursday June 27th, live from Miami. Savannah Guthrie, Lester Holt, Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow and José Diaz-Balart moderate. Pre-debate coverage starts at 8pmET.
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    Democratic Presidential Debate - June 26 (Full) | NBC News

Comments • 18 032

  • Linda Gore
    Linda Gore 12 hours ago

    Let's vote out Democrats this election.

  • Enimo23
    Enimo23 15 hours ago

    yo he can spanish, thats crazy, but i dont remember asking

  • Patrick Speijer
    Patrick Speijer 2 days ago

    As a foreigner, watching this. I am absolutely stunned by how these debates are set up. (30%) I find myself waiting for someone to hit the golden buzzer. (70%) Seriously, is this a game show or actual president... (Times up) ial de.. (Your times up sir!!) bates... You have 10 seconds to reply to this comment!

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward 3 days ago

    YEEESSSS!!!!! they started off with one of the CRAKHEADS!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 3 days ago

    Let's have Chevy Chase, Kristen Whigg, Martin Short, Steve Martin etc run for office. At least it would be more entertaining. Send a boat over to China and india and pick up at least one billion poor and unfortunate folks! That's my platform. Let them duke it out and may the best man win. I say at least one billion ! We need to do that now!

  • Patrick Walsh
    Patrick Walsh 4 days ago

    Elizabeth Warren - the Bernie Sanders for anti-old-white-man Democrats.

  • Lilette
    Lilette 5 days ago +4

    Aw, they didn’t put Tulsi with Yang and Bernie.

  • Constitutional Conservative

    John Delaney would be the best choice for the Democrats

  • Branson Russell
    Branson Russell 7 days ago

    Hmm yes 600$ electric bills sound great said no one ever. These people are a special kind of stupid who votes these losers into office? The dude from new york destroyed his state economically in record time why is he even here? Doesn't matter i guess they insure trumps victory in 2020 so its fine.

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 8 days ago

    I don’t get how anyone in the trans community would care about that bill 00:29:30. Better yet how could that situation be possible?

  • R A
    R A 9 days ago +1

    If I opened my own business and it was successful and making millions, that is something I earned and worked for myself. So yes I should be making way more then a temporary employee. They are just a worker bee, not the queen. There will never be equality on any scale. Some one will always be on the bottom and someone will always be on the top.

  • Tropical Terrarium
    Tropical Terrarium 10 days ago

    12:21 I never will trust anyone when they smile like this. It is an instant red flag.

  • Ivan c
    Ivan c 10 days ago

    Yang gang✌

  • First Last
    First Last 11 days ago

    Hmmm. I tried to listen to them. I think i'm going with Trump again in 2020.

  • Kula Kongo
    Kula Kongo 13 days ago

    Everyone wants to speak Spanish until it's time to be Hispanic and cross the border. A blatant illustration of political hypocrisy!!! Actually, the only time politicians don't lie is when they're silent.

  • Rikki Furey
    Rikki Furey 15 days ago

    totaly detached from reality everone should have free health care then there is no high cost no way of coruption because there is no insentive unlike private insurance it works here in the u.k it works in canada it works in australer we are all human just because you want to make more money by keeping private insurence that pay you to endorse them you sell outs we will all need some form of health care during your life and it should not cast you what you have worked all you life to save for a comfortable retirment or loose there homes 1 inhaler for my ahsma is free but in america it would cost me 220 pounds a month they want sick people to make money there is no money in healthy people when insurence have the monopoly IT IS IMORAL for your life to be destroyed just because big pharma have the monopoly and the backing of the government that along with there greed is a imoral disater and shamefull for you as a country.

  • Rikki Furey
    Rikki Furey 15 days ago

    go on warran power to the people without which none of you would have a job or a future so remember your history.

  • Rebecca Pulver
    Rebecca Pulver 16 days ago +1

    Me at 0:55
    ... why do I feel like I'm watching The Hunger Games, and they're announcing the Tributes?

  • S- W
    S- W 17 days ago

    They're all talking out the side of their neck.

  • Robert Strack
    Robert Strack 18 days ago

    These liberals certainly hate success. I have never seen one faction of people so ANGRY!! They are full of hate and despise America!!

  • swat4hire
    swat4hire 18 days ago

    The drug addiction problem is not the fault of a pharmaceutical companies that made opie oi'd medication for the dying and for those who have physical disorders that cause pain that have no cure
    The people who should be held criminally liable for the OP oi'd epidemic are the people who are selling the opio aids illegally on the street not the doctor and not the people that make the medicine to make sure that those who are dying or living with a disorder that will never end until death are comfortable
    Hands off our lunches as Barack Obama's wife destroyed school lunches for our kids in California and hands out of our medicine cabinets which is none of your business and of people are stupid enough to steal other people's prescriptions and misuse them then the fault is on their own heads and may their families pay for their funerals not the taxpayer
    How dare you try to make it on the heads of the drug companies that studied and worked so hard to bring relief to so many in compassion how dare you send these people that need it to the street to find heroin to find fentanyl to find other opio aids including pills belonging to other people that were stolen… that's the disgusting part of your ridiculous opio aid crisis law
    I Well not vote for anyone of you you are all disturbing and sick in the head in one way or
    And except for the health of the mother in the case of a tubal pregnancy or a baby that has to come early for any other reason abortion should be illegal
    What about the baby's choice? What about The Choice of our father in heaven? I can't believe how disgusting this party has become and this network

  • swat4hire
    swat4hire 18 days ago

    Lastly may I say that George Soros is tied to the company that makes the elecktronicks voting machines to make early voting possible and we've seen how those machines do not always work but rather go in the democrats pile of votes more than the republicans
    George Soros is tied to money laundering and overthrowing countries and he is spent more to fight against conservatives in trying to Usher in some kind of Communist utopia that will never exist here
    The voting machines are rigged and usually for the democrats who were the ones that fought to keep slavery and who passed the law in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve to start the federal reserve when Congress was the only one who had the power of the purse and the power to print money now we pay the federal reserve to do such a task. That's where our deficit lies
    People please wake up please learn about the people you're voting for look at their records don't listen to their short little statements that are meant to twist you to believe what they're saying when all they're speaking as lives and be prayerful before you go vote to are true father in heaven who does not lie

  • swat4hire
    swat4hire 18 days ago

    And the same day registration is ridiculous because you cannot prove or disprove the someone's citizenship that quick and less you're going to Usher in the mark of the beast? That's the only way you're going to be able to track it. I have a voter registration card that has no purpose other than to show that I'm registered I never asked for it at the polls nor am I asked for my ID
    I can vote 20 times in this state if I was so demonic as to do so but I'm not I have a higher authority to answer to then the president then Congress... That would be our creator which is something I think all of you need to start considering before you burn in h***

  • swat4hire
    swat4hire 18 days ago

    O and my children are not of my race so I'm not racist being married to a Mexican with a black and Hispanic child and an Asian and Hispanic child.
    So don't start talking racism either or white privlidge because they grew up in northeast Philidelphia in a ghetto. I don't know white privilege nor do I claim it. I'm a human being made in the image a man who was made in the image of God only a female... I am a female in other words
    I support trump you guys are idiots and I don't wanna be a socialist or a Communist thank you my family fought for this country to take it from the British anima registered daughter of the American revolution. So I think I have some say in this matter

  • swat4hire
    swat4hire 18 days ago

    That's a bunch of BS from o'rourke and let me tell you why.. Under Obama I owed so much money to the feds I was paying it off every year but under trump I got a $5000 bonus to where I ended up with a refund of $300 for the 1st time in 23 years of marriage 22 of which I had kids!
    Trumps the only president that actually said what he meant and meant what he said and actually followed through on his promise so this lie that the economy is not working for everybody is just baloney
    My husband is a police officer and we make less than 100000 a year. We were owing the federal government upwards of $1200 a year with 2 kids who weren't even ours we adopted them! We got no benefit from the federal government for taking 2 children off the hands of the Foster care system nor help with these kids from the federal
    The year trump took office the very next tax return I got a major refund in fact I got to because they fixed the previous year for me
    Now since moving around our dependence on... Reset to see a $1000 refund this year which is about time
    We are the upper middle class or middle class if you will so these lies that he only helped corporations is not true
    In fact there's so many jobs out there now my husband at 60 years old took on a second job with UPS thanks to what trump did
    Don't change it if it aint broken don't try to fix it

  • Gaming IO
    Gaming IO 19 days ago

    Why do people want to control the money that businesses make so bad? If I started a business and made 1 million dollars a year do you really think I would support having the profits of my hard work going to someone that didn’t earn it? These people don’t want a free market. Study your history folks. When the market isn’t free and there is not capitalist economy we get dictators. There’s always been a debate about private vs government provided healthcare. Sometimes employer based insurance is cheaper. I think we should have both. The real healthcare issue is coverage. There needs to be consistent costs for medicine and procedures as well as coverage for any health concern. The biggest thing we can do is educate the public on health. Prevention is the key to health.

  • Leeber Gruber
    Leeber Gruber 19 days ago +14

    This is why I stopped watching this after 30 minutes :

    Oh yeah, let me guess : the richer you are the more taxes you will have to pay? Wow wait, let's point this out : if those people don't wanna pay the taxes they're just going to leave (they can afford to leave) , so then who's gonna pay the bill? The middle class? And also poor people will have to pay more taxes then for their healthcare even teh rich people leave (and likely a lot will)! *Even if you would double the taxes* there is still not enough to provide a Medicare-For-All in America, so what are you going to do? To triple the taxes ?? Keep an eye rich and poor people !!!

    9:41 You know what really hurts small businesses? The exaggerated government regulations !!
    That's why they have to spend so much money : just to fulfill regulations. And there are a lot of regulations (Federal- state - local) , and some of them even contradict eachother, so when there are inspectors coming they give you a fine !! Some rules don't make sense : how you should design your door, to which sid ethe door should open , how large the printed text on products is allowed to be (for instance if the letters are 0.01 inch too large you have to take away all the packages) .....
    A lot of senseless regulations hold small companies back from growing

    25:10 Tulsi Gabbard is very wrong
    Medicare-For-All Will Destroy innovation within the free market. If the government is the only provider of medical insurance, then that means that the government are the only ones setting the prices. That means teh only price you're gonna get is from the government. They will not spend your money wisely. Sinc eit's not thei rmoney but yours they can basically do what they want. The other countries she is referring to are mainly european countries (like Sweden where it is even free) , but *the reason why these countries are able to do that* is just because of America : the USA far outpaces any country on medical innovation spending , so with the medical innovation that comes in America's free market these countries are then able to use the benifits of this. So if America would start a Medicare-For-All , *then all these countries their healthcare systems she talks about will collapse* because they are no longer getting the innovation that America produces.

    I'm done

    • Leeber Gruber
      Leeber Gruber 12 days ago

      @Kerly Lapaine That's not the point!
      The point is that when the US is gonna do the free health care for all, that there will be less innovation and improvement in healthcare and medican science , so that means that the health care insurances in european countries will collapse because it is that very innovation the US provides that gives the medical science in those countries the knowledge.

      Don't you see it ?
      Look at Canada, the UK , Germany , France or Holland : the waiting rows are very very VERY long.
      Is that what you want ?

      And also the countries in europe do have their own improvement and research , but the US just far outnumbers them , in fact the USA far outnumbers any country.
      Many great examples worldwide will collapse if American democrats are doing this.

    • Kerly Lapaine
      Kerly Lapaine 12 days ago

      Leeber Gruber why should European countries get their medical treatment subsidies by Americans in the US?

    JF TORMENTA 21 day ago

    Tulsi will win... shes smart, she's pretty and she's not realy a deep democrat....... she's what the democrat party needs

  • S.Hyde4Life
    S.Hyde4Life 22 days ago

    Welcome to the Who can pander the most to minorities debates

  • jamie Allen1977
    jamie Allen1977 22 days ago

    party over country

  • Curtis Donnelly
    Curtis Donnelly 23 days ago

    Why do they assume that all Hispanic people think the same way. "How do we get Hispanic voters to the polls?" What makes you think they aren't at the polls for other people than Democrats. I know a few and some of them lean right and others lean left. To think that any group of people is a monolith in the way they think is inherently racist.

  • Curtis Donnelly
    Curtis Donnelly 23 days ago

    Also, I love how every problem America has had for approximately the past 50 years is somehow Trump's fault. Don't get me wrong I'm not a Trump fan, but, it can't all be his fault.

  • Curtis Donnelly
    Curtis Donnelly 23 days ago

    Okay, so we need people to fill jobs that don't require college degrees. The baby boomers are retiring and that's a good reason to argue for immigration. Fine with that totally respect it. However, then you say we're going to make sure they are able to get college degrees to achieve their dreams? Something is backwards

  • Curtis Donnelly
    Curtis Donnelly 23 days ago

    So, instead of enforcing the laws of immigration we have on the books, we're going to meddle in foreigners governments to keep them home? Seems like you don't care about the immigrants you just want to have it your way.

  • Curtis Donnelly
    Curtis Donnelly 23 days ago

    The reason families are separated at the border is because the parents broke the law when they entered the country illegally. The parents are handled by the criminal justice department and the kids are handled by children's services.

  • Curtis Donnelly
    Curtis Donnelly 23 days ago

    Jesus Christ. Corporations didn't ruin America. The baby boomers sucking on the teet of corporations did that. The cow is not guilty because the milk spoiled.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 23 days ago

  • Bailey
    Bailey 24 days ago +2

    This is like watching a group of Mongols trying to convey something that makes sense

  • Kofi Amoako
    Kofi Amoako 24 days ago

    My God...does anyone ever actually answer questions anymore.....And with the anecdotes please...everyone knows someobe who has been fxcked by your system address the issue and stop telling us how you're also a more thing...Trump sucks, no one in that room will disagree with you. ..your opponent here isn't Trump its your fellow candidates show how their policies won't work becausr basically everybody in that building will undo every single thing trump did...say how your strategy is different and how your strategy works. You're all trying to manipulate people and i get that ..but at least take the chance to show us your intentions...complaining is for the are from the candidates...Jesus

  • Micheal Curtis
    Micheal Curtis 24 days ago +1

    Speaker: Gov Inslee what will you do 1st day.
    Inslee: we should..
    Me:🤦‍♂️ pass

  • jeff gibson
    jeff gibson 26 days ago

    Ok number ‘7’......they would have went up in the last three years, not cause of Trump

  • jeff gibson
    jeff gibson 26 days ago

    Answer the question Puss bag

  • jeff gibson
    jeff gibson 26 days ago

    Go be an interpreter you limp waste bag

  • Lithuanian Bear
    Lithuanian Bear 28 days ago +4

    MAGA. Stay strong my American friends!

  • Tonya Bigham
    Tonya Bigham 29 days ago +2

    Alabama (my state)believes that life begins at conception. That's what the Bible teaches us. Those baby being aborted have heartbeats cause they're human beings just like these idiots talking. Abortion is murder. TRUMP 2020

  • Tonya Bigham
    Tonya Bigham 29 days ago +2

    Medicare is for 65 and above so how can everyone get Medicare? What about people under 65 who need insurance. ...The woman saying Medicare for all but it's for 65 and above. Are they changing the fact that it's for 65 and above???

  • Tonya Bigham
    Tonya Bigham 29 days ago +2

    She will fight for basic human rights but not the rights for a baby to live.

  • Tonya Bigham
    Tonya Bigham 29 days ago

    The Affordable care act was the most unaffordable act.

  • Tonya Bigham
    Tonya Bigham 29 days ago

    Who makes more than 10 million a year? I don't know anyone who does. Plus speak English.

  • truth and common sense warrior

    If you want to get rid of government waste and rampant corruption, don't vote for any of those idiots in this debate.

  • Mango The juice
    Mango The juice Month ago

    Either you answer the question or I will tune you out, I’m not going let you direct me to what you want me to here. Don’t fall for their demon like tactics

  • Austin Delay
    Austin Delay Month ago

    So I watched this I’m not republican or Democrat but I literally feel like I lost brain cells listening to these ten idiots

  • Jonsthan shyco
    Jonsthan shyco Month ago +1

    Donald trump is a traitor 👿👿👹👹👹👹🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺

  • Jonsthan shyco
    Jonsthan shyco Month ago +1

    Donald trump is a terrorist 👿👹🙉🙉🙉🙉👺👺👺👺

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me Month ago +3

    This is the part in the Lion King where the hyenas take over and well you know the rest.....Same ideas and same outcome.

  • David Stone
    David Stone Month ago +1

    🤗Ha! ha! Only a handful of people show up for democratic event. On Friday, six Democratic presidential candidates spoke to a handful of people at the first-ever "Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice," held at South Carolina State University. More people probably would have attended the event if they knew what "environmental justice" means. President Trumps going to re-election by a landslide in 2020.
    4 more years of MAGA 🇺🇸.

  • Johnny Casserole
    Johnny Casserole Month ago +4

    FUN FACT: Not a single American flag was seen at any of the Democrat Debates.

    • Gary Sheldon Jr
      Gary Sheldon Jr Month ago

      Tim Ryan John Delaney and Tulsi Gabbard was wearing one look again.

  • Matteo Sempresotutto

    I wonder if they have ever been to a jail and really see what also happens when others come here.


    anything aboud baiden.s son!