** Watch 720p ** What is Apple Doing?? - WAN Show May 24, 2019

  • Published on May 26, 2019
  • **Sorry guys. It looks like 1080p is still broken. This is a TheXvid issue. Twitch has the exact same file from floatplane and its fine. **
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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of Brayan Tessaro)
    0:00 - Topics
    1:56 - Intro
    3:00 - Linus regrets about Riley reviewing GPU
    3:40 - “Kind of” Floatplane similar sites
    11:10 - Video about TheXvid's algorithm
    16:00 - Floatplane advantages
    27:20 - TheXvid changing the subscriber counter
    38:15 - Sponsors: Corsair, Squarespace and Madrinas
    41:50 - 5G could break weather forecast
    50:30 - Nvidia’s super teaser
    57:35 - 8 core MacBook Pro
    1:03:30 - Superchats
    1:11:25 - Outro talk and maybe plans for Riley's next event cover
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  • xys007
    xys007 19 days ago

    I opened some 720p file for comparison and it turns out that it cover almost exactly same area that TheXvid window in default view (with my settings ofc), so why the heck I'm watching you in 1080p instead of 720p? Why TheXvid is not automagically switching me to 720p if my window size is close to or smaller then 720p? Wouldn't it save them a tone of bandwidth?

  • R K
    R K Month ago

    Im sorry but Riley is very nerve grating, I found myself shouting "omg shut up" while on headphones. He seems to think hes funny and keeps interrupting and comes off as annoying, especially when you are trying to hear the information.

  • Stable Genius
    Stable Genius 4 months ago

    Seems like one that's not good at things has 5G and 5Ghz confused.

  • Tiavor Kuroma
    Tiavor Kuroma 5 months ago

    Corsair Ironclaw: 24h of battery life.
    Me: laughs in 450h of battery life with a Master S2

    yes I charge it only once every 3 months with a 40h work week.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 5 months ago

    @53:00 Riley doesnt know what serif vs sans serif is. Unless it was a joke

  • Sam Ib
    Sam Ib 5 months ago


    • Sam Ib
      Sam Ib 5 months ago

      Never answer questions

  • Climate Change Fan Club

    jif is a toilet cleaner. a GIF is kittens...... nvidia have teamed up with nintendo to make a super nintendo with 2080RTX GPU's in SLI, so you can play your old super FX chip games at more than 7 frames per second....... Eizo flexiscan 3237 4k monitor is a really nice option. bit expensive but totally worth it.

  • Paul Ward
    Paul Ward 5 months ago

    Murder my line please ... I got about 400mbits you can destroy!
    That said ... why not have the files in one format (4k high bit rate) then transcode the stream based on bandwidth available.
    Or would that destroy your servers CPU's?
    I have a plex server that works quite well on that front but i'm serving up hundreds / thousands of streams.

  • Ceremco
    Ceremco 5 months ago +1

    17:10-27:10 Could floatplane not just add in between options for bitrate like a "standard" 720p and a HQ 720p which is gonna be the Floatplane optimized bitrate.

  • rabooey
    rabooey 5 months ago

    Nice to see you've accepted your mental retardation on the word GIF, congrats.

  • Mr Krille
    Mr Krille 5 months ago

    do you honestly think i would sit and watch this 1 hour video.

  • stephen v
    stephen v 5 months ago

    8 core why not oh wait its not Ryzen....

  • Byte Me
    Byte Me 6 months ago

    When do we send the Strike Space Force?!

  • เดา ราน
    เดา ราน 6 months ago


  • jakob findlay
    jakob findlay 6 months ago

    Murder 4k

  • rimil murmu
    rimil murmu 6 months ago

    dont want to pay to watch videos!!!!sponcers are a good option. how many services should i have to subscribe to watch content on my free time ?

  • David Imrie
    David Imrie 6 months ago +1

    it's compuserve Graphics Interchange Format ? hows it jif?

  • thecaffineman
    thecaffineman 6 months ago

    Whatever Vimeo uses do that, because Vimeo looks amazing!

  • Mason A
    Mason A 6 months ago

    Floatplane Bit rate suggestion: have a setting/toggle switch that changes between performance mode (low bit rate) vs quality mode (high bit rate).
    People don't need to understand bit rates to switch between and see 1080p start working when they have bad internet.

  • George Robles
    George Robles 6 months ago

    14:10 he didn't say "no problem".
    He said "snow problem" which means that's a problem!

  • Eric Wood
    Eric Wood 6 months ago

    I prefer "GIF" with a hard G because that G stands for a word beginning with a hard G. So there. English fucking sucks for spelling rules and consistency, because it basically has none whatsoever.

  • stevorkz
    stevorkz 6 months ago

    Lost respect for Riley. At least Linus is doing it as a joke, but saying "JIF" is comparable to flat earthers in my books. It obviously originates from someone who saw the abbreviation when GIFs first came out, said "JIF" because of the whole G that can be pronounced in certain situations as J. It is wrong. Dont you want to stop being wrong? The only proof it seems that this "creator" that Linus mentions has that it is "JIF", is a solid "Dude....trust me". Where as if you use your brain and see that "Graphics Interchange Format" is with a "G" not a "J", then you have a more solid argument.

  • woody159
    woody159 6 months ago

    21:00 yea Australia is fucked. Thanks Liberal government

  • Weta
    Weta 6 months ago

    hp logo

  • A Hettinger
    A Hettinger 6 months ago

    Great, we have a couple who work with jeraffics.

    JAN WARREN 6 months ago

    And trending in South-Africa looks even weirder.

    JAN WARREN 6 months ago

    Talking about quality; but here I am just listening to them with 144p youtube :)

  • Nathan Friend
    Nathan Friend 6 months ago

    1080p loopback appears to be fixed

  • Spooner
    Spooner 6 months ago

    Where's Taran btw?

  • Sean Monaghan
    Sean Monaghan 6 months ago

    NO joke I need that new CPU shirt....pay day doesn't come soon enough

  • Miguel Ortiz
    Miguel Ortiz 6 months ago +3

    1080p works for me. I always listen to it in the background anyway :P

  • niqhtt
    niqhtt 6 months ago

    I only watch 480p unless there is something I am trying to read in a video

  • dvdemon187
    dvdemon187 6 months ago

    Thanks Linus, for selling me on Standard/Nebula! Somehow this went completely under my radar even though it has CGP Grey's DNA and all my other favourite Science/Edutainment Creators on it...

  • Nic Wilson
    Nic Wilson 6 months ago

    No WAN show this week?

    • Arend Soetemans
      Arend Soetemans 6 months ago

      ** YT processing broken again! ** All Pro Gamers are Bots! - WAN Show May 31, 2019

    • Nic Wilson
      Nic Wilson 6 months ago

      @XDerKleineX Aahh. I'll just check Twitch, I guess. Thanks :)

    • XDerKleineX
      XDerKleineX 6 months ago +1

      There was, but it's no longer available on TheXvid for some reason. I wouldn't be surprised if it's back in the next couple of days.

  • Mitch
    Mitch 6 months ago

    Why doesn't Apple use Ryzen for its desktop, professional and MacBook Air and Pros while using its custom A series chips for its macbook.

    • fatih nararya
      fatih nararya 6 months ago +1

      Most people who uses Macs use Adobe suite. And Adobe has an agreement with Intel to optimize their software for Intel processor. I don't know if it counts as antitrust practice, but there's that.

  • FDN
    FDN 6 months ago

    tfw when Linus lists channels but not the ones you're following

  • Greg
    Greg 6 months ago

    I can't value a channel on a new platform at what $3-4/mo PER content creator. My idea is $2-5/mo for 2-3 selected pieces a week from all creators on your platform so we can see what it's about and get a taste of the other creators on your platform, then add $1-2/mo per creator we choose to see all their content each week instead of the 2-3 selected pieces.

  • Shadi Hammoudeh
    Shadi Hammoudeh 6 months ago

    I am wondering why every time I run a Geekbench test on my MacBook Pro 2019 model the Core Frequency graph inside Intel Power Gadget keeps on fluctuating, it does not become a steady line even though temperature is well below 90 celsius! Also the Frequency never reach the advertised speeds of 4.8GHz, actually it barely maintains its baseclock of 2.4 GHz. Could this be a limitation imposed by Apple? It really pissing me off to pay for a premium product with limited potential imposed by the manufacturer due to bad chassis design :@

  • Mike Coshan
    Mike Coshan 6 months ago

    If you output 720p then it’s the content that’s important & not pin sharp high quality as we aren’t watching a movie that we pay very close attention in 1080p or 4K. So personally for the wan show I think 720p would be perfectly acceptable to a lot of people. But use higher 1080p or higher resolution when doing Linus Tech Tips where we need a more detailed view of the product being reviewed

  • Mike Coshan
    Mike Coshan 6 months ago

    Check Out our New Dank Merch ......the dictionary definition of Dank is “unpleasantly damp & cold” 🤔

  • mangmajor
    mangmajor 6 months ago

    I guess you aren't aware of that 5G also has so-called sub-6GHz bands? For instance, 3,5GHz with 100MHz bandwidth compared to similar bands in 4G with 20 MHz bandwidth.

  • Stuntman707
    Stuntman707 6 months ago

    Who's Ray Tracy and why would I want his graphics cards?

  • Rannon
    Rannon 6 months ago

    I like mrDJKdnb's comment (from the chat). Keep the high bitrate and add the option to preload (or maybe even download) to the people with bad internet.
    I can't say how many times I've been saved by my youtube downloaders because the site decided make that either the clip, or the site in its entirety slow/unavailable.

  • Tharkz
    Tharkz 6 months ago

    A bit late, but you should go all in on the 4K. Don’t call it 4K though, but something like “Quality of death”

  • Ochir Sanjaadorj
    Ochir Sanjaadorj 6 months ago +2

    I only watch LTT videos on 720 tho, Never understood why I would need 4K to see tech videos.

  • Benjamin Jesuiter
    Benjamin Jesuiter 6 months ago

    You could solve the problem of communicating the 720p looks as good like 1080p TheXvid by writing 720p/yt 1080 p as quality chooser. Or, simply add the Bitrate to the quality selection!

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans 6 months ago +2

    If James is discount Luke, Riley is nice discount james

  • MR A
    MR A 6 months ago

    creator page.. you mean myspace 2.0 ?

  • William
    William 6 months ago

    Riley!!! Favorite staffer

  • deblimp
    deblimp 6 months ago

    The line about return of the jedi was the funniest thing you have ever said

  • n8opot8oW
    n8opot8oW 6 months ago +3

    It's a Graphical Image Format. I don't care what the creator said, unless you call it a "Giraffeical image format" it is not pronounced Jif.

  • MAkM
    MAkM 6 months ago

    Is Luke fuckin drunk & pest

  • Zeus__108
    Zeus__108 6 months ago

    They are saying "The Algorithm" so much I have now started thinking it is sentient. It sits in a room full of screens balancing the equations just like "The Architect" from The Matrix

  • Deathstranger
    Deathstranger 6 months ago

    You remove the watch 720p as 1080p is working fine now

  • Melanto
    Melanto 6 months ago

    "Even Colton can do it"... I hope he gets danger pay for all the burns...

  • Alex Trinker
    Alex Trinker 6 months ago +3

    @linus are you even allowed to hold AMD stock, as a NVIDIA subsidiary?

  • Plutofox
    Plutofox 6 months ago

    +1 for the weatherman comments, I live in England and we had the same issues :P

  • Clous von
    Clous von 6 months ago

    Tati ended up being a lying hoe , she's not the good guy in the situation

  • Matt Adams
    Matt Adams 6 months ago

    Please murder my connection with Floatplane! I've got 180 down and make sure to keep my wireless on a clear (or mostly clear) channel. It can stand up to a full Steam library re-download, so it should be able to handle murderous 4k streaming on my PC. My MacBook Pro on the other hand may run into some issues, but if 1440p is an option (please!!) I'll stream that instead.

  • theqrokz
    theqrokz 6 months ago

    I love linus trolling flat earthers