PS5 (2020) - FULL SPECS Revealed!

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Sony Playstation 5 - Official Specs Revealed!
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Comments • 6 083

    ZONEofTECH  4 months ago +205

    Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the video! 😁 If you did, please do consider *Subscribing* and enabling the *Notifications* πŸ””, for more extremely detailed tech videos and more Leaks & Rumors episodes like this one 😁

    • VIsubby
      VIsubby Month ago

      No not by much may 2-3 seconds it’s not utilized properly. Load game slight better but not like how the ps5 will utilize it

    • Battleneter
      Battleneter 2 months ago

      The PS5 will not support actual AAA gaming in native "8K" just pure marketing bullshit, it will still be lucky to run the latest AAA titles in native 2160P(4K)@60 fps. Can it technically "do" 8K at the OS level or the odd really non demanding game, sure probably. No one should care about this marketing bullshit, 8K my ass!

    • Sulaiman J Khel
      Sulaiman J Khel 3 months ago

      Are you sure they are launching it soon. I wanna sell my PS4 before the launch it and save money to buy the new one

    • Animator Studio
      Animator Studio 3 months ago

      The Video Quality Of This Video Was Outstanding, That's Why I Subscribed Without Overthinking

    • F-8
      F-8 3 months ago +1

      ZONEofTECH do you think that there will be a ps5 slim?

  • esteban hernandez

    I heard that the ps5 will have liquid cooling the kind that light up on gaming PC's

  • NoName
    NoName 12 hours ago

    Love Sony, going to take a loss on profit to keep the PS5 affordable and use PS4 to make up the
    Microsoft pumped out system after system only looking for profit. That's why the Xbox One was my last Xbox system.

  • KvltAU
    KvltAU Day ago

    For those that don't know and may be curious Microsoft announced their next gen console specs first! ;)

  • Charles Mallory
    Charles Mallory Day ago

    An actual 3D Audio processor means that sound can be rendered as heard positionally from your ears with or without a helmet, for example. With layers and textures simulating natural sound reflections and resonances of the environment.

  • Manas Gupta
    Manas Gupta 2 days ago

    ~~Me trying to afford 4k now because they still are freaking expensive~~

  • Andrew Jenkins
    Andrew Jenkins 3 days ago


    GAMING PARLOUR 4 days ago

    there will be insane leap in the prices too

  • Harry Nelson
    Harry Nelson 5 days ago

    Would buying a 4K TV be worth it if i buy the PS5

  • Adrian P.
    Adrian P. 5 days ago +1

    Bruh, im just gonna Bus a new pc.... WHO NEEDS 8k. JUST MAKE 4K with 165 hzΒ‘

  • UnderSound Production

    I'll do like I do with the rest of all this technology bullshit... wait for your local meth user to sale your bullsh!t devices and consoles...

  • a l
    a l 6 days ago

    Me: Can I afford a PS5 ?
    Wallet: Yes you can moron just apply for a 2 year no interest credit card and your laughing πŸ˜‚

  • Tal Miz
    Tal Miz 6 days ago

    can i play ps vita / ps tv on ps5 ?

  • Artainer
    Artainer 8 days ago

    PS5 : 4K 60FPS highest settings
    120hertz IPad Pro: am I a joke to you?

  • Prestige Master
    Prestige Master 9 days ago +1

    But for real, what would the cost be.

  • CARL Rauschkolb
    CARL Rauschkolb 10 days ago

    My Android snapdragon is more powerful than ps5

  • blackjaguargames
    blackjaguargames 11 days ago

    Ok but answer me this will i be able to download my 500 digital downloads onto my ps4

  • Roberto301
    Roberto301 11 days ago

    No 8k it’s impossible

  • The Canadian Guy
    The Canadian Guy 11 days ago

    Or u know you could stop being consol peasants and invest in a pc for free cracked games and no shitty paid online.

  • Juss Vlone
    Juss Vlone 11 days ago

    I just wanna know how many frames😭

  • Jim In
    Jim In 11 days ago

    So we will be able to play 4K blue rays on the ps5?

  • Jess Ramos
    Jess Ramos 12 days ago

    PS using the xcloud services PS will be much better. Thank u Xbox!

  • Benny Biggums
    Benny Biggums 12 days ago

    3:28 correction, they aren’t fire sure using a Ryzen 3 processor, but they are using a Third Generation Ryzen processor

  • Michael
    Michael 12 days ago

    My wallet & savings after the PS5 release: β€œThis is all you got?”
    Everyone else: β€œWait...that’s illegal.”

  • Scorpius
    Scorpius 12 days ago

    the difference between a surround sound headset and native surround sound support is that games can be made with surround sound in mind. A surround sound headset just alters the audio to mimic surround sound.

  • Bodo Beni
    Bodo Beni 12 days ago +3

    Gamers start saving money from now just saying

    • Dan Odhis
      Dan Odhis 9 days ago +1

      You read my mind. Lol

  • iiIsBlu
    iiIsBlu 13 days ago

    Consoles are catching up with PC!

  • MK4VLI S
    MK4VLI S 13 days ago

    Hopefully they put in a β€œcell” processor

  • cold glass of coke zero

    Just bought a 4K TV 2 weeks ago and the PS5 is coming out Holiday 2020. So excited! And yes, it will play 4K Blurays so no need to buy a seperate one

  • β€”SCRUPβ€” -
    β€”SCRUPβ€” - 13 days ago

    I think i don’t going buy that ps5 butt a pc thats better

  • Phenoix Fire
    Phenoix Fire 13 days ago

    Can you get 5g because I don’t won’t it to lag (internet)

  • live yourlife
    live yourlife 13 days ago +1

    this huge specs upgrade for ps5 is due to Google's Stadia, that really is in favor for gamers, Sony and Microsoft forced to push it in order to compete against Stadia. that means much better specs at a relatively lower price!

    • F3ER Setツ
      F3ER Setツ 11 days ago

      live yourlife yeah I'm just hyped about that 120 fps though because i was thinking about buying a $1k pc that could run 100 fps but the ps5 will probably be much cheaper and have 20 more fps which is only a win for me and if theyre doing this cause of stadia that would be lit

  • Dustin M
    Dustin M 13 days ago +1

    What about the controller?

  • MrCiprianos
    MrCiprianos 14 days ago

    i pre order PS6 (2027)

  • Primus03
    Primus03 14 days ago +2

    PS5 final feature on release: single-player games require PlayStationPLUS

  • SarcastikB
    SarcastikB 14 days ago

    Ps4Pro needs a redesign for it to last for another 4 years. Sony has to give it a smaller footprint. Its loud and ridiculously wide.

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 14 days ago

    The human eye can only see up to a certain detail. That's why when you see higher graphic games on a PS3 compared to a PS2, it looked like a big jump in detail. Which it probable was. Then from a PS3 to a PS4 it didn't look as big a jump. You would see more reflective surfaces, more detailed environments. More detailed grass, trees, rockes,textures etc. However when it comes to pixels per square inch. I am not sure where our eyes stop in being able to see the difference.
    I doubt our eyes can see the difference between 60 fps compared to 120 fps. Loading speed will be the big difference and hopefully better VR. I see VR being the next big thing. I have used VR on PS4 Pro and it's so impressive compared to playing a game on a T.V.

  • Isac Liberia
    Isac Liberia 16 days ago

    Trrrrraaaaash Sony blows . Get xbox

  • iDarian
    iDarian 16 days ago

    How much do you think the PS5 will cost ?

  • SΓΈren Laustsen
    SΓΈren Laustsen 21 day ago

    Its great idea with the store

  • Andre Pacheco
    Andre Pacheco 21 day ago

    Great video but what I would like to know is what type of SSD? Blade or to 2.5”? As for BR disc player, would this play true 4K like the XBox One X, versus UHD? And lastly, is it consumer upgradable, especially the SSD?

  • Prime Hustla
    Prime Hustla 21 day ago

    yet Sony is also coming out with a PS5 Pro so yeah.

  • Joker
    Joker 21 day ago

    Coming out verry verry soon?... It hasnt even been announced yet --___--- .

  • Brandon Joyce
    Brandon Joyce 24 days ago

    what powerchip will the new ps5 run on?

  • luke oneill
    luke oneill 24 days ago

    wait how can a ps5 do 8k without 2 rtx 2080ti?

  • Jovani es
    Jovani es 26 days ago +1

    No one has 8k monitors. 4k is still not even the norm today. Lets all be real here.

  • Matej Bukovec
    Matej Bukovec 26 days ago

    Most people (probably around 99%) play on FHD. 8k is overkill. Even 4k almost is, but 8k is not even needed, if you ask me. Like ever. Unless for huge TV's made to match from distance for many people at once. For playing games at home, even 4k almost no one uses.

  • J.G
    J.G 27 days ago

    I just hope they don’t over price this!!

  • Sus Gold
    Sus Gold 27 days ago

    Y dosent Sony make a playstashone software for Pc’s

  • Isaac Pelendo
    Isaac Pelendo 28 days ago

    4k TVs is already a scam. But 8K!? Sheesh!!

  • luminous lucky ducky
    luminous lucky ducky 28 days ago

    I need a new upgrade my 2008 going TV can't handle it with ps1 2 3 4 then my x box 360 I need a bigger shelf and then by the body 5thing
    Edit; And the newer xboxes

  • Francisco Marin
    Francisco Marin 28 days ago

    How fast will it load a ps5 game tho?

  • Christopher Ruffner
    Christopher Ruffner 29 days ago

    Will it be able to play 4k UHD Blu-ray’s? HDR 10 and DV?

  • Addinn 02
    Addinn 02 29 days ago

    Can someone explain this to me in english please?πŸ˜‚ how much FPS will the PS5 have?

  • John Dingess
    John Dingess Month ago

    Steroids are injected into the ps5

  • Rodney Young
    Rodney Young Month ago

    I already have a ps5. It's called PC.

  • HeY iMaKe Videos
    HeY iMaKe Videos Month ago

    Don't care much about the specs if it SUCC'D like ps4 does with all the crashes and poor frames in some games not all. This looks good so far we will just have to wait.

  • Snoer
    Snoer Month ago +1

    Console Master Race?


    Full specs revelled when Sony releases them. I guess until then... It's all just rumour and gossip.

  • freddy mabule
    freddy mabule Month ago +1

    The marketing is good. I can't wait to see the console speak for itself.