NKETIAH WITH THE WINNER! | Bayern Munich 1 - 2 Arsenal | ICC 2019 extended highlights

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • Eddie Nketiah struck late on to give us the win over Bayern Munich in Los Angeles.
    The 20-year-old converted from close range after great work from Tyreece John-Jules, who exchanged passes with Calum Chambers before picking out Nketiah.
    We had already led once, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang forcing an own goal from Louis Poznanski. But Bayern looked to have taken the game to penalties when Robert Lewandowski headed in Serge Gnabry's cross.
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    Plz my brothers subscirbe my channal
    Labulka offical channel

  • adam smith
    adam smith 15 days ago

    Thanks from LUFC for Nktiah this season. Really appreciated. Hope you have a good season gooners..

  • John Shores
    John Shores 15 days ago +1

    thanks Arsenal im sure Leeds will improve and strengthen Nketiah this season IMO championships top scorer this year

    • beastkay byt
      beastkay byt 15 days ago

      Yeah we're hoping he becomes the player we all want him to be. Want Leeds to come up to the Prem tbh.

  • DJDJStone
    DJDJStone 15 days ago

    Hi Leeds fans.

  • Avilash Pati
    Avilash Pati 20 days ago

    Bayern have some serious issues with their defence and midfield. They need to sell couple of older players like Alaba and bring in younger players from Premier League.

  • Monika Bączyk
    Monika Bączyk 21 day ago

    Ozill and miki are disgraced to arsenal 350k and 250k and both of them have score any goal in this pre-season

  • Normunds Paserns
    Normunds Paserns 24 days ago

    I'm only here just for Daniels Ontužāns because I'm from Latvia and he could be our first decent player since Māris Verpakovskis and Marians Pahars

  • Bibser
    Bibser 24 days ago

    How did nketiah fight of sule, im bigger than Eddie, i would have been laying on the floor

  • Louis Jean Steeve
    Louis Jean Steeve 25 days ago

    Its cool

  • Nyasha Mushayavanhu
    Nyasha Mushayavanhu 26 days ago

    ozil's new look is nothing short of scary......

  • Albert Rise
    Albert Rise 26 days ago

    Auba is our best player. Speed , great passer , skillful...I think ozil is becoming too soft and lazy

  • King Vers official
    King Vers official 29 days ago

    Arsenal need to put more effort

  • Elizabeth Thompson
    Elizabeth Thompson 29 days ago

    The little mascot with pigtails at 0:04-0:07 is living her best life


    Can I get 200 Subscribers from Arsenal fans?
    Please surprise me today!

  • Football Analysis
    Football Analysis Month ago

    6:37 Legend said Lord Mustafi will raise his hand for 100 times next season..

  • sukhmanveer kaur
    sukhmanveer kaur Month ago

    #42 Bayern Munich
    Sarpreet Singh
    He is a nice player hope he would be one of the best in future and make a name for football in India

  • Wendy Liem
    Wendy Liem Month ago

    Gogo mall

  • sonpacho
    sonpacho Month ago

    Why are "highlight" videos for soccer so god damned long!? Maybe I'm used to ESPN style football, basketball, etc highlights that are 1-2 mins...9 mins!? You might as well show the whole game...

  • amazed66
    amazed66 Month ago

    "And he makes it look easy......" as it came off his shin and into the ground.

  • kuvalin marika
    kuvalin marika Month ago


  • JamesKan
    JamesKan Month ago

    We always win Bayern at preseasons😀

  • baggabliss
    baggabliss Month ago

    Flipping heck, almost all Arsenal players in the second half were black, I hope they get to break into the first team as many have talent

  • Elite Alpha_Male
    Elite Alpha_Male Month ago

    Yo our youngsters are real athletes, that control by John jules then that 1-2 create was from our old school era. Fantastic 🔥

  • Samuel E.Augustin
    Samuel E.Augustin Month ago

    5:21 "Fils de pute"

  • Artur Bznuni
    Artur Bznuni Month ago

    Мхитарян 🇦🇲⚽

  • Reinhard Morang
    Reinhard Morang Month ago +1

    it looks good when zaha,tierney,everton,saliba come in

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox Month ago

    Arsenal need finisher along with aubameyang !

  • Danny DT
    Danny DT Month ago

    Arsenal is on fire

  • Girma Benti
    Girma Benti Month ago

    It is being foolish to hope that Arsenal's today performance continues. They do not win at the right time. This match is meaningless whether you win or loss. You will see it when the league starts. They start counting down.

  • Gatez Jnr
    Gatez Jnr Month ago

    Of only they can win premier league games instead of massaging their egos with friendlies. These dnt mean jack!

  • Pryce
    Pryce Month ago

    i no its only pre season but these youngsters are looking more hungry for the w than most for the senior

  • Master Affiliate
    Master Affiliate Month ago

    I hate when someone scores a tap-in and doesn't show love to the person who provided the assist

  • the Wolfman
    the Wolfman Month ago

    Slap nuts✌

  • Tamircan
    Tamircan Month ago

    It's like watching Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund lol

  • Secrets Unlocked
    Secrets Unlocked Month ago

    from 2:41 are we all gonna ignore the amazing run Ozil does?? that's what we the fans are asking for!!!

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Month ago

    I’m in no way an Arsenal fan but they didn’t play badly as a whole. Individual mistakes as per any team but they did well.
    AUB Amaya gets looks pacey and fit though. He played really really well.

  • Sebastian Jiang
    Sebastian Jiang Month ago


  • Tude Mwangi
    Tude Mwangi Month ago

    I prefer the youngsters than these other first team guys despite their experience

  • Its Ya Boi
    Its Ya Boi Month ago +2

    Kanes was better

  • 1234 Abc
    1234 Abc Month ago


  • Ahmed's Adventures
    Ahmed's Adventures Month ago

    In EPL, opponents will give the ball to the player whom Mustafi will be marking. They will have great chances of scoring goals.
    Arsenal was weak in defense last season and suffered UCL blow. It's a must to make changes in the back 4.

  • CrazyGaming
    CrazyGaming Month ago +1

    Yaya Sanogo

  • Muhammad Rasooli
    Muhammad Rasooli Month ago

    Kronke whatever his name is send him out who agrees

  • imenabde
    imenabde Month ago +1

    Mustafi will cost Arenal top 4 slot again. Why can't we just release this bafoon?

    • Ed Mwaniki
      Ed Mwaniki Month ago

      Very true can't take another heartbreak this season

  • Gazza Williams
    Gazza Williams Month ago +6

    Lewandowski 4 yards onside
    Mustafi: 🤷‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙆‍♂️

  • Pirate Dog
    Pirate Dog Month ago

    Advertising McDonalds fatty fat fat at sports events lmao. Yup this is definitely in the US lol.

  • Adhitya dian pratama

    Why Mustafi raises his hand for an offside while he clearly see that he's not the last man in the defence line?

  • Theory Z
    Theory Z Month ago

    How does nobody talk about arsenal’s gk, senastional

  • Kassem Khalifeh
    Kassem Khalifeh Month ago

    Arsenal vs bayern everyday COYG

  • Zick Ry
    Zick Ry Month ago

    I totally admire the intensity of serge gnabry going forward. He'll dribble the ball and take a shot without fear..the one that got away

  • パコパコ
    パコパコ Month ago


  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage Month ago

    Lmao arsenal fans getting gassed over pre season.

  • shamsham1983
    shamsham1983 Month ago

    All goals preseason goals scored by youngsters.. What are these old pigs doing

  • Yak Gyang
    Yak Gyang Month ago

    Wow Arsenal beat Bayern

  • Louki The Gunner
    Louki The Gunner Month ago

    Mustafi out

  • Loek van Rijsewijk
    Loek van Rijsewijk Month ago +1

    Why leno subtited every match? He s a keeper come on

  • aurore vanderhaegen
    aurore vanderhaegen Month ago +1

    Bayern may havelost but let' snot forget the champion league game the beat them 10-2 in both game s

  • 소이
    소이 Month ago

    plz Mustafi out😂🙏🙏

  • Danilo
    Danilo Month ago +1

    Que gran arquero es Martinéz (Arsenal) 10 de 10

  • Mr ConCarnage
    Mr ConCarnage Month ago

    Arsenal on the trending page! Let's get it!

  • Joe Fussell
    Joe Fussell Month ago

    Um did arsenal win against Bayern and mesut needs to get that hair fixed

  • Doctor Virtual
    Doctor Virtual Month ago

    Arsenal victory, well done lads.

  • The Red Planet
    The Red Planet Month ago

    Arsenal strikers, flashes of brilliance. Midfield, minus Ramsay, wobbly at best. Defence.....let’s not talk about that. Whenever there’s a transfer talk, it’s always starts with ‘Arsenal’s budget is limited to £40m. Now let’s travel a few kms up the Seven Sisters Road. A balanced team, from front to back. Even the most loyal Arsenal fan cant dispute that. Yes, we have a (very?) good manager, but he is shackled, rendering him impotent in the buyer’s market. Let’s face it, the power has definitely shifted to the other side of North London. Gooners used to get upset that we only reach the 4th place. Now that fourth place is a distant dream. How they crave that, like an alcoholic craves cider. Red and White? Red is for a bloody nose, and white is for surrender. But we still dream. I’m speaking as a long suffering Arsenal fan, who gets constant put downs from my mates who support other teams. But hey, still, Arsenal all the way.

  • Shahid Algany
    Shahid Algany Month ago

    Please don't sell ozil

  • AEF MI
    AEF MI Month ago


  • Henraj the stalker
    Henraj the stalker Month ago

    Aubamayang pulled a PES run lol

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud Month ago

    Good win Arsenal have a great offense if they improve the keeper and defending they can go back on top or at least be close

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud Month ago

    Impressive they beat the German champions and a lot of the top stars

  • Arvinth Nair
    Arvinth Nair Month ago

    Ironic that Arsenal are wearing the colours of Dortmund

  • Reece Mullan
    Reece Mullan Month ago


  • Moeketsi Ramosana
    Moeketsi Ramosana Month ago

    Why TF does Mustafi raise his hand every single time we concede a goal? That's childish

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Month ago

    ‘Kroenke out’ is the new ‘Wenger out’ for the 2019/2020 season.

  • fghfhg1212121
    fghfhg1212121 Month ago

    Fake, bayern can't lose against arsenal!

  • Kiko Ayari
    Kiko Ayari Month ago

    Nelson should've burry the game.Sorry Nelson is young but he needs to be on the bench.