Who Can Hold Their Breath The Longest? - FaZe Olympics Challenge


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  • Cynix
    Cynix 2 years ago +5351

    Jarvis’s content has improved so much since moving to the new faze house I really love the content recently

  • Elsa Sanchez
    Elsa Sanchez 2 years ago +961

    Can we all appreciate how good tempers jump shot looks like

    • Choc
      Choc Year ago +1

      bro he legit shoots with the ball behind his head sthu

    • kan3ki
      kan3ki Year ago


    • You3n
      You3n Year ago

      Jarvis shot tho aint gud

  • jett ishee
    jett ishee 11 months ago +40

    Jarvis really improved on everything, but he would’ve DESTROYED everybody in the push-ups.

    • Krispee Keidee
      Krispee Keidee 10 months ago

      @Ninja Boy he also won in the mental game bc Michael said "we'll see" although jarvis kept on saying hes gonna knock him out

    • Ninja Boy
      Ninja Boy 11 months ago +1

      @Wet_asever i think he’s talking about Jarvis training for the fight whitch he won

    • Wet_asever
      Wet_asever 11 months ago

      He lost tho?

  • majkl_je_borec
    majkl_je_borec Year ago +2

    Can we all appreciate how jack is doing alot better in these challenges

  • Ayex_yt67
    Ayex_yt67 Year ago +1

    Jarvis’s content has improved so much since moving to the new faze house I really love the content recently

  • Jacky Legs
    Jacky Legs Year ago +28

    Jarvis: “4 is a bad score”.
    Also Jarvis: *Gets 4*

  • Zlervo
    Zlervo Year ago +1

    Let’s just appreciate the fact that in the running the camera man was holding that big ass camera and still ran faster than them all

  • eycxc khane
    eycxc khane Year ago

    Jarvis’s content has improved so much since moving to the new faze house I really love the content recently

  • Man
    Man Year ago +2

    As a state swimmer watching them swim makes me laugh so hard 😂

  • Mj Havili
    Mj Havili 11 months ago

    Love how competitive Tommy is

  • Zachary Moyal
    Zachary Moyal 2 years ago +449

    Did anyone else notice that when Alex jumped and hit at “real time” he hit it but then the replay showed he got it as in the last jump from him🤣🤣

    • Bryan Adona
      Bryan Adona 2 years ago

      Broo I literally was scrolling through the comments to see if any one saw that

    • Tyler Gautreaux
      Tyler Gautreaux 2 years ago

      Same bro I came straight to the comments

    • KaneFN
      KaneFN 2 years ago

      I saw it I was confused so I went back like 88 times

    • bryson warner
      bryson warner 2 years ago

      I did

    • kevin rodriguez
      kevin rodriguez 2 years ago

      i was high af like wtf

  • A Money
    A Money Year ago

    Can we all appreciate how fast the cameraman was

  • IZZ H15Y4M
    IZZ H15Y4M 11 months ago +6

    Teawap: His too athletic
    Jarvis: Your the most angelic mate

  • UR G4Y
    UR G4Y Year ago

    7:46 had me laughing for a good 30 mins

  • dannoncrack
    dannoncrack Year ago +26

    11:53 I love how everyone is doing freestyle apart from teeqo

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 2 years ago +1270

    When Jarvis was shooting the basketballs someone said “Turn on your aimbot” 😂😂😂

  • RedRT
    RedRT Year ago +217

    The camera man should have a medal he was the fastest

  • Xironx o9
    Xironx o9 Year ago

    Can we all respect how twap said “3,2,1, run”

  • b
    b 2 years ago

    jarvis try at 7:52 was hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Lysol FN
    Lysol FN Year ago +4

    7:52 it was at this moment Jarvis thought he was athletic 😂😂😂

  • Anime opp
    Anime opp Year ago +1

    I died laughing at 7:27 😂😂😂

    SWAGMAKER 69 Year ago +2

    3:14 bet you Alex flew away after that bump with Temperr

  • Precious Jem
    Precious Jem Year ago +1

    I love how they double it each time. 4 to 8 to 16😁

  • Eskii NZL
    Eskii NZL Year ago

    7:50 made me laugh so hard at 1 am that my old lady thought I was crying🤣

  • tazutto
    tazutto 2 years ago +267

    Faze: “Tommy Is the Champ of the water breathing challenge”
    Camera Man: “Am I a joke to you?!”

  • Keyz
    Keyz Year ago +3

    You can always tell when Kay’s in the video cuz of his laugh.

  • Reid Courtney
    Reid Courtney 2 years ago +265

    Why did the bar not get knocked over in Alex’s replay?

  • Mimo7
    Mimo7 Year ago

    When you can only hold your breathe for 6 seconds 😂

  • Yo Isiah #2
    Yo Isiah #2 Year ago

    I didn’t know Jarvis was so athletic 😂😂

  • JustaWOLF
    JustaWOLF 2 years ago +337

    Hope you guys are all staying safe during this time good luck boys

    • HarveyLP
      HarveyLP 2 years ago

      @ItzRhinOツ no one cares if your in the team

    • Ototd3nin
      Ototd3nin 2 years ago

      Thanks man you to!

    • A7W -_-
      A7W -_- 2 years ago

      Team Sora you too bro

    • Vizone
      Vizone 2 years ago

      We’re gonna pass team sora soon💀

    • Vinxy
      Vinxy  2 years ago


  • the great axe
    the great axe Year ago +4

    13:47 how he casually opened his eyes 🤣

  • Coast777
    Coast777 2 years ago +1

    4:46 can u just tell me how perfect cizzors jump is

  • Navaneeth Govind
    Navaneeth Govind Year ago +3

    when Jarvis tried to do the jump and hurt his knee I laughed like hell...

  • Reese Ford
    Reese Ford Year ago +1

    Is it just me that can hold my breath longer than Tommy?

  • Wanted DJ
    Wanted DJ 2 years ago +105

    1:42 Someone said to Jarvis “where’s your aim bot” 😭😂😂

  • Poto
    Poto Year ago

    3:15 Kay knowing he wouldn’t even make 3 lol

  • YT_ ElLionPR29
    YT_ ElLionPR29 Year ago +1

    When I heard the pacer test I got Middle School Flash-Backs 🤣🔥

  • jaycilantrowon
    jaycilantrowon 2 years ago

    By far Jarvis’ jump shot is the best😂

  • YumRum28
    YumRum28 Year ago +2

    The most I ever held my breath for was 51 seconds

  • Jeanfe
    Jeanfe 2 years ago +255

    Technically the camera won in the underwater challenge holding your breathe

    • mr worldwide
      mr worldwide 2 years ago +1

      He’s my cousin guys

    • nezu
      nezu 2 years ago

      @hossamabinladen lmao ignored

    • YaBoi
      YaBoi 2 years ago +1

      Technically the camera man isn't part of the challenge sooo yeah.

    • Z Haynes
      Z Haynes 2 years ago +1

      No a camera is not alive

  • bally singh
    bally singh Year ago

    7:53 had me dead🤣🤣

  • Sana Ali
    Sana Ali Year ago +11

    Teawap: Keep this man away from your girl he’s too athleTHICC
    Temperrr: athleTHICC

  • Vanessa Henning
    Vanessa Henning Year ago

    4:52 cizzorz finally gets to see what we poor defaults have to go through on his stupid ass deatruns lmao

  • YT Winz original Winz
    YT Winz original Winz 2 years ago

    I got 30 in second grade in that push-up test 😂😂

  • Omar Mirza
    Omar Mirza 2 years ago +235

    Finally 1 video that has Tommy not wearing a 10 pound vest

    • MIKS 28
      MIKS 28 2 years ago

      20 pounds

    • Beigi
      Beigi 2 years ago +1

      GG Ollie kinda reminded me of aguero

    • Ollie Pollitt
      Ollie Pollitt 2 years ago +3

      He’s not wearing a 10 pound vest but he’s wearing a Manchester City top

    • Kobe Garcia
      Kobe Garcia 2 years ago +3

      Dylan H joe mama

    • Dylan H
      Dylan H 2 years ago +4

      7:22 who’s in the background

  • Justin Libbey
    Justin Libbey 2 years ago

    *Jarvis shooting bballs* .... “where’s your aim bot” hahahahaha


    I knew Tommy was going to win, there's a video adapt did in one of their old house and he won 🤗

  • tom kilty
    tom kilty Year ago +107

    The fact Kay can’t actually do push-ups properly, he arches his back you gotta keep the ting straight

    • Lucas
      Lucas Year ago +2

      When u have 69 likes on ur comment

    • Life Of SW
      Life Of SW Year ago +1

      Sorry fitness guru

    • yursn
      yursn Year ago

      I started to fucking die when I seen his position

    • Rick Grimes
      Rick Grimes Year ago

      Ikr 🤣

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 years ago

    When u realize the camera man got third place in the race 😁

  • Krish Mishra
    Krish Mishra 2 years ago +4

    Jarvis deserves a like for every video he upload as he is trying hard to make a good video for us. Though he is banned from Fortnite but still he is not making videos for his profit. He is making to keep us happy. Keep it up bro : )

  • Zac ajaj
    Zac ajaj Year ago +3

    Is it just me or has Jarvis came 3rd most of the rounds

  • Exotic_Cxse
    Exotic_Cxse Year ago

    Temper can do everything god damn

  • xøtiic
    xøtiic Year ago

    Bro when Jarvis tried to jump over it and fell I lost it lmaooooo

  • Xoxobi
    Xoxobi Year ago

    Teawap was faster than Jarvis 🤣🤣

  • iiZentify
    iiZentify 2 years ago +391

    Plot Twist: The camera man can hold his breath the longest

      INFINITE VEX YT Year ago

      @Drippy Fn imagine having fortnite in your name like tf you talking for

    • JuNgliSt
      JuNgliSt Year ago

      @Kinjal Patel Im TUHC nice to meet u fishy

    • Joe Fish
      Joe Fish 2 years ago


    • Doodoo G
      Doodoo G 2 years ago

      Leon u really didn’t have to say that

    • Tempest
      Tempest 2 years ago

      @King Ace he was joking

  • Derrick Rose
    Derrick Rose 2 years ago

    Tommy is good at every sport xD

  • Gavin Llewellyn
    Gavin Llewellyn 11 months ago

    You can’t tell me I was the only one holding my breath with them

  • justice playz
    justice playz Year ago

    Jarvis made me laugh🤣🤣

  • Jesse Medina
    Jesse Medina 2 years ago +5

    Wait was I the only one that took a deep breath before they did who could hold the longest under water😂

    • Jesse Medina
      Jesse Medina Year ago +2

      @fie ncy 🤣🤣

    • fie ncy
      fie ncy Year ago +1

      lmao deadass I also took a long breathe too and I was like wait what the f am I doing 😂

  • jester
    jester 2 years ago +88

    Tommy just chillin in the underwater: you mortals dont understand my power level

  • Matthew Bailey
    Matthew Bailey Year ago

    Adapt saying he has torn shoulder jumps and lands on his shoulder 🤣🤣🤣

  • Le Gars Fré
    Le Gars Fré 2 years ago

    11:24 look adapt's face lmao

  • Dan Martinez
    Dan Martinez 2 years ago

    Tell me why when adapt jumped in the second round he looked like he paused in mid air for a good sec

  • AlexDMomy
    AlexDMomy Year ago

    when jarvis tried jumping over the limbo looking thing one last time I died they rlly had to put in the knocked noise with it XD

  • Alex DeSario
    Alex DeSario 2 years ago +147

    Alex: gets four
    Jarvis: that’s kinda bad
    Jarvis: gets 4

    • Ethan Albert
      Ethan Albert 2 years ago

      LOL yeh

    • M. Basim
      M. Basim 2 years ago +2

      @Anthony Hernandez yeah bro I also thought it was 3

    • Joe Fish
      Joe Fish 2 years ago +1

      the jump shot though

  • leart krasniqi
    leart krasniqi Year ago +1

    When alex jumped in the final at first camera the ting fell,but in the 2nd camera the ting didn't fell🤔

  • bugger
    bugger Year ago

    I can hold my breath longer than all y’all 😂 can I join faze

  • Ben Martinez
    Ben Martinez Year ago

    That push up test brings back memories

  • FTN
    FTN Year ago

    first race, the cameraman beat all of them XD

  • H C
    H C 2 years ago +13

    Didn't even watch the vid, but I already know it's gonna be a banger. You're insane Jarvis.

  • robot-needful
    robot-needful Year ago +1

    First time saw the brothers with straight hair 😂
    Edit: his hairs are still curly even when wet 😂

  • AmeytheAvenger
    AmeytheAvenger Year ago

    13:56 the cameraman actually won

  • Hatchitブロディ E

    Look at Fraziers form on the push ups 😂👀

  • Jonas
    Jonas Year ago +1

    Cizzorz that had a broken arm is out here doing front flips bro

  • Triple iClapz
    Triple iClapz 2 years ago +35

    Jarvis to Alex : Damn that’s kinda bad
    Also Jarvis : Gets the same score as him 😂😂

    • hi lol
      hi lol 2 years ago

      Jarvis got 3

  • SlayerYT ツ
    SlayerYT ツ Year ago +1

    While their swimming
    TeaWap: 3,2,1 “RUN”

  • Booyah cools Troller

    The running part doe😂

  • Footy edits 123
    Footy edits 123 2 years ago +4

    I be loving teawaps comintating and voice lately 😂

  • Edward.msj
    Edward.msj 10 months ago +1

    Cizzors: oh no!
    Me: waiting for a meme

  • Sh0X
    Sh0X Year ago

    Let’s go tommy 🔥🔥🔥

  • david Sanchez
    david Sanchez Year ago

    Literally no one
    Me: Holds my breath with them while they compete

  • BlexMC
    BlexMC 2 years ago +1

    adapt failed but it showed that he made it 7:14

  • The Boar That Games
    The Boar That Games Year ago +1

    7:13 so did Alex make it or not 🤣😂😂😂

  • bb bb
    bb bb 2 years ago +194

    Anyone else notice that when faze adapt jumped over the pole..it nocked over but the replay it stayed up?

  • Elite Viperz
    Elite Viperz 2 years ago

    Jarvis’s content is insane

  • Lucasss
    Lucasss 2 years ago

    Tommyyy!!! Winning everything. Almost😂😂😂

  • kuixahl
    kuixahl Year ago

    The cameraman won the "hold your breath" challenge

  • Brody Stevens
    Brody Stevens Year ago

    do yall remember the good old days, where the faze clan just had cod videos

  • PoloG
    PoloG 2 years ago +4

    13:20 I cracked on how FaZe Adapt was going crazy

  • NHS_Blxck
    NHS_Blxck 11 months ago

    Jarvis lost his aimbot with that basketball one😔

  • Omega
    Omega Year ago

    When Teawap said are you a human I died 🤣🤣

  • Jeong Ah Kim
    Jeong Ah Kim Year ago

    10:30 TEEQO nice way to flex.

  • SG Swof
    SG Swof Year ago

    7:54 Jarvis used his aimbot on that pole

  • Roblox Explits
    Roblox Explits 2 years ago +5

    0:16 race
    0:52 basketball
    3:25 push up
    4:24 high jump
    8:02 who can hang the longest
    11:29 who can swim the fastest
    13:12 breath holding contest

  • Prodigious
    Prodigious Year ago

    Jarvis’s finish on the shot 😬needs some work

  • hydilicious
    hydilicious 2 years ago

    Jarvis is really obsessed with the aimbot

  • Koolnamegabe 21
    Koolnamegabe 21 11 months ago

    When Jarvis was doing push ups he was practicing before the fight started in 2021

  • micahwyd
    micahwyd Year ago +1

    My dude Temperr was the only one with a nice jumper lol

  • Nasser Ali
    Nasser Ali 2 years ago +6

    FaZe cizzorz: “there’s no way i can make it to a minute”.
    Also FaZe cizzorz: 59s

  • everleven
    everleven 2 years ago

    Lets take a moment for the cameraman who was the fastest and the longest ubderwater