Greg Hunter - Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.22.19

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
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  • James Lee
    James Lee 2 months ago

    god bless trump and hunter. Not even evil can win this issue as god take control over the control game of the evil people

  • Eric Christen
    Eric Christen 2 months ago

    Impale the entire treacherous swamp on an electrified fence and then bring all those Spanish tomatoes over for the party.

  • Kristie Ingram
    Kristie Ingram 2 months ago

    Love your show , keep the truth flowing ! You are so right about homosexuality being a crime in the Bible , it's an abomination to God . I will pray for their salvation but I will never say it is okay nor will I accept it !!

  • largraf
    largraf 2 months ago

    Pelosi was going to Brussels to discuss with the President of the E.U. mutual efforts and strategy to counter President Trump AND about becoming the President. The Speaker of the House position is second in line after the Vice President if something were to happen to the President. The E.U. President may be formulating plans to "remove" both President Trump and VP Pence. President Trump knew about this and that's why he cut off her plans to go to Brussels.

  • Diana Blanke
    Diana Blanke 2 months ago

    Pathetic fame seekers!

  • ResortDog
    ResortDog 2 months ago

    Not enough people will go to jail.

  • cobainzlady
    cobainzlady 2 months ago

    plotting to overthrow a president on false pretenses is one of the definitions of TREASON.

  • vernon smith
    vernon smith 2 months ago

    they planning next crash geting them selfs sorted

  • Marilyn Woodall
    Marilyn Woodall 2 months ago


  • Marilyn Woodall
    Marilyn Woodall 2 months ago


  • Marilyn Woodall
    Marilyn Woodall 2 months ago


  • Marilyn Woodall
    Marilyn Woodall 2 months ago


  • Marilyn Woodall
    Marilyn Woodall 2 months ago


  • Free Bird
    Free Bird 2 months ago

    Greatly appreciate your reports, sir!
    Bless you and your family!

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird 2 months ago

    The media has had no policing, NO ACCOUNTABILITY, in a very long time! They were untouchable, just like the FBI!
    They became their own power of law and rule over ALL!!
    who could challenge them?
    ONLY GOD!!!
    Thank You Lord for this PRESIDENT! We pray that God give him even BIGGER COJONES! He’s the only one that’s turned the tables over, as Jesus did in the TEMPLE EXPOSING THE FILTHY CORRUPTION!

  • Dayton Perkins
    Dayton Perkins 2 months ago

    A couple dozen people go down Boom! When will that happen?

  • Linda I. Brown
    Linda I. Brown 2 months ago

    After hearing McCabe confess on 60 Minutes all those who Mueller has indicted, charges should be dismissed and their good characters restored starting with General Flynn.

  • superman 70
    superman 70 2 months ago

    The BOOK is being written. It is a very big, long, wide thick Book. It will take time... ! Be patient... ! POTUS will WIN...

  • June Hitchcock
    June Hitchcock 2 months ago

    Why is Rosenstein sill employed in Justice Dept?

  • Pol
    Pol 2 months ago

    bring out all the PAIIIN

  • Lynn Affleck
    Lynn Affleck 2 months ago

    Benjamin Fulford says the cabal is blackmailing Trump with a video of Trump bashing a child's head in. The military says Trump now has to go. This is very disturbing. Can such be varified?

  • BlueNinja BlueNinja
    BlueNinja BlueNinja 2 months ago

    We're walking right into it .

  • Valkyrie Sardo
    Valkyrie Sardo 2 months ago

    Venezuela was implicated in orchestrating the caravan invasion at our border. From that perspective, US intervention in Venezuela amounts to self defense.

  • Caveman
    Caveman 2 months ago

    your newest subscriber. thank you for your work

  • twice blest
    twice blest 2 months ago

    Arrest the Mockingbirds for Sedition, Corruption, and Treason!!
    Two different methods for 5G being reported: one has sound waves that will create mental and physical illness but the other ... healing??
    Ready for the central banks to go down??

  • lewis Z
    lewis Z 2 months ago

    Greg we got to back up President Trump, because the one who will suffer will be the American people Trump doesn't need this bull shit we America, better wake up socialism is on the rise suicides will happen when no one can't foot the bills we are right behind the 3rd world countries.

  • C P
    C P 2 months ago

    You are correct Greg with the Spiritual stuff. One must be right with God before the end comes and we are seeing all sorts of endtimes signals in this world and no one should think they can wait until the last day. God said Jesus will return for His Church, (true believers) like a thief in the night. Does a thief call you before coming over and breaking in? NO, Jesus is coming soon and we have to be ready. The consequences are overwhelming, like HELL for eternity. There are the false doctrines out there which will lead to HELL also. A true believer must be cautious not to fall into a group believing in lies misconstrued from taking verses from the Bible out of context. I ask your listens to search for a Bible believing and Bible teaching Church which will enhance their Christian faith and walk with Jesus Christ.

  • Crazy life
    Crazy life 2 months ago

    We knew all this 2 years ago. This is all old recycled news. Trump does NOTHING!! Just like he never went after all the voter fraud that turned congress Democrat. Trump is a Zionist that hates AlQeda bc of 911. Trumps admin is israel 1st. Sorry but he lied to us. Everyone we liked in his campaign is now gone from his cabinet bc Jared and Ivanka REPLACED everyone with liberal Israel 1st zionists!!
    We were screwed over AGAIN!!

  • Christopher Baker
    Christopher Baker 2 months ago

    WHERE IS RBG? Roberts is compromised. The Barak Osama administration turned him for the affordable care act they leveraged his illegal adoption of his children from Ireland.

  • Balance Toe
    Balance Toe 2 months ago

    The American political scene currently presents a picture in which the composition is distorted by giant figures of Socialism, who with their companions care to destroy the founding principles of our great country. 🤔 It's clear that the landscape and the truth is that politicians in cities, counties and state government in the United States for the most part are in the hands of the average man / woman who's integrity and ability to experience the American dream can only be achieved through hard work not entitlements🤔 The protection of the US citizens who are domiciled within the United States is a constitutional right, the duty of our elected leaders is not to change the constitution but to follow it under the oath of office which they take 🇺🇸 Respect and the restoration of the Republic will be brought back by the people for the people so future generations don't end up like Venezuela's 🇻🇪 current socialist dictatorship🤔 🌈 our rainbow awaits you the uneducated political people if you are willing to open the truth from within 🕥 the clock is on our side 💕#Balancetoe #btp #shaman #constitutionalspeaker

  • Jack Byron
    Jack Byron 2 months ago

    So-called Chief Justice Roberts most likely is either a pedophile who likes little boys / little girls and the left know this and they are holding it over him...You vote our way or get exposed in the fake news...

  • Invincibel
    Invincibel 2 months ago

    The WHOLE bible is the words of Jesus who is YHVH.

  • Kickn Gravel
    Kickn Gravel 2 months ago

    God Bless you Mr.Hunter

  • Bud Abbot Lane
    Bud Abbot Lane 2 months ago

    Lets not forget both of the Bush adminestrations.

  • Rey
    Rey 2 months ago


  • Joey Perez
    Joey Perez 2 months ago

    I pray the Lord Jesus bless you, your loved ones, and your ministry of truth-yup.

  • Dar C
    Dar C 2 months ago

    Trump has raised taxes for families and people with a mortgage. This is either stupid, crazy, or evil. He keeps talking about all the 'winning' he's been doing for us, and money he has saved everywhere for us then raises our taxes!? WTF? Many are now up into the next tax bracket! I lost family and friends for believing in him, it's been very painful. Now I hate him more than they do. This is a big deal and a total game changer. I keep trying to figure out why he did this. Losing sleep in AZ.

  • Jeanette Schlimgen
    Jeanette Schlimgen 2 months ago

    You are right about our one sided media. They trash a kid because he does not meet there political agenda. And they continually show trivial news such as this stupid actor who tries to make Trump look bad, over Muller and Rosenstein setting up a coup to get rid of Trump. While criminals like the Clinton's get away with all their illegal activities. We do not have justice in our country. I do not totally trust Trump. Listen he is far from squeaky clean. I do not like the fact that many small contractors lost there money when Trump declared bankruptcy. Also he is a womanizer. And he is constantly bragging about himself. He reminds me of a big blowhard, always selling himself, talking about how great he is. And why didnt he get funding for the wall when the republicans controlled the house? Also I did my tax return's , and I am not getting any more back. I am in the lower middle class. What did he do for us? He talked alot, but really he just helped his wealthy friends. I do not mind that he gave corporations a tax break, but what about the average guy? Also what is he doing to decrease the deficit? I do not hear him address that! I think the only reason he got elected is because he knew how to cut down the other guy better. And he touched on a few good issues the middle class were concerned about, such as illegal immigration and jobs.I do like the fact that he got rid of TPP and working on reversing the effects of NAFTA. Also he blames China for the trade imbalance. He is ignorant about that because our corp. were going over there for the cheap labor, and we were pushing the petro-dollar on the other countries, so we could print money out of thin air. So who are the real criminals? Our govt. has taken advantage of other countries for decades. And now he is going to support the war hawks even more. He is going to make the military industrial complex even more wealthy than they already are, if that's possible. No wonder the elite love him. I think he is definitely more like a fascist. What has he really done for the average working class? Also he keeps talking about the stock market. The stock market has only been going up because of the corp. buying back their stocks, there is no real wealth growth. People are defaulting on their loans even faster this year. I would still vote for him over Hillary or Bernie though. The lesser of two snakes. So maybe we wont get burnt quite as bad, hopefully.
    Paul Schlimgen

  • Joey Perez
    Joey Perez 2 months ago

    I appreciate the truth you put forth, may you and yours be blessed.

  • Doomsday Survivalist
    Doomsday Survivalist 2 months ago


  • hendershotjarvis
    hendershotjarvis 2 months ago

    Biggest treasonist act in American history but the Democrats don't hear much about this.

  • kenneth chamberland
    kenneth chamberland 2 months ago


  • Floyd Porter
    Floyd Porter 2 months ago


  • John Canfield
    John Canfield 2 months ago

    Greg, I want to ask this correctly. If Hillary & Co are arrested for their crimes against the president, what choice is left for the the left? They've already tried a secret coup that failed--the choices seem small.

  • Jennifer Dahl
    Jennifer Dahl 2 months ago

    I think he is tweeting about the 5 G to bring it out in the news to start the dialogue. He knows it's bad but needs the research to be put out in the news.

  • Motorcitymadman
    Motorcitymadman 2 months ago

    While we spend all this time talking about Russia interfering in our politics while we go down to Venezuela and install our own person to call him a president not to mention Libya Syria Iraq Ukraine the apocracy of it all is insane. I still want to see someone powerful go to jail

  • Linda Walsh
    Linda Walsh 2 months ago

    His FF is important because that gave them reason to pass a bill making lenching illegal. R they scared? .....of swinging at the end of a noose?

  • Linda Walsh
    Linda Walsh 2 months ago

    His FF is important because that gave them reason to pass a bill making lenching illegal. R they scared? .....of swinging at the end of a noose?

  • tossing molotovs
    tossing molotovs 2 months ago

    AG Barr is former CIA. Nothing is going to happen.

  • Kennedy Dry
    Kennedy Dry 2 months ago

    I see no interest for the American people to interfere in Venezuela.
    It rather reminds me a Deep State pattern. :-(
    I hope it is theater from Trump, like it was with his (fake) strikes on Syria in spring 2017 (brilliant btw, and he silenced MSM hostililty for several weeks with that)

  • Gary Rose
    Gary Rose 2 months ago

    and nothing will happen

  • Dennis Henning
    Dennis Henning 2 months ago

    Who actually receives the fetal remains from [PP] ? 70 mil all used for research ? Dinner table ? ? ?

  • Dennis Henning
    Dennis Henning 2 months ago

    soon as 1slam enters an area laws are demanded against saying anything against 1slam or against s4tans POOfest Moo Ham Ed

  • Jean Hampe
    Jean Hampe 2 months ago

    Never miss your weekly news wrap up..... thanks for putting the truth out there.

  • Senior Fact Checker
    Senior Fact Checker 2 months ago


  • matsranch
    matsranch 2 months ago

    I feel a hanging coming on.

  • Kathy Luke
    Kathy Luke 2 months ago

    That kkk photo looks like the democratic women at the Presidential speech.

  • Kathy Luke
    Kathy Luke 2 months ago

    How can SCJ Roberts be dealt with for his collusion with the FISA?

  • rimfireshootingmk
    rimfireshootingmk 2 months ago

    Another great report, thanks. But its not post birth abortion, its infanticide which is MURDER. We are living in a Steven King novel. Heres hoping the good guys win in the end.

  • Robert Condon
    Robert Condon 2 months ago

    Greg- May I say, I wish you were my neighbor. You are fabulous and are helping a lot of people with what you do. You are a blessing.

  • Robert Condon
    Robert Condon 2 months ago

    I heard there were three versions of the phony dossier. Not 1 not 2 but 3 !
    EVERY one of these criminals must be punished.

  • stromsky58
    stromsky58 2 months ago

    The KKK was primarily democrap members. They have gone downhill since then.

  • Gary Ride
    Gary Ride 2 months ago

    Great Job Greg!
    Always Informative Videos!

  • lencac
    lencac 2 months ago

    Greg, here's where you are a bit wrong or at least understated. To say the DS wants DJT out because they don't like his politics, which they don't, is a gross understatement. The reasons the DS must remove DJT is far deeper than that. The DS must remove DJT because he is systematically dismantling the satanic pedovores mechanisms that have taken decades to put together. These mechanisms include but are not limited to, pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse including child trafficking for the purposes of sacrifice and sexual abuse to obtain adrenachrome, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, illegal money laundering, gun smuggling, drug smuggling, treason, sedition, and mass corruption on a level never before seen or understood at every level. The DS knows if DJT is successful they will, as HRC stated, they will hang. So don't mislead your listeners by saying the DS hates DJT simply because they don't agree with his politics. And ALWAYS consider the dynamic that evil plays in the motivation of the DS.

  • mytree123
    mytree123 2 months ago +1

    I hope Trump knows what he is doing the wall could be a trojan horse
    What's the real plans with the wall the Rio Grande river is a border what side of the Border is Trump going to put the fence are we going to lose massive water rights is that the real plan planned starvation International Bankers Rothschilds Mafia plans NATIONS WILL FIGHT OVER WATER . Rio Grande River is one of the largest water rights we have are we just giving it away
    Enforce the laws protecting us from illegal immigration and their lawlessness and Chaos they create.

  • mytree123
    mytree123 2 months ago +1

    Luke 8:17
    17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad
    Matthew 10:26
    26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.
    Mark 4:22
    22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.

  • Jon Tamiyasu
    Jon Tamiyasu 2 months ago

    Greg, will you be surprised if a “deal” is made for the “highly visible” to avoid prison?!? There won’t be any perp walks of anyone well known. I hope for it since that’ll be another way to prevent these crimes in the future...I’ll be exasperated if it happens.

  • Sheerkat7
    Sheerkat7 2 months ago +2

    If we had an honest press in this country, the coup would be the top story. Since it is completely controlled with 95% of all media owned by only 6 corporations, whose heads hate Trump, they are the opposition party. No president has ever been attacked like this. The salacious, false pee dossier was done by the Brits - that is who interfered in our election. If Trump was working for Russia, would the country be doing better than it has in decades? It's absurd. It would make more sense for the failure Obama to be working for a foreign power since he ran our country into a ditch by adding $9 trillion to the debt, sending all our jobs overseas and being at war the entire 8 years of his administration.

  • linda h
    linda h 2 months ago

    U forget to metion they threaten the arrest of his son who traveled with him/Flynn!

  • Patriotic American
    Patriotic American 2 months ago +1

    We love you Greg.
    Keep telling us the truth.

  • Jeff Dorris
    Jeff Dorris 2 months ago +1

  • andrew domenitz
    andrew domenitz 2 months ago

    Subversion, see the previous post.

  • Sassy Old Grandma
    Sassy Old Grandma 2 months ago

    It pleases me to no end that Mueller has debunked the Democrats' conspiracy theory of collusion. Now...on with the show! MAGA

  • Brett Collins
    Brett Collins 2 months ago

    Pardons across the board. Flynn, Manafort and stone

  • Brett Collins
    Brett Collins 2 months ago

    Chief justice Roberts is comprised. In on it and another f^^kn traitor

  • Brett Collins
    Brett Collins 2 months ago

    They got nothing....

  • Brett Collins
    Brett Collins 2 months ago


  • Gerald's Videos
    Gerald's Videos 2 months ago

    Thanks again.

  • Leslie Cline
    Leslie Cline 2 months ago

    Great meme about rule of law

    GATES OF VIENNA 1683 2 months ago

    Re smollett..that raise story is a red believe he colluded with senators Harris and booker to create this racial hoax smear against white people..this story is way deeper than a raise..just watch.lits just coming undone smollett will sing like a bird and spill everything to save his pathetic American hating skin...

  • FED UP
    FED UP 2 months ago

    You are spot on..get right spiritually. Always a Christian; however about 4 mo. ago I became a school bus driver for Special Needs children. I have never been more happy about this job and being around these AMAZING kids. The interaction w/ teachers, their assistants and parents has finally fulfilled my heart and mind. This is my MOST important job and calling. It's CRAZY that it took me 63 yrs. to achieve. I tell my wife and family that I feel like I am just getting started. Thank you Greg.

  • Jo Red 5
    Jo Red 5 2 months ago

    Everything revolves around MONEY. So sick of it. I'd like to know what GOD thinks of our money.

  • GloriaM Pulido
    GloriaM Pulido 2 months ago +1

    Trump is still setting it up , he is still exposing the depth of corruption. Not everyone is red pilled yet and when the majority understands how the MSM and politicians have duped us for years, (eg, UN, CB, 911, Iraq, Syria, pedo celebs, indoctrination rather than education, voter fraud, DEW, continued false flags) there will be public arrests. In the meantime, get prepared mentally, financially, and most of all, spiritually--get right with God.

  • Bob Arnold
    Bob Arnold 2 months ago +1

    They pumped a ton of money into stocks this week. Way fair went up 33 points this Friday. Where is Martin Armstrong. He calls for civil unrest in 2019. Gold gold gold.

    • Bob Arnold
      Bob Arnold 2 months ago

      I have my popcorn and coke. I’m ready and waiting!

    • Greg Hunter
      Greg Hunter  2 months ago

      Early Sunday Release.

  • Tracy Neal
    Tracy Neal 2 months ago

    They will never be held accountable.

  • Ian Cassie
    Ian Cassie 2 months ago +1

    YOU are forgetting DICK CHENEY

  • Robert Burleyson
    Robert Burleyson 2 months ago

    I know where I'm going, I know my eternal future no matter what happens, thank you! But, apparently you don't follow Q. Trust me my friend, you need to follow and at least verify!!!!!!! Just Saying

  • Pamela Rice
    Pamela Rice 2 months ago

    Greg, I'm your biggest fan. But Smollett story could be mixed up with the looming lynch law that already passed the Senate. Now that's serious.

  • Nancy M. Rice
    Nancy M. Rice 2 months ago +1

    The reason for the sudden rush to kill full term babies and commit infanticide is probably (imho) because those very young bodies with their stem cells and their adrenochrome and organs (and everything else they can possibly use) to extend their life spans and feed their addictions to the adrenochrome, is because Trump is putting a lot of pedophiles and child/baby traffickers in prisons and their supply is diminished.

  • John McVey
    John McVey 2 months ago

    Someone talking sense! wow!

  • Louielamson2000 Tran Nguyen

    Reality and check!!
    Makes Great California Again by Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Karma Harris, Maxine Waters, Dianne Steiner.., and the list go on... Watch this video: " SHOCKING VIDEO SHOWS THE 3RD WORLD CONDITIONS IN LOS ANGELES. HOMELESS EVERYWHERE." " National Emergency! Just How Dangerous Is The Border?"
    Relentlessly, I had a bad dream for the American, myself and.., in years to come and I maybe wrong!!
    Apparently, 'Cowboys for Trump' to support secure borders is the Education Protesters, with peaceful solutions.
    Clearly, we saw the men sharing their views points opponents, with kindly voiced and pro-life... " Cowboys for Trump Ride into DC"
    However, this is a peaceful protest and very different to compare with Antifa group, created by Liberal Racist Democrats, and the actions with hate, racist violence against other people who are perspective.
    Relentlessly, I had a bad dream for the American, myself and.., in years to come and I maybe wrong!!
    Definitely, the Mexico Government and Mexican society controlling by
    Drug Cartels or Drug Lord?? And the U.S. Congress benefits from their?
    Two years ago Nancy Pelosi went to Mexico to make deal with whom?
    Watch this video : "Why Was Nancy Pelosi in Mexico City?"
    Consequently, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Democrats Congress benefits from "Unsecured Borders" that is why Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Democrats Congress, they are fighting against
    Security Border - Build the Wall secure borders to stop drugs war and human trafficking...
    Finally and, probably, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Dianne Steiner.., the list goes on, and in the both Parties had benefits for this crisis...
    Notes. Here is a short article I wrote a few months ago related to "the American War on Drugs" this article need rewritten and edited.
    The America "War on drugs" and dispersion. "American Epidemic: The Nation's Struggle With Opioid Addiction"
    Actually, the American has been fighting "War on drugs" since I came to America during the Reagan Administration, and apparently 'War on drugs' not ended in the past nearly four decades. Today drug business is still growing and expands, both in illegal and legal.
    Moreover, drugs smuggling continues pouring into almost every corner the street of America.
    Therefore, drugs trafficking business is a global black market demand, especially in the America, and who's is beneficial for this crisis.
    The reality is, from the corner of streets in Los Angeles, California to South side of Chicago, to Brooklyn, New York and city Charlotte, North Carolina.., cocaine used, marijuana addiction spreading throughout all the level of age. No matter who, drugs cocaine, marijuana not addicted people, but the people addict drug, cocaine and marijuana.
    People addiction drugs if the drug becomes necessary in everyday of their lives.
    Regardless, you agree or not without the Capitalism principle, and diversity, political divided in American society.
    America has been a free global market enterprise running by big corporations, control by stocks holding and funding and monitoring by Fed.
    Consequently, as long as people still demand for all types of drugs, cocaine, marijuana from users is still growing no matter who are, young or old, rich and poor, highly educated or poorly income person.
    Clearly, if the American people still demand for all types of drug to use,
    drug trafficking is still exists and the more countless problems increased

  • Diane Watson
    Diane Watson 2 months ago

    Dear Father, have mercy.

  • andrew om
    andrew om 2 months ago +1

    Greg, here's a short version of what people need to do to prepare spiritually.
    The ABC's of Salvation:
    A: Admit that you are a sinner, who violates the Will of God, and that you need a Saviour.
    B: Believe that Jesus Christ, Son of God & Messiah, died for your sins and rose again, as prophesied and recorded in the Word of God. Trust in His finished work.
    C: Call on His name, ask Him to save you, and confess that He is Lord.

  • ge45ge Called
    ge45ge Called 2 months ago

    Roberts is being blackmailed , if that has happened, he should be forced to resigned,

  • S Robert
    S Robert 2 months ago

    Just had to suffer through a Bernie 2020 ad watching your broadcast... normally I watch the ad so you get the revenue, but I had to click off, sorry!

  • rob cammer
    rob cammer 2 months ago

    Didn't Garfield's wife run the presidency when he was sick? Congress approved the 25th Amendment on July 6, 1965, the States completed ratification by February 10, 1967, and President Lyndon Johnson certified the amendment on February 23, 1967.

  • Pat Cohen
    Pat Cohen 2 months ago

    Excellent lesson for millenniums, if they would only listen! I love PragerU

  • Ivanka B
    Ivanka B 2 months ago

    In Canada, Liberals heads are rolling. Trudope is the most corrupt and criminal PM ever.

  • Unicorn TV 123
    Unicorn TV 123 2 months ago

    Love the red letters 💕💕💕💕😊

  • Endless Summer
    Endless Summer 2 months ago +1

    Q gave us the ORDER of justice coming: 1) MUELLERS report release 2) Declass by POTUS 3) OIG ( report and release of declassified documents). 4) TRUTH (public will see that FBI and DOJ were trying to carry out a coup against POTUS with no evidence) 5) JUSTICE (prosecutions). Now that Barr is in place and Rosenstein removed, THE LAW CAN BE ENFORCED against these TRAITORS!!!