i tested ways to find REAL vs. FAKE FOOD ITEMS 2

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • produce sprayed with food coloring, plastic mixed with rice to increase profit or honey that's been diluted in water. these and many more food hacks by blossom put to test once again. i hope you like it and subscribe, thank you
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  • Darkness Lord’s Gamings

    Did anyone hear him say the s word

  • Hello
    Hello 12 hours ago +1

    Who else thinks raphael CUTE af??? cant just be me 🥰

  • Fortunate
    Fortunate 12 hours ago

    Raphael that purple potato is called Ube, pronounced ooh-bae.

    DSS DDS 13 hours ago

    For meat

  • Heidi Mcgavigan
    Heidi Mcgavigan 13 hours ago

    To cut pizza duh😂😂❤️❤️

  • surendra singh singh
    surendra singh singh 22 hours ago


  • Andrzej Jóźwiak

    To cut pizza

  • Sophie Martinez
    Sophie Martinez Day ago

    10:10 to cut somthing

  • Kuisma14 2
    Kuisma14 2 Day ago +1

    10:00 cutting pizza

  • ლPaesthetic Ashiiლ

    Every comment on this video

    *Pizza Scissors*

  • Ariq Nizar
    Ariq Nizar 2 days ago


  • Alka Tomar
    Alka Tomar 2 days ago

    Pizza scissors

  • Aline Elyoussef
    Aline Elyoussef 2 days ago +1

    Pizza scissors I know because right next to me is a pizza video the 2 minute 20 minutes and 2 hours and your abut to cut the 20 minute pizza with the same scissors

  • Sylbree
    Sylbree 3 days ago +2

    Why is he so excited to waste the expensive milk? You could test this with as little milk at you want, if I'm paying for expensive milk, I'm saving as much of it as I can. Also the expensive milk started a more yellow color and the other one was more white to start with.
    Also for the pepper, I highly doubt it would work anyway but if it would work he would have to hold it still, not moving it all around or wasting time talking while the bowl of hot water is on a cool surface like his countertop

    • Sylbree
      Sylbree 3 days ago

      @Ginny Weasley and you sound like you have a life outside of the internet 🙃👌

    • Ginny Weasley
      Ginny Weasley 3 days ago

      I bet you dont get invited to many parties.

  • The FireMaster
    The FireMaster 3 days ago

    pizza scissors

  • antiXsocial
    antiXsocial 3 days ago

    pizza scissors

    NEGATIVE PLAYS 3 days ago

    Pizza scissors

  • Delia Deliagh
    Delia Deliagh 3 days ago

    Pizza scissors daaaahh

  • Daisy Taylor
    Daisy Taylor 3 days ago +1

    pizza Scissors by far

  • Andrew Ascencio
    Andrew Ascencio 4 days ago

    I think you use those Sizers to cut pizza

  • dani glen
    dani glen 4 days ago

    For the honey one the fake honey since there’s water in it water increases fire that’s why the flame is bigger

  • Queen Snivy Plays & More!

    Those are either pizza scissors or pizza scissors

  • Tofu Man
    Tofu Man 4 days ago +1

    They use so much fake sience in those videos.

  • CbarnardYT
    CbarnardYT 4 days ago

    Pizza scissors

  • Judy Lim
    Judy Lim 4 days ago

    Pizza scissors

  • EzbonGamer
    EzbonGamer 5 days ago

    Tailor scissors

  • bubblegum
    bubblegum 5 days ago

    fabric scissors

  • Lovely Dreamer DIY
    Lovely Dreamer DIY 5 days ago

    Pizza scissors

  • Life with Kayla
    Life with Kayla 6 days ago


  • Connor Cronje
    Connor Cronje 6 days ago

    R15 is 1 one dollar in South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Connor Cronje
    Connor Cronje 6 days ago +1

    I live in South Africa almost everything is pure we have so much farms

  • Thots4sell 1
    Thots4sell 1 6 days ago


  • Gl4 G!no
    Gl4 G!no 6 days ago

    I mean pizza scissors

  • Gl4 G!no
    Gl4 G!no 6 days ago


  • Meg Oakden
    Meg Oakden 6 days ago

    Pizza scissors

  • idzni anindita
    idzni anindita 7 days ago

    Cuting pizza

  • Sehar Khan
    Sehar Khan 7 days ago


  • Maja Wieclaw
    Maja Wieclaw 7 days ago


  • Maja Wieclaw
    Maja Wieclaw 7 days ago +1


  • Jazielys Serrano
    Jazielys Serrano 9 days ago +1

    Cutting pizza 😂

  • Atiana Almeida
    Atiana Almeida 9 days ago +1


  • eli Håkansson
    eli Håkansson 9 days ago

    Opening boxes

  • Holly Wacker
    Holly Wacker 10 days ago


  • Michellep Jones
    Michellep Jones 10 days ago +1

    For clothes

  • malaika mahmood
    malaika mahmood 10 days ago +1

    it worked woth the rice mild if u mixed it longer

  • Yahiko Uzumaki
    Yahiko Uzumaki 10 days ago

    They are for pizza

  • Maryam Master
    Maryam Master 10 days ago

    Pizza or green stuff like lettuce or spinach

  • Onni Oja
    Onni Oja 11 days ago

    Pizza scissors

  • TTV_1v1MeYouBot
    TTV_1v1MeYouBot 11 days ago +1

    Are your scissors for cutting fruit and vegetables

  • Summer Jones
    Summer Jones 11 days ago +2

    Are your scissors
    used for cutting fabric

  • Dancing bull420
    Dancing bull420 11 days ago +2

    Are you straight you look like James Charles

    • Dancing bull420
      Dancing bull420 5 days ago

      @Bot Ghosty have a good one man

    • Bot Ghosty
      Bot Ghosty 5 days ago

      Dancing bull420 but it’s fine I get u were trying to joke around

    • Bot Ghosty
      Bot Ghosty 5 days ago

      Dancing bull420 now I get it’s a joke so it’s fine

    • Bot Ghosty
      Bot Ghosty 5 days ago

      Dancing bull420 U wouldn’t like it

    • Bot Ghosty
      Bot Ghosty 5 days ago

      Dancing bull420 what if someone commented that on ur video

  • Nicholas Vanbuskirk
    Nicholas Vanbuskirk 11 days ago

    To open boxes

  • JustFlamezXX 101
    JustFlamezXX 101 12 days ago +3

    Honey not sticking maybe because you diluted it Dumba*s

  • Blue Sturkey
    Blue Sturkey 12 days ago +2

    These comments are so random and all over the place. 😂 Maybe I'm too early.

  • andrea nakamura
    andrea nakamura 13 days ago +2

    For pizza 🍕

  • Avliss
    Avliss 14 days ago +3

    The Channel Island milk is so amazing I lived in Jersey for some time and it’s the best milk ever 🙌🏼

  • Syqho
    Syqho 16 days ago +3


  • Tanner Hannusch
    Tanner Hannusch 16 days ago +7

    I can't tell I'm color blind to

  • Kayleigh Martin
    Kayleigh Martin 17 days ago +5

    To cut pizza

  • Anja Ninokata
    Anja Ninokata 17 days ago +3

    I think the scissors are for cutting pizza 🍕

    • Kawaii Universe
      Kawaii Universe 12 days ago

      Those scissors look like shears used to trim bushes.