The Princess Switch | An Ode to Kevin from The Princess Switch (And His Smile) | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
  • There's no better way to brighten your day than this montage of Kevin from The Princess Switch's best smiles. You're welcome.
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    The Princess Switch | An Ode to Kevin from The Princess Switch (And His Smile) | Netflix
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Comments • 43

    INGLEDS HIRA 2 months ago

    Misericórdia!! Esse ator é simplesmente um colírio para olhos, lindo😍😍

  • Akeelah
    Akeelah 5 months ago


  • Perfect Precious
    Perfect Precious 5 months ago

    He's so cuttteeeeee

  • sarah 089
    sarah 089 6 months ago

    It's young Obama lol! Or if he had younger brother 😅

  • run me over with your car
    run me over with your car 6 months ago +1

    This movie was just as shitty and Christmas Inheritance and Christmas Prince. Which is why I love all three of them.

  • por qué
    por qué 6 months ago +2

    How can you not smile when see that. Damn.

  • hi hello
    hi hello 6 months ago

    follow on intagram ilovemovie.s

  • Payton P8N
    Payton P8N 6 months ago +3

    Highly in love with him

  • Shantiece
    Shantiece 6 months ago +2

    His smile was so infectious.

  • M G
    M G 6 months ago

    I NEEDED THIS!! 😍 Nick's simule melts my frozen heart ❤️. Thank you, Netflix!

  • Kathy .D
    Kathy .D 6 months ago +6

    Why? Why is he so damn handsome ? Why ? Just why ?

    • Aholibama Hernandez
      Aholibama Hernandez 6 months ago

      I don't see nothing handsome on him he's only smiling that's the only thing he does it's nothing handsome on him that's not that type of guy I like there's another guy sound like they're more handsome ...? I don't like this movie he has to look like a prince not like a silly ...😂😂😂

  • Eli Castillo Zárate
    Eli Castillo Zárate 6 months ago

    Please a video only of Prince Edward jaja ❤❤❤🌟

  • Chi Asmr
    Chi Asmr 6 months ago +3

    When I smile like that, you know I am up to something...😀

  • The Happipotamus
    The Happipotamus 6 months ago

    He looks like Jim carrey

  • Hayat couture Traditionnelle


  • Hayat couture Traditionnelle


  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb 6 months ago +2

    With a Man like Kevin, why even switch?

  • Aholibama Hernandez
    Aholibama Hernandez 6 months ago

    That is so silly..😂 he trying to let him see like he's something big he said normal person like everyone come on people when I make him look like he's the bomb..😂

  • visions
    visions 6 months ago

    He is one handsome guy💓💕 I really will not be watching this moving 😂😂😂

  • Arlyn Romero
    Arlyn Romero 6 months ago

    Yo ya la vi 😍es super

  • babybree175
    babybree175 6 months ago +36

    This dude has a 10000 watts smile that just melt anyone.

  • Sofii Agüero
    Sofii Agüero 6 months ago

    Aguante esa película es lo más ❤😍

  • Sebi The Hunter
    Sebi The Hunter 6 months ago

    Best smile ever

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP 6 months ago +15

    He is super cute tho!

  • Lero Barclay
    Lero Barclay 6 months ago

    Hey you scrolling down the comments have a nice t

  • Diandra
    Diandra 6 months ago +3

    He's got a gorgeous smile! :D

  • jennifer ibañez bello
    jennifer ibañez bello 6 months ago +10

    He is hot❤

  • Dark Prince
    Dark Prince 6 months ago

    idc i want DDS4 and Heroes for Hire you dipshits

  • Charli Kuran
    Charli Kuran 6 months ago

    He looks like a little puppy.

  • Soumyajit Chowdhury
    Soumyajit Chowdhury 6 months ago +5

    He is a Smiling guy

  • Haruglory131
    Haruglory131 6 months ago +2

    *pig farts

  • bad girlriri
    bad girlriri 6 months ago +14


  • Isabel Sophie
    Isabel Sophie 6 months ago +17

    I wanna watch it, but i have to write so many exams now

  • F4TAL Bilzz
    F4TAL Bilzz 6 months ago +3

    *Btw I'm a small TheXvidr help me🙏❤*

    DOLLY 6 months ago +86

    He honestly never stops smiling in the movie 💖

    • Aholibama Hernandez
      Aholibama Hernandez 6 months ago

      I would tell you something why he doesn't stop smiling because of his thing he smile a lot that's his big thing 🤔😂😂

    • CxKatiii
      CxKatiii 6 months ago +1

      Lmao I know

  • NextGen
    NextGen 6 months ago +30

    *To the 3% of people who see this, I hope that you get all you want for Christmas and have a wonderful future ahead of you!! IM FOR REAL SUBBING TO EVERYONE WHO SUBS TO ME!❤️🎁🎅🎄☃️❄️*

    • visions
      visions 6 months ago

      You to thank you💕💓💕

    • Bloodlust
      Bloodlust 6 months ago +2

      5,000 SUBS WITHOUT ANY VIDEOS? How tf did you comment this in less than the 2 minutes this video has been out