Order 66 Scene - Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • The order 66 scene in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
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  • pendrake40
    pendrake40 17 days ago +3071

    Some context & explanation, for those who may be less fluent in Star Wars lore, yet found their way here... ;) *[version 2.0! Now with more Canon and soluble fiber!]*
    1. *How could the Clones turn on the Jedi so easily? ~* The following is a combined paraphrase, from *Canon* (no Legends) information from Wookieepedia entries on Clone Troopers, Control Chips, Order 66, and The Great Jedi Purge...
    _"Clone Protocol 66 was built into the Clone Troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic during the cloning process that created them. All clones were implanted with a cranial bio-chip, one that could be activated by remote signal or by voice command (as given by Sheev Palpatine). The bio-chip, when activated, would enforce total obedience in a clone, erasing all existing biases and beliefs, and overriding any emotional ties or bonds. The order (66) would also cause the clones to view the Jedi as a dangerous threat that needed to be eliminated at all costs."_
    So while the activation of the bio-chips may not have been a _"hard reset"_ of the Clone Troopers, it did diminish them in mental (& thus also physical) capacity; it was still brain tampering, after all (remember: Clone Trooper Tup *_>died

    • pendrake40
      pendrake40 5 days ago +1

      @AeonMike ~ As the Jedi Code tries to teach, _"There is no ignorance, there is knowledge."_
      Which means to spread knowledge and clarity, to light against the darkness of ignorance.
      May the Force be with you. :)

    • AeonMike
      AeonMike 5 days ago +1

      pendrake40 ur the damn man dude holy crap!😂😂

    • Sir Somebody
      Sir Somebody 6 days ago

      Japanese Empire I’m pretty sure the 212th were in the video,since they had the (somewhat) orange markings.

    • WhoElseBut Tobi
      WhoElseBut Tobi 7 days ago

      For no. 1 you could've just said that they were controlled by the chips they were born with 🤨

  • Ethan Doughty
    Ethan Doughty 4 hours ago

    Would've been more surprising had he not died

  • Amigos •
    Amigos • 4 hours ago

    Clone trroper:I heard we're getting new order soon.


    DXSTER 9 hours ago

    The weakest Jedi I ever seen

  • justphilb
    justphilb 9 hours ago

    Why doesn't this upload have the music? The music makes it so much better an emotional

  • ベルベル
    ベルベル 18 hours ago


  • Facundo Sanchez
    Facundo Sanchez 22 hours ago

    Girls: Boys will never know what its like to be betrayed.
    Boys: I know better than you, bitch.

  • Seriously Real
    Seriously Real Day ago

    Jaro looks like zed's uncle from star wars rebels

  • William Smith
    William Smith Day ago

    The Last Jedi: shit
    The Lasat Jedi: pretty damn cool actually

  • Not Leviathan
    Not Leviathan Day ago

    I always wondered what it would have been like if a Padawan saw their master kill a clone they've been friends with since they got their apprentice ship, and then turned on their master because friendship. Would the clones now seeing a Padawan betray their teacher still qualify them as a Jedi, or would they still kill the Padawan.
    ALSO I wish there was an option to become evil in this game, I feel like it'd be an interesting twist to the story. Like at some point in the story you could discover what the dark side is, blow through the rest of the story being secretly evil, and then kneel to Vader when he told you to surrender. I think it would have been nice, because always playing the "goodguy" SUCKS.

  • Slendy
    Slendy Day ago

    I dont get star wars.

  • Platerpus7
    Platerpus7 Day ago

    I didn’t know Michael Cera was a Padawan.

  • Will taylor
    Will taylor Day ago +1

    “Were getting new orders soon”
    *chuckles* “im in danger”

  • Rakugoth Dajjal
    Rakugoth Dajjal Day ago

    Love almost everything about the game except the almost constant
    platforming map navigation. Nothing but slide/climb/crawl through
    slit/run on wall over...and over.. and over again..Please make even the map more souls like and we good..

  • Rakugoth Dajjal
    Rakugoth Dajjal Day ago

    Love almost everything about the game except the almost constant
    platforming map navigation. Nothing but slide/climb/crawl through
    slit/run on wall over...and over.. and over again..Please make even the map more souls like and we good..

  • andrew chrys
    andrew chrys Day ago

    Why did this idiot cut out the best part of this level...the music?

  • Kira The Cat Girl

    0:15 i hope that clone and high five lived..they seem cool

  • gogogo 1.6
    gogogo 1.6 2 days ago


  • ThejollyFrenchman
    ThejollyFrenchman 2 days ago +1

    This made me imagine this from the clone's perspectives. They are suddenly compelled by some force they don't understand to murder the people they respected and admired. Heroes are forced to kill children. It's really, really dark.

    WPG’S MUSIC 2 days ago +1

    I didn’t know Thanos is in Starwars

  • Yukimura Gen
    Yukimura Gen 2 days ago +1


  • Mark Magness
    Mark Magness 2 days ago +1

    i prefer the clones voice from the movie

  • Radec
    Radec 2 days ago

    One thing bothers me, since the commander is killed before transmitting the order 66 to other clones, howcome other clones learned order 66 has been activated at the time being? Palpatine contacts with commanders one by one as we know he called every commander by name not globally sends a regular transmission.
    So other clones should have stayed dormant back then which could have helped the story builds up more tense since surviving the purge should not be an easy feat. there should be something, some factor triggering a huge chance for their survival. Because it's silly that in every past order 66 story where jedi survivors easily survived the purge when even the most skilled jedi could not.
    That'd be awesome if clones helped them escape just then and they will be hunted by the very same clones when other commanders with order 66 info came in and informed them about the order. Only then it could be drastically and dramatically more effective than the scene we already got.

  • pilkers2
    pilkers2 2 days ago +1

    Not every master has a full on parkour course for there Padawan

  • Ouro Boros
    Ouro Boros 2 days ago +7

    The Clone Wars was my favorite show throughout my teenage years. Seeing this years later hits me right in the heart...

  • Laban Warner
    Laban Warner 2 days ago +4

    The creators of this game i feel respects star wars more than the writers of episode 8 at least

  • Senko Online
    Senko Online 2 days ago +2

    If this doesn't get gotw
    I'll be disappointed

  • Sean Nance
    Sean Nance 2 days ago +1

    cool so the kid from jurassic park became an expressionless robot who the empire programmed with force capabilities in order to become a main character in another shitty EA game. Awesome.

    • Connor
      Connor Day ago

      @Sean Nance okay boomer

    • Sean Nance
      Sean Nance Day ago

      @Connor lol yeah. me and my 1991 birth year are real boomers.

    • Connor
      Connor Day ago

      ok boomer

    NOMAD FILMS 2 days ago +4

    8:18 “hold the line, wait for the Jedi councils signal”
    Oh Tapal... if only you knew, the council is *Gone*

  • I-Deni-I
    I-Deni-I 2 days ago

    When the music of Anakins betrayal started I almost cried

  • Shrek Loves me
    Shrek Loves me 3 days ago +1

    8:53 the animation is just something else
    Also to increase the experience mute your volume

  • Eye Y
    Eye Y 3 days ago +6

    Clone Trooper: You got this, kid
    **See’s him high five Cal**
    Me: Oh this isn’t going to be easy for me

  • Michael Carrillo
    Michael Carrillo 3 days ago +1

    Dude even high fives the trooper must have regretted that later

  • Chris Burdick
    Chris Burdick 3 days ago +1

    Are the Clone Troopers voiced by Dee Bradley Parker?

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 3 days ago +2


  • loafhero
    loafhero 3 days ago +1

    The Clone Wars tv show was so good that it made Clonetroopers sympathetic and like true comrades-in-arms, which makes their betrayal through Order 66's mind control all the more heartbreaking.

  • brickfighter 13
    brickfighter 13 3 days ago

    There should be a video where its this but side by side with Episode 3 right at the moment of the beginning of this part of the game and Palpatine orders order 66 in the movie

  • Unknown Explorer
    Unknown Explorer 3 days ago +1

    This guy looks like thanos
    I just had to say it

  • ADM
    ADM 3 days ago

    7:00 is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen

  • nitram 6891
    nitram 6891 3 days ago

    It looks impossible to play.

  • Theo Devlaminck
    Theo Devlaminck 3 days ago

    7:11 Clone proceeds to miss every shot, despite the fact that Tapal isn't even dodging or blocking lol
    (insert alien meme)
    " *STAR WARS* "

  • Justino 7
    Justino 7 3 days ago +1


  • Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando 3 days ago +2

    Top 10 game betrayals

  • Tanishk Rao
    Tanishk Rao 3 days ago +13

    Clone : "I heard we are getting new orders"
    Me: *about to pee on my sofa*

  • Joshington
    Joshington 3 days ago

    Is there an Order 69? Genuinely asking

  • Keep Out
    Keep Out 3 days ago +3

    Dude....Tapal seems like a badass he was uber force sensitive to realize the betrayal so quickly. Wish he was in The Clone Wars

  • Lord Bepis
    Lord Bepis 4 days ago

    Ok nerd

  • Joseph Alexander Palacios

    "Need to pull that to get through"

    *Uses Force push

  • OverLorD 83N
    OverLorD 83N 4 days ago +1

    0:51 What the hell is that sprinting animation?

  • K-leb Harper
    K-leb Harper 4 days ago

    *Sees Clone give Cal High Five*
    *Remebers that they’re getting new Orders soon*

  • Damian
    Damian 4 days ago +1

    Cal is looking for friendship in Alderan places

  • McGuire Flanagan
    McGuire Flanagan 4 days ago

    Cal kind of sounds like sid the science kid

  • TheGhostGamer
    TheGhostGamer 4 days ago +1

    okay i get Cal Lightsaber Breaks at the end of his vision but least we look double bladed lightsaber so 2 Kyber Crystals in it so if one break shouldn't the other blade work fine? or this one major plot hole in the game

  • GufilinOrDie
    GufilinOrDie 4 days ago

    Please tell me Master Tapal is somehow related to Mace Windu.

  • ___aaron.m
    ___aaron.m 4 days ago

    7:55 what move Is this I’ve never seen it before?

  • ___aaron.m
    ___aaron.m 4 days ago

    7:49 anyone noticed that delay?

  • Matthew Renteria
    Matthew Renteria 4 days ago

    This reminds me of jack and daxter 2

  • Holdingduchess8
    Holdingduchess8 4 days ago +13

    Mace Windu: gets sent to kill the emperor
    The emperor with Anakin on his side: “I used the Jedi to kill the Jedi.”

  • Pigtastic Pigtures
    Pigtastic Pigtures 4 days ago

    Damn, he’s so strange with The Force, he an make the game he’s in glitch.

  • Luke Cavalcante
    Luke Cavalcante 4 days ago

    The Troopers are so nice and kind
    Edit: Bruh I just watched the whole Video thats fucking sad