• Published on May 27, 2018
  • This Episode: This trip was far more chaotic than planned - so we decided to do the exact opposite - zero planning, zero chaos - explored all the streets & sights we could find. Such a beautiful country.
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  • Emely Marte
    Emely Marte Month ago


  • Beckie Leach
    Beckie Leach 9 months ago

    Not watching because Corbins in it.
    Totally not that reason.

  • Yep that's Moe
    Yep that's Moe 9 months ago

    Is it just me or does Elton need to make a playlist of all the songs he uses in his videos

  • Kiara Rodriguez
    Kiara Rodriguez 9 months ago +1

    Elton I honestly NEED your playlist!

  • rrwolfeey
    rrwolfeey 10 months ago

    I thought it was Circa in the thumbnail :/

  • Aggroh
    Aggroh 10 months ago

    So cute!

  • NicoleFioren
    NicoleFioren 10 months ago

    wonder if corbin plays league himself

  • Not Santino
    Not Santino 10 months ago

    For a long time I stopped watching TFIL. Why?

  • Koala Chameleon
    Koala Chameleon 10 months ago

    5:51 when someone randomly calls your name 😂
    "Can I help you"

  • alien2.0 F
    alien2.0 F 10 months ago

    Omgness PERU! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Gnome Reginam
    Gnome Reginam 10 months ago

    There are llamas everywhere

  • Joe Buchan
    Joe Buchan 10 months ago

    Lol Look where they are...amused by aipacas

  • Always Clip Fortnite
    Always Clip Fortnite 10 months ago


  • XxuntixX
    XxuntixX 10 months ago

    you should go to the............... PHILIPPINES!!!! haha i doubt that XD great video! (it would be cool tho cuz im goin to the Philippines ahah......)

  • Kitija Eišmonta
    Kitija Eišmonta 10 months ago

    Miss Sam and Colby at the video

  • King Eagle王鹰
    King Eagle王鹰 10 months ago +1

    Why is now TFIL logo deleted to T

    • Chelsey Yates
      Chelsey Yates 10 months ago

      King Eagle王鹰 I think he said on Twitter that TheXvid messed up and deleted the photo by accident

  • Ian Schweitzer
    Ian Schweitzer 10 months ago +3

    Are you making a new logo

  • Perry James
    Perry James 10 months ago

    There is a insane asylum in London y'all should go there or pripyat and Chernobyl in Russia

  • Perry James
    Perry James 10 months ago

    Y'all need to buy guns so next time you guys do an overnight thing y'all can be protected

  • FadeGaming_
    FadeGaming_ 10 months ago

    Hey guys my name is Aaron Vargas and I live in Dallas Texas but I was born in Lima Peru. I love that you have visited my country so everyone can see how beautiful it is. I hope y’all have a great time and that it will be such a great experience for y’all. Please like this comment so they can see it👍

  • PopCuteLizzie YT
    PopCuteLizzie YT 10 months ago

    You guys should Stay overnight at Canadian Tire it’s in Canada

  • Matthew McCorkle
    Matthew McCorkle 10 months ago

    You guys should all buy night vision goggles instead of flash lights for the next time you go to an abandoned place so you dont give away your position

  • Penguin Gaming
    Penguin Gaming 10 months ago

    Can you guys go back to the bowling alley in Utah from about 2 years ago and Jerry make another cheese burger for Sam

  • Jessica Chapman
    Jessica Chapman 10 months ago


  • Selma Seestedt
    Selma Seestedt 10 months ago

    Please Do a World Tour i really wanna meet all of you but i live in Denmark

  • Foxerian
    Foxerian 10 months ago

    Are you ever gonna do a trip to the netherlands?

  • 5sos 22
    5sos 22 10 months ago

    Elton! You and sam and colby should come to utah and go to lagoon!

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones 10 months ago

    I really wanna see u guys play the game MAN HUNT in your big house (THE GAME NEEDS TO BE PLAYED AT NIGHT FOR IT TO BE MORE CHALLENGING AND FUN!!) if u dont know what man hunt is then Ill explain it.
    MAN HUNT~ it is like hide & seek in the dark but with teams. One person on the seekers team will stay at base and u need to tag the hiders before the get to or on the base. Then the rest of the seeker's team will go to find the hiders. And if all the hiders get to the base then they win and then the seekers hae to be seekers till their teams wins. (GET LIKE 6 PEOPLE TO PLAY OR MORE MAKE EACH TEAM EVEN OR AT LEAST TRY TOO) I hope you like the idea LOVE U ALL~~~!!!
    I really hope you see this message bye~!

  • HAXposed
    HAXposed 10 months ago

    That baby alpaca on the thumbnail is cute too 😂 *Corbin

  • Madison And Kari
    Madison And Kari 10 months ago


  • Mad World Mystic
    Mad World Mystic 10 months ago

    #TFIL Challenge Bob's River Place in Florida. They have many crazy stunts they allow you to do, at your own risk, including jumping off the top of an over 20ft tree... check it out here.

  • natalia scardina
    natalia scardina 10 months ago

    can we please have heath back

  • Tea4Tony
    Tea4Tony 10 months ago

    Did anyone see the slow mo of the the girl picking her nose

  • Tyler Constantin
    Tyler Constantin 10 months ago

    OMG you guys should go to the Manchester mansion in California

  • JawsGaming
    JawsGaming 10 months ago +2

    Do the Amityville House like this if you want them to do this place next

  • Johnathan Pena
    Johnathan Pena 10 months ago

    Another great video by elton from his number 1 fan and colbys number 1fan... you guys are the best. Wish i can go on trips with u guys

  • Patience Jolly
    Patience Jolly 10 months ago


  • Jaylee Jaeger Too
    Jaylee Jaeger Too 10 months ago

    You guys should come to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels...

  • Zaylaia
    Zaylaia 10 months ago

    How will Circa feel about you holding that Llama?

  • Catherine Ricard
    Catherine Ricard 10 months ago

    Who is Jess? She is lit but just wanna know who she is and where she came from haha

  • Mattie Jordan
    Mattie Jordan 10 months ago

    Can Sam and Colby and Corey uncle Ethan come to Great wolf lodge in June 4-6 in North Carolina please cause I’m going to be here too

  • ßleach
    ßleach 10 months ago

    i can't believe u moved out with sam and colby,corey,aaron,And now don't hang out with heath );

  • Nathy Gomez
    Nathy Gomez 10 months ago

    Sad that heath left again

  • Catherine Duong
    Catherine Duong 10 months ago

    I wish I could sleep on them

  • Molly Maria
    Molly Maria 10 months ago

    Why don't you show your patreons in the end of your videos anymore? I just became one :(

  • chloe
    chloe 10 months ago

    song at 0:19?

  • Mariah Aragon
    Mariah Aragon 10 months ago

    You should go back to the Whaley house with Sam,Corey,and Colby.
    Like if you agree

  • Dimensionkeeper2.0
    Dimensionkeeper2.0 10 months ago

    2:37 looks like a David dobrik video

  • Emely Fernandez
    Emely Fernandez 10 months ago

    All I can imagine was " TINA COME EAT YOUR DINNER!!! "

  • CPGreeno357
    CPGreeno357 10 months ago

    do yall like listen to monstercat because I recognize almost every song yall play in these videos

    • CPGreeno357
      CPGreeno357 10 months ago

      saetus the only song I know in this video friends by subtact

    • chloe
      chloe 10 months ago

      whats the song?

  • riricky815
    riricky815 10 months ago

    guys what is the BGM?i love it

  • Darius Johnston
    Darius Johnston 10 months ago

    Jay is in a commercial

  • Jason Bogda
    Jason Bogda 10 months ago

    Hey TFIL, you guys are all about crazy awesome adventures right? Maybe you could take a new direction with what your doing and with your growing popularity you have a lot of influence. You could bring some of the adventures to your hometowns by organizing events for youth and young adults :-) like ropes course in the public park, or that skydive simulation, like organizing a carnival but cooler. You could even have scare events! At the SAME time you could spread awareness about clean energy, conservation of all the awesome places you've been, you know, help the earth while having a blast! Maybe you could even get solar power sponsors... Elon Musk. Just an idea! Maybe he'll give you a tesla haha

  • Carrie Townley
    Carrie Townley 10 months ago

    That one alpaca looked like a running mop!

  • Zoey Soost
    Zoey Soost 10 months ago

    That's so cool!

  • Nicole Stringer
    Nicole Stringer 10 months ago

    Where is heath??

  • Suga with my Tae
    Suga with my Tae 10 months ago +1

    I really want to visit Peru!

  • SadxxBoi
    SadxxBoi 10 months ago

    Did heath leave again?

  • Cristal Perez
    Cristal Perez 10 months ago

    You really inspire me to travel more and continue my next steps to begin vlogging my trips more. 💕💕💕

  • Tegan Pretty
    Tegan Pretty 10 months ago

    well hello mikey i mean wth is brikey am i the only one who thinks it sounds like bikey,
    love ur going round dissing guys like bren and colby u say u can diss but i mean wtf is this,
    ur nowwhere near as popular as u seem to think u are, u seem to think u are so cool and rich but u still act like a stupid little bitch.
    u seem to think ur better oh man can u act any wetter. listen to the facts, where are the ones about u cause let me just say who the fuck r u??
    u love to play around screamin all day long but really ur making up for ur dick thats small enough to fit in a thong. ding ding oh that's the doorbell i see ur face and say when did i go to hell?
    u see bren and colby are like obi and wan kenobi they actually fit unlike u who suck a bit.
    catcha bag i guess it suits the idea u guys are trash. u seem keen to roast so let me make this clear when i go ur going to crash into ur giant ego. u love getting attention oh and baby did i mention im not taking the piss im showing u how to diss.
    see im not really a hater but id hate to see u later. oh and one more thing u remind me of a potato.

  • Tegan Pretty
    Tegan Pretty 10 months ago

    came up with a diss for brikey

  • Dave Durand
    Dave Durand 10 months ago +1

    WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR VIEWS???? You used to get much higher views for your videos but since you left that house its dropped badly!!!

  • Tanya Allen
    Tanya Allen 10 months ago


  • dxvilmademe
    dxvilmademe 10 months ago

    The 16 people who disliked the video have problems. Smh

  • James Tisdale
    James Tisdale 10 months ago

    song name n beginning?

  • Casey Wilson
    Casey Wilson 10 months ago

    yo the guy on the ad is Steve Carell from the 40 year old virgin i cant hahaha

  • Cora8625 Thefam
    Cora8625 Thefam 10 months ago

    Beautiful Peru

  • mario45 gamer
    mario45 gamer 10 months ago

    Hey I love you see my dad at Mexico and my baby is sexy you see him you need me tomorrow or you left that's okay peace

  • Andrea Williams
    Andrea Williams 10 months ago

    That was too cute 💖

  • Kirsten Lee
    Kirsten Lee 10 months ago +12

    Elton tries so hard for these videos and doesn't get enough credit for them:(

  • PidgeVoltronFan /OwO\
    PidgeVoltronFan /OwO\ 10 months ago

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I LOVE TFIL!!!

  • Mulder & Scully
    Mulder & Scully 10 months ago

    Macreed & Sombra.

  • Areliz Ramirez
    Areliz Ramirez 10 months ago


  • Olivia Doug
    Olivia Doug 10 months ago +1

    If there is no jay I’m not watching

    WILD 1 ADVENTURES 10 months ago

    Ok dude I'm like a rock solid tough guy but that baby alpaca was totally so super cool

  • Kennedy Kirtsos
    Kennedy Kirtsos 10 months ago

    you should com eto Maryland there is a very haunte city here a little girl like 9 hung here self in part of the forest there is a couple buildings people still live on the forest and there is no tresspassings signs there none of them so you can do what you want

  • Matthewb127nj
    Matthewb127nj 10 months ago

    Can u guys try and do an overnight challenge in a water park

  • Nancy Hillig
    Nancy Hillig 10 months ago

    I don’t know if anyone has been seeing the same thing, but recently on Elton’s Instagram account, it says he posted about winning an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or Apple Watch. I think Elton has been hacked! So, don’t go to the link it says in his stories, his account has been hacked and it’s FAKE!

    • Nancy Hillig
      Nancy Hillig 10 months ago

      Also, if you can, REPORT THE STORIES AND THE POSTS! Hopefully the hacker will be removed!

  • Kyra B
    Kyra B 10 months ago

    “if there’s an animal in five feet i film” ~elton, i love that so much 😂

  • Ida Neren
    Ida Neren 10 months ago

    You guys should come to Sweden this summer and celebrate midsummer whit us!!!!

  • Mackenzi Tyrie
    Mackenzi Tyrie 10 months ago

    Elton, go check your instagram!! It’s been hacked. Hope you get it back asap❤️!!

  • Gen Rose
    Gen Rose 10 months ago

    omg the baby alpacas are so cute

  • sabrina Machado
    sabrina Machado 10 months ago +1

    You still have to dye Sam's hair cuz you are passed 102,000 likes, so dye Sam's hair please!

    TWOYT 10 months ago

    If you go to Australia again plz go to alidade haunted horizons it’s the biggest ghost hunting company in Australia my auntie works there her name is Karen(Kag) like if you agree👍🏻👻

  • Narelle V.d. Heijden
    Narelle V.d. Heijden 10 months ago

    What's wrong with your instagram ?

  • super brisell
    super brisell 10 months ago +1

    this makes me miss home, viva perú ❤️

  • Sarah April
    Sarah April 10 months ago

    You guys should take a trip up to the Canadian rockies!!! It’s amazing up there and lots of adventures!

  • emily pickaver
    emily pickaver 10 months ago

    Absolutely loving the videos at the moment music is an amazing fit your life is so inspiring to me

  • Sevin Renée
    Sevin Renée 10 months ago

    Where’s heath??? :((

  • Hannah Merritt
    Hannah Merritt 10 months ago

    Elton I’m pretty sure someone hacked your Instagram.

  • Jjnoodlez
    Jjnoodlez 10 months ago

    Reminds me of the Dora the explorer music xD

  • Ashybelle Star
    Ashybelle Star 10 months ago +2

    Is it just me or do i feel like Elton instagram got hack? Cause no one can comment on his picture he post and he’s giving away free iPhone X and Apple Watch i know this may be weird but i know that Elton doesn’t give away stuff for free unless it’s a give away. And please tell me I’m not the only one thinking Elton got hack or something

    • Ashybelle Star
      Ashybelle Star 10 months ago

      Hannah Merritt ok good at least i ain’t the only one who think this, Just hope Elton is doing something to get his Instagram back

    • Hannah Merritt
      Hannah Merritt 10 months ago +1

      Ashybelle Star nah, I noticed too, something’s definitely up.

  • Julius Teng
    Julius Teng 10 months ago +1

    16 hours late.... Damn it

  • Brianna J Lozada
    Brianna J Lozada 10 months ago

    Okay but why is Corbin such a freakin cutie like wow 👀😭🤟🏼♥️😍

  • • Fatima •
    • Fatima • 10 months ago

    Hello @eltoncasetee love you ❤

  • Georgia Scott
    Georgia Scott 10 months ago +8

    technically they aren't spitting, they are projectile vomiting predigested food :)

    • Kelsie LeCrone
      Kelsie LeCrone 10 months ago +1

      Georgia Scott Because that's so much better. 😂

  • drunkbabe
    drunkbabe 10 months ago

    You know when you watch a TheXvidr and you say "Damn their content got really really bad" I feel like I'll never be able to say the same for Elton.

  • mati rolon
    mati rolon 10 months ago

    your spanish is cringy not in a bad way

  • Alexis Mojo
    Alexis Mojo 10 months ago

    I think for your guys next trip you should go to Brazil

  • Siv Hede Vollbrecht
    Siv Hede Vollbrecht 10 months ago

    pls make a trip to Denmark that would be so cool