The Weirdest Recovery We've Ever Done With My HEMTT

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021
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Comments • 1 860

  • swany091
    swany091  +89

    23 years in the Army and I've operated, worked on and hauled many thing with HEMTT's but the hot tub is a first for me ! That is freakin awesome!

  • Trevor nelson

    That's a badass crane, never seen one fold up like that and I work on material cranes all day. Great content (throw a Load Hold Valve inline with the rotation cylinders/motor and it shouldn't turn freely on you)

  • shadymaint1

    HEMTT tip. DO NOT put the transmission in gear with the high idle on. Had my M984A1 wrecker jump about 8 feet forward and then then die. The exhaust elbow from the the manifold up to the turbo was split open like a gutted fish. Got it started and limped back to the motorpool. Had to wait a few days for parts to fix it. Old Detroit was a beast. Sounded like you were going 100 miles an hour when you were barely moving. Damn I miss my HEMTT.

  • Leo Kelly
    Leo Kelly  +26

    ok you had a HEMTT hauling a hot tub but have you ever seen a hemtt bed as a swimming pool? when I was in the desert during 1st gulf war 1991 (desert storm) we actually had a waterproof tarp spread over the bed of the hemtt and filled it with water

  • Thewhitetile

    It fits so well that you should just hook it up and keep it in the bed of the truck. A traveling hot tub would be amazing. Just think of those multi day recoveries and having a hot tub.

  • Christopher Lohman

    Dude...we need a full 10 minutes of Hans being positive. It seems like he's always negative and it's a downer to watch. Can you make a happy-hans episode?

  • Robert Armstrong

    You had me at “recovery”. SO HYPED FOR THIS ONE!! And I would hot tub with you guys.

  • Tony Hughes

    A job done perfectly with a well skilled man and military equipment will get it done right the first time every time. HEAVYDSPARKS and crew i hope you and your family's had a very happy Thanksgiving and have a very blessed day.

  • Brian R
    Brian R  +180

    I still can’t believe I spent $50 on the mystery boxes, and got 1 empty box with some glitter, and a deck of playing cards. Lesson learned!!!

  • BryGuy87

    What a sick piece of machinery! Looks so badass and seems like it works great. Definitely an awesome addition to the garage!👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

  • Timohty Conboy

    That was a awesome recovery for a hot tube / swim spa and one of Hambones best recoveries.

  • Cary Guyer

    Hi Heavy D, great looking HEMMT, those things were just coming out when I left out of the service. I used to work in R&D at a Waste Management manufacturing company and there is a remote kit that is available to integrate into an existing hydraulic system which allows total remote functionality.

  • Cole Anderson

    All you’d need to do to fix that crane from turning when you don’t want it to is instal a different control valve. Some come with a check ball so that when you push/pull the lever, you need to give it some ooomph and it’ll kindof lock in place. Until moved again and it’ll spring back. There’s toooons of different kinds of control valves to choose from with all kinds of different positions and what not though

  • Jesse Ford

    Don't care what you recover just keep the videos coming!

  • lwhite513

    I came for the recovery, I stayed for those minutes of Hans digging himself a trash hole 😂

  • TRX en Provence adventures.

    I love the way they work, a good team.

  • Gamemeh
    Gamemeh  +7

    The best part about all of these recoveries, is the fun you all have with each other while working... That stuff is priceless. Oh also yeh, we need to get Brett a hottub ;).

  • Mike L
    Mike L  +16

    Am I missing something? I feel like if you can back right up to this thing with a giant military vehicle, a regular spa delivery trailer could have dropped that thing right where it was 🤔

  • Get Lost Mike

    Takes me back to my own HEMTT recovery days in the Army. One of the bestTonka toys for adults!

  • Pamela Nicholson

    Awesome machine, great skills! Now the fun begins! Show us the swim spa when it's filled. Keep the videos coming.