Neymar is still nowhere near Brazil's Pele, Ronaldo or Zico - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • After Neymar became Brazil's youngest ever player to reach 100 international appearances, ESPN FC's Steve Nicol explains where he ranks among the all-time greats such as Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zico and Romario.
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Comments • 629

  • Carlin Ani
    Carlin Ani 12 days ago

    Neymar is better than pele and zico anyway. You guys are pathetic.

  • Raaj Khan
    Raaj Khan 15 days ago

    Hater of ronaldo and neymar

  • Fitzroy George
    Fitzroy George 20 days ago

    Neymar is not in the top five, but not for the reasons Steve gives.

  • Joel Castleberry
    Joel Castleberry Month ago

    Lol old dude must never played at all 🤣🤣 or futsal

  • The Hood
    The Hood Month ago

    Everytime this guy talks I feel like shoving a fork on my eye

  • Miqqx
    Miqqx Month ago

    Don’t get why neymar gets so much hate when he does his skill moves😂😂

  • Niloy Karmaker
    Niloy Karmaker Month ago

    absolutely agreed!

    NBACASHGANG Month ago

    Everyone knows pele is scam

  • Dom Pedro II
    Dom Pedro II Month ago +2

    Neymar is way Better than Zico.

  • Banana Republic
    Banana Republic Month ago other news the USMNT blows....more at 10

  • A Ibrahim
    A Ibrahim Month ago

    Or Rivaldo don't forget Rivaldo. Also Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are nowhere near, neither.

  • sunesis susnies
    sunesis susnies Month ago

    They played against Nigeria, not Senegal this is guy sure sounds like a fool. Can't differentiate between Nigeria and senegal.

  • JC H
    JC H Month ago

    Pele rainbow flicked an entire team for a goal, back to back to back... but yeah Neymar embarrasses league 1

  • Shawn Dsa
    Shawn Dsa Month ago

    I'm sorry but pele is not the greatest player ever

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    Oh my god he thinks goes around making players look bad and he also thinks he needs Messi no he does not he is a talented individual

  • cjewelz
    cjewelz Month ago

    Gay'mar is nowhere near any of the other players in the top five, ten, twenty-five, fifty, hundred, thousand, million...

  • bkholiday718
    bkholiday718 Month ago

    I dnt get it outshine your opponent it's not class this guy sound like an hater

  • Geralt von Riva
    Geralt von Riva Month ago

    Neymar is just bad. Look at his numbers these last years. Only fanboys still think he is one of the best. All the others see that he is nothing special...

  • ThePurpleBlade
    ThePurpleBlade Month ago

    He won a Olympic Gold Medal...didn’t he win a Copa America?

    • Maestro
      Maestro Month ago

      ThePurpleBlade he got injured

  • Michael Macleod
    Michael Macleod Month ago

    Imagine if Pele & Co, were playing with rules of today’s game back in their day? Anyway, enough of the day dreaming🤤. Neymar could play a 1000 games for his country, and he still wouldn’t have class! Yes, he can certainly play the game. But class is another skill altogether! And there is only one player that he has ever made a fool of. And that is himself.

  • Miguel L Franco
    Miguel L Franco Month ago

    Who is saying he is ???bebeto Adriano and many more are better than him ⚽️⚽️⚽️he needs more

  • Aakash Sandhu
    Aakash Sandhu Month ago

    If it wasn't for players like neymar who make football fun to watch with tricks and skills, football would be boring

  • Refat Ahmed
    Refat Ahmed Month ago

    Steve you are a *tupid old clueless person, you want to proof someone is bad with your *tupid logic just because you don't like him..

  • Humayun Kabir
    Humayun Kabir Month ago

    He is the top 3 scorer of all time for Brazil and he still has many years left to play football and it’s quite achievable for him to reach first position in that chart then how on earth he is not better than ronaldo or zico.

  • Ezra
    Ezra Month ago

    Steve is a Neymar Ronaldo dipshit hater

  • Colin Crasta
    Colin Crasta Month ago

    You should only humiliate your opponents when it gives you a direct advantage like getting past them. What Neymar does is humiliate when their like 4-0 up and does unnecessary tricks.

  • Daniel Melo
    Daniel Melo Month ago

    You are damm right, Mr. Nicol.

  • 420ANGEL
    420ANGEL Month ago

    I still pefer neymar over pele

  • Willy Skallz
    Willy Skallz Month ago +1

    Stevie is actually exactly right for once, talking about neymar lacking in the class department.

  • Deiago Shaw
    Deiago Shaw Month ago

    I disagree with stevie 200%

  • Sihle sihle
    Sihle sihle Month ago

    They played in the famers league in Brazil

  • Kris Skora
    Kris Skora Month ago

    If Neymar had a better personality and didn’t dive so much, nobody would shut up about him. Of course he ain’t at that level yet, but the guys a genius.

  • Csokops10
    Csokops10 Month ago +1

    Whose here after he got injured again 😂😂

  • AS C
    AS C Month ago

    If he returns to Barcelona these pigs will call him greatest Brazilian of all time.

  • Perceptionist /
    Perceptionist / Month ago +1

    Neymar will easily overtake Messi and Ronaldo when it comes to international level. He is 27 and has 61 Goals and 41 Assists in 100 matches.
    But does that really mean THAT much ?

  • jaz 32
    jaz 32 Month ago +1

    Guys agendas aside, if we’re being real neymar is top 5 best brazilians of all time judging off ability and consistency. Ik he’s not won the world cup bla bla bla but still hes top 5 (61 goals and 41 assists in 100 caps)

  • Ray Bowie
    Ray Bowie Month ago

    You could argue that Nicol and others are more disrespectful and ‘classless’ with the dismissive attitude of any league that isn’t the premier league and the way certain players are criticised and ridiculed. I just don’t understand the complaint here really.

  • Robert Pearson
    Robert Pearson Month ago

    neymar is all class to me but I think on a consistent basis he not there like he used to

  • Tkay 47
    Tkay 47 Month ago +1

    pulisic not playing has everything to do with natonality
    i think he is better than hudson odoi(overrated english player)
    mount is good CHELSEA FAN

  • Matuidicharo
    Matuidicharo Month ago +1

    Steve is just a Messi fan not a real football fan or a professional reporter his opinion is worthless

  • jay singh
    jay singh Month ago +1

    Neymar is only showboating

  • Pogs
    Pogs Month ago

    All the dislikes are from espn workers

  • Old style Game center

    He waa not as good as those maybe but still top 10

  • make money online
    make money online Month ago

    I think this is the first time i have ever heard bullshit from ur mouth my friend. It's a matter of skill gap. Is he supposed to make them look good and hide his own talent?

  • Ali Najjar
    Ali Najjar Month ago


  • kawaii productions 101

    Neymar a money hungry p..... He Pele was absolute class and could win a world cup on his own neymar only as good as the the players he has feeding him

  • Nathanking99
    Nathanking99 Month ago

    I get what Steeve saying, Messi as a young player used to dribble more than 10 times in a match but he always respected the players he played against, Messi and the other legends like Zidane, Ronaldo fenomeno, Maradona, Ronaldinho, Cruyff dribbled to pass their opponents and get close to the goal, and Neymar sometimes dribble just to make fun of his opponents.

  • Jean Didier Rukundo

    I understand one thing: that Man is saying those things because left Fc Barcelona...

  • E Rocha
    E Rocha Month ago

    Neymar is not anywhere as good as Pelé. And it will never be. Neymar and Messi have never won a world cup for their respective countries.

  • Moist Peanut
    Moist Peanut Month ago +1

    I mean, whoever said Neymar is better than Ronaldo was probably born after 2008

  • Lander Belair
    Lander Belair Month ago

    Those who love Neymar will tell you the exact same thing, he’s not hating on him. It’s all perfect comments. Neymar will never be great if he hasn’t returned to Barcelona while Messi is ready to pass the torch.

  • Midhun Manoj
    Midhun Manoj Month ago

    എന്താണ് Steve Nicolas വയസ്സaa...വിവരക്കേട് വിലംബല്ലെ 😠😠

  • Khaleil Coley
    Khaleil Coley Month ago

    At this point I think this guy is just upset neymar left Barcelona so he can’t praise Messi for making neymar great

  • Football Genius
    Football Genius Month ago

    I think steve nicol is barca he hate neymar..

  • Dawit Mesfin
    Dawit Mesfin Month ago

    Steve is the most clown pundit specially about Neymar

  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen Month ago +1

    Neymar is just more talented than that old man has ever been.

  • Jimmy and the Resurrection

    PELE,Maradona,cruyff Beckenbaur. The big four.

  • abhishek mohapatra
    abhishek mohapatra Month ago

    pele was past...neymar is present...💓

  • Olusola Pelumi
    Olusola Pelumi Month ago

    I really really dislike this Steve guy

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago

    My God, everything these people say about Neymar is Bad, Negative......They focus more on his personality instead of what he actually does on a footballing pitch. He has skills, what do you want him to do with it, not use? not have fun? of course he needs to make fool out of defenders..........we love that.....The guy is very close to become brasil's all time goal scorer and all you focus on is his personality? what kind of a pundit are you that can't see the other side of a footballer? why is cantona hailed as a great when he also had a bad just hate Neymar plain and simple....Nothing good of him will come out of your mouth....You talk about the olimpics not being worth mention.......But in Brazil winning it was an obssession......He also won the confederation cup....... CR7 won the UEFA league of Nations or whatever and that is counted.......Bias piece of garbage