Neglected Golden Retriever Gets No Love From Family | It's Me or The Dog

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • Snooki is an adorable Golden Retriever puppy that was bought on a whim. But after the first few days the family turned on the poor dog and now neglect to give it food, activities and attention. Can dog expert Victoria Stilwell save the situation, and Snooki, before she is forced to report the family to Animal Control and get her taken away?
    It's Me or the Dog USA: Saving Snooki
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    It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
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  • {•Jazzy Gacha•
    {•Jazzy Gacha• Hour ago +1

    Dad:I feel bad for the dog
    Also dad:*grabs dog by neck*

  • Nana Chan
    Nana Chan Hour ago

    I want that dog. I have 3 dogs and i always feed them everyday 3-4 times a day

  • GalacticVoid
    GalacticVoid Hour ago

    Victoria doesn’t take crap from anyone... Respect to her.. I feel like if she Gordon Ramsay’s temper that dog would have been gone in the first 5 minutes

  • Nerf Brothers
    Nerf Brothers 2 hours ago

    F this family like of the dog should be repossessed

  • Baby kinki When l was young

    my dog wont eat but we know what happened to her,l was seeing my dogs neck looks like broken

  • AngelaLavie
    AngelaLavie 4 hours ago

    You can’t just one day get bored and get a dog. Especially a puppy. If you want a pet that does nothing get a cat or a fish lol

  • Alex Dils
    Alex Dils 4 hours ago

    The mom drew a happy face😅😂

  • Miranda Rapp
    Miranda Rapp 4 hours ago

    The family a bitches

  • Happy Catuts
    Happy Catuts 4 hours ago

    I would love to take care of snooki

  • Jayden & Jazmyn
    Jayden & Jazmyn 4 hours ago

    0:38 he chokes the dog!

  • Happy Catuts
    Happy Catuts 5 hours ago

    If my dogs dont get fed they will get pissy and start to fight.
    So i have to make sure to feed them on time and twice a day

  • Loki
    Loki 5 hours ago

    0:30 omg that plate of snacks sitting on the table explains everything.

  • seolarco
    seolarco 5 hours ago +1

    When animal control is involved the owners have no say in the matter jackass

  • Lℓαмα вσσтуღ

    The dad just is the kind of guy to just say "and then I said *fogetaboutit!* "
    Edit: also why does he look like John C. Reilly💀

  • gacha girl2009
    gacha girl2009 8 hours ago +1


    I just need to dig in there if you know what I'm saying

  • ItsBrianaPlays Xx
    ItsBrianaPlays Xx 9 hours ago

    Those people are horrible

  • Ninja is lit Team
    Ninja is lit Team 9 hours ago

    The family is the problem

  • Why Did I do this
    Why Did I do this 9 hours ago

    I just went to get a snack because this battle is getting intense and it takes a while

  • Park Jayen
    Park Jayen 10 hours ago

    There are some animal services that have several volunteers that can foster your dog!

  • Dddd Reere
    Dddd Reere 10 hours ago

    Victoria is a good human trainer

  • robbin melton
    robbin melton 13 hours ago

    Awful people.

  • Ishtiak Taher
    Ishtiak Taher 13 hours ago +1

    I wish I could go and give the dog a big kiss and a hug she’s so depressed golden retriever is my dream dog I could obviously take better care!

  • Just Another Army
    Just Another Army 17 hours ago

    They all need exercise and diet

  • Just Another Army
    Just Another Army 17 hours ago

    Is she wearing foundation on her lips?

  • ruth_loveSNSD 9IRLS'6ENERAT10N

    Bruh you can tell whats wrong. They cant even take care of themselves. When I say taking care. I MEAN BEING HEALTHY NOT JUST EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT
    The owners is the problem. EUTHANIZE THEM 😂

  • WhiteRabbitTricks
    WhiteRabbitTricks 18 hours ago

    The Dad has had a stroke, you can see his face is paralysed on one side. And he still has to work, you can see he is very stressed and in pain

  • Wolfpack Monsters
    Wolfpack Monsters 20 hours ago


    Fliping ppl >:T

  • kailala H
    kailala H 20 hours ago

    Is this family terrible? Yes. But what’s worse is the mother’s nails

  • Hey Megie
    Hey Megie 21 hour ago

    The worst household

  • Taylor Sue
    Taylor Sue 21 hour ago

    I cried when I saw the guy grab Snooki by the neck 😭

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 21 hour ago

    This guy talks mess then he is like” I want to stick on her side”

  • 2007 Golden
    2007 Golden 22 hours ago

    Why don't I chain you to a pole and leave you outside

  • Mariela Alcoser
    Mariela Alcoser Day ago

    What about the cat?..on the counter..

  • Samantha Collins


    • 2007 Golden
      2007 Golden 21 hour ago

      It so he doesn't pee in the house but it probably never been changed

  • Jewellab0113
    Jewellab0113 Day ago

    Are these people even real!?

  • Anna Chairez
    Anna Chairez Day ago

    that poor dog. I don't like this family they are so rude

  • Fluff Animations

    Why would they do this to the puppy

  • bbtn SUMA
    bbtn SUMA Day ago +1

    Theres no such thing in a bad dog, just bad owners

    ECLIPSE Day ago

    I can’t believe they forget to feed their dog,I feed my three dogs twice a day

  • Mikaela Blanchette
    Mikaela Blanchette Day ago +1

    What the hell he was hurting the dog gezz o my gosh

  • Sunniey2
    Sunniey2 Day ago +2

    This might be late but...


  • Jammii_ Trejo
    Jammii_ Trejo Day ago

    No dog should family like guys!like really dogs just want to play with you guys!i swear to god that I hope that dog finds a BETTER family than you!

  • Kathryn Berry
    Kathryn Berry Day ago

    They make my state look bad

  • Alayna horlback
    Alayna horlback Day ago

    Your husband need to be on a pole and tied up on a leash since he wants the dog to be on a pole outside tied up in a leash like no you don't do that to a little dog the hell is wrong with you. You want a dog you got it and if you don't want it go to hell

  • Kayla Derio
    Kayla Derio Day ago

    I feel so saaaddd take the dog away from them

  • Bri playz
    Bri playz Day ago +1

    4:14 why isn’t people talking about the women owner nails ? they look like duck nails (if u dont know what duck nails are look it up)

  • Figie FN
    Figie FN Day ago

    they don't have an issue feeding them self but a dog?? how is it even possible I have a American toy fox terrier that is well trained and happy and i have never seen something this bad take the dog away fro them :)


    Dang! Victoria is SO serious in this episode! And I LOVE IT!


    “He? The dog is a female!” 🤣🤣😂😃👍🏻


    My heart just TURNED and FLIP when I saw this 👉🏻 0:38

  • EliteGamingTV
    EliteGamingTV Day ago

    A dog is for life. - Dogs Trust. NOT to be neglected. NOT to be starved. Dont get a dog if you can't give it attention!

  • Judging Budgie
    Judging Budgie Day ago

    Why does the dad speak like a 1920s New York gangster?

  • pavle milovanovic

    The dad sounds like a mafia boss from the 60s

  • Rose
    Rose Day ago

    The dad was really rude but I mean, he didnt want a dog in the first place. I guess he figured that literally NO ONE would take care of it so,,
    I'm glad at least someone in the family was actually interested in actually caring for the dog, and I hope that kept up, but if not, then.. :/ I just hope Snooki found a better home to receive the love that she deserves

  • Michaelantmasher Fortnite

    0:39 that is discusting

  • MilkMochi
    MilkMochi Day ago

    No yOu NeEd tO tRain tHe *fRicKinG dOg!*

  • MilkMochi
    MilkMochi Day ago

    *They really dont have trouble feeding themselves:/*

  • Angus Tyler
    Angus Tyler Day ago +2

    Victoria can you come to Australia my husky keeps jumping and biting every time someone goes into the backyard

    • leonmouse27
      leonmouse27 Day ago

      Is your dog fixed (aka neutered or spayed) if not try that first. Next try to redirect the behavior bring a treat and offer it to the dog. Work on training and exercising it more (long walks)

  • Zeroz :
    Zeroz : Day ago

    How come when I get 1k likes but I dont get 1k subs like bruh

  • Ashleigh Joi Blackwood

    Your life has to work with the dog if you care for yourself then take care for you dog

  • Jake
    Jake Day ago

    Poor Snooki. :(

  • lexi_ pickles
    lexi_ pickles Day ago

    Begining of the vid dad: *grabs dog by it's collor choking it 2:43 also dad:mabey if the kids are me doing the right thing they will do it too

  • Frostdr0p
    Frostdr0p Day ago

    Dad: I never wanted a dog in the first place, I hate this dog.
    Also Dad: There's no way she's going to take my dog away. There's no way. I'm not going to let Victoria do that. Not in this household.

    Me: O K A Y N O W , L E T ' S R E W I N D T W O S E C O N D S A N D S E E W H A T Y O U S A I D T H E N , S H A L L W E ?

  • aruce9
    aruce9 2 days ago

    Golden’s are beautiful dogs and seeing her being mistreated is heart wrenching

  • Violet Hermosillo
    Violet Hermosillo 2 days ago


  • Kailee Stringfellow
    Kailee Stringfellow 2 days ago

    I'm sad

  • drea delatorre
    drea delatorre 2 days ago

    This family is garbage

  • drea delatorre
    drea delatorre 2 days ago

    Victoria is a bad bitch

  • Acepsu_94
    Acepsu_94 2 days ago

    Why even get the darn dog if you don’t care about it.Oh and it’s not funny when you laugh when your DOG GETS SQUSH ON THE ROAD!!!

  • Ravina Naranjo
    Ravina Naranjo 2 days ago +3

    Lol these comments r funny they r roasting the family y'all are comedians