Things You Should NEVER Say To A Guy

  • Published on Sep 18, 2017
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    There are a few things we should never say to a guy! Don't ever talk about your Ex boyfriend or your period! There is a science to talking to a guy. You have to make sure to say the right thing or else he may never call you back!
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  • Bruce Levy
    Bruce Levy 19 hours ago

    Hyperion Daniel I love you reviews can you make another video and read my commentand I love you videos I watch him every day or sometimes I don't I never miss one of your videos before it always pops up on my phone and I never miss none of your videos and it's amazing that I don't yesterday I went to the beach and Friday with my birthday so I I hope you can say put this in your video one day please and make another video and that y'all are putting 100 nail polish on your fingers and then you have to do it too so I love you guys so much I just wish I couldI just went wrong number and stuff I'm sure that I can't get that but I hope I wish your love love and wishes all day and I love you guys and with me happy birthday and I wish you to beat yesterday and yeah and love you guys and

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    Librada Suriel Day ago

    Y si uiwl

  • Hayden Ruis
    Hayden Ruis 4 days ago

    Tootsie: how much money can you make
    Me: 1000000000

  • Olivia's world of Fashion

    Damn how do you feel like being a girl Dan

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  • Sensa Rodriguez
    Sensa Rodriguez 6 days ago

    2019 any one hellllo btw I can’t make not one dollar by asking lol or anything


  • Singdha 1 for me and Sherchan


  • Karla Carreto
    Karla Carreto 12 days ago

    That is my sister with the lightning it is soooo engaging and when
    her boyfriend was there 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • mykel isreal
    mykel isreal 12 days ago

    Fussy you are so funny

    Lps CORNEJO 13 days ago

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    Riya: OMG TOOSIE

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    Aleksandra Pavlovska 17 days ago +1

    What is that on Riya’s hand??????

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    José Santizo 20 days ago

    I love your videos 😄💋💎 love you...

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    Gamer Girl 20 days ago +1

    Tootsie always wheres that shirt

  • Jesame Huriwai
    Jesame Huriwai 21 day ago

    Riya is way hotter then tostie so why does Tostie say that Riya is a version

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    aziz85559 25 days ago

    Tootsie is the virgin I hate her ugh 😒😒😒

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    What is that stuffy

  • Jasmine Olsen
    Jasmine Olsen Month ago

    it's a Hannah I think that's how you spell it and my friends have it two I had 1 b4 my friends mum put on my hand

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    Carmen McCandless Month ago

    dan is tootsie

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    Stephany Coronado Month ago

    What’s that on toostie and riyas hand

  • Student Jaylissa Lopez

    I like your hair My bad I forgot your name

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    I love riyas haircut

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    RIYA'S A MUSLIM!!!!!!! I never knew !!

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    Sherry Rabelo Month ago

    Tootsie: how much money do you make? Me Sherry: yes 100Bb bye I hate you tootsie

  • Fatima Radad
    Fatima Radad Month ago +1

    Tootsie has SEX WITH BOYS WHAT!!!!!

  • Ashley Adams
    Ashley Adams Month ago

    I can read lips when you put in the airplane noise I knew you said sex

  • K Crandle
    K Crandle Month ago

    Can you please start doing pranks on each other

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    Sierra Mcmonagle Month ago

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    I love you video's dan and riya

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    Sense when did totsie grow a beard

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    Aisha Dolley Month ago

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    Rossi Roses Month ago

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    Sonia Alvarerez Month ago

    I love Riya’s hena ❤️❤️

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    lousenie joseph Month ago

    Ok 👌 was the day you get off work and I go

  • Fiona Zhou
    Fiona Zhou Month ago

    Tootsie ur also a vergan so shut the ruck up you never had sec either so ruck off

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    Brianna Elzeer Month ago +2

    My favorite pat is when Tootsie says “VIRGIN”!!!😂😂😂

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    Laurie ardoin Month ago

    love to watch these videos there so funny 😂😆

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    Jaylene playz Month ago

    Love Riya New hair 😚😙😗😍😘😋

  • Jaylene playz
    Jaylene playz Month ago

    Love Diya New hair 😚😗😙😘😍😋

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    What’s wrong with there hands like the dots i don’t know if that’s rude I’m and very super sorry if it’s rude I don’t know🥵

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    xoMSP Babezzxo Month ago

    Ria is giving me Kim k vibes idk

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    When it says "Have you subscribed" I'm just like OF CAUSE

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    Tootise is a boy

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    Lol I love you guys

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    Why does “ tootsie” - Daniel have henna btw I’m from U-A-E 🇦🇪

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    Me:talks about ex

    Now I'm single

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    This is how many people love dan and riya

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    Do I have to say it again


  • Mariah Oathout
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    Period ewww 🤢🤮

  • Alpna Singh
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    uhhh im 9 DONT TALK ABOUT SEX

  • Alexandra Krisel Lopez
    Alexandra Krisel Lopez 2 months ago +1

    *tootsie:I wanna do s3x with i have period*
    ME:Hi babe lets move the schedule

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    Linda Playz 2 months ago +1

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    can i please get a shout out

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    “VIRGIN” lamo

  • Felisius Better
    Felisius Better 2 months ago +1

    Boy: Um, what are you looking at.
    Tootsie: Oh I'm looking at your feet. You know what they say about small feet, small penis😂😂😂😂😂lmao

  • zulqifmut mutalibi
    zulqifmut mutalibi 3 months ago +1

    Tootsie you send boy nodise

  • jetoriandjasaniavlogs scalesandrichardson

    dont say hey sexy
    dont follow her
    never touch her butt(unless you know her
    never get in a fight
    last dont touch her hair
    okay bye

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    Samantha White 3 months ago

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    The actor with no job 3 months ago

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    Phoenix Haha you ugly 3 months ago

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