PZ9 BETRAYS ME at YouTube Executive Speech! Spending 24 Hours to Learn if He is a Good or Bad Hacker

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
    After Chad Wild Clay made the video "10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS REVEALS PZ9 SECRET & TheXvid Throws Party to Give Speech to Movie Executives!", Vy Qwaint created "PZ9 FACE REVEAL! SPY NINJAS vs HACKER in Blaster Battle while Daniel is Missing", and Daniel uploaded "PZ9 BETRAYS The SPY NINJAS! Spending 24 Hours to Learn if He is a Friend or Hacker. Where is Daniel?" to the Exposing Project Zorgo TheXvid channel, I travel with PZ9 to a fancy TheXvid location in order to give the best speech I can to some TheXvid representatives. We have over 10 million spy ninjas with us now, and one of the executives, an individual named Pat, wants to award us with TheXvid's coveted diamond play button for such an achievement. Vy, Regina, and Daniel are back at the safe house, possibly foiling some Project Zorgo plans while PZ9 Melvin and I are here trying to score us brownie points with the TheXvid guys. This is also one of PZ9's first time showing his beard in public. I wonder if it's even a good idea to bring him around these very important executive types. Will all my practice yesterday help me out? How will Melvin contribute to this speech? Are the rest of the Spy Ninjas gonna make it to the big party? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay  Month ago +5494

    Happy Saturday SPY NINJAS! WHY is PZ9 betraying us?!

  • Funshere 51
    Funshere 51 57 minutes ago

    But PC9 is a spy ninja now so when you need to make a new movie so that PZ nine can be in it

    UROOJ ASHRAF 6 hours ago


  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda 12 hours ago

    Maybe PZ9 just wants a home to live in because PZ people live in the Luxore remember

  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda 12 hours ago

    Woah you guys are so inspiring in the speech

  • Suzan Karim Mustafa
    Suzan Karim Mustafa 12 hours ago +1


  • Nancy Pilot
    Nancy Pilot 21 hour ago +1

    Don't trust bruising on he's trying to hack there

  • Jody Perrett
    Jody Perrett Day ago

    Hi 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Marwa Mkld
    Marwa Mkld Day ago

    Hi is in project zorgo

  • thide nguyen
    thide nguyen Day ago


  • thide nguyen
    thide nguyen Day ago

    #nerver forget

  • zaid jasim
    zaid jasim Day ago

    Dggj and a man who is not a man is not the only one who can be used as a source to be the most reliable source that is not an issue of

  • lea wolff
    lea wolff Day ago

    I AM ONLY 9

    AVA CARISTO Day ago

    You show the TheXvid footage to the police.

  • Dustin Watkins
    Dustin Watkins Day ago


  • Connor Flude
    Connor Flude 2 days ago

    Yeah I’ll meet you at your house

  • Gachablox Gamer
    Gachablox Gamer 2 days ago

    So Melvin is PZ9? Mine blown!

  • Anna Priest
    Anna Priest 3 days ago

    PZ9 is a hacker still you need to kick him out and then give him a.. wait changing plans uhh help me understand this cause like I’m confused yay 😀 he’s not apart of mission yay

    • Anna Priest
      Anna Priest 3 days ago

      HES STILL PZ9 GREAT WE NEED TO STOP HIM!!!!!!!!!!!/them

  • Dianita Ramos
    Dianita Ramos 4 days ago


  • Angels gasha life
    Angels gasha life 4 days ago

    No I don't trust you vy

  • Angels gasha life
    Angels gasha life 4 days ago

    No I am not going to subscribe to you vy and I don't trust you

  • Amir Hamza
    Amir Hamza 4 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue Make sure you smash that like button to

  • Dan no
    Dan no 5 days ago

    Hi I'm using my dad's account on ty but my name is Nell I love your vids!💝

  • Austin The A-Lister
    Austin The A-Lister 5 days ago +1

    oh no chad look funne has to come she

  • Alhiya Costa
    Alhiya Costa 5 days ago +1

    PZ9 OR PZ4

  • gop Brennan
    gop Brennan 5 days ago +1


  • Aqsa Kanwal
    Aqsa Kanwal 5 days ago

    Yahoo. Chad

  • CoriM42
    CoriM42 5 days ago

    I think the passcode it is2018
    I Love
    Spy ninjas

  • Lily Laws
    Lily Laws 5 days ago

    I love you Chad

  • Frank G
    Frank G 6 days ago

    Chad can i be a spy ninja

  • Jiya Ch
    Jiya Ch 6 days ago

    I was a fan of you in 2017

  • Noel Viray
    Noel Viray 6 days ago

    and patricia sound like PZ409

  • Ozlem Mazi
    Ozlem Mazi 6 days ago


  • Colton Gibson
    Colton Gibson 8 days ago

    so he can get the safe house Address so they can delete your channel the password to the safe is 1626

  • Tk Mcquilliam
    Tk Mcquilliam 8 days ago

    he is a phony

  • Ling Zh
    Ling Zh 8 days ago

    Chad you saw a PZ members face because the man pat you were talking to is a PZ member

  • It’s Angel
    It’s Angel 9 days ago

    Pz9 was taking to the
    Proactive zero go do not trust pz9

  • Qamar Sultana
    Qamar Sultana 9 days ago +1

    To get revenge

  • drunk koala
    drunk koala 9 days ago

    Because um he's a pz

  • Derek DeSimone
    Derek DeSimone 9 days ago

    Chad you are talking to a hacker!!

  • Omar Calim
    Omar Calim 10 days ago

    Chad i like your Videos😍🥰😘😍😻😘😀😃😄😁😁

  • Cortney Radtke
    Cortney Radtke 10 days ago

    Hi chad i like your vedeos

  • erika garcia
    erika garcia 10 days ago


  • Rhyssnelson BMX
    Rhyssnelson BMX 11 days ago


  • Rhyssnelson BMX
    Rhyssnelson BMX 11 days ago +1

    😱pz no one

  • Erika Rupping
    Erika Rupping 11 days ago

    Its a projek zorgo

  • Darkness Wolfie
    Darkness Wolfie 11 days ago

    GREAT SPEECH CHAD! but pz9 betraying now that not a "fun man" NO HE BETRAY THE SPY NINJAS now he's a no man for spy ninja BUT BUT I bet his going to be a spy ninja again FOR REAL THIS TIME

  • Vera Bjurstrom
    Vera Bjurstrom 11 days ago


  • Joel Byam
    Joel Byam 11 days ago

    Pat is. A Hacre. The. Real pat. Is sum war. Els;

  • Sha’Nariah Wilson
    Sha’Nariah Wilson 11 days ago +3

    The First Pat is a project Zargo Member

  • Jakob Meulebroeck
    Jakob Meulebroeck 12 days ago

    I agree with you Chad

  • Amandip Badhesha
    Amandip Badhesha 12 days ago

    Hi vy and chad. You are the best chad and vy

  • CWC Spy Ninja Hacker Spy Deafeters

    Your the best💖

  • cleo28d
    cleo28d 12 days ago +4

    Chaired am your biggest fan ever

  • cleo28d
    cleo28d 12 days ago +5

    Chat that’s a hacker

  • Cam Vasquez
    Cam Vasquez 12 days ago


  • Cam Vasquez
    Cam Vasquez 12 days ago


  • Cam Vasquez
    Cam Vasquez 12 days ago


  • Mah Dah
    Mah Dah 12 days ago


  • ISweatForWins —
    ISweatForWins — 12 days ago

    Your part is I don’t Nother is the way to everyone that in the state doing what what what ever they want to let kids watch I was just like a bunch of the night or do you describe it to the whole cool and I did not aspire to put your daughter and I did not PC9PC9 is still bad and people doesn’t usually go to Best Buy ninja is still up outside Peezy nine was talking to 😺😺mom🙈🙉🙊 Liam try Daniel and with Gina do you know thank you