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  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • Full Episodes: asw.im/3uM1RC
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    Bushworld Adventures | adult swim
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Comments • 20 110

  • Kiri
    Kiri 7 hours ago


  • madjones07
    madjones07 7 hours ago

    rick you've said that before...I think that's out of context. rick:NAH!

  • Pieh0
    Pieh0 7 hours ago


  • Gage McCarrall
    Gage McCarrall 7 hours ago


  • Lone Wizard
    Lone Wizard 7 hours ago

    Haha putting the wrong gas in the car

  • Ronald Deng
    Ronald Deng 8 hours ago

    LANGUAGE there are children here

  • Alexander Mackenzie
    Alexander Mackenzie 8 hours ago

    I want more of this!!

  • Flawda Cuh
    Flawda Cuh 8 hours ago

    No Kangaroos tho???

  • X21SoulEatersX
    X21SoulEatersX 8 hours ago

    I was having a little Morty sleep

  • Beatrice Mullan
    Beatrice Mullan 8 hours ago

    My brain just keeps wanting to change them back to the usual style

  • Potter Most
    Potter Most 8 hours ago

    What the fuck

  • memecentwr 667
    memecentwr 667 8 hours ago

    When you try to get free rick and morty episodes and get this

    • I am a hater
      I am a hater 7 hours ago

      memecentwr 667 This is actually better.

  • boxybrown22
    boxybrown22 8 hours ago +1

    This is better than the actual show, which the actual show is a bloody legend

  • Tutata Luke
    Tutata Luke 8 hours ago



  • Leon Nemirovsky
    Leon Nemirovsky 8 hours ago


  • lord louie
    lord louie 8 hours ago

    This is what it's like to live in poverty.

    • I am a hater
      I am a hater 7 hours ago

      lord louie Then I want to live in poverty.

  • Rich B
    Rich B 8 hours ago

    4:00 , Leo and Satan?

  • Gh0u5e ASMR
    Gh0u5e ASMR 8 hours ago +1

    i would watch this every sunday at 10pm est......just saying

    • I am a hater
      I am a hater 7 hours ago

      Gh0u5e ASMR I would watch this everyday of my life for 24 hours.

  • Cartoon Nation Animation

    There are 11k stupid cunts in the world

  • le pichon
    le pichon 8 hours ago

    This was trash. Cheap Rick and Morty knockoff with none of the charm. Adult Swim stalling on contract negotiations, so they roll out this weak pos complete with merch for the aussies.. this is pathetic, just pay Dan Harmon whatever tf he wants all ready. We want Season 4.

  • Steve Jordan
    Steve Jordan 9 hours ago

    Shouldn't have gone to Bendigo.
    Should have gone to Bonnie Doon. And then...straight to the pool room.

  • Kundan Gurjar
    Kundan Gurjar 9 hours ago

    Does that mean we are getting a season 4?

  • george sotiropoulos
    george sotiropoulos 9 hours ago

    another one plis...its awsome

  • Barfing Chicken Studios


  • Danielis Baranauskas
    Danielis Baranauskas 9 hours ago

    *B E N D I G O*

  • jopomeister
    jopomeister 9 hours ago

    This is the best Rick and Morty episode to date

  • Angelo Castillo
    Angelo Castillo 9 hours ago


  • Belladonna Odd
    Belladonna Odd 9 hours ago

    Hot garbage, how is this shit even funny?

  • nicole ნიკოლი

    *I am gonna suck your little Morty pennis*

  • springlock trapper
    springlock trapper 9 hours ago

    I W A S H A V I N G A L I T T L E M O R T Y S L E E P

  • TyronMakeka
    TyronMakeka 10 hours ago

    Jerry looks high AF :D

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller 10 hours ago

    Its like if the creator of Ren and Stimpy made Rick and Morty.

  • Tim Hare
    Tim Hare 10 hours ago +1

    Yeah naah, sick kunt

  • Brad Lee
    Brad Lee 10 hours ago

    he did feel better after he put the witchstickgrub on his cock

  • dayshon124
    dayshon124 10 hours ago

    What did i just watch?

  • Dr Weed
    Dr Weed 11 hours ago

    I need episode 2

  • Spliiva
    Spliiva 11 hours ago

    3:13 Rip the Indian petrol station guy

  • Soviet Dreams
    Soviet Dreams 11 hours ago +1

    Fuckin bogman

  • TazWalvez 2
    TazWalvez 2 11 hours ago

    They sound like a australian....

  • Fuzzy Gunz
    Fuzzy Gunz 11 hours ago +1

    This is one of the first pieces of non musical media that I have watched over and over in my adult life. It reminds me of the old internet. Props to Michael Cusack for making such an interesting piece of media.

  • Spencer Whiteway
    Spencer Whiteway 11 hours ago +1

    This is classic Adult Swim. Everything from the plot, to animation.

  • MyLittleWorld
    MyLittleWorld 12 hours ago

    - oh no. I've got to suck your penis Morty.

  • The Realist
    The Realist 12 hours ago

    They need to make another one of these, funny as FUGRHSK

  • WAY Dude
    WAY Dude 12 hours ago

    WE GONE A DIY!!!!!

  • Arcanine Shiny
    Arcanine Shiny 12 hours ago

    This is funnier than the entirety of season 3

  • yofoboy527
    yofoboy527 12 hours ago

    Why's this better than most episodes of the main series?

  • Jake Anderson
    Jake Anderson 12 hours ago

    Why do I keep coming back to this?

  • Dane Otto
    Dane Otto 12 hours ago

    "Ow! He put fire ants in my hand!"
    Nah I didn't

  • Dane Otto
    Dane Otto 12 hours ago

    1:00 GET OUT OF HEEA

  • Noot TheToot
    Noot TheToot 12 hours ago

    Aussie's daily lifestyle

  • Kinda Bored
    Kinda Bored 12 hours ago

    So bad...

  • ComiconCommie
    ComiconCommie 12 hours ago


  • Sion
    Sion 12 hours ago

    3:50 That petrol shop guy that Rick shot, I'm pretty sure he would have a car... that he no longer need to use...

  • Nehad Dababo
    Nehad Dababo 12 hours ago +1

    This is so damn good... it’s like the big Lez show meets Rick n Morty but Australian which makes it better for some reason... "Your a fuckin legend mate! charleeeennneee bring these fuckin legends some stubys and a pack of menthols!" - rip Uncle berry

  • kingofwesomehyrule
    kingofwesomehyrule 13 hours ago

    You need to have 0 iq points to understand the show that is bushworld adventures

  • Cesar Camacho
    Cesar Camacho 13 hours ago

    My life don't matter

  • The legend of the dog faced woman

    "We just pranked ya" Exactly what a couple of cunts said to me after they got me to eat part of a gunjiwoi. Or however you spell it. Some fucking gross sea creature that looks like what you'd get if you cut open some coral and discovered an anus.

  • Rad Olly
    Rad Olly 13 hours ago

    Lmao nice

  • Gliczek
    Gliczek 13 hours ago

    Rick sounds kinda like murdoc from Gorillaz

  • Shady 123
    Shady 123 13 hours ago +1

    Please make more episodes

  • Ben Swolo
    Ben Swolo 14 hours ago

    “Me husband is bloody UT” lmao
    Accurate portrayal of Australia

    • Ben Swolo
      Ben Swolo 14 hours ago

      And I’m a fucking Auzzie so don’t question me ya cunts!

  • Ben Swolo
    Ben Swolo 14 hours ago +1

    Just make this a series ffs. It’ll divide the fucking cringy Rick and Morty fanbase.

  • DELUXE9000
    DELUXE9000 14 hours ago

    This needs to be in season 4.

  • Joe Homer
    Joe Homer 14 hours ago

    Put the Witchetty grub on ya cock

  • Joe Homer
    Joe Homer 14 hours ago

    Dad? N...no

  • Angela Pickard
    Angela Pickard 14 hours ago

    Please more bush world

  • Frank Fiorenza
    Frank Fiorenza 14 hours ago


  • Spooky Muddy
    Spooky Muddy 14 hours ago


  • Yeoss :3
    Yeoss :3 14 hours ago


  • EverYth1nG not Random
    EverYth1nG not Random 14 hours ago

    P...pu....p...put it on your cock

  • Araikko
    Araikko 14 hours ago +1

    *Infancia rota en 3.. 2.. 1...*

  • Revolution Hive
    Revolution Hive 14 hours ago

    OMG his face at 4:00

  • Revolution Hive
    Revolution Hive 14 hours ago

    *G E T I N T H E C A R M O R R R R R T T Y*
    G E T I N T H E C A R

  • Icarus, Buried in a sea of doge

    The family is even more dysfunctional

  • Extremeyee
    Extremeyee 14 hours ago

    I’ve got a real gun morty....A REAL G U N

  • Jason Stewart
    Jason Stewart 14 hours ago

    very relatable even the servo

  • Mason Bysy
    Mason Bysy 15 hours ago

    I'm getting 'The Big Lez Show' vibes from this

  • Ignacio Szychowski
    Ignacio Szychowski 15 hours ago

    I had to switch to porn so it would be easier to explain

  • Purple Ninja fury
    Purple Ninja fury 15 hours ago

    Can adult swim continue making episodes for this it's great

  • Pegudan McPeg
    Pegudan McPeg 15 hours ago

    this is what you see if you take every drug in existance

  • Jason
    Jason 16 hours ago

    Better than Season 3 tbh.

  • Perisher101
    Perisher101 16 hours ago

    Fuck I love Ricks faces throughout the video.

  • Alex Sperandio
    Alex Sperandio 16 hours ago

    It's like Rick n Morty fucked Housos and Spat out Bushworld Adventures

  • Dan S
    Dan S 16 hours ago

    This is beyond awful

  • Greasy Anderson
    Greasy Anderson 16 hours ago

    I would like a crossover of this and real rick and morty

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott 16 hours ago

    Bazzer, you bloody legend. See ya round, mate.

  • Zenpai
    Zenpai 17 hours ago


    Still good tho

  • Tomas D
    Tomas D 17 hours ago

    Trillion times better than original ram

  • mark hamm
    mark hamm 17 hours ago +1

    “Oh no I’ve gotta suck ya penis morty”😂😂

  • ODCS_22
    ODCS_22 17 hours ago

    yay morty yay

  • Liam Spencer
    Liam Spencer 18 hours ago


  • Brian HD
    Brian HD 18 hours ago

    this is better than rick and morty

  • ToadMaster
    ToadMaster 18 hours ago

    I gotta suck your little morty pennis. Morty i gotta suck your little morty pennis

  • Moon Gaze
    Moon Gaze 18 hours ago

    I Gotta zuc your little morty penis hahaha died laughing

  • Diego José Piñero López

    Best OVA ever

  • Derek Robb
    Derek Robb 19 hours ago

    What tha fuck

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe 19 hours ago

    6:49 that fucking sickanimation reference fuck yea

  • Cross21 Gaming
    Cross21 Gaming 19 hours ago

    So they live in New South Wales or Under

  • Tim Cheung
    Tim Cheung 19 hours ago


  • Gaming MeMe
    Gaming MeMe 20 hours ago

    Oi Morty , get in the foking car !!!