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  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • Full Episodes: asw.im/3uM1RC
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    Bushworld Adventures | adult swim
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Comments • 31 031

  • Connor S
    Connor S 52 minutes ago

    this is better than actual rick and morty

  • Hannah Neal
    Hannah Neal 59 minutes ago

    This is literally Big Lez show but with Rick and Morty

  • LambyChicken
    LambyChicken Hour ago +1


  • ‘ Løne ‘
    ‘ Løne ‘ 2 hours ago


  • omni crux
    omni crux 2 hours ago

    Since when does Rick make a mistake

  • Magic Mushroom
    Magic Mushroom 2 hours ago

    Jesus Christ. Im shocked and amused AND wtf ist going on??

  • Abigail Nikolaev
    Abigail Nikolaev 3 hours ago

    comes with a pound of weed

  • Pundertale Fan
    Pundertale Fan 4 hours ago

    Yet another cartoon the Rick made when he was blackout drunk. Doc and Mharti was the first. Again, he accidentally sent it to the TheXvid dimension while trying to get rid of it. Yup. That's what happened.

  • Luke Cumpston
    Luke Cumpston 4 hours ago

    Dan Harmon is a leftist cuckkk

  • Lord Staff
    Lord Staff 4 hours ago


  • Студия КвС
    Студия КвС 4 hours ago

    It shudders me to think, what kind of drugs ya doing in Australia!

  • Smiley Corn
    Smiley Corn 6 hours ago +1

    I really hope that this was the work of one guy who dedicated like a year on this and did all the voice acting and animation. This is his life work guys, he has earned my respect.

    • Smiley Corn
      Smiley Corn 2 minutes ago

      MATT u precisely!

    • MATT u
      MATT u 5 minutes ago

      +Smiley Corn has he??

    • Smiley Corn
      Smiley Corn 8 minutes ago

      MATT u I mean, yeah. But this is what he’s been working on behind the scenes for years, this one video.

    • MATT u
      MATT u 11 minutes ago

      +Smiley Corn and everything on his channel!! Fml

    • Smiley Corn
      Smiley Corn 14 minutes ago

      Which is this video and nothing more

  • SkiddyBud
    SkiddyBud 6 hours ago

    you need negative IQ to get this one.

  • SkiddyBud
    SkiddyBud 6 hours ago

    season 3 of gravity falls looks great

  • SkullTonic
    SkullTonic 6 hours ago

    Kick the BAAAAAALL kick the bloody BAAAAAAAAALL

  • Maltus Destro
    Maltus Destro 6 hours ago

    Comment sa troue l’cul !

  • LordSlag
    LordSlag 7 hours ago

    ...the fuck did I just watch?

  • Lurly
    Lurly 11 hours ago

    Rick reminds me of murdoc

  • ZelChicken 2 Zel
    ZelChicken 2 Zel 11 hours ago +1

    Gotta succ ur little morty penis!

  • Jordyn Brooks
    Jordyn Brooks 11 hours ago

    maxmoefoe voiced all of this

  • Mr Baldi
    Mr Baldi 12 hours ago


  • Catnip Animation
    Catnip Animation 13 hours ago

    true. im an australian

  • captinchris YT
    captinchris YT 14 hours ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 15 hours ago +1

    This perfectly represents the stupid Australian Society

  • gaming theplaybolt
    gaming theplaybolt 15 hours ago

    how do i uninstall life.exe

  • ActionGal
    ActionGal 15 hours ago

    Oh boy, this is what R&M would look like if it never broke out of the basement

  • JT Ne
    JT Ne 16 hours ago

    I've gotta suck your little Morty penis

  • Thanos car
    Thanos car 17 hours ago +2

    would of been funnier if you used a comador or a ute

    • Thanos car
      Thanos car 6 minutes ago


    • MATT u
      MATT u 13 minutes ago

      You mean like the VK commodore at the start.

  • The Northern Realms
    The Northern Realms 17 hours ago

    As an Aussie I approve this message

  • MANGOdaLongo Viva
    MANGOdaLongo Viva 17 hours ago


  • dark lord2187
    dark lord2187 17 hours ago

    Put the grub on ya cock Morty lol

  • William PARKINSON
    William PARKINSON 18 hours ago


  • Harry Collis
    Harry Collis 19 hours ago

    'I was having a little Morty sleep' HAHAHAH I FUCKN LOST IT

  • mark callahan
    mark callahan 19 hours ago

    the budget is so low now they have to make season 4 in Australia

  • Marco de Vries
    Marco de Vries 19 hours ago


  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel Camelo 22 hours ago +1

    Dude the show as it is it's fuck'd up already. But DIS SHIT HERE, it's just.. just... Feckin' Amazing. Pure Art.

  • Chelsie Pressburg
    Chelsie Pressburg 22 hours ago

    Who came from lazer beam?

  • The Weird Life of Nick
    The Weird Life of Nick 23 hours ago

    I wanna kill myself and them relive myself to watch the season 4

  • John Ogle
    John Ogle Day ago

    rick is fuckin murdoc nicoles

  • John Ogle
    John Ogle Day ago


  • Danny DeLuca
    Danny DeLuca Day ago

    I like the upgrade to the portal gun

  • The Big Man
    The Big Man Day ago

    Season 10 looks great.

    LOST LEAK Day ago

    This is way too fucking funny
    "it was a earth worm morty" lol

  • SkyMoon
    SkyMoon Day ago

    6:58 the green cube'

  • Talia Raether
    Talia Raether Day ago


  • probotboyxxx
    probotboyxxx Day ago

    The Grub actually worked... right?

  • Navajo
    Navajo Day ago +1


  • Miguel Hernandez

    Rick sounds like Lazerbeam

    • MATT u
      MATT u 10 minutes ago

      Lazar beam is an unfunny cunt for kids.

  • J Alexander
    J Alexander Day ago

    This is probably just another alternate universe in the rick and morty infinite multiverse.

  • Stank_ Memes
    Stank_ Memes Day ago


  • Martin Lee Evans

    Can this be rickality?

  • I’m High
    I’m High Day ago +1


  • GalaxyRoze Does Stuff

    What the fuck?

  • Keith is keith
    Keith is keith Day ago +1

    Teaser episode of season 4

  • Yeezy_god77
    Yeezy_god77 Day ago

    Laser beams version of rick and morty

  • Lil' H Game Time

    rick sounds like lazar beam lol

  • ranthe man51
    ranthe man51 Day ago

    i love this :D

  • Vladimir Makarov

    I remember when my grand dad took me in the bush dimension....a snake bit my penis too.

  • Merica Flag
    Merica Flag Day ago +1

    I love how their faces change each scene

  • Leo Z09
    Leo Z09 Day ago

    Oh boyo I love Richard and Mortimus

  • Lincoln Cruz
    Lincoln Cruz Day ago


  • 12DAMDO
    12DAMDO Day ago

    ya bloody wankas just give us season 4 already mate

  • sword106
    sword106 Day ago +1

    sorry this isn't correct

    i didn't hear the phrase "fucking cunt"

  • No One Here
    No One Here Day ago


  • Now listen here cunt,

    "Put the witchety grub on ya cock"

  • ``·Vamp Matt· ́ ́

    Oh c'mon morty just one suck it will save your life

  • Riley Steedman
    Riley Steedman Day ago

    1:15 where’s ricks arms when he drives

  • PopukoAllen2018
    PopukoAllen2018 Day ago

    Welcome to Bendigo, Australia
    " Not an City an forest "
    Population - 0

  • PopukoAllen2018
    PopukoAllen2018 Day ago

    Welcome to Bushworld, Australia
    " The Worst City in Australia "
    Population - 2,006

  • da pupper
    da pupper 2 days ago

    kick the bloody ball

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin 2 days ago

    but what about captain tardigrade?

  • PAL3Tigerrr
    PAL3Tigerrr 2 days ago

    lol this fucken great

  • Shawn Naber
    Shawn Naber 2 days ago

    should i like this or not?

  • MTN dew Boii
    MTN dew Boii 2 days ago

    “I gotta suck ya little Morty penis”

    Ali a intro plays

  • Dylan cb 456 gameing

    One of them shound like Lazer beem

    • MATT u
      MATT u 7 minutes ago

      Nobody wants that faggot in there video.

  • Ender's Revenge
    Ender's Revenge 2 days ago


  • Ender's Revenge
    Ender's Revenge 2 days ago

    Rick shot morty

  • YoloJoeTheBro347
    YoloJoeTheBro347 2 days ago

    Sad for me to think that this is actually better han the original show

  • The zerastora
    The zerastora 2 days ago

    This was great.... for some reason

  • Gum Guy
    Gum Guy 2 days ago


  • Can we get 50,000 subs with no videos?!

    Morty sounds British

  • Isaid Quintanilla
    Isaid Quintanilla 2 days ago

    Why does rick sound like laser beam

  • Zombie Playz
    Zombie Playz 2 days ago

    Very accurate to an Aussie day but apart from the guns cuz they are illegal here

  • Ruma Kashi
    Ruma Kashi 2 days ago

    I feel there was a scene where Rick did suck Morty's penis but Adult Swim was like "no guys, we gotta cut this part out for TheXvid, this is too mess up even for us" as that part is the only part that didn't flow nicely and seem extremely weird with Morty suddenly feeling ill and Rick suddenly forgot what he was going to do.

  • Scare Doge
    Scare Doge 2 days ago

    This is funny

  • David Spiller
    David Spiller 2 days ago

    This was terrible. Would it have been better if I was from Australia? Why can't they just drop season 4?

  • Shpoi and Gaming Mushroom

    *Reek and morteh*

  • GuzzlordGuy 21
    GuzzlordGuy 21 2 days ago

    Fortnite loot lake death in a nutshell 1:25

    OH YEAH YEAH 2 days ago +1


  • Amanda Terrantroy
    Amanda Terrantroy 2 days ago


  • 2 salty
    2 salty 2 days ago

    Season 4 looks great

  • Stubborn Beaver
    Stubborn Beaver 2 days ago

    I love love this

  • the alien secureteam10 is looking for

    i prefer this version

  • jacob stewart
    jacob stewart 2 days ago +1


  • 210sup
    210sup 2 days ago

    Oh mc doggy the buch wizard

  • Dom Caldwell
    Dom Caldwell 2 days ago

    Get Uncle Barry in for Season 4. Grab a fucking stubby mate you’re a damn legend.

  • DrawingWith Zack
    DrawingWith Zack 2 days ago

    4:29 that escalated quickly

  • Pumpkin Pvp
    Pumpkin Pvp 2 days ago

    A true masterpiece.

  • Barry Pacleb
    Barry Pacleb 2 days ago


  • jack hale
    jack hale 2 days ago

    this shit makes me so uncomfortable lmaoo