Joe Wilkinson’s REALLY Bad Idea for Numbers Round! | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Best Bits Pt. 8


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  2 months ago +78

    Is anyone else curious to see Joe Wilkinson eat a chocolate orange whole?
    Watch the FULL series on All 4:

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl 2 months ago

      FBG, what dedication? The only thing I've done is point out flaws in your logic, which is super easy. TheXvid notifies me when you say something nonsensical, and writing a reply pointing out everything that's wrong with what you're saying takes me... I dunno, 2 minutes tops? It's not like it's a chore. But I do find this weird paranoid conspiracy outlook with a refusal to accept the obvious fascinating on a psychological level. Admittedly, being too disabled to work gives me more free time than most people. Plus I'd like to very strongly assert that my avatar is _my_ artwork, copyright me, and nothing to do with Channel 4's graphic design people. I like it, I'm proud of getting the style of SNES Final Fantasy sprites down so well, and I'll be damned if I'm letting a TV station take the credit.

    • FBG TRUST EST. 1985
      FBG TRUST EST. 1985 2 months ago

      +pixel girl you're right about the organizational structure but what kind of entity thinks about that kind of stuff and also answers, as you put it, lone cranky people on TheXvid? I barely have time for this shit cause I'm busy, It's hard to imagine a normal person with such dedication and no financial incentive

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl 2 months ago

      FBG TRUST EST. 1985, so Channel 4's dedicated enough to have covert operatives to try and... appease lone cranky people on TheXvid? But at the same time, those who you think are _stupid_ have been hired to handle the _non_ -clandestine social media stuff, _and_ video editing? That would just again be a terrible organisational structure.

    • FBG TRUST EST. 1985
      FBG TRUST EST. 1985 2 months ago

      Spoken like an account maintained by channel 4 for the purpose of appearing to be a member of the public.

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl 2 months ago

      FBG TRUST EST. 1985, why would the person responsible for editing these be the same person responsible for writing comments on social media? That would be a very unusual combination of duties.

  • James Condon
    James Condon Day ago

    3:20 how did no one pick up on the really obvious joke.
    Jon: "Oh that's a lovely jacket."
    Response: "Maybe he'll let you borrow it."

  • Paul Rone-Clarke

    3:46 My video keeps getting stuck here. Is that normal?

  • NOPE
    NOPE 3 days ago

    Idk about 315 but 320 is easy, 4×4=16 1+2+7=10 16×10=160 160×2= 320

  • Splatoon is the worst game of all time.

    100 + (5 - 4) = 101

  • Edwards top 10
    Edwards top 10 9 days ago

    That laugh though

  • Harrison K
    Harrison K 9 days ago

    British tv > American tv

  • pondguard22
    pondguard22 12 days ago

    Last numbers game - 7 x 2 = 14, 14 - 1 = 13, 4 + 2 = 6, 13 x 6 x 4 = 312, closest I got. Anyone got it?!

  • shan Xx
    shan Xx 13 days ago +2

    Council House And violent

  • Petter Valderhaug
    Petter Valderhaug 14 days ago

    How could she fail the maths? Its so obvious?
    100-75 = 25

  • Ed Sharp
    Ed Sharp 17 days ago

    Thought that was dara

  • Joey Indolos
    Joey Indolos 17 days ago

    Nice to see a clip with scenes where both Rob and Roisin got the answers. Their reactions were hilarious but actually quite touching, and everyone seemed to be happy for them.

  • Mercédesz Csilla Szűcs

    chav came from the roma word chavo, which means guy . just letting yall know.

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley 18 days ago

    I wish Rachel dress more appropriately I spend a fortune on tissues

  • Charis Kwofie
    Charis Kwofie 20 days ago

    2 + 1 = 3
    7 to the power of 3
    = 343
    4 X 4 = 16
    16 X 2 = 32
    343 - 16 = 311
    Closet I could get 😂

  • Saltire
    Saltire 28 days ago +1

    That must've been a tortuous episode, with Ryan and Doherty on it. 20 minutes a time delivering their banal 'jokes'.

    • peaky blinder
      peaky blinder 13 days ago

      Saltire I hope so because he really deserves it. Very funny, but also a very genuine nice man. He’s very good with Ed Gamble too. They should get James Acaster on this show, I’d like to see how he did.

    • Saltire
      Saltire 14 days ago +1

      +peaky blinder Yeah I like James a lot. Some of his skits don't quite work, but he's got 'funny bones' without a doubt. I said elsewhere on a Would I Lie To You vid here, that in 20 years time, he may go down as one of the great comedians of our age. He will go far that lad.

    • peaky blinder
      peaky blinder 14 days ago

      Saltire Very true. My favourite happens to be James Acaster, but some may hate him.

    • Saltire
      Saltire 15 days ago

      +peaky blinder He just rubs me up the wrong way and I just end up fast-forwarding through his stuff. Comedy is subjective I suppose; I don't mind James Corden for example despite the hatred he gets. We all have things we find funny.

    • peaky blinder
      peaky blinder 17 days ago

      Partly agree with you. Although I’m sure Katherine is a lovely woman and very kind-hearted, she’s not my type of humour. No doubt that other people find her funny though. But David O’Doherty is hilarious. “No Lilt February!l

  • Dan Morris
    Dan Morris 29 days ago

    Got a 303 in the last one but cannot get to 315 for the life of me

  • A Logan
    A Logan Month ago

    4:26 omg i have the shirt that jons wearing. Idk how to feel about it.

  • Jord Wylde
    Jord Wylde Month ago

    As far as i was told, CHAV = Council House And Violent

  • Matthew Bench
    Matthew Bench Month ago

    What is James’ last name?

  • memorless
    memorless Month ago

    i was surprised i got it so quick
    here's the numbers round with just 6 smalls:

    • TassieLorenzo
      TassieLorenzo 27 days ago

      There was only one 1 and instead two 2s. :(

  • Ty Mac
    Ty Mac Month ago

    4:40 hahahhahahahahahahahaha

  • Crom Cruach
    Crom Cruach Month ago +2

    hes right about the "council housed and violent" meaning of chav being new and not the original ... this was coined by Plan b i think now everyones running with it. I heard the Chattham thing before and i also think it comes from the gypsy word "chavi" as in "who are these chavis"

  • JojoKitty 1601
    JojoKitty 1601 Month ago

    Sometimes I think I'm the worst when it comes to basic math, but then I remember people like Catherine Tate exists.

  • Daniel Wallace
    Daniel Wallace Month ago

    7:21 I love Rachel's nervous hopefulness.

  • numbereightyseven
    numbereightyseven Month ago +1

    Yeah, the only person who takes offence at what's said to them on this programme is .... the feminist.

  • Will Sharpe
    Will Sharpe Month ago


  • Bailee Mason
    Bailee Mason Month ago

    That segment with the bear was funny as fuck.

  • alan smithee
    alan smithee Month ago

    1:50. That has got to be the easiest numbers round in history.

    UNKN0WN SHAD0W Month ago

    1:39 for fucks sake, donna

  • Scattered Gaming
    Scattered Gaming Month ago

    5-4=1+100=101 😂

  • Gabedalf the White
    Gabedalf the White Month ago

    I love the certainty in Russell's voice when he says "My balls coming straight for your dick"

  • BIueharvest
    BIueharvest Month ago

    Katherines tits are great

  • tom webb
    tom webb Month ago

    Gotta love coming from Chatham, home of the Chav 😂😂

  • Jaqis Gei
    Jaqis Gei Month ago

    Bring joey Essex on the show- can’t remember if he’s already been on it

  • Brendans Bhoys
    Brendans Bhoys Month ago

    Just noticed Katherine has got a cracking rack

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 2 months ago

    What episode is the last clip from?

  • Jennifer Turley
    Jennifer Turley 2 months ago

    I’m from Chatham I’m a chav and it’s full of chavs

  • Lord Skeptic
    Lord Skeptic 2 months ago +2

    2:04 5/5=1

  • The Nerd View Review
    The Nerd View Review 2 months ago

    Not sure anyone commented this yet the chav acronym thing the popular acronym (council housed and violent) is an acronym made after the word was already a thing.

  • Ben Johnston
    Ben Johnston 2 months ago +1

    Chav = council housed and violent

  • XxRubyjadexX
    XxRubyjadexX 2 months ago

    Anyone know what which episode the last clip was from???

  • Classic Mail
    Classic Mail 2 months ago

    Chav isn't an acronym, it is a deviation of the word Charver which is a north east stereotype, and originated in newspapers. Charver is actually the correct term to use, not Chav.

  • Classic Mail
    Classic Mail 2 months ago

    Look at Roshins face haha, she's laughing because she knows because she's done it before haha.

  • Amy Andrews
    Amy Andrews 2 months ago

    James Acaster l makes my heart jump for joy. Such a sweet, funny man.

  • adam vaiano
    adam vaiano 2 months ago

    Can you please make a compilation of Sean and miles bromance

  • stupid head
    stupid head 2 months ago +4

    Maybe I don't understand the rules but 9:35 you can do 4^4+7^2+2 = 307

    • Thanks
      Thanks 2 months ago

      +Adam Wilkin That's good to know.

    • Adam Wilkin
      Adam Wilkin 2 months ago +2

      You aren't allowed to use powers in countdown, it's limited to just multiplication, division, addition and subtraction

    • Thanks
      Thanks 2 months ago

      Yeah, that equals 307. I'm no expert on the rules but I think that would clear. But also, why do all that complicated stuff if you're not even going to get exactly on?

    • Outland
      Outland 2 months ago +1


  • Jake Stokes
    Jake Stokes 2 months ago

    Solution to the numbers at the end :
    7^2 = 49
    49 + 4 = 53
    4 + 2 = 6
    6 * 53 = 315
    315 * 1 = 315

    • Jake Stokes
      Jake Stokes 2 months ago +1

      Also I read lower down that you're not allowed to use powers

    • Jake Stokes
      Jake Stokes 2 months ago


    • JAM
      JAM 2 months ago

      6*53 is 318

  • Jake Stokes
    Jake Stokes 2 months ago +6

    7:32 such a genuine reaction loved it!

  • Vimto223
    Vimto223 2 months ago


  • TranquillShot
    TranquillShot 2 months ago

    Congrats Rob!

  • Lowry
    Lowry 2 months ago +3

    101=100-75 multiply by 4, 5/5 and add together

    • Lamont Coleman
      Lamont Coleman 2 months ago

      Lowry ah fair enough, I was having a shit when I made my comment so guess we’re all filthbags

    • Lowry
      Lowry 2 months ago

      +Lamont Coleman i know, im taking a piss

    • Lamont Coleman
      Lamont Coleman 2 months ago

      Lowry you could just add the 5 and take away the 4 lol or do you have to use every number?

  • Matty P
    Matty P 2 months ago

    2x7 = 14
    14-1 = 13
    2+4 = 6
    6x13x14 = 312

  • HatterDave
    HatterDave 2 months ago +5

    Imagine thinking Catherine Tate's "act" is funny.

  • Jay Adams
    Jay Adams 2 months ago

    james acaster is the most unfunny cunt ever

  • Lazy Jesus
    Lazy Jesus 2 months ago

    “They’re in the kitchen” 😝

  • Nephilim
    Nephilim 2 months ago

    I got 327 on joes bad number idea

    HIGHLY IN DEMAND 7900 2 months ago +1

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  • cj m
    cj m 2 months ago +51

    "Father, London's a lonely place!"
    "Yep, it's raining here, I'll get your mum"

    • mc finn
      mc finn 10 days ago

      +Marco Boscarol sigh.

    • Marco Boscarol
      Marco Boscarol 10 days ago

      +mc finn

    • mc finn
      mc finn 10 days ago

      Not to mention it's about feelings, not your typical dad's area of conversation hence the mention of weather. Subtle and funny imlo

    • Evan Sadler
      Evan Sadler 21 day ago +1

      It's a joke that his dad doesn't know how to talk to him, so refers everything to his mother.

    • Marco Boscarol
      Marco Boscarol 24 days ago

      +Cockoff Gewgle Since I didnt finded it funny, I thought he was quoting something thats all

  • Cédric Demets
    Cédric Demets 2 months ago +2

    The one around 02:00 who didn't manage to get to 101... Is there a full clip where we can see her reaction when she finds out how bloody easy it was?

  • Wolfgang Hendery
    Wolfgang Hendery 2 months ago

    Katherine in that yellow dress. Oh, tender goddess!

  • spaceminions
    spaceminions 2 months ago

    ((4^2)*4 -1)*(7-2)

  • Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ

    4:01. John clearly flinched

  • Hammer
    Hammer 2 months ago

    Believe it or Not: Chairman Mao was actually named after a cat.

  • DrumboiBanne
    DrumboiBanne 2 months ago

    How can Joe Wilkinson be voted more than Jon Richardson???! Whoever is voting as a bad taste!!

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond 2 months ago

    how funny is jonny Vegas x another legend x love u jonny x god bless x

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond 2 months ago +7

    joe Wilkinson is a legend x love him so funny x love u joe x thanku x god bless x

  • jabbid111
    jabbid111 2 months ago +107

    Can you do one of Rachel Riley smashing the maths?

  • jjdecani
    jjdecani 2 months ago

    Council House And Violent.

  • I don't know what my name is.

    God help us if Mr. F Boyle comes on this show. It can only end hilariously.

  • Stewart Boyle
    Stewart Boyle 2 months ago

    Click bait

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 2 months ago

    what season is this?

  • MrJbroquist
    MrJbroquist 2 months ago

    Where is the last part from? Where Tom Allen is talking to jimmy?

  • Mucusmayhem 111
    Mucusmayhem 111 2 months ago +1

    Jo Wilkinson, pure class.
    He plays his character well 😂

  • Sloth nuggets
    Sloth nuggets 2 months ago

    2:12 how could you honestly be that thick lmao

  • Nosaj
    Nosaj 2 months ago +4

    Did not realise that other people found Kathrine Ryan as attractive as I do

  • Sploof Mcsterra
    Sploof Mcsterra 2 months ago

    (7+1)*4 *(2*4+2) gives 320

  • Aaron Lewis
    Aaron Lewis 2 months ago

    Wow, what clickbait, it wasn't even Joe's idea, it was David's. Jeeeeeeez

  • The Apricot Gamer
    The Apricot Gamer 2 months ago

    when does the next series start

  • my dude
    my dude 2 months ago +4

    It was easy 100 + 5 = 105 then -4

    • Kjono 1
      Kjono 1 Month ago

      I did 100-75 = 25, 9 - 5 = 4, 25*4 = 100, 100+5 =105, 105 -4 =101, may as well use all the numbers

    • Crimson A
      Crimson A 2 months ago

      That’s the joke

    • Jason Silverberg
      Jason Silverberg 2 months ago +1

      I went for 5x5=25, 25x9=225, 225/75=3, 4-3=1, add it to the 100 for 101.

    • Volume Control
      Volume Control 2 months ago

      I went with 100*5=500, 500+5=505, 9-4=5, 505/5=101

    • Christopher Borum
      Christopher Borum 2 months ago +1

      I did 100+5+5-9, just to make it a little more challenging.

  • Just a small town bicycle
    Just a small town bicycle 2 months ago +24

    I may be in love with James Acaster

    • Amy Andrews
      Amy Andrews 2 months ago +1

      Just a small town bicycle ADMIT IT, WE ALL ARE.

  • Justin Kalman
    Justin Kalman 2 months ago +5

    The weird thing is? I've seen SO few of their individual stand-up routines, but I think they're hilarious. I've seen Acaster's special, I've seen Carr's special, some clips of John and Sean, seen Roisin in series, but GOD are they all funniest here.

  • Parovsky :3
    Parovsky :3 2 months ago +4

    everyone loves Joe Wilkinson

  • Conor Malone
    Conor Malone 2 months ago +3

    James is a proper nonce in the thumbnail.

  • Nick Currie
    Nick Currie 2 months ago

    Love Lee defending his teammate at 4:56

  • onehappynegro
    onehappynegro 2 months ago +2

    7:20 watched this so much i can even read their minds from paying attention to the tone.
    here rachel is impeccable and the response from roisin conaty is so genuine. this is as good cast as the graham norton show.

  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull 2 months ago +326

    I wish Catherine Tate was doing a bit, but she really is just a bit thick.

    • Lord Skeptic
      Lord Skeptic 11 days ago +3

      She ain't bovverd

    • chas farthing
      chas farthing 17 days ago +1

      I just don’t think she understood how to do it cos she had never seen the show before. She’s a great writer so she’s gotta have it together in some respects

    • max
      max Month ago +1

      You're actually a mong if u think she's genuinely dumb...

    • RedRam Ipsen
      RedRam Ipsen Month ago

      It's always nice to see the stereotypes get broken down :D

      CUNNY BATHER Month ago

      how do you know?

  • Jaycie Seland
    Jaycie Seland 2 months ago

    I’m pretty sure Catherine Tate is the dumbest human alive

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer 2 months ago

      No. Joey Essex. Having in the past three years of becoming obsessed with British panel shows I've never in my life seen someone are fucking stupid as him. And trust new, America is the home of stupid celebrities: Paris Hilton, Kim and the sisters Kardashian, Snooki, Donald and the family Trump. But Essex certainly wins the gold.

  • Mae Popping ton
    Mae Popping ton 2 months ago +2

    Katherine is so fit 🤤

  • JustFunnyVids
    JustFunnyVids 2 months ago +17

    Can you do a compilation of the best mascots please?

  • pixel girl
    pixel girl 2 months ago +48

    *Public service announcement:* Chav is not an acronym for anything. There's an _urban legend_ that it stands for Council Housed And Violent, but that's just a backronym. The true origins of the word are _probably_ Romani, from the Romani word "chavi" meaning "child". Also, whatever happened to "charva"? I heard that _long_ before "chav" became popular.

    • 78mikehayes
      78mikehayes 3 days ago

      Is it not from CHeltenham AVerage? Meaning the lower class (average) from the area?

    • Dean Thornby
      Dean Thornby 20 days ago

      Pixel girl your right ......back in the 80's .. to walk on to a gypsy site you'd call out to the "chavi's" to go and ask the adults if you was aloud to walk on site chavi's being gypsy kids much later council estate kids called their self s chavi's and much later on it was in the beginning of song about council housed and voient " the song being "illmannors ".

    • john thompson
      john thompson 25 days ago

      charva is still used in the north west and north east of England as a slang term for a man, west cumbrians took it a wee bit further with charva marra whack (dont ask) but i have never heard it used in a derogatory sense ever and it was around many decades before chav started being used

    • Maria McGee
      Maria McGee Month ago

      They say charva in Newcastle.

    • RCing Around HQ
      RCing Around HQ 2 months ago +1

      The Scottish equivalent of Chav is Ned, which stands for Non-Educated Delinquent. I always liked that.

  • Kyle TheTreeKat
    Kyle TheTreeKat 2 months ago +1

    Whoever puts the polls on the video, at least put the question you’re asking kinda near the point of the video it’s referring too. Watching someone struggle to get 101 and getting asked about chocolate oranges, too fucking high for this

  • oauseer
    oauseer 2 months ago +7

    Is the 315 sum do-able? I've tried 3 different ways and got 312 every single time

    • Lucky Kitty
      Lucky Kitty 12 days ago

      +jmsta2011 yes.

    • jmsta2011
      jmsta2011 Month ago

      So do they put targets up that aren't acheivable? I always assumed the computer was doing really quick calculations!

    • Matthew Keany
      Matthew Keany 2 months ago +1

      No, it isn't. Shoved it through a bunch of solvers just to make sure. They got 312 as well.

  • spizzardo
    spizzardo 2 months ago +6

    CHAV = Council House Affiliated Vermin.

    • PeterB
      PeterB 2 months ago

      spizzardo it’s actually an acronym for Council House and Violent

  • ksmksm97
    ksmksm97 2 months ago +14

    It's a good day when Joe's name is in the title. This man is hilarious.

  • Glen I Guess
    Glen I Guess 2 months ago +3

    As someone genuinely from Chatham, Rob's logic was flawless.

    • Glen I Guess
      Glen I Guess 2 months ago

      I normally say Canterbury cause it's where from my dad's from, which is a much better option.

    • Sarah-cate Marchie
      Sarah-cate Marchie 2 months ago

      Tbf no one from Chatham admits they’re from Chatham. It’s always. Medway or Kent, “the place next to Rochester” is a good one!

  • João Gallo
    João Gallo 2 months ago +2

    You guys should make a Hornesection compilation!!

  • RanEncounter
    RanEncounter 2 months ago +2

    To people wondering what the answer to the last problem is:
    1+2 = 3, 3^4 = 81, 4 × 81 = 324, 7 + 2 = 9, 324 - 9 = 315.

    • Joe Grohl
      Joe Grohl 2 months ago

      @ RIXRADvidz - yes it does, it's literally called "Numbers & Letters". Wouldn't make much sense to call it that and not have a numbers round.
      @RanEncounter - the numbers round works the same way in both the British & French versions.

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz 2 months ago +3

      the French version didn't have a numbers round, it was a competition to get the longest word. like Scrabble. Wiki Strikes Again

    • RanEncounter
      RanEncounter 2 months ago

      Willd Maybe it is the original French version of coundown that I remember then.

    • Willd
      Willd 2 months ago +4

      Exponents have never been allowed at any point in the history of countdown (8oo10c or otherwise). I don't know what you've been watching if you think they're allowed.
      Since you quoted wikipedia here is from the section actually explaining the numbers round (as opposed to the summary at the top of the page):
      "They may use only the four basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and do not have to use all six numbers. "

    • RanEncounter
      RanEncounter 2 months ago

      Antony Evans According to
      "The two contestants in each episode compete in three disciplines: ten letters rounds, in which the contestants attempt to make the longest word possible from nine randomly chosen letters; four numbers rounds, in which the contestants must use arithmetic to reach a random target number from six other numbers; and the conundrum, a buzzer round in which the contestants compete to solve a nine-letter anagram."
      And FYI exponentiation is a part of arithmetic.

  • Jayden Reid
    Jayden Reid 2 months ago +14

    Jimmy, "So the target was 315, uhh Joe did you get it?", Joe, "I got 4". Amazing

  • Extinct Paradise
    Extinct Paradise 2 months ago +6

    Clicked just for the James Acaster bit, although the show is funny