What Happened to Two-Man Striker Teams?

  • Published on Jul 4, 2018
  • What happened to two-man striker teams?
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    There have been a number of interesting tactical trends at this World Cup, and one of them is the general absence of two man striking teams. Edinson Cavani and Luiz Suarez of Uruguay constitute probably the only pure team of two strikers in the tournament. While 4-4-2 has made something of a comeback from its heyday at the standard tactic in football well in to the 2000s, this is largely as a defensive measure. The 4-4-2 allows two compact banks of four for defence, as shown by Iceland, Burnley, or Athletico Madrid, and gives good coverage of the whole pitch.
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Comments • 691

  • anggungunara
    anggungunara 2 days ago

    How will anyone explain Leverkusen 2001/02 tactic in today's wording? It surely didn't really look like today's most popular shape, but it made a lot of rigid European 4-4-2 sides questioning themselves that year. I think it's still based on German classic shape and philosophy in many parts (Ramelow, anyone?), but the fluidity, defensive sensibility, and ambition to cover space as efficiently as possible is I think a bit ahead of its time. It's almost a diamond with an axis (Ballack switching with Basturk), plus much deeper wingers than today's wing forwards, but in hindsight, I think Neuville - who was supposed to be the lone striker - often acts like one with his wide run to the inside.

  • Victor Tarigan
    Victor Tarigan 2 days ago +2

    And now we have a lautaro and lukaku

  • doczg88
    doczg88 11 days ago

    That's so 1999...

  • Carrington Ndhlovu
    Carrington Ndhlovu 16 days ago

    United are bringing it back

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 18 days ago

    Football is shit now and it is because everything is too safe and predictable due to changing formats.

  • Carlos Soares
    Carlos Soares 19 days ago

    Hey, could you guys take a look at Jorge Jesus' Flamengo in Brazil? He uses a 4-4-2 with intense pressing and fast, vertical, transitions. And while on the topic, maybe take a look at the Brazil squad at 1994 world cup? 4-4-2 at its best. Thank you and have a nice day!

  • Naveen Pisharody
    Naveen Pisharody 20 days ago

    Earlier they played for the team, The more the strikers, the better, Now they play for money, So One striker...

  • Maverick
    Maverick 21 day ago

    Ronaldo at number 9 and Messi at number 10. Dream lineup

  • Haadi Husain
    Haadi Husain 24 days ago

    4312 best formation

  • Pibzy
    Pibzy 25 days ago

    If I ever become a manager I’m having a 3-4-3 with 2 defensive minded mids preferably on the left and right

  • John
    John 25 days ago +1

    Leicester 2015/2016: am I a joke to you?

    • anggungunara
      anggungunara 2 days ago

      Yeah, it's so strange that the video deliberately overlooked them, when they won a very big thing with arguably old-fashioned 4-4-2.

  • Jesse Comitogianni
    Jesse Comitogianni Month ago

    Napoli under Ancelotti use a cool 4-4-2. They have Either Insigne Zyelinski or Ruiz at wide left mid, and in attack they drop behind the striker and it creates a 4-3-1-2.

  • Felipe  Mendes
    Felipe Mendes Month ago

    Jorge Jesus is doing a great job with Flamengo at Campeonato Brasileiro and Copa Libertadores with a 2-man striker system

  • Ali Babi
    Ali Babi Month ago

    really well made video, the content is just amazing, the narration is also good, however im just here wondering two things, how long does it take you to make this videos and what software do you use to make them.

  • Viktoria Vasiliev
    Viktoria Vasiliev Month ago


  • Shardul Tirlotkar
    Shardul Tirlotkar Month ago

    But Ferguson played 4-4-2
    Front 2 strikers and achieved 13pl

  • Joseph Youll
    Joseph Youll Month ago

    Who the fuck is Roy Hodgerson???!

  • Paddy A
    Paddy A Month ago

    Wingers cut inside now and full back overlap them giving support
    Cdm can drop between centre backs

  • Markus Ikast
    Markus Ikast Month ago

    442 is the formation of the underdogs.
    Atleti Got into two Champions league finals and won the league on a Way smaller budget than other clubs.
    Burnley do Very Good in the bpl despite their budget.
    Sweden Got into the quarter finals of the World cup.
    Sweden beats Big teams Like England, despite it being such s small country, and Monaco Got into the chl semi finals.

  • Anirudh Sai
    Anirudh Sai Month ago +1


  • Muhammad Hasham
    Muhammad Hasham Month ago

    I love the 4-4-2
    remember dennis and anelka
    andy cole and yorke
    dennis and thierry
    drogba and anelka

  • BatJoker
    BatJoker Month ago

    Ya guys should watch Flamengo's matchs, they sometimes play with two strikers.

    • BatJoker
      BatJoker Month ago

      The manage is Jorge Jesus

  • Bionity
    Bionity Month ago

    No nation have two N°9 this talented...
    France struggle to have one. If we have this two guys... wow.

  • James Ebola
    James Ebola Month ago

    I like 1 - 9 system and so do the supporters.

  • David Dumitrică
    David Dumitrică Month ago +1

    I used to play a 4-2-4 on FIFA ;)

  • Keir
    Keir Month ago

    Midfield happened

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 2 months ago

    They are gone

  • menoflowicz
    menoflowicz 2 months ago

    Poland had 2 strikers.

  • Hidden Secrets
    Hidden Secrets 2 months ago

    Man after the worldcup in 06 everyone started playing with 1 Player up front

  • Club Astro Transcendental Motor

    And now we have Simeone doing exactly this using Costa and Morata.

  • Atlètico needs a UCL immediately

    Aúpa atleti

  • Romano onamoR
    Romano onamoR 3 months ago

    This is what happened. Suddenly everybody wanted to play 4-3-3.

  • Adnan
    Adnan 3 months ago

    It disappeared because Lippi said so 🙃

  • RSD1
    RSD1 3 months ago

    4-2-3-1 made Wingers most expensive position

    THE ENLIGHTENED ONE 3 months ago

    Kevin Phillips and Nial Quinn. Best little and big man front 2 ever.

  • fatbelly27
    fatbelly27 3 months ago

    Roy Hodg-er-son?

  • Kieran Connelly
    Kieran Connelly 3 months ago

    2-1-5-2 😉

  • surotf2
    surotf2 3 months ago

    coventry had one in that season

  • Foo Aloysius
    Foo Aloysius 3 months ago

    What happened to them? They won the world cup (see Griezmann and Giroud)

  • Xanat Garcia
    Xanat Garcia 4 months ago +1

    Wolves also have adapted this system with jota and Jimenez at front

  • Mag Dog
    Mag Dog 4 months ago

    Never heard of a "Shadow Striker"except the Decepticon, isn't it "Second Striker"?

  • fayez alhamoy
    fayez alhamoy 4 months ago

    Never heard of auba/laca in arsenal?

  • scott Winter
    scott Winter 4 months ago +1

    Southampton are setting up for a 4-2-2-2 in the league this season. Pre season has shown that it's the best formation for our players.

  • Dhanar Putra
    Dhanar Putra 4 months ago

    I really hope the role of long forgotten sweeper defender as in rappan-verrou alive.

  • duhawma
    duhawma 4 months ago

    Did you just assume the gender of the front two? 😜😂

  • Radinka Dynand Mahessara
    Radinka Dynand Mahessara 4 months ago +1

    4-4-2 is an old tactic and favorite during 2000s, but everything change at 2009 when pep guardiola introduce false 9 and triangle form pass (tiki taka), the peak was 2011 final Man United against Barcelona, then after that the football changes become more modern and different apporach, now the basic tactic is 4-3-3 which is same like 4-4-2 at that time.

  • Rhys gelling fisher
    Rhys gelling fisher 4 months ago

    Last decent side i can think off that played 2 strikers was liverpool in 13/14 with sturridge and suarez

  • Jonny Millard
    Jonny Millard 5 months ago

    Who is Roy Hodgerson?

  • Yamil Yamil
    Yamil Yamil 5 months ago

    Argentina is now playing Aguero-Lautaro Martinez up front during copa america with Messi behind them

  • MarbeliniBitchesiniV
    MarbeliniBitchesiniV 5 months ago

    Poland also has got two strikers with Milik and Lewandowski

  • Oisín O'Sullivan
    Oisín O'Sullivan 5 months ago

    Wtf is low block lol
    This is football not nfl

    • Tifo Football
      Tifo Football  5 months ago

      Oisín O'Sullivan thexvid.com/video/NKHwUVYH4hU/video.html

  • Know 1squarter
    Know 1squarter 5 months ago

    The flow of the game is ruined by tacticians. USA is the prime example, a bunch of stagnant robots doing what they are told with no skill.

  • Rippingthosecheeks HONK
    Rippingthosecheeks HONK 5 months ago +1

    Well we also live in a time where people literally just call wingers strikers and don't see the need for them to really cross the ball 😒

  • matteastwood87
    matteastwood87 5 months ago +1

    Lee Cattermole is like having 2 strikers in one player, an unbelievable talent

    • ayf1983
      ayf1983 5 months ago

      Akinfenwa is like having 2 strikers in one person physically. :o

  • Sajjad Rahman
    Sajjad Rahman 5 months ago

    This is why football has gone to shit boring pressing defensive football played by all teams

  • cerverg
    cerverg 5 months ago

    Pretty much everybody plays 4-3-3 with reversed foot attacking wingers and 2 CMs and 1 DM. Uruguay plays classical 4-4-2 cause they should fit both of them (Suarez and Cavani) and that's the only one way

  • Ivan Hasudungan
    Ivan Hasudungan 5 months ago

    liverpool do money talks since mo salah got injured by ramos,,salah now like torres in chelsea,,and the rest of team use their response,,i like barcelona now

  • cobedizzle
    cobedizzle 5 months ago


  • msdm83
    msdm83 5 months ago +1

    Correct, the system is too static. Wingers are pushed too wide and often recieve the ball too deep, with the current level of fitness defenders they can track back to cover. Two CMs are difficult to balance the centre mid and leaves it vulnerable to the counter and bring over run. Attacking 4-4-2 can leave too much of a gap between mid and attack and easier to counter with a nature defence. 442 is also more difficult to run overlaps and isolating the defensive full banks.

  • Eric Augusto
    Eric Augusto 5 months ago

    What i missed about 4 4 2 is the "crosser" winger and those huge towering target man
    The game changes a lot in just a decade
    I still remember those "assister winger"

    • Jordan DeBow
      Jordan DeBow 5 months ago

      I instantly think of David Beckham with Manchester United