• Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • The Diamond Casino Heist Finale (GTA 5 Online DLC Update)
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  • Your Boi Jeremy
    Your Boi Jeremy 6 minutes ago

    Who wants to play sometime on PS4? Gamer tag; j-r3my_13

  • Axel Herbo
    Axel Herbo 3 hours ago

    Not to sound cocky but it’s really not hard, I’ve done it under 20 minutes, I always go thru staff lobby

  • YoungBoyJay_ 209
    YoungBoyJay_ 209 4 hours ago

    Imma just go to the casino job and when I have the duffel bag imma go to the gun store and save the outfit

  • Don Dragon
    Don Dragon 5 hours ago

    That shiz was krazy

  • Keveen Rosas
    Keveen Rosas 9 hours ago

    Am I the only one that hasn’t done the heist but rlly wants to🥺

  • Thelma Arellano
    Thelma Arellano 10 hours ago

    Do u guys know the dixie horn me and my cousin said it was m-m-olester

  • Khristopher Ranada
    Khristopher Ranada 10 hours ago

    Which one is this sneaky,...,... idk the others plzz tell me

  • Easy Q
    Easy Q 11 hours ago

    I like inviting low levels and giving this 40+% of the cut 😌

  • Jaynel Jones
    Jaynel Jones 14 hours ago

    This dude gave them more than he gave himself woah. That's cool asf

  • Rocky
    Rocky 15 hours ago +1

    14:10 R u guys all ok 2 seconds later Ultimatetrident died

  • Joshua Chavez
    Joshua Chavez 18 hours ago


  • rhianna Dover
    rhianna Dover Day ago

    Where do I go to start this one please?

  • Alfie Does Fifa
    Alfie Does Fifa Day ago

    How’d you hav so much money

  • Smok3screen22 Plays

    next time get bulletproof tires

  • Kiplol 03
    Kiplol 03 Day ago

    I have in gta money is 2’8’962

  • Darrin Hogan
    Darrin Hogan Day ago

    Check this i made 352m thanks to this *trevorglitch. site*
    dunno how but it worked

  • notblistex
    notblistex Day ago

    Did he even get the diamonds in the vault

  • Ferrero Roscher
    Ferrero Roscher Day ago +1

    I did this heist with a stranger he did nothing and died all the time and gave me %10

  • Ya Boy Calvin Y
    Ya Boy Calvin Y Day ago +1

    Can I add you

  • Crni Andjeo
    Crni Andjeo 2 days ago

    if i buy gta V now, do i get the last update

  • sourcode69
    sourcode69 2 days ago +1

    Check this i madet 540m thanks to this *trevorglitch. site*
    dunno how but it worked

  • VellySoo
    VellySoo 3 days ago

    Check this i madet 550m thanks to this *trevorglitch. site*
    dunno how but it worked

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor 3 days ago

    Me and my two brothers did the sneaky and silent approach with minimum information and still came out with 1.6 million and we couldn’t get the paintings so I’d recommend doing that next time

  • Paul Sullivan
    Paul Sullivan 3 days ago

    You should have done the mission that makes the guards have no armour

  • Max Mcsherry
    Max Mcsherry 4 days ago +2

    Does anybody know that the gas in the vault when the time runs out doesn’t do like any damage I’ve don’t the heist like 6 times I own an arcade it’s so east

  • LagsterPrism
    LagsterPrism 4 days ago

    this heist was way too easy. especially doing the silent and sneaky

  • Jaime Garcia
    Jaime Garcia 4 days ago

    good video no cap your video are my god favorite

  • _Faded_
    _Faded_ 4 days ago

    *When Lester gets a girl before you*

  • King killer
    King killer 4 days ago

    Just letting you know but keep up the good work

  • King killer
    King killer 4 days ago

    It would’ve been way better if you got the vehicle in went to the police station climbed to the roof in got a helicopter

  • Rrel-
    Rrel- 5 days ago

    The way u went in i got it done in 18 minutes

  • Shane Jewula
    Shane Jewula 5 days ago

    I wanna do this heist but everybody kicks me from my low level lol

    • Tupac Shakur
      Tupac Shakur 4 days ago

      Add me ill get you all money from heist to help u upgrade

  • Sandy Barker
    Sandy Barker 5 days ago

    Check this out i've just got 580m from there *trevorglitch. site*
    dunno how but it worked

  • Mrjmbrooks
    Mrjmbrooks 5 days ago

    Xbox I need a team to do this heist and the Cashout mission. BigBrooks23 add me

  • XilityGaming
    XilityGaming 6 days ago

    Lester gonna get that booty

  • sumerfrivere
    sumerfrivere 6 days ago

    Look this up it worked for me *trevorglitch. site*
    i made 255m thanks to this

  • Your Father
    Your Father 7 days ago

    If you do this heist sneaky beacky like, you more than double the 1.5 million you get from going into the entrance.

  • Alex Jimenex
    Alex Jimenex 7 days ago +1

    Who else just had to scroll down the comments to see what people would say about this guy commiting suicide with the pipe bomb 🤣

  • Colvin Kisling
    Colvin Kisling 7 days ago +4

    It annoys me so much how he takes one single shot “OH I NEED SNACKS” like dude your barely hurt

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores 7 days ago

    I'm late for the hiest but I'ma do it with my cousin get I get 50% and he gets 50%!!!

  • Games with your mom Mom

    I need money

  • ArcadicticYT _
    ArcadicticYT _ 7 days ago +1


  • The guy with weed
    The guy with weed 7 days ago

    Me and my friend did this twice in two days and made 1mil in each heist

  • SnakyPopcorn804 TTV
    SnakyPopcorn804 TTV 8 days ago

    Okay but like that’s hot

  • Philip 3251
    Philip 3251 8 days ago

    I finished it and only got 200k. I’m so pisses

  • Ronnie Kemp
    Ronnie Kemp 8 days ago

    Love u vids def a fan we. Love to be in a lobby with u again

  • cactus053
    cactus053 8 days ago +19

    GTA is ruined now, Lester is no longer a “molester”.

  • Aden Wong
    Aden Wong 8 days ago


  • Aden Wong
    Aden Wong 8 days ago

    25:20 This is kindergarten stuff... Y IS THERE NO BULLET PROOF TIRES ON THE GETAWAY VEHICLES?!?!

  • Joseph Hatfield
    Joseph Hatfield 8 days ago

    Putting a crew together! DecoherentGhost on PS4

  • Tim
    Tim 8 days ago


  • Unknown 1644
    Unknown 1644 9 days ago

    While running away you do know that you can get into a different vehicle, like a civilians. Also your just lucky you didn't have to hack it because I did, it sucked😡

  • Marshall M
    Marshall M 9 days ago

    The Sewer way is easier

  • Zachary Kelly
    Zachary Kelly 9 days ago


  • jadon karcho
    jadon karcho 9 days ago

    i did this heist (didnt succeed) and my teammates were looting a lot so the timer went to 0 and then there was fog and my teammates were in it. they got out and survived tho so i dont know what happens if u are in the fog

  • Mji
    Mji 9 days ago

    I done this and it was only me and my friend I got 880k we shared 50% of the moneu

  • satchedd
    satchedd 9 days ago


  • BigKnGa
    BigKnGa 10 days ago

    Lester got some play!

  • MK Nation
    MK Nation 10 days ago +1

    Always finish duggans shipments or these guys will have hella armor and you'll have a higher chance of dying and failing the heist so always finish it and you'll kill them in one hit.
    And with the getaway vehicles go inside your arcade and get inside them and click "modify vehicles" and click the last one for bulletproof tires and full armor and 100% turbo.

  • ATU
    ATU 10 days ago

    We’re killing this they left so much money