Eddie Trunk on Paul Stanley “Cheating” Vocals During his KISS End of the Road Tour Shows 2018


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    • D C
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    • Eddy Priest
      Eddy Priest 2 months ago +1

      The Clash would’ve never done such a disgraceful thing

    • Anarchy Man
      Anarchy Man 3 months ago

      If you look at the end of the road tour interview. Pauls mouth droops on the side here and there. Pauls voice is gone via a minor stroke.

  • canadianshadowrider

    John Bon Jovi has done this for years..... how else does Britney Spears do a Vegas show and tells everyone "i am lip synching" .... it's become the standard unfortunately...

  • Angel Luna
    Angel Luna 2 days ago

    Saw KISS the other night in Corpus Christi, Tx at the American Bank Center. Paul didn’t lip sync . He struggled with notes (vocals). Was a warrior throughout. Great Show

  • UncleAndy46511
    UncleAndy46511 3 days ago

    It is more about the experience and seeing the show. They are Icons and are in their 60's. It is about seeing the show and the pyro. Backing tracks just make the sound more full and make the show better.

  • RZR Ron Production's

    Paul is 67 now, father time has caught up with him, he is the most talented in kiss and has a voice of an angel, but if uses tracks to make him sound like he did in the 70s, he should hire someone else to put the makeup on and sing for him, isnt that why ace and peter are not allowed on this tour, because ace and peter cant play there parts?

  • JT Michaelson
    JT Michaelson 4 days ago

    Milli Vanilli didn't get busted for just lip syncing, they were caught not even recording the vocals in the first place. There is a HUGE difference.

  • Yolonda M Browm
    Yolonda M Browm 4 days ago

    Eddie needs to GTFO himself! If ANYONE thinks using backing tracks, lip syncing, etc is new to rock, hard rock or heavy metal they are DELUSIONAL! The ONLY thing that he got right during this rant was that most people don’t care. I most certainly don’t care because I am fully aware of the techniques the artists I pay to see in concert use. John Francis Bongiovi Jr (Bon Jovi) needs to use backing tracks and lip sync! He sounds abysmal now. (Also, he over uses auto tune during the recording process.) His vocals were off the charts bad at the last Bon Jovi concert I went to in 2018.But, I didn’t care because the concert overall was good.
    So long as the artists put on a good or fantastic show, the fans will continue to buy tickets. Regardless of the use of backing tracks and/or lip syncing.

  • Nicholas Fanzo
    Nicholas Fanzo 6 days ago

    Go see Maiden...no bull shit.

  • Richard MacHugh
    Richard MacHugh 6 days ago

    Everyone seeing KISS wants to be badly entertained. Duh.

  • Pete Mote
    Pete Mote 6 days ago

    Kiss, you're paying for the spectacle. 400$+ floor tickets for a non live show. When haven't Kiss been a total
    money grab? 1973-74? Pathetic excuse...….

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood 7 days ago

    I was such a massive kiss fan for so many years. Nowadays, they embarrass me 😫😫

  • Mike Davitt
    Mike Davitt 7 days ago

    Sad. Paul and Gene have expensive lifestyles and have thrown away tons of cash on failed businesses. I last saw them in 08 and Paul was struggling then. At least he did sing.

  • Cunning Stunt
    Cunning Stunt 9 days ago

    Now a few weeks into the tour and all the lip syncing fails and tracks are being exposed, they truly suck.

  • Dan Pinkey
    Dan Pinkey 10 days ago

    Saw them in 85, 2000, and 2019 Feb 9th. 2019 was wifes first time. We were happy.

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 10 days ago

    Paul McCartney dose no lip sync

  • fretman09
    fretman09 11 days ago

    this is the reason, why i paid for cheap seats i am just curious what is going on...Yes, Paul cant sing anymore, maybe hire a tribute band musician to help out. this i think would be the best idea.
    but really 400.00 seats! thats just crazy!

  • Matthew Cole
    Matthew Cole 11 days ago

    Who cares the only people that really make a big deal out of it are the ones that are still butthurt that ace and awful peter criss are gone like eddie

  • Dave Park
    Dave Park 11 days ago

    you might want to put more commercials in during your video's, I'm loosing interest watching 2 min between them. you need one every 30 seconds. J.A.

  • M S
    M S 11 days ago

    Hey! It’s on video “ Kiss Portland “ Pycho Circus “ live second show of the tour it’s in the beginning Paul’s away from his mic and you hear “ yeah!” Lol he had no choice but to sing the song and it’s awful. Check it on here TheXvid

  • andyoutandabout1
    andyoutandabout1 11 days ago

    Yeah, I think there was a bit of help in Sacramento the other night. I don’t really care. Looking at the visual spectacle it was, I realized how little of my ticket money paid for. Like probably a few handfuls of confetti that rained down for almost an entire song, or half a puff from the multitude of flame tubes. Just look at the gear they bought with them. It was truck full on truck full. Ticket money well spent

  • Darrin Ros
    Darrin Ros 12 days ago

    It is Kiss. Ok, not Robert Plant who can still sing his ass off. It is Kiss, who gives two fucks. Don't buy the tickets. No Ace No Peter, no tickee no laundry.... Get it..

  • William Ayers
    William Ayers 12 days ago

    And I'm not one of many paying hard earned money to see a band lip synch. It's a disgrace.

  • mykill fano
    mykill fano 12 days ago

    corporate bullshit band they haven't been good since the 80's gene's a douche

    PHANTOM LEGION 12 days ago

    I agree They are back dubbing , they have recordings of live shows they did 20 years ago , when doing a show on the end of the world Tour they have a back dub for each city so they can do their set lists and is less obvious as for instances , Vancouver , They run the back dub through the whole show that was recorded live in Vancouver that's why the same songs are being played in the same order , 20 years ago . Back dubbing has been used since the 90's , an audience wont pick it up as the back dub was recorded live , and the levels are different each time because if they are in Detroit they play the Detroit back dub . Mandrake Blackstone called them out on their Vancouver . Blackstone is a professional published musician so what he has to say is more creditable then some fan or player in a bar band , The whole end of the road show is pure fake , Your right how can someone sing or play with intensity one night then the very next night play the exact same amount of energy ? Paul's voice dose not sound like sang a full concert the next day . So what dose that say ? Blackstone has called KISS out many times . They are pushing close to 70 yet doing full shows . At their age there is no way Paul and Gene can Pull of a full 3 set show and sound the same the next day .

  • Nick
    Nick 12 days ago

    people making such a big deal of it but I don't see anyone complaining about drummers using triggers and of course, the fucking autotune live and in the studio, I'm totally against these kinda things but the line was crossed way, waaaay a long time ago, it just doesn't surprise me anymore, I would go and see KISS anyway just because it will be my last chance so, basically, they got me by the balls xD

  • shawneehills7
    shawneehills7 12 days ago

    No Ace and Peter...no dice.

  • Shaky Blues
    Shaky Blues 12 days ago

    I'm not condoning it but... I work with big bands in a professional capacity on shows (not mentioning anyone particularly). The use of backing tracks, click tracks and even session musicians offstage is very common - EVEN in the rock and metal world. It's been going on in my industry for years. It's entertainment, that's all. If you go to a gig and it sounded terrible because the band can't play like the record, you'd want your money back. Now you've discovered the backing tracks, you want your money back. No win situation. The walls of Marshall cabinets you see at gigs mostly aren't even plugged in, as the bands play through digital effect racks hidden behind them. I could name some really big players who do this, but I would lose my work. Welcome to the entertainment world.

  • Ford Country
    Ford Country 12 days ago

    You wanted the best.. they're NOT the best. The fakest band in the world... Milli Kissili!!!

  • Victor R
    Victor R 12 days ago

    This is why Bruce Dickinson & Iron Maiden will go into history as the best!

  • Bubba Upton
    Bubba Upton 13 days ago

    Saw them last night in Sacramento and there was no indication that Paul was lip syncing?

  • Longhair Justdontcare
    Longhair Justdontcare 13 days ago

    If kiss is lip syncing how do I get a refund

  • mag2469
    mag2469 13 days ago

    Just get ace and peter back in the band and go out the way you came,Which was down and dirty sloppy rock n roll, fuckin let it all hang out some cold gin she and black diamond. Long live wicked lester!!!!!!

  • William Curry
    William Curry 14 days ago

    you watch and see the tour will be a lot shorter than you expect UNLESS they tell the truth but if they do - the tour well you know STOP no one or very few will come ..im NOT

  • realrocker777
    realrocker777 14 days ago

    Just saw the new KISS show twice. No lip syncing that we could see.....and our seats were very close.

  • jaguaron007
    jaguaron007 14 days ago

    I’m the biggest R&R fan but these old dudes Should retire now!! I will listen the old records rather

  • L Morales
    L Morales 14 days ago

    There is video on you tube that shows the backing vocals going off and Paul nowhere near the mic. Rip off! End of the Road is now.

  • Tcrsst
    Tcrsst 14 days ago

    I love Kiss, and Paul Stanley. But, tracks? tickets should be $20 then. Look at Robert Plant. I saw him last summer, NO tracks, but signing where his voice is. The new recored he put out, plus a few LIVE LED ZEP III tunes.KISS - Drop the key. Or, rework them so we hear kiss circa 2019. Tapes? Don't bother. I love you cats, but do it live.....with what you are capable of. I'm sure it would be grea(choose sets according, change keys....whatever you need to do)t. For those that want Paul CIrca1988, too bad. Thats gone. thats what records are for. buy those records. ANd hear Paul 2019. Don't like it? dont buy the ticket. Buy the Crazy Nights live DVD.....Also, Paul, why isnt Reason To live in the set? the best Power ballad of the decade by you and Desmond child - drop it a minor 3rd - you'd still sing it great

  • mufo zomby
    mufo zomby 14 days ago

    thir is no rule or law how to make or play music.. ok?? lol efects on vocals,, rob harfred from judas priest use efects to sound like 7singers at once.. robertplant ect.. then aouto tune comes up.. pro singers use auto tune?? gutar players use efects to sond like 23 gutars... rob zomby has been doing using backing tracks for years.. motley also.. whats the big deal.. i dont understand evryone who dont get on stage can judge anyone who does.. lets see you go onstage.. good luk lol.. its the year 2018 its the future not 1973 get over it.. lol pinkfloyed uses evrything its show biz time

  • james Maillet
    james Maillet 15 days ago

    Fucking Leach

  • james Maillet
    james Maillet 15 days ago

    Your voice makes me want to knock you the fuck out

  • james Maillet
    james Maillet 15 days ago

    Fuck off Eddie and fuck off to the Paul Stanley negative comments.Get out there you pieces of shits and try doing what he's done

  • Matt Wilson
    Matt Wilson 16 days ago


  • Rick Quist
    Rick Quist 16 days ago

    The soundchecks must be fun...

  • DethOfDrgnz
    DethOfDrgnz 17 days ago

    Sometimes backing tracks are ok sometimes in the studio there will be layered sounds, digital sound effects, and multiple instruments and extra background vocals which you can't bring a whole orchestra/choir on stage but the backing tracks should just be for those extras something that can't be done live. Lead vocals should always be done for real and guitar bass drums should all be done for real on stage. As far as having the same or original members. When it comes to metal, vocals and guitar players are important but you can trade out your bass and drummers they are not as important.

  • Christopher W. Jarvis
    Christopher W. Jarvis 17 days ago

    One of the best rock vocalist out still touring is Glen Hughes and you can see it is because he keeps it up.He does not sit around for a few years gett8ng lazy n out of shape drinking or doing drugs.
    Its a sport like no other to be a rock n roll god with stamina.M8ck Jagger is living proof of this
    But it is best when it is 100% real 100% live 100% what you get is blown away when they do it.
    The Real Deal!
    And Paul Stanley should know that talk8ng & yelling is bad for your singing voice. So is being out of physical touring shape....

  • mike May
    mike May 17 days ago

    It hurts me to say this because I love every iteration of KISS, but if you REALLY want to see a KISS show, go see Mr. Speed. When Gene said KISS could continue without the original members, I immediately felt that Mr. Speed should be the hired guns they bring in to continue the legacy. They are legitimately better than the current band, and put on a flawless replica performance.

  • Louis F. Lamas
    Louis F. Lamas 18 days ago

    Everybody is doing this in their live concerts. It is no big deal anymore. From Rock groups to Country singers to Danc music people to Kathy Perry, Madonna . Either you pay or stay home. It is very simple. LOL...Geez!!

  • Trüe Brit
    Trüe Brit 18 days ago

    The number of fans defending them is ridiculous. These people are delusional. The fact that most people don't give a shit is sad. The cost of shows is through the roof and the quality of music is in the shitter.

  • Shane's World
    Shane's World 18 days ago

    Went to the concert. Heard none of this but oh well.

  • j biddy
    j biddy 18 days ago +3

    Put them out there TRUNK!!!!

  • LOKISlog7
    LOKISlog7 18 days ago

    The kiss TRIBUTE ACT now resorting to milli-vanilli - SAD and PATHETIC

  • Will O'Rear
    Will O'Rear 18 days ago

    Vince Neil never used backing tracks. He went out there night after night and gave it his best shot. That’s how rock n roll should be, not this bullshit.

  • Guitar Noise
    Guitar Noise 18 days ago

    I go to Metal shows several times a year and there are backing tracks in all the shows. Backup vocal tracks are normal now. But the lead vocalist do sing from what I
    see but theres alot of prerecorded
    tracks anymore. The mosh pits are still real tho.

  • ricky Hyppa
    ricky Hyppa 19 days ago

    Delete the backing tracks, bring in Ace and Peter, then i'll go see them play. Almost considered seeing this version of the lineup but with all the videos on youtube proving Eddie is right, i'm good. I'd rather just stay home and watch Detroit Rock City (The movie with Edward Furlong) as atleast the actual band is in it!

  • Emily J Blunt
    Emily J Blunt 19 days ago

    I was at the first show in Vancouver and it was obvious Paul was "getting help". I won the tickets as the radio station was giving tonnes of them away. Regular T shirts were actually $100 - I have never seen that before at a concert.

  • Arthur S
    Arthur S 19 days ago

    These days if you go to a KISS concert, you are going to watch a BRAND, not a band. If you want to watch a band of musicians and singers then go to an Ace Frehley concert.

  • Dustin Lafferty
    Dustin Lafferty 19 days ago

    I was there . They sang it. They played it. Skipped a few high notes but otherwise it was real.

  • albert arteaga
    albert arteaga 20 days ago

    Hey Eddie Don’t Be Surprise if Gene knocks down Paul under the bus if he can’t sing anymore..just to get more money for himself and hire some other singer to put on Paul’s makeup😂talk about Karma on Paul 😆

  • Bonham House
    Bonham House 20 days ago

    You couldn’t pay me to see KISS!

  • PaperbackWriter
    PaperbackWriter 20 days ago

    Here's hoping the back tracks fail during a show and KISS calls it a career. Cheating in music is no different than cheating in sports; fans have zero tolerance.

    GRITBISCUIT 20 days ago

    Steel Panther RULES!

  • Hefty Alan
    Hefty Alan 20 days ago

    Unacceptable for me but if others' want to pay $125 for Milli Vanilli it is up to them but definitely not for me. When I go to see a live band I want to see a live band. Definitely don't get this in punk, my choice of music. I actually agree with Eddie 100% on this one.

  • Tim Ash
    Tim Ash 20 days ago

    yup they did , on that disco song lol

  • John Henry Thomas
    John Henry Thomas 21 day ago

    And why is any major journalist going to you for a story whenever you haven't even seen the show.....that is what is wrong you offer your opinion whenever you haven't even went you're going by a friend of a friend of a friend's tale..... You're so important Eddie and yet you still can't figure out why Kiss wants nothing to do with you.. your inflated ego that's lived off the backs of all these groups and being a fanboy has given you some kind of self-importance that really shouldn't exist. How about you get up there for 45 years and do what Paul's done ? You couldn't..... And then you call yourself a fan like half the rest of these punks on here…why not respect the 45 years that they've given us. Paul has had both of his hips replaced shoulder surgeries and on and on.they've always been positive role models only to be getting tore down by the likes of you. It's sad that kids who watched her videos on TheXvid have to hear the crap that you spew and just can't like the band for what they like them for like we used to do. But yet your inflated ego tells you it's all okay because it's just your opinion.well how about this how about you keep your f****** opinion to yourself because never kiss is gone who else is going to listen to.you talk about them almost on every show your callers call about them on every show you rode their coattails. You are the ultimate fanboy gone wrong

  • John Henry Thomas
    John Henry Thomas 21 day ago

    always so easy for you to say everyone I spoke to in the music industry or I have a friend or all the friends I have. Why don't you f****** go to the show and see for yourself you fat f*** instead of spreading f****** bunch of s*** you really don't know nothing about. All your good about is starting trouble starting rumors and then it spreads that's why Kiss no longer associate themselves with you. You would think you would f****** wise up but you don't.oh but let me play the Eddie trunk card and say Eddie I really do like your show and I really do like a lot of the interviews you do LOL. Go crawl back up the Acehole

  • Scott Kendall
    Scott Kendall 22 days ago

    I have one thing to say here.......FUCK YOU EDDIE TRUNK. Fucking piece of shit ass clown.

  • Finch Harper
    Finch Harper 22 days ago +2

    I don't pay for concert tickets to hear tracks/lip synching, if I want that, I download the album.

  • Doug Robitaille
    Doug Robitaille 23 days ago +2

    I spent $140 for my seat and if I'm spending this much money, KISS better not lip sync!!

  • Art Pereira
    Art Pereira 24 days ago

    I don't understand the following KISS has, never will.

    • Art Pereira
      Art Pereira 23 days ago

      +C JM3206 Marketing is one thing, but as you say "indoctrinating" is another thing. Eventually people snap out of it but damn ...

  • Ernesto Deluna
    Ernesto Deluna 25 days ago

    you are a fool all your life you have talked about them. that's why you eat, you could never have them in your program and today you speak badly so you can continue eating. Is better shut up your fucking mouth

  • Olaf Anthony
    Olaf Anthony 26 days ago

    Hypocrisy or maybe another word BS why people focus on Milli Vanilli when their producer did it for Boney M. Nobody cares about that. Why Elton John was praised back in the day for opening doors in Russia (Soviet Union) but Queen was condemned for performing in South Africa. Could they not have been praised for opening doors? They did not play to segregated audiences. How about critics criticizing the Knack for ripping off the Beatles album cover but praising the Clash for copying an Elvis cover? The WWF had it right when it came to heroes and villains we are all the same its the Mob rules.

  • Anonyomus
    Anonyomus 28 days ago

    Why is the voice track repeating itself? He starts talking about Bon Jovi, Motley Crue etc. all over again, it's exactly the same line. Is this video prolonged by copy/pasting stuff? Happened on Xbox One's TheXvid on two different videos for now.

  • Goosecore
    Goosecore 28 days ago

    There are people 15-20 years younger doing the same, like the singer of Steel Panther. Saw it on gig footage, it was sad. Paul on the other hand shouldnt sing at all. He cant talk between songs without his voice cracking into 5 different notes he doesnt mean to actually produce. It's just sad, nothing but sad.

  • Dmarie Kight
    Dmarie Kight 28 days ago

    Eddie trunk keep your big fat lips off Paul Stanley leave him alone your mouth is so big it looks like a elephant ass leave Paul Stanley's alone and the band alone

  • Travis Crabtree
    Travis Crabtree 28 days ago

    Metal highlights you rock
    I love to hear Eddie Trunk Ass
    whine and screech

  • Bert Bert
    Bert Bert Month ago

    Eddie's not smart enough to tell if bands are using a backing track? He has to wait until they admit it. Lol

  • Jeremy Elliott
    Jeremy Elliott Month ago

    No one seemed to give a shit that Paul clearly sang to a backup track of his voice on Detroit Rock City in Sydney 1980. I dunno why suddenly it’s such a surprise that Paul would sing along to a backup track now. 🤔

  • Bill Dow
    Bill Dow Month ago

    I’m 50 now and I realized at the ripe old age of 13 that kiss was nothing but a bunch of talentless hacks...and you’re all just figuring it out now lol....oh the wasted years.
    Oh and the best LIVE band that exists on the planet is by far STYX...They would wipe the floor with Kiss and theeir stupid wigs.

  • James Nestler
    James Nestler Month ago

    Paul Stanley lip syncing is nowhere near as bad as Eddie Trunk pretending his opinion matters.

  • Erasmus
    Erasmus Month ago

    Honestly the real reason they’re doing lipsync is because Paul Stanley sang with not just 100% but 120% of himself every night for 30+ years. Go figure his voice would give out eventually. Cut him some slack. But yes perhaps then they shouldn’t perform at all. Not a fan of watching playback either

  • Jym E. Changa
    Jym E. Changa Month ago +1

    they WILL be lip synching. Anyone who goes to see these conmen should be shipped to asshole island

  • Merv Spence
    Merv Spence Month ago


  • Dmarie Kight
    Dmarie Kight Month ago

    look fool i am going to tell u this one more time Paul Stanley's doesn't lip sync when he sings it comes from within him who ever talk down on him one more time don't do that

  • Dmarie Kight
    Dmarie Kight Month ago

    Eddie trunk keep big fat mouth off Paul Stanley leave him alone u are nothing but a pig face leave Paul Stanley's alone do u understand

  • John  Barnes
    John Barnes Month ago

    Kiss makes music for the deaf dumb and blind.

  • John  Barnes
    John Barnes Month ago

    wow for the first time I completely agree with Eddie!

  • Ronnie Gibson
    Ronnie Gibson Month ago

    i don't care if that is what it takes for last show .im taking my grandson doesn't want him to be disappointed and give kiss a bad name. for sound.sound was good when i sean them 2 times just won't him to see a good show.

  • Metal RocksOn
    Metal RocksOn Month ago

    Paul is almost as bad as Vince Neil live!! Kiss is the biggest joke in music! Hundreds of songs and maybe a dozen good ones! Saw them about 10 years ago and they sucked then!! Bruce left when it started going downhill! Kiss is just about the all mighty dollar!

  • mike bush
    mike bush Month ago

    Fuck that.. gene and Paul have been ripping off the fans fir years. Outside sing writers I quit being a fan when they started singing Michael Bolton songs

  • Walkingdude
    Walkingdude Month ago

    I don't trust kiss, they are money grubbers, will not spend money on their concerts. It's free on youtube..plus these guys are the biggest posers ever

  • Nunyun Bizz
    Nunyun Bizz Month ago

    Paul needs to be replaced with a better singer who wears his makeup.

  • Mr. Thundermaker
    Mr. Thundermaker Month ago

    i think that the "showboat" PAUL STANLEY needs to simply sit down shut up and just watch, to be quite honest.. not just the singing but his guitar playing as well. the more recent song "all for the love of rock and roll" is a great tune! eric singer has a great voice. but my god! when paul opens his mouth and tries to sing and play along with tommy, the whole thing is ruined. it sounds terrible and his guitar is out of synch with tommys. PAUL... DUDE! they got this, they dont need your help!

  • Joe Kalk
    Joe Kalk Month ago

    What I said...

  • superlead100100
    superlead100100 Month ago

    I'm amazed anyone gives a shit about anything Eddie Trunk has to say.

  • Heather Chinault
    Heather Chinault Month ago

    There pushing 70 should be chillin doing cheap concerts not ripping em off.

  • Duncan Macdougall
    Duncan Macdougall Month ago

    I noticed even in old footage that sometimes they dont even look like they are playing there instruments,how can sound be coming out when your not even touching the guitar or bass

  • MrMickygbanger
    MrMickygbanger Month ago

    Kiss in one week has lived more than you in a lifetime you jealous prick. Who give a fuck!

  • MrMickygbanger
    MrMickygbanger Month ago

    Who cares!

  • mark d
    mark d Month ago

    Stop Cheating! I Mean It!