The Christmas Chronicles | Featurette: True Believers [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
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    The Christmas Chronicles, a holiday adventure from producer Chris Columbus (“Home Alone”, "Harry Potter") and director Clay Kaytis ("The Angry Birds Movie"), tells the story of sister and brother, Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis), whose Christmas Eve plan to catch Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) on camera turns into an unexpected journey that most kids could only dream about. After staking out Santa’s arrival, they sneak into his sleigh, cause it to crash and nearly derail Christmas. As their wild night unfolds, Kate and Teddy work together with Santa - as you've never seen him before - and his loyal Elves to save Christmas before it's too late.
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    The Christmas Chronicles | Featurette: True Believers [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 72

  • Meerletalis Etherium
    Meerletalis Etherium 7 months ago +1

    I hope the title means sequels.

  • Олег Толчин
    Олег Толчин 7 months ago

    Amazing, respect Russell...

  • K-rex
    K-rex 7 months ago


  • Ezgi Karabulut
    Ezgi Karabulut 7 months ago

    The Best christmas movie ❤

  • Brendan Corey
    Brendan Corey 7 months ago +1

    Kurt Russell is the best Santa Claus

  • Esmea Sx
    Esmea Sx 7 months ago

    Ey deze film was toch vroeger ook altijd op nickelodeon?

  • John W
    John W 7 months ago

    Very good show. BUT its copying a movie made in 1988.. ernest saves christmas! Watch it.. exact same thing. Of course without the cutting edge special effects. Kids non believer.. santas thrown in jail.. sings with inmates.. kids and elfs help santa save christmas etc.

  • 8 cats
    8 cats 7 months ago

    Watched it tonight fantastic! Will be a new go to Christmas tradition. 👍🎁🎄

  • My Videos
    My Videos 7 months ago

    I have seen this movie last weekend and it was amazing movie!!😉

  • planetwasabi
    planetwasabi 7 months ago

    I just watched the film! My tears haven't finished drying yet... (Love from a film student in Toronto

  • espeon and vaporeon amv 765

    I seend it I love it

  • Vigen Kosakyan
    Vigen Kosakyan 7 months ago

    He's the best!!

  • Steve Santa
    Steve Santa 7 months ago

    I loved it ... when can I get it on DVD ?

  • blannk15
    blannk15 7 months ago

    Where's rudolph? Can someone explain?

  • Gabe Crouch
    Gabe Crouch 8 months ago

    Just finished this movies and I give it a 100/10!! It was a great movie with great actors and 11 minutes in i was already choked up (watch the movie to understand) Thank you Netflix and a job well done!!

  • Starr Sinches
    Starr Sinches 8 months ago +1

    I LOVED it!! Absolutely amazing!! Beautiful! Cuteness overload! Warm, inviting heartfelt 😍😍😍😍

  • Vro B
    Vro B 8 months ago

    Vraiment bon film!

  • 525Lines
    525Lines 8 months ago

    Chris Columbus! That makes sense. It really feels like a movie from 20 years ago, like a Disney Channel movie. Good stuff.

  • kennova01
    kennova01 8 months ago

    new christmas classic....

  • Lavina Kueker
    Lavina Kueker 8 months ago


    • Secret S
      Secret S 8 months ago

      Lavina Kueker omg I just finished watching it and it was so good!!

  • Mystic Fish
    Mystic Fish 8 months ago +4

    it's the dad from sky high

  • Utah Malone
    Utah Malone 8 months ago +1

    Its coming out tomorrow on Thanksgiving day. I'm ready to watch it

  • shibainu shiro suki
    shibainu shiro suki 8 months ago +4

    Looking forward to see this but would have loved to see at least a crib or baby Jesus for a second. This is his birthday / feast, right?

  • keen
    keen 8 months ago +3

    I hope this is better than Pixels.

  • Chris ray
    Chris ray 8 months ago +1

    To bad people don't see Christmas like it should be anymore...sad

    • merickful
      merickful 7 months ago

      Yeah! Screw them for not seeing Christmas as you think it should be. That's the Christmas spirit all right!
      Way to be an advocate for your own statement!

  • Karena
    Karena 8 months ago +4

    I love Christmas movies.

  • merickful
    merickful 8 months ago +4

    So that's where Pliskin escaped to....I'm in!

  • Violet Rain
    Violet Rain 8 months ago +3

    I haven't even watched the movie yet, and I already know Kurt's going to be my favorite actor who has ever played Santa:)

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 8 months ago +6

    My mom will love this lol.

  • Avik roy chowdhury
    Avik roy chowdhury 8 months ago

    Marry Christmas 🌲 to the kart Russel .

  • fr10wi
    fr10wi 8 months ago +2


  • RandomPath
    RandomPath 8 months ago +4

    Dude, you had me at Kurt Russell

  • Father Tyrone
    Father Tyrone 8 months ago +2

    Will he burn some aliens in this movie?

  • Forrest Austin
    Forrest Austin 8 months ago +3

    Looks really good

  • donna cobs
    donna cobs 8 months ago +1


  • jimmi høvring
    jimmi høvring 8 months ago +2

    Looks like an even shittier version than the Tim Allen one (I can't be bothered to look up the title, but they made like 3 of them)

    • jimmi høvring
      jimmi høvring 8 months ago

      @Emily Fiumara OH YEAH!
      That's right, they had a stupid pun in the title... Man, that was purely idiotic.

    • Emily Fiumara
      Emily Fiumara 8 months ago

      It’s literally called The Santa Clause😂

    • jimmi høvring
      jimmi høvring 8 months ago +2

      @강오님 I don't speak that.

    • 강오님
      강오님 8 months ago


  • JCrules
    JCrules 8 months ago +11

    I miss Jesus lately in christmas storys. ;) still gonna enjoy this one

    • JCrules
      JCrules 7 months ago

      @merickful sorry im not a flat earther.. the bible said 1000 of years ago its round..and guess what the bible is is round

    • merickful
      merickful 7 months ago

      Get lost flat-earther.

    • JCrules
      JCrules 8 months ago +4

      @ImmortalMachine haha dont agree for 1 bit. 😁

    • ImmortalMachine
      ImmortalMachine 8 months ago +2

      Because Jesus is boring

  • Roccia Freeman
    Roccia Freeman 8 months ago

    Santa with a flametrower and a uzi

  • MrHothead099
    MrHothead099 8 months ago +1

    Way better with that bigass beard on you imo.

  • kulung yogen rai
    kulung yogen rai 8 months ago

    subscribe me

  • Lindsey Lou-who
    Lindsey Lou-who 8 months ago +7

    I'd love to sit on that Santa's lap and ask for presents. Kurt Russell is so damn gorgeous.

    • merickful
      merickful 7 months ago

      If you sit on his lap, you won't have to ask for presents....bring Cindy.

  • TMercan31
    TMercan31 8 months ago +10

    Kurt Russell is still yummy! 😍
    And he makes a great Santa 🎅

  • Eric Jae
    Eric Jae 8 months ago +4

    I got a new girlfriend this is the best holiday season ever !

    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 8 months ago +3

    Netflix has the worst Christmas movies!

    • Robert Varley
      Robert Varley 7 months ago

      @merickful Lol half of what you just said made no sense. I guess you're just trying to sound smart.
      I can back up my claim. OKJA, Mudbound, Meyerowitz Stories, Apostle, Set it Up, Next Gen, To all the Boys I've Loved Before, Outlaw King, 22 July, Private Life, Ballad of Buster Scruggs. All really good netflix films. I think all are 80-90%+ on Rotten tomatoes too

    • merickful
      merickful 7 months ago

      @Robert Varley
      "You're not watching the right ones."
      HAHAHAHA. Because your opinion of movies is the same as everyone else's? Everyone has personal experiences throughout life that dictate our likes and dislikes. I bet all your friends hated those movies so now your projecting your disbelief into us....see I can make wild assumptions based off of little to no information too.

    • Robert Varley
      Robert Varley 8 months ago

      @Father Tyrone Meyerowitz Stories, OKJA, Mudbound, Next Gen, Apostle, Outlaw King, Cam, Ballad of Buster Stories, Set it Up, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Apostle. You think they're bad films? Clearly no taste.

    • Father Tyrone
      Father Tyrone 8 months ago

      @Robert Varley
      Joke____/ you \_____

    • Robert Varley
      Robert Varley 8 months ago +3

      @Father Tyrone You're not watching the right ones.

  • jade thomas
    jade thomas 8 months ago +29

    Kurt Russell is the Santa I never knew I needed. I can’t wait for this film 🎅🏼

  • Iliana Roldán
    Iliana Roldán 8 months ago +2

    Wow ❤
    La quiero ver 😉✨

  • Mustafa sultane
    Mustafa sultane 8 months ago +4

    Omg😱😱6 million subscribers I hope one day I gonna have 6 million but I never gonna get 😕😔

    • merickful
      merickful 8 months ago

      @Forrest Austin
      You fell for the bait....shame on you!

    • Father Tyrone
      Father Tyrone 8 months ago

      I only got 3 videos and 140 subs with no problem. If i wanted 1000subs im sure i could do. You just have to know how TheXvid work and work for it.

    • Forrest Austin
      Forrest Austin 8 months ago

      You wont be retiring on 6mil subscribers

    • ImmortalMachine
      ImmortalMachine 8 months ago

      Need to do more than 1 video a month then.