• Published on Jun 7, 2017
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 294

  • Kamryn ththtmc
    Kamryn ththtmc Year ago +1


  • Kamryn ththtmc
    Kamryn ththtmc Year ago +1

    Todd should actually try this for a living. You’ll get paid a lot

  • Kitana Rogers
    Kitana Rogers Year ago

    Kinda rude you didn't link the athlete people in the description 😂

  • Empire 24
    Empire 24 Year ago

    I give props to all 3 they did it atleast

  • Cooperperfect9
    Cooperperfect9 Year ago

    This video is so dope!!! It deserves so many more likes

  • Platinum Star Productions

    I thought I heard Colby ;-;

  • Vibe n Vans
    Vibe n Vans Year ago

    I give it a 85% this time... 6 outta 10. Mate you just went from 85 to 60% 😝

  • levi seiler
    levi seiler Year ago

    go over night in a arcade

  • Katan Akuma
    Katan Akuma Year ago

    Would someone please kill Karlie Kloss.

  • Kynslee W
    Kynslee W Year ago

    Is it just me or r all of you watching the ads so they can get more money too😂

  • sam
    sam Year ago

    Would you say fitz, it is intense?

  • Sarah Weiss
    Sarah Weiss Year ago

    You go Uncle Elton!!!!!

  • Lynzy Janelle
    Lynzy Janelle Year ago +2

    I died when the guy who works there said "that's deep bro" 😂

  • Grace Keeland
    Grace Keeland Year ago

    Amanda watches these like 😳🙊🙈

  • Funhouse Central
    Funhouse Central Year ago

    Is Jay ok

  • Mackenzie jauregui

    i love these videos!!!!!!!! #obsessed

  • Mya Tooson
    Mya Tooson Year ago

    omg I race bmx and I met her at a race before

  • wow spook
    wow spook Year ago

    Jay: "eh I give it a 6 out of ten"

  • MyPa553ng3r55had0w

    I think if Toddy spent a summer at Woodward, he could do something

  • deanthetieguy
    deanthetieguy Year ago

    Go to nitro circus Travis land

  • Gabe Wilson
    Gabe Wilson Year ago

    Whats the backround music

  • CoolAnimator027 - Stick Nodes Animation

    Hey where's the video's in your own channel

  • Tom Freeman
    Tom Freeman Year ago

    @TFIl I saw you passing through katikati new zealand! YAY!

  • Andrea Vela
    Andrea Vela Year ago +2

    Overnight challenge at Chuck e Cheese 😂

  • Levi Lopez
    Levi Lopez Year ago

    you hit 200k like on over night suiside bridge

  • Ron Martin
    Ron Martin Year ago

    I'm not going to lie I like Corey Sam and Colby better😬

  • Rital Cruz
    Rital Cruz Year ago

    why isn't Heath in your videos anymore?

  • Nadiyah Pratt
    Nadiyah Pratt Year ago

    why dont you ever post on your personal channel?

  • Mona Carter
    Mona Carter Year ago

    spend the night at the zoo,with Sam,Corey and colbey

  • P e r s o n a l I n f o r m a t i o n

    Whens the next exportation video?

  • Lifeas Amya
    Lifeas Amya Year ago

    elton when r u gonna post a overnight challenge video I miss them

  • Nasrin jade
    Nasrin jade Year ago +7

    I'm a kiwi myself but that mans reaction to the cut made me cry 😂😂😂

    • Little Raven
      Little Raven Year ago

      nasrin 2345 our accent can be so cringy!

  • Johannah Pocaigue

    Bring Sam, Colby and Corey back please Elton? 😭😭

  • Kaino Hardgrave
    Kaino Hardgrave Year ago

    Go to New Plymouth

  • Life with Norabella

    I didn't even watch anything because sam and Colby arnt in there . It's not the same without them . No one could replace them

  • Ali Berat Arslan
    Ali Berat Arslan Year ago +3

    8:00 ahh oooh thats deep bruueeuh

  • Moana M
    Moana M Year ago +1

    It's kind of weird knowing that you guys are in New Zealand and not across the world in America.
    You guys had to come over when it was winter time though didn't you. Not when it was summer and R&V was on or the Lake Taupo concerts.
    Enjoy your stay in NZ though 🇳🇿

  • Cutiecharliebear
    Cutiecharliebear Year ago

    Elton you literally looked like a 10 year old coming off of that crash mat thing 😂

  • Katherine Stonehill

    Can I please get a shoutout in your one of your videos!!! Today is my birthday and I love you guys

  • It's Ttime
    It's Ttime Year ago +1

    Elteee, I love you, I love your videos and I want you to be able to continue doing them but, bud, if I have to see that stupid Suave commercial one more time....

  • Kimber Gasca
    Kimber Gasca Year ago

    that was barry nobles and caroline buchanan

  • King Nathann
    King Nathann Year ago

    you changed the title and thumbnail i'm pretty damn sure the thumbnail was a close up of your face elton😂😂

  • Rehua Selwyn
    Rehua Selwyn Year ago

    these guys are boring compared to sam, colby and corey. Its not the same

  • Alcxe
    Alcxe Year ago

    Did Elton posted this video again?
    I never watched the video but I have a feeling I watched it before and I know what's happening

  • Alcxe
    Alcxe Year ago

    I don't even know who these people are... :(
    If only Sam,Colby and Corey was here

  • julia
    julia Year ago +4

    Only BMX kids would understand

  • slugma123456789
    slugma123456789 Year ago

    I wouldn't BMX... I would have liked to clean the motorhome though! :D

  • Dieter
    Dieter Year ago

    1:22 Bendtner?

  • Jackie Aguilar
    Jackie Aguilar Year ago +2

    He should ask heath to come back then it's set 👌🏼

  • Maggie Thompson
    Maggie Thompson Year ago

    i like this vids but they were so much better with Colby, Sam and Corey

  • slugma123456789
    slugma123456789 Year ago

    I feel like on every video someone will say something about Sam, Colby and Corey... :D

  • Cringetastic
    Cringetastic Year ago +19

    *_Insert comment, 'it's not the same without Sam, Colby, Corey'_* Get over it. I don't see Heath filming with Elton anymore, but I cry about it in every damn video he's not in. Smhh 🐸☕️

    • Amanda Charlebois
      Amanda Charlebois 8 months ago

      Cringetastic you’re a real sweetheart, aren’t you?

  • Dawson Taylor
    Dawson Taylor Year ago

    Why is the channel called TFIL?

  • khr genaille
    khr genaille Year ago

    gnarly count: surprisingly only 4
    intense count: 7

  • Mary Allen Wallace

    I love y'all

  • khr genaille
    khr genaille Year ago

    "we should take a look. a safety check, ooh, ahh thats deep bro." I'm attracted to his accent oh my

  • Shawn Paarmann
    Shawn Paarmann Year ago

    what does TFIL stand for? always wondered...

    • Shawn Paarmann
      Shawn Paarmann Year ago

      Monica Acevedo ah, but of course! ha, thanks! i don't watch these enough to pick up on it

    • Monica Acevedo
      Monica Acevedo Year ago +2

      Shawn Paarmann it's stand for "The Fuck It List "

  • Yamha Sami
    Yamha Sami Year ago

    Jay has a channel now too, so you should put "with Toddy Smthy, 80Fitz, and Jay Boice

  • Shayne
    Shayne Year ago

    Elton has some competition! :)

  • uyukth
    uyukth Year ago

    "OO THAT'S DEEP BRO" 😂😂😂

  • Marissa Lynn
    Marissa Lynn Year ago

    honestly I've been scared for their nuts this hole video

  • Living MyLife
    Living MyLife Year ago

    I hate how low the views are in this video..🙄🙄

  • Kevin Roy
    Kevin Roy Year ago

    I might just have to haul my ass to new Zealand just to do this.

  • Adam Demamp
    Adam Demamp Year ago +2

    miss dem boys

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon Year ago

    Make more videos on your Maine channel PL.

  • BruhitsCookie
    BruhitsCookie Year ago +5

    I'm too paranoid to do that. I would be too scared that the bike would land on me.

  • Alison Jade
    Alison Jade Year ago +11

    I think I fell in love with Todd all over again because of this video.

  • JJswag 1983
    JJswag 1983 Year ago

    hay cool video

  • Dreya
    Dreya Year ago +8


  • Gloria Venegad
    Gloria Venegad Year ago +2

    i miss corey, Sam and colby 😪😔

  • Leticia Godinho
    Leticia Godinho Year ago

    why do I always get potpourri commercial whenever I'm on the TFIL channel lmaooo

  • Leah.b
    Leah.b Year ago

    there was a second ad and i didn't skip that one either

  • Leah.b
    Leah.b Year ago

    i didn't skip the ad

  • moose girl
    moose girl Year ago

    emu=he moooo=he man!!
    emu also =emo!!🖒

  • bob i u u
    bob i u u Year ago

    "i miss corey, sam and colby.. blablabla.." you saying that isn't going change anything!! just enjoy or don't and exit the video. thank you

  • Flaming Potato
    Flaming Potato Year ago

    these other guys are more brave than ttheother

  • OliveSHSLtrash McClain

    I laughed so hard.

  • Autumnnn
    Autumnnn Year ago +5

    uncle elton and daddy todd

  • Little Joker
    Little Joker Year ago

    Carolin is bomb!😍🔥

  • white rose
    white rose Year ago

    i miss SAM, Colby, and Corey.

  • Xzylia Torres
    Xzylia Torres Year ago

    honestly I feel like I would die trying that stuff😂

  • Anna Pheby
    Anna Pheby Year ago +21

    Elton: "I'll put your links in the description"
    Also Elton: *doesn't put their links in the description*

  • Mitzi
    Mitzi Year ago

    Omagad I'm enjoying these vlogs so much, they're climbing top David's vlogs for me 👏🏼 GO ELTON!!

  • Oliver Barbour
    Oliver Barbour Year ago

    It not a ostrich it a emu

  • peaches peaches
    peaches peaches Year ago

    potatoe squad where you at?

  • Christina Draeseke

    its my best birthday

  • Dani Lavell
    Dani Lavell Year ago +87

    You have to give each new bunch of people that join Elton a chance, y'all.
    I STILL miss Heath in these. And Sam, Colby, and Corey were awesome to watch as well BUT CHILL TF OUT on saying it's not as good without whoever. Yes it is. It's Elton's channel. HE is what makes the channel what it is. He's the main star. Everybody else is a guest star. 😂 Damn, people. Keep up the good work, Uncle Elton. 👏🏽

    • Vampire Loli
      Vampire Loli Year ago

      Dani Lavell my gawd i feel the same!! i feel like scotty needed to be in this aw tbh

  • Leo Uelmen
    Leo Uelmen Year ago

    Suicide bridge has200k likes. You know what that means

  • Swift Killer1900
    Swift Killer1900 Year ago

    Fuck these guys I miss sam and colby

  • Arianna Mazloomi
    Arianna Mazloomi Year ago

    I luv u cobly

  • Ms. Tators
    Ms. Tators Year ago

    posted in the comments
    Yeah that's where im lurking

  • sydandtaytum
    sydandtaytum Year ago

    elton- the king of breaking shit.

  • Lyla Tomar
    Lyla Tomar Year ago

    Can't wait for the submarine and Elton almost drowning

  • worldatwar plays
    worldatwar plays Year ago

    NGL the guy in the white looked like Steeve-o when he had the helmet on 😂😂

  • Maizy rayne
    Maizy rayne Year ago +18

    You didn't link the pro bikers in the description.

  • Joelle Sylvestre
    Joelle Sylvestre Year ago

    "That's deep bro " 😂😂😂

  • hg -.-
    hg -.- Year ago

    Just realized one of the guys are an amazing beat boxer

  • maribmx
    maribmx Year ago

    I'm js Barry and Caroline are my favorite people... bmx represent

  • Mr. Nice Guy Supreme

    I love how the music stops after "me and my fiancé"

  • ashley rittner
    ashley rittner Year ago

    really liked this one Elton! you guys did awesome for your first time 😄