Gordon Ramsay’s 10 Millionth Subscriber Burger Recipe with Sean Evans

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
  • As a thank you for hitting 10 Million Subscribers on TheXvid, Gordon is in his backyard to show you, his fans, how to make the most delicious burger ever. Perfect for July 4th or any outdoor BBQ! You can find the ingredients below with a link to the recipe or order it now on the secret menu at Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
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    Full Recipe: www.gordonramsay.com/gr/recipes/gr10million
    1 lb 85/15 ground beef (chuck and brisket)
    2 oz frozen unsalted butter
    1 Tbsp Granulated Garlic or Garlic Powder
    1.5 Tbsp Maldon Salt
    1 Tbsp Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
    1 Tbsp Olive Oil
    2 Slices Swiss Cheese
    2 each Large Portabella Mushroom Caps, stem and gills taken off
    2 each Large Eggs
    TT Maldon Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
    1 Tbsp Olive Oil
    4 Slices Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon
    1 Cup Baby Arugula
    1 each Roma Tomato
    TT Maldon Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
    2 each Brioche Hamburger Buns
    Butter for Toasting
    Sriracha Mayo
    ¼ Cup Mayo
    2 Tbsp Sriracha Sauce
    TT Salt
    Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP
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  • Vortex FC - 2nd Channel
    Vortex FC - 2nd Channel 11 hours ago +1

    All a stranded man on an island needs is a touch of salt, a touch of pepper, and a drizzle of oil

  • Sameer Raza
    Sameer Raza 15 hours ago

    De Bagah

  • Miomir Jovanovic
    Miomir Jovanovic 16 hours ago

    Can anyone explain to me how to bite that burger? No one can open their mouth that much

  • Blaise Dahl
    Blaise Dahl 17 hours ago

    Congrats Gordon, well done!

  • supriya marathe
    supriya marathe 18 hours ago

    I wonder how HowToBasic would handle this

  • TheGamingGecko
    TheGamingGecko 18 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay doesn’t realize that most of his subscribers are memers 😂😂

  • O Where Is My Hairbrush
    O Where Is My Hairbrush 20 hours ago +2

    Do you want some burger with that salt and pepper?

    • Leo Pendovski
      Leo Pendovski 20 hours ago

      nah, but i would like a touch of oLiVe OiL... BeAuTiFuLL

  • Sunny Ahuja
    Sunny Ahuja 20 hours ago

    Culinary Legend.

  • sasa kalak
    sasa kalak 20 hours ago


  • NightHunterX
    NightHunterX 21 hour ago

    Gordon Ramsay should host Meme Review.

    BRENT R 21 hour ago

    F in the chat for all the viewers who didn't see the original video

  • native 546
    native 546 Day ago

    Well deserved Mr Ramsay p.s I'm from New Zealand and just watched your uncharted episode here looked like you had fun in our backyard Kia Ora chef 👍👍

  • michellaneous
    michellaneous Day ago

    :O how did he get another million in a month!

  • Fat's Channel
    Fat's Channel Day ago

    inspiration to joji and brian lol

  • Lukman Amjid
    Lukman Amjid Day ago

    Beerus and who’s would go crazy over this

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen Day ago

    You've made me hungry again keep up the good work

  • Ninjaveli
    Ninjaveli Day ago

    Love this guy

  • Jesus julian suarez

    Gordon ramgames-minecraft- how to cook a chiken

  • Lashon the gamer

    9:58 Thank you!!!!!! Hot sauce really on a perfect burger

  • Swaavy NoCap
    Swaavy NoCap Day ago

    you forgot to season your seasoning

  • Nuruhuine
    Nuruhuine Day ago

    Dude puts fuckin salt and pepper on everything. Nevermind the seasoning though, how wide does one need to open their mouth to eat that thing?

  • Maurice H
    Maurice H Day ago

    You shit on people for having a burger that size on their menu in kitchen nightmares and even on a few contestants who made similar contraptions on hk and now you're doing the same , DONKEY
    Oh and the mushroom is burned to fuck YOU DONKEY

  • CaptainFish1
    CaptainFish1 Day ago +1

    I think this is the first time he's acknowledged the channel's existence

  • Voldeblort
    Voldeblort Day ago

    why dont u cut it so we could see the middle of the burgeeeeeer?!
    Kordan Rumsay ples

  • Gurkan Olof
    Gurkan Olof Day ago +4

    Legends has it that Gordon puts salt, pepper and oliver oil on his icecream

  • JJ VCastillo
    JJ VCastillo Day ago

    10M subs or 10M flakes of salt? Let's keep thinking just a tinny bit healthy please!

  • Scary and funny Moments

    I’m only 9 and I’m better at cooking

  • Yonathan Garcia
    Yonathan Garcia Day ago

    Why does this remind me of a buttery Jack 🤔

  • Lodipakunds1976
    Lodipakunds1976 Day ago

    Looks so good with the mushroom and egg

  • Saad Freakin’ Adhia

    Gordon Ramsay is an asshole. Spread the word guys.

  • Adi Kh
    Adi Kh 2 days ago

    Why are all the comments about seasoning and not about how incredibly delicious this looks

  • Galaxy_Kitty Cat
    Galaxy_Kitty Cat 2 days ago +6

    How would you like your burger?

    Gordon Ramsay: Seasoning Seasoning *SEASONING*

  • Delores M
    Delores M 2 days ago

    I don't care about the F bomb, but quit using my Lords name in vain jerk. Christians would like to watch as well! You're excluding millions of people. Try using the prophet from Islam's name, we'll be having burgers at your wake.

  • Suicide Sunset
    Suicide Sunset 2 days ago +4

    Gordon can conquer mankind with merely salt, pepper, and lamb sauce.

  • Mac Fun
    Mac Fun 2 days ago

    Ez buissness going up

  • Ryan Manning
    Ryan Manning 2 days ago

    The burger goes on alot of different levels

  • L D
    L D 2 days ago


  • Loser Boy
    Loser Boy 2 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay is the type of guy to put olive oil in water

  • Liam Lake
    Liam Lake 2 days ago

    I want to eat that burger

  • verified
    verified 2 days ago

    It's crazy how he got 1 mill in a month

  • christian tripoli
    christian tripoli 2 days ago

    Anybody els catch the Conor McGregor reference?

  • ractsninjas
    ractsninjas 2 days ago

    Yuck! That egg just yuck!!!

  • Smooth Shadow
    Smooth Shadow 2 days ago

    Bro my mouth is watering and a how do you fit that in your mouth (no homo)

  • gabby martinez
    gabby martinez 2 days ago

    😂😂🤣 he said fucking hot sause

  • Jim Nastiks
    Jim Nastiks 2 days ago

    Congrats Gordon, You deserve every one of them !

  • madhavan r
    madhavan r 2 days ago

    Wanna see this guy if I go to Britain

    AMI GOO 2 days ago

    Are you sure that your patty isn’t burned??

  • Roscoe Rascon
    Roscoe Rascon 2 days ago


  • Harrison Lauf
    Harrison Lauf 2 days ago +1

    Commandment #2. 🙏🏽🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏼

  • Raisin Éclair
    Raisin Éclair 3 days ago


  • OdhrânFN
    OdhrânFN 3 days ago +1

    Tbh at the end it kind of looks like shit

    OG RICHIE 3 days ago

    “Do u honestly think we need fucking hot sauce on my burger” what a ending

  • Whyso Crispy
    Whyso Crispy 3 days ago +1

    this truly is a godlike burger forged with the flavor craftsmanship fit for the most tantalizing of taste buds ;(

  • Jeff Howard
    Jeff Howard 3 days ago

    Gordon, greetings from Haifa, Israel. I enjoy your videos very much. My mother-in-law is almost as good a cook as you!! I just want to let you know that it makes me crazy when you make something so amazing like these burgers and there is no way to do a kosher version!!!! Damn!!! Anyway, I enjoy the videos. Best wishes.

  • Anti-Bullying Brigade

    So many cross contamination ....

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope 3 days ago

    -Gordon Ramsey

  • Juven 404
    Juven 404 3 days ago

    That... is disgusting.

  • Apollo Smile
    Apollo Smile 3 days ago

    You are one fucked-up funny lovable crazy asshole everyone loves. Gordon And for this I watch you! And when you get angry and ur hair shakes around its even funnier. Stay pissed and professional LOL

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean 3 days ago

    Gordan I have worked in numerous restaurants and as a guy who has deserved a ripping I approve how you have handled everything in your career

  • PC_GameWorld
    PC_GameWorld 3 days ago

    I couldn't watch due to your videos always being low on volume

  • Roman Isakson
    Roman Isakson 3 days ago

    i lve his "little" seasoning enough for 5 litters of soup

  • The Egg Of Truth
    The Egg Of Truth 3 days ago +1

    This is the first recipe that I understand

  • WillBeRightBack
    WillBeRightBack 3 days ago +3

    If that bacon is actually crispy, I'm the queen of England.

  • ParasiiteV
    ParasiiteV 3 days ago

    It lost its bacon bits in transport

  • ParasiiteV
    ParasiiteV 3 days ago

    A man that receives more views than subs.

  • Oscar Arturo Vela Silva

    I love my burgers with salsa macha, it makes burgers delicious

  • The Indie Diary
    The Indie Diary 3 days ago

    "This is shit! It's fucking raw!"'

  • matt henderson
    matt henderson 3 days ago

    To be able to cook like Gordon does would be amazing! I really enjoy it when he goes in and helps the troops get good meals! As an ex Soldier, thank you!

  • Crowflix
    Crowflix 3 days ago

    oh man everytime gordon cooks something good i get SO FUCKING HUNGRY AND WANT TO EAT ITTTTTT

  • Red Macusi
    Red Macusi 3 days ago

    Congrats you inspired me

  • Sabrina Kamal
    Sabrina Kamal 3 days ago


  • D jed
    D jed 3 days ago

    Lv your shows Gordan. My only issue is sticks going into food. May seem wierd but, I can't even look at a lolli stick. I've not been able to look at a frozen lolli, even if the stick was took out. I could still taste the stick. Deprived of it since a child. I have no idea where this phobia came from but it makes my hair stand up just looking at one. And a soggy stick has even made me vomit. Wish there was an alternative. I once had to refuse a delicious burger because they rammed a stick into it. Just wondering Gordan, have you ever encountered a person with the same phobia?

  • Ian T.
    Ian T. 3 days ago

    That was not bacon....

  • Greg Harpo
    Greg Harpo 3 days ago

    haaa! I am still laughing. that was a nice Hot Sauce Toss into the pool. good stuff. cant wait to do a burger that hopefully will resemble the one you cooked. congrats!

  • Marta Lucero
    Marta Lucero 3 days ago

    Fucken hot sauce really ? 😂