Soft Washing Vs. Pressure Washing

  • Published on May 17, 2020
  • What is the difference between soft washing and pressure washing? Here, we go into details describing the differences between soft washing and pressure washing! We hope this clears some of the confusion regarding the two. Contact us today for more information or a free estimate! 856-455-5257.
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  • Eric McKelvey
    Eric McKelvey 20 days ago +1

    Do you have any content that demonstrates the fungicide you use & how it's mixed with the chlorine?
    Also I'm wondering if you had any advice to offer me on what pressure washer to buy. I have a lawn care business & I definitely want to add this service. I've never done this before .
    I'm really ready to buy & get started. I plan on using my house for training. Any tips or advice I'm very thankful for.
    New subscriber here.

  • stateniland
    stateniland 7 months ago +5

    0:32 that is TEARING UP that wood... be prepared to lightly sand it after it has dried.. then you will have to re-preserve it with a oil base protectant..

  • Micah Sims
    Micah Sims Month ago +1

    Very informative. Thank you

  • James Pitt
    James Pitt 8 months ago +3

    Is it worth pressure washing first. Then finishing it off with soft wash, so that it’s very clean with the pressure washer (it it will remove all the debris) and the soft wash will prevent regrowing for a lot longer?

    • Caleb McMillan
      Caleb McMillan 2 months ago

      @Ricky Reeves hopefully he just means not forever …. LOL

    • Ricky Reeves
      Ricky Reeves 4 months ago +1

      @Scott Swain lol. Someone didn’t watch the video. 😅

    • Scott Swain
      Scott Swain 6 months ago +1

      Soft washing doesn't prevent regrowth

    • Brian
      Brian 8 months ago

      No. Just soft wash it

  • Joe Don Baker
    Joe Don Baker 10 months ago +3

    great video! Thanks Dan!

  • S Wulff
    S Wulff Year ago +1

    does this leave spots on the windows hard to get off of?? Just an older female homeowner trying to do some house cleaning outside. Thanks for any help you can throw my way Susan from Indiana

    • Jack Ellis
      Jack Ellis 6 months ago +1

      S Wulff
      Using a professional grade softwash soap/ surfactant mixed with the chlorine will clean without leaving spots on the windows. I use elemonator surfactant which is formulated to mask the chlorine smell, boost the efficacy of the chlorine and dries spot free when rinsed thoroughly.

  • Creole Cajun
    Creole Cajun Year ago +1

    I been doing roof cleaning just a yr now I notice I sometimes create brown rust looking marks what is that? And is there a way to prevent that is my roof mix to hot?

    UNTOPPABLE KAOS Year ago +3

    Very useful video thank you !

  • Leslie Magana
    Leslie Magana 19 days ago

    do you have a video on the products you use for soft washing ?

  • All County Power Wash & Steam Cleaning, Inc.

    Do you mix the chlorine solution with the fungicide or apply the fungicide last? Thanks!

    • Jack Ellis
      Jack Ellis 6 months ago +2

      It's just chlorine and soap/ surfactant. The chlorine is the fungicide.

    • Rational Right
      Rational Right Year ago

      You mix it

  • Jalen Mauldin
    Jalen Mauldin 7 months ago +6

    I’m new just starting business doing pressure washing and soft washing. Want to know which one would I charge more for? Example if I was doing same amount sq ft and same amount of mold etc.

    • Young Ambition
      Young Ambition 5 months ago +2

      Pricing would be the same. Soft wash/pressure wash are just different methods for completing the same job. 12v soft wash has lower overhead so you keep more money. Check some of my vids they will help

  • anonymous 69
    anonymous 69 9 months ago +3

    Uh oh. We are in the middle of an $11,000 exterior house painting job. We hired an expensive reputable company but when they came to wash the house, they didn't use pressure to get the peeling paint off (and there's a lot of it). I called with my concerns and they said that they don't pressure wash the paint off and that they scrape it. She said that they wash the house to get debris off of the paint. But I did a walk around and took pictures because they failed to get all the debris off. They better not paint over bug cocoons!!!
    I smell a small claim coming...

    • Glenn Lavalle
      Glenn Lavalle 7 months ago +1

      @Nathan Brantley read on how much moisture is allowed in any particular substrate before paint will give a good bond. You'll have your answer

    • Nathan Brantley
      Nathan Brantley 7 months ago

      @Glenn Lavalle I'm not that guy but I'd love to know, as a curiosity learner, why you don't power wash peeling paint off. Is there a different from a house and a deck?

    • Diamond Crown
      Diamond Crown 7 months ago

      @Glenn Lavalle exactly 💯 💯💯💯

  • Bruce Robinson
    Bruce Robinson 9 months ago

    Can you soft wash a two story aluminum house from the ground? How about the roof? is there equipment that can get that high? Thanks.

    • painter ken
      painter ken 6 months ago

      18 ft pole made by Ryobi, but there's a 24 ft sold at hd put spin tip on it..also works but be prepared to work..its a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll..I'm seeing alot about jrod, xjet modification, they would probably be better, idk I'm old school..poles dangerous in the wind . consider window/ damage/ power lines,..etc If your new to the game use poles at bottom setting then extend to full length so you get used to pressure push back.. when done correctly the weight of pole / pressure balance makes it easier than fighting against it.. if you can't reach it with 24 pole and red a lift, or if possible work off roof but be safe

    • Sneakerhead Lee
      Sneakerhead Lee 7 months ago

      Use a J Rod

  • Paragon Reason
    Paragon Reason Month ago

    I'm finding I still have to pressure wash after the soft wash, is anyone else experiencing that? The black mold or whatever will be barely sitting on there but it's not unstuck enough for my hose nozzle to remove by itself. What am I doing wrong? Is this common or do I just need to mix more chemicals?

    • Eli Boatman
      Eli Boatman 3 days ago

      Try mixing your bleach with fungicide(I use southern drawl) to keep the bleach stuck to the wall rather than dripping down. If that doesn’t work try getting a better bleach pump I use the Everflo 5.5 gpm but am trying to get a 24v 10gpm pump.

  • scuffed vegeta
    scuffed vegeta 10 months ago +4

    I downstream all the time with my injector tip and the bleach always does the work. I use pressure washer.

  • Speckless Window Cleaning, LLC

    Great video

  • scuffed vegeta
    scuffed vegeta 10 months ago +1

    Also you can damage the house with a soft wash system, if the batch is too strong you can damage the vinyl

    • Young Ambition
      Young Ambition 5 months ago

      Yeah batch is no good. Need a meter system like I use to dial in the correct mix %

    EL_ESTEECH 6 months ago

    Is this mainly where rain and snow areas exists year-round?
    I'm in California and we get plenty or sun where mold doesn't grow easily.

    • painter ken
      painter ken 6 months ago

      Usually north side of homes due to no sunlight and damp conditions are prone to grow green algae /moss / mildew. All the good stuff, lakes rivers fog..add trees or shade..

  • Lopezin’it
    Lopezin’it Year ago +10

    A pressure washing company runs the same system. You are talking about an industry you don’t know about. Your running a sws system 12v. we have 12v on our rigs as well but a pressure washer on siding is still only running at 200psi unless your talking about an un educated home owner with a craftsman rig. The flow we run provides a scrub affect that you can’t get with a booster rinse system like your running. Run both systems and see why all the large scale cleaners don’t operate out of an sws system.

  • OOLONG Tea
    OOLONG Tea 9 days ago

    I didn't know about the plant wash. Thank you

    AJ UBER Year ago

    Straight to the point

  • Larry Priser
    Larry Priser 7 months ago +2

    I get a better job by washing my house with a hose and brush, like washing my car, than with a pressure washer,
    what I noticed the first time I used a pressure washer on my house was that it ruined the finish and it now looked dull,
    I would consider washing your house just as you would your car, even if you plan on painting,

    • Jeffrey Rodriguez
      Jeffrey Rodriguez Month ago

      Do you put a coat of wax on the house as well once you finish cleaning it like a car please explained.

  • Eric Reyes
    Eric Reyes 4 months ago

    Where do you buy the plant wash

  • Jose Piña
    Jose Piña 3 months ago

    Thanks for all information

  • It's Chris
    It's Chris Year ago +5

    Do you use a different machine for this? Thanks

    • Young Ambition
      Young Ambition 5 months ago

      You can use either. 12v pump or a pressure washer with a downstream injector and special tips to lower the pressure. Both are fine

    • Dan Haer
      Dan Haer  Year ago +5

      yes it is not a pressure washer... Its a soft wash machine.

  • Renata Couch
    Renata Couch 8 months ago +2

    When I soft or pressure I let the bleach do the work and all I do is rinse it off

  • Greg Worrel
    Greg Worrel 9 months ago +1

    Chlorine is identical to household bleach, just more concentrated.

    • Young Ambition
      Young Ambition 5 months ago

      Correct just different brand names really. I use pool store "chlorine" but still 12% sodium Hypochlorite

  • Sajjad Mohammad
    Sajjad Mohammad 8 months ago +1

    how much it cost to clean a house from out side

  • Ezswan420
    Ezswan420 Day ago

    isnt downstreaming still considered soft washing

  • Zack R
    Zack R Year ago +48

    This video sounds funny in my headphones lol only on the left side.

  • lora elf on the shelf
    lora elf on the shelf 7 months ago +1

    The mold is job security

  • Clifton Jamison
    Clifton Jamison Year ago

    Is the fungicide or algacide, benzalkonium chloride ?

  • FlyAKite
    FlyAKite Year ago +4

    I usually advise customers to move the cannabis to the house before I start cleaning

  • BHR Behavioral Health Racing

    What about vinegar?

  • Robert Pettyjohn
    Robert Pettyjohn 10 months ago

    Stand up guy!

  • Bino Fernandez
    Bino Fernandez Year ago

    Good stuff

  • Kade Villanueva
    Kade Villanueva Year ago +31

    Ok wow this is definitely the furthest I’ve ever been in to the TheXvid hole i definitely need to go to sleep

  • Powerful Improvements

    What is this fungicide you speak of?

  • Big South Outdoors TV

    What strength sodium hypochlorite are you using in this video?

    • Big South Outdoors TV
      Big South Outdoors TV 5 months ago

      @Young Ambition I usually have to order online but I have only been able to get 12.5% pool shock. I apply it with a foam cannon.

    • Young Ambition
      Young Ambition 5 months ago +1

      Find a chemical supplier. They usually carry 15% 😎🤙

    • New kid flip
      New kid flip 7 months ago

      @Dan Haer so mixing chlorine with fungicide will not create a poison gas. And you said needed is 10-14% is that the chlorine strength you are talking about and do you add water to any of the mixture

    • Dan Haer
      Dan Haer  Year ago +1

      needed 10-14% plus some surfactant. The soap Aaron adds is his surfactant which makes the Chlorine stick creating a longer dwell time allowing it to clean better.

  • Arturo Rodriguez
    Arturo Rodriguez 7 months ago +1

    What how do you say do you use for your soft wash?

  • 13samfootball
    13samfootball Year ago +7

    All you would need to do to mimic a softwash is to use a Jrod tip? Yeah?

    • Lopezin’it
      Lopezin’it Year ago +1

      @Jedi Master Grogu you don't need to dilute the injector is going to dilute it already.

    • Jedi Master Grogu
      Jedi Master Grogu Year ago

      @Lopezin’it - straight bleach diluted 3% with water + mix in the 1oz/gal of surfactant? Thanks

    • Lopezin’it
      Lopezin’it Year ago +4

      Yes. Running a j rod setup is industry standard. Down streaming straight bleach with 1oz per gallon of surfactant. You don’t need a Fungicide. Just kill the growth. The process of the organics re starting growth and re forming takes 3-4 years. Anything further is just a sales tactic. Iv tried green wash and other similar products. It’s all just smoke and mirrors. My customers consistently have a clean home for 4 years no problem.

  • pupnirn
    pupnirn 8 months ago

    Wet it and forget it?

  • William Tummler
    William Tummler Year ago +1

    Mold Armour!

  • E Z Limo
    E Z Limo Year ago +1

    How can I buy chemical for soft wash I live in California

    • Dan Haer
      Dan Haer  Year ago +1

      Soft wash "green wash can be shipped" rest can be bought at pool supply as per Aaron

    • bobs youruncle
      bobs youruncle Year ago

      pool supplies

    MARIA FORD 10 months ago

    Where are you located?? I'm in Georgia.

  • mark reynolds
    mark reynolds Year ago +1

    we call it a slow release dwn under, iv wet n 4gt roofs 4 yrs ago tht still dont have growth on thm, nt sure if thts a gud thng?

    • mark reynolds
      mark reynolds Year ago

      @Lopezin’it yea i said 4 yers
      ago i wasnt making a comparison either

    • Lopezin’it
      Lopezin’it Year ago

      @mark reynolds compared to what? I generally have no repeat wash for 4-5 years without any Inhibitor. How much longer do you gain with an inhibitor?

    • mark reynolds
      mark reynolds Year ago

      @Lopezin’it the chemical i use certainly does

    • Lopezin’it
      Lopezin’it Year ago

      @mark reynolds it doesn’t stay away any longer. Once there’s a layer of polin on the roof you have organic base for the algae to grow on. Iv tried green wash. It’s all just sales

    • mark reynolds
      mark reynolds Year ago

      @Dan Haer yea the sh weill move it fast, and u can gt diffrnt grades of slow release wet n 4 gt is a rip off its diluted
      but the question was is it bettr 4 yor business model to prevnt growth retuning??

  • Ride ThePace
    Ride ThePace 2 months ago

    3% bleach? Absolutely nobody uses 3% bleach.

  • J A
    J A 3 days ago

    Use the green

  • Wayne Guy
    Wayne Guy Year ago +3

    Where’s the Fungaside link?

  • Don Schroeder
    Don Schroeder 8 months ago

    man, I'm in Raleigh NC, where are you? you can come do my house if you do all that to the plants,,,

  • suzunomiaka
    suzunomiaka Year ago +1

    Weird face looking out from top left window at min 3.54

    • R F
      R F 9 months ago

      There’s nothing

    • suzunomiaka
      suzunomiaka Year ago

      @Barack Obama well tq for posting it properly.

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  • J A
    J A 3 days ago


  • Super Blast Pressure Washing.

    Why would you want the mold to not come back for 18 months??? I like to work and once a year cleanings are great for making $$$$ to feed your family. Just saying. Your mold is my gold is what I say. see you in 12 months! I down stream all these siding buildings and it works great. Merry Christmas.

  • The Fire Fenix
    The Fire Fenix 8 months ago +1