America's Got Talent: Wait, They're Good? - SNL


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  • George Pupparo
    George Pupparo 12 hours ago

    S.N.L. At its best ☆☆☆☆

  • Tony Fetuccini
    Tony Fetuccini Day ago

    Lmfao kyle looks like moby

  • Diego Lozano
    Diego Lozano 2 days ago


  • Jonathan Jacob
    Jonathan Jacob 3 days ago +1

    3:00 love that part

  • Rosehip Of St. Gloriana

    This is good. Actual AGT isn’t, like, at all.

  • Amanda Rios
    Amanda Rios 4 days ago

    They are good DAMN SON

  • HeWhoChooses
    HeWhoChooses 4 days ago

    Why do they all sing?

  • Emily Lian
    Emily Lian 4 days ago

    The Simon one is on point 💀

  • Bob Sloppy
    Bob Sloppy 5 days ago

    Put a little hair on bald Kyle and you've got yourself a Larry David.

  • SuperJoshdave
    SuperJoshdave 5 days ago

    They couldn’t have found an attractive woman to play Heidi Klum

  • Aishworya Rai
    Aishworya Rai 5 days ago

    I love Cecelia. She is not only a good actor, but she also sings very beautifully. Love her voice.

  • Aiber Lane
    Aiber Lane 6 days ago

    Is it supposed to be ironic that most aren't actually good?

  • santolify
    santolify 6 days ago

    OMG! It's Androgynous Pat!!!

  • Frances Doeblin
    Frances Doeblin 6 days ago


  • kokero9
    kokero9 6 days ago

    What is LeBron James doing as a backup dancer?

  • Joshua Levitt
    Joshua Levitt 7 days ago

    The Simon Cowell impersonation is spot on. Thanks, Beck Bennett.

  • harold twining
    harold twining 7 days ago

    1:46 "Look at Howie Mandel! It's almost like he hasn't seen this before." Kyle, I LOVE IT!

  • Samantha Leach
    Samantha Leach 7 days ago

    Kenan and Leslie actually looked super fly 😂👌

  • Em Overstreet
    Em Overstreet 8 days ago

    It used to be my dream to go on AGT, then I saw how people were apparently treated behind the scenes and was like lol nope

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva 8 days ago

    Wait???!! They're GOOOOD???!!!!

  • Diana Brown
    Diana Brown 8 days ago

    They could've found an arrangement in Leslie's vocal range 😑

  • Blank2 Bla
    Blank2 Bla 8 days ago

    Mellissa makes this meta

  • Phil Jon
    Phil Jon 8 days ago +1

    Very funny. The wilderness woman really was good though. 📺🎬📽️🎞️🎙️🎤

  • Rebekah Bensley
    Rebekah Bensley 8 days ago

    Okay but this would actually be a great idea for a special...

  • JJ Spooner
    JJ Spooner 9 days ago

    its funny because Melissa was on AGT

  • Church For Black Men
    Church For Black Men 10 days ago

    It is the heart monitor beeping at 3:28 that makes me crack up.

  • dennis bryan
    dennis bryan Month ago

    They should of closed it with ryan star singing losing my religion and telling him he sucks

  • Karen Everett
    Karen Everett Month ago

    FUNNY !!!!

  • Iamyouraudioslave
    Iamyouraudioslave Month ago

    The way Beck says "Wait, they're Goooooood??"

  • Stan wedle
    Stan wedle Month ago

    They forgot the gay judge that drools over the male talent.

  • Releese Gaming
    Releese Gaming Month ago

    0:26 song pls

  • Absurd Words
    Absurd Words Month ago

    Actual clips from America’s Got Talent

  • David Rubin
    David Rubin Month ago

    Joesph and the amazing technicolor Dreamcoat I cant

  • Emmanuel Martinez
    Emmanuel Martinez Month ago

    I cant say i have

  • Richard Dick
    Richard Dick Month ago


  • froggy
    froggy Month ago

    When Kenan jumped out of the chair I died

  • Alexa
    Alexa Month ago

    They should have done a feature where they talk about how all it takes to yes a yes from the judges is have a sob story and then sing an inspirational song

  • Darica Pov
    Darica Pov Month ago

    Kyle's Howie Mandel is on point 😂😂👌

  • Ross Sapp
    Ross Sapp Month ago

    Funny because Melissa was on America’s got talent and now she is a cast member.

  • Bill A.
    Bill A. Month ago

    should rename this:
    america’s got talentless jews!!

  • Mysterious Cat
    Mysterious Cat Month ago

    Oh dear. Hah.

  • Stranger Gacha Girl

    I love the Simon impression it’s perfect 👌

  • Sacc
    Sacc Month ago

    You forgot the loud black girl

  • This Year
    This Year Month ago

    Ain’t no mountain is the same as that Amy wine house tune ?

  • Zimmit's Fabulous Wonder Hoagies

    Beck's voiceover tho. 😂

  • James Curtiss
    James Curtiss Month ago

    Rip gus johnson

  • Cheryl Ametewee
    Cheryl Ametewee Month ago

    2:20 just that little tic is hilarious & the reason cecily is one of the all-time greats.

  • halluhmee
    halluhmee Month ago

    Great topic, poorly executed

  • Justin Long
    Justin Long Month ago

    too real

  • Wraith Timid
    Wraith Timid Month ago

    “Isn’ richhhh...”

  • Jeff Brehove
    Jeff Brehove Month ago

    Funny because Melissa Villasenor WAS on America's Got Talent.

  • James Gill
    James Gill Month ago

    Good god. Incredible. Perfection.

  • michael malosky jr
    michael malosky jr Month ago

    Leslie&Keenan knocked it out!

  • Basil In the Forest

    Lol the Nell reference. Which was filmed quite close to where I used to live.

  • emmylou3321
    emmylou3321 Month ago

    Does anyone know if the song at 1.24 is made up or if it's a real song?

  • eva scharfe
    eva scharfe Month ago

    Bad Karma SNL

  • ASF Slaughter
    ASF Slaughter Month ago

    Kenan can actually sing omg

  • Simply Sofiii
    Simply Sofiii Month ago

    when I saw the beginning it reminded me of when Melissa actually auditioned

  • Jessukah E Harrukah

    it would be better IF Simon buzzed most of them

  • donsie janesie
    donsie janesie Month ago

    i enjoyed Gus's version more

  • xPorsum
    xPorsum Month ago

    LMAO I love this.

  • alreadythen1
    alreadythen1 Month ago

    Muusic Ma’am?

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion Month ago

    SNL needs to be finally cancelled.

  • Rob Speed
    Rob Speed Month ago

    Or like Howie Mandel's character in the film "Walk Like a Man".

  • La Barbera Tejana
    La Barbera Tejana Month ago

    They should get Gus to host

  • Dolan Wargin
    Dolan Wargin Month ago

    What's the song Jonah Hill sings?

  • Lance Love
    Lance Love Month ago

    Terry cruise looks great in a dress...jk..Terry cruise looks Terrible in a dress.

  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon Month ago

    I dont call it talent.

  • T. Gong
    T. Gong 2 months ago

    That's pretty much American story "Fakeness"

  • Maya Wong
    Maya Wong 2 months ago

    Melissa was actually on America's got talent so this is wild :))

  • Jamie Eagle
    Jamie Eagle 2 months ago

    I can’t stop watching Jonah’s’s so weird and funny! You go Jonah!

    KRALTAIR47 2 months ago

    Lavander lol

  • PreacherLawson
    PreacherLawson 2 months ago +1

    Hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • QueenRedRosemary
    QueenRedRosemary 2 months ago

    Love the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat cameo.

  • Dusssss
    Dusssss 2 months ago

    A reference to the movie Nell, that's long ago

  • Dominique Dixon
    Dominique Dixon 2 months ago

    Cisely and Kenans part had me floored 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joanne Hoover
    Joanne Hoover 2 months ago

    SNL is drowning.
    Bring on Chevy Chase and Eddie Murphy.

  • Boudica X
    Boudica X 2 months ago

    Fucking hilarious and so dead on. Every time u see a shy, fat, badly dressed nerd on one of these talent shows, rest assured you're about to hear the reincarnation of Whitney Houston or Pavarotti.

  • R J
    R J 2 months ago

    Yes Leslie Jones! 😂👏🏾👏🏾

  • R J
    R J 2 months ago

    So y’all go slap that bad lace front on homegirl? That better been apart of the skit 😂

  • Arysta
    Arysta 2 months ago

    Cicely wins this one. How these people keep it together when they're acting so stupid, I'll never understand lol

  • jman415
    jman415 2 months ago

    So true

  • Brianna sons
    Brianna sons 2 months ago

    Deber is horrid so is the first one other then that it is good

  • Mr. Thomas
    Mr. Thomas 2 months ago

    Totally not stolen from Gus Johnson

  • ines pinto
    ines pinto 2 months ago

    isn´t that jonah hill?

  • M A
    M A 2 months ago

    I love jonah's wig hysterical

  • ziggy morris
    ziggy morris 2 months ago

    Howie is such a clown lol

  • Am In
    Am In 2 months ago

    This raped agt

  • C. Dupare
    C. Dupare 2 months ago +1

    Remember that Melissa got her start on Americas Got Talent

  • ItzMeGr33n L0L
    ItzMeGr33n L0L 2 months ago


  • spitonmebeckbennett
    spitonmebeckbennett 2 months ago

    Beck looks tasty

  • Cecily Arroyo
    Cecily Arroyo 2 months ago

    Mellisa Villaseñior was actually on AGT

  • kadeishere
    kadeishere 2 months ago

    Should’ve had someone sing super shitty, have Simon raise his hand and ask if they have another song and then they sing amazing

  • Vlog and Thoughts Living with Hope

    This could have been so much better you're just lacking good writers

  • Vlog and Thoughts Living with Hope


  • Shelby Gossett
    Shelby Gossett 2 months ago

    @0:16 whoever put that front lace wig on her needs to be fired 😂😂

  • Vlog and Thoughts Living with Hope

    I love this one

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 2 months ago

    The only talent America has is killing each other

    • Real Human
      Real Human 2 months ago

      I haven't heard that joke since America's Got Talent started.

  • Kelsey Hansen
    Kelsey Hansen 2 months ago +1

    Joseph and the Technicolor dreamcoat!! Hellllll ya

  • Kojote
    Kojote 2 months ago

    Look at Howie Mandel, acting like he's never seen this before, but he has- alot! Ha ha ha