• Published on Aug 17, 2019
    Any Pranks into FIFA 20, can we hit 10,000 likes?
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Comments • 430

  • Joey 11
    Joey 11 Month ago +1121

    Been waiting for ages for u to do this🤣 Keep up the great vids reev!

  • Jakub _Ehv
    Jakub _Ehv 10 hours ago

    Who else went immediately to the comments when aj3 said that he didn't like beyonce

  • 10,000,000 Subs with 1 video?

    Imagine if they both did a prank on the same episode so it was just 1 good player with a bunch of bronzes

  • Michael Morabito
    Michael Morabito 3 days ago


  • Adam does everything

    I liked and then next pack i got


  • XxCrainRugze xX
    XxCrainRugze xX 5 days ago

    1-1 😂

  • Jeff Wessly
    Jeff Wessly 6 days ago

    We’re the fuck is my icon I opened a pack and didn’t get one?!

  • Thanos Trichas
    Thanos Trichas 8 days ago

    Reev vs andy sbs is the best thing of my vacay

  • Declanplays321
    Declanplays321 10 days ago

    I feel like I’m watching the fifa version of morgz

  • TehMaca HOME of GAMING!

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    im not trying to sponge off this guys subscribers as i know he posts awesome content im just simply trying to reach out to people that may
    enjoy my series and also can give me tips on how to improve. Check it out on my channel IF YOU WISH
    Much love

  • Glenn Birt
    Glenn Birt 16 days ago +1

    I'm 5'3 and I'm 11 😂

  • Tom Stubbs
    Tom Stubbs 20 days ago +3

    At 14:18 what you doing with your hand there Reev? 😂

    I know hes whipping the board haha.

  • Ricky Vango
    Ricky Vango 21 day ago

    You failed at that just a bit

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma 21 day ago +1

    9:35 best moment

  • Archie Webbgames
    Archie Webbgames 21 day ago +1

    Don’t forget 2 use code AJ3 in the Fortnite item shop!

    Oh wait 😬

  • THO Wolz
    THO Wolz 22 days ago

    you are taking the... BISCUIT

  • Ryan 657
    Ryan 657 23 days ago

    Funniest on TheXvid right now

  • iTž _mę
    iTž _mę 23 days ago +1

    I didn’t get an icon cmon man 🌚

  • Sports bros
    Sports bros 23 days ago

    Andy fellow Everton fan

  • Oregan 2000
    Oregan 2000 23 days ago

    got an icon in my next pack

  • John Stav
    John Stav 23 days ago +27

    even with 780% increased chance of packing an icon ill still pack kagawa

  • Poor Pogba
    Poor Pogba 24 days ago

    Why wasnt the title Reevenge

  • Football Pro
    Football Pro 24 days ago

    I have the same problem as Andy with my right stick gets on my nerves 24 7

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio 24 days ago

    It was at this point he knew he had...


  • Xavier Portolesi
    Xavier Portolesi 24 days ago +1

    Reev I have been loving your vids so can you notice me pls I am waiting come on

  • Rosantosinho G
    Rosantosinho G 24 days ago

    1:40 ‘switched it’ 😂

  • Ffa Elite01
    Ffa Elite01 24 days ago +1

    You can't dislike this guy he's a great guy with amazing content

  • Joseph Frg
    Joseph Frg 24 days ago

    Where’s the idiots rtg

  • Sanaa Kassab
    Sanaa Kassab 24 days ago

    I literally got an icon lol by liking the vid I got 99 pele in this ultimate team pack thingy

  • _boktinsss_
    _boktinsss_ 24 days ago +3

    Am i drunk or Andron looks like Haryy Poter playing fifa?

  • TheLoneWolf987
    TheLoneWolf987 25 days ago

    I swear to god I liked and got van hasten 😎

  • Cody Pns12
    Cody Pns12 25 days ago

    I got 91 eusabio

  • Cody Pns12
    Cody Pns12 25 days ago

    It worked

  • BroInfinity
    BroInfinity 26 days ago


  • Acio
    Acio 26 days ago

    I liked the vid but I didn't get an icon

  • Kouros Javaheri
    Kouros Javaheri 26 days ago +10

    7:22 Wtf did he say lmao 😂😂

  • Bought the note9 for galxy Ya

    I got an icon because i liked omg

  • Sydney Eden
    Sydney Eden 26 days ago

    Finally been waiting for this 🙌😂

  • Fynn Krause Football
    Fynn Krause Football 26 days ago

    Im such a huge fan Reev🔥ive taken so much inspiration fron your editing style

  • BBBickerton 123
    BBBickerton 123 26 days ago

    Was it only me who liked the vid and got an icon in my next pack?😃

    ABDIHASS ABDIHASS 26 days ago +1

    Reev Do another one but this time pick world class players abd give him dog players.

    Like So Reev can See! 👎

  • Malcom Denzel
    Malcom Denzel 26 days ago


  • Gaming Kid
    Gaming Kid 27 days ago

    Great video bro

  • Zayn Gamer
    Zayn Gamer 27 days ago


  • Jazza 11
    Jazza 11 27 days ago

    21:59 somehow I don't think Piatti has 5"3 arms

  • iiMenzyy
    iiMenzyy 27 days ago

    Absolute class 😂

  • Pinpoint Toast
    Pinpoint Toast 27 days ago +1

    Gaya was an objective card

  • Rhys Kingston
    Rhys Kingston 27 days ago

    780% x 0% is still 0%

  • B Nada
    B Nada 27 days ago

    AJ3 gone up in my books purely because he hates Beyoncé

  • acxdツ
    acxdツ 27 days ago

    I nearly died at 2:10

  • Riyadh Currie
    Riyadh Currie 27 days ago

    What settings do you have for the camera? I want to change my settings as these look great.

  • King Williams 0902
    King Williams 0902 28 days ago

    Epic vid hahaha

  • Ace_ Tekkerz
    Ace_ Tekkerz 28 days ago +1

    Ya ma is ya da

  • Trappooo 1
    Trappooo 1 28 days ago


    • REEV
      REEV  28 days ago

      Bit late 😂

  • Matthew Cox
    Matthew Cox 28 days ago

    9:50 aj3 is the biggest waffler🤣🤣

  • 4lfi3 Dunk13y
    4lfi3 Dunk13y 28 days ago

    Who is stronger you or behzinga

    • 4lfi3 Dunk13y
      4lfi3 Dunk13y 28 days ago

      Reev in fifa 20 you should checklist challenge prank Andy again

    • REEV
      REEV  28 days ago +2

      me, by a long way? 😂

  • David Singh
    David Singh 28 days ago

    what are those drinks reev always has?

    • David Singh
      David Singh 28 days ago

      @REEV thank you, it has been noted

    • REEV
      REEV  28 days ago

      @David Singh raspberry and strawberry

    • David Singh
      David Singh 28 days ago

      @REEV what's the best flavour? In your opinion?

    • David Singh
      David Singh 28 days ago

      @REEV wait what's that? Discount code REEV? I will make sure to check it out

    • REEV
      REEV  28 days ago +2

      BCAA drinks from myprotein (discount code REEV *cough cough* )

  • Ruairi Silcock
    Ruairi Silcock 28 days ago +1

    Is that andy’s squad name a Hamilton reference? He mappelle lafayette

  • Krish Sharma
    Krish Sharma 28 days ago

    Reev, mate respect dude , most utubers have an editor nowadays but ya actually put so much effort in ur editing 👏👏🙌

    • REEV
      REEV  28 days ago +1


  • Kallum Astle
    Kallum Astle 28 days ago +1

    Why do you always sound so prepubescent 😂