Will It Corndog? Taste Test

  • Published on Nov 25, 2016
  • Today we ask the age old question: Will It Corndog? GMM #1031!
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Comments • 12 857

  • Andrew Nickolas
    Andrew Nickolas Hour ago

    Dude. There is NO way you could EVER cook possum and it taste good . It's a rodent...

  • Blake Painter
    Blake Painter Day ago

    basically Rhett and Link being country boys at the county fair for 15 minutes straight

  • Crimson Barrel
    Crimson Barrel Day ago

    ........... I just lost every ounce of respect I had for Rhett when he said "jifs."
    Goodbye GMM....
    Friendship over.... FRIENDSHIP, OVER!

  • Main Brain Jegat
    Main Brain Jegat 2 days ago

    Rhett:bottom of the barrel, they were saying that in French of course
    Link: je suis barrel (translated to)
    Link:I am barrel

  • Madeline White
    Madeline White 3 days ago

    Fun fact: in Australia we call corn dogs “Dagwood Dogs” and also only really find them at festivals/carnivals/amusement parks/theme parks. They’re so good but I’ve only had like maybe 3 or 4 my entire life 😭

  • Patrick Fairbanks
    Patrick Fairbanks 3 days ago +1

    Daddy used to say the only part of the pig they threw away was the squeal.

  • Patrick Fairbanks
    Patrick Fairbanks 3 days ago +1

    I really hope the possum was purged first otherwise that's some serious nastiness.

  • Bluelilac80
    Bluelilac80 4 days ago

    "All your wildest dreams just came true in my mouth" well rhett - after a bite Like that I would surely hope so!!!!!

  • •Sammy •
    •Sammy • 5 days ago

    Had pigtails growing up. Mema put them in a broth over rice or in redbeans and rice.

  • Faith1 m
    Faith1 m 5 days ago

    8:27 Je suis barrel...... umm link that means I am barrel😂

  • Damien Nepomuceno
    Damien Nepomuceno 6 days ago

    Isn’t this just will it deep fry on a stick

  • redneck radio 4392
    redneck radio 4392 6 days ago

    Come on man , opossum shouldn't be that bad

  • Turai12
    Turai12 6 days ago

    I need to try corn dog someday.

  • Glorious counterfiet

    Okay, so the secret to possum is to live trap it and keep it alive for a couple weeks. During that time you need to feed it berries, vegetables and other fresh things to “sweeten” the meat. After that? Delicious.

  • chey cat
    chey cat 8 days ago

    or you can hold it daintily like this LMFAO

  • chey cat
    chey cat 8 days ago

    corn dogs like this remind me of princess diaries... funniest part of that is my dad would binge watch that movie.

  • Conrad Garcia
    Conrad Garcia 9 days ago

    I hope guys open a GMM restaurant. The name Rhett and Retch should be gud. These ideas are good, seriously.

  • Will Bartlett
    Will Bartlett 9 days ago

    Love watching these guys 😂😂

  • King Harmon
    King Harmon 11 days ago +1

    11:05 Link's eyes say "I have seen some shit"

  • Nate Krauser
    Nate Krauser 11 days ago

    Possum is a surprisingly beautiful meat, IF PREPARED PROPERLY! Possum meat needs to be stewed to soften it and break down some of its gamey aggressiveness. You want proper possum meat? Possum, Potato, Marrow, Tomato, Peas, Carrots and Suet Dumplings in a massive stew, it's incredible!

  • Rockas360
    Rockas360 11 days ago

    Hey why didnt yalls use popsicle sticks like pogos use ?

  • Álvaro Serrato Mendez

    I was crying during that possum dog bit too.... but of laughter ahahahaha!!! Rhett just talking and describing it while Link is trying so hard not to puke lol! and then ultimately Rhett can't hold it in because Link actually pukes! omg had me dying ahaha

  • Hunter Kellerman
    Hunter Kellerman 13 days ago

    You can view this message after this 30 second ad.

  • John S3cr3t
    John S3cr3t 17 days ago

    Bring Miley Cyrus to the show

  • Zackary Oravec
    Zackary Oravec 17 days ago +1

    "I'm going in for another bite..."
    "No, don't, don't."
    "Why not?"
    "You don't wanna create any GIFs, man."

  • IVXX Native
    IVXX Native 19 days ago

    Create any jifs?

  • Smokee Mcpot
    Smokee Mcpot 22 days ago

    I need to stop watching these while trying to eat

  • Amber Wells
    Amber Wells 22 days ago

    Everything rhett is saying while eating the possum makes rhett vomit.

  • aaron bennett
    aaron bennett 23 days ago +2

    Are we just gonna ignore that Rhett said “jif”

  • Bigman Dennis
    Bigman Dennis 26 days ago

    Once Rhett knows link is about to vomit. He likes making it worse, lol

  • Dorian Xanyn
    Dorian Xanyn 29 days ago

    No pigs blood corndog?

  • Juliette Sigurnjak
    Juliette Sigurnjak 29 days ago

    How is this scientifically culinarily possible?
    ~Link 2018

  • ErikESG
    ErikESG 29 days ago

    Donate £1 a day to stop Link abuse

  • ErikESG
    ErikESG 29 days ago +1

    Here’s a fact
    I’ve never had a corn dog

    I’m British

  • Slo Motifs
    Slo Motifs 29 days ago

    My Opinion:
    Spinach And Artichoke Dip ✔
    Street Dog ✔
    Eggnog ✖
    Escargot ✖
    Possum ✖
    Pig Tail ✖

    • Rockas360
      Rockas360 11 days ago

      Escargot one is probably delicious and the eggnog one could be desert type deal.

  • mai
    mai Month ago

    8:25 *i am barrel*

  • Prathamesh Vyas
    Prathamesh Vyas Month ago

    I need to meet the weird meat guy

  • mEEp nope
    mEEp nope Month ago

    Today we ask the age old question, will it roadkill?.. uh I’m sorry wrong episode

  • Jas In oz
    Jas In oz Month ago

    Oh god I’m crying

  • carlos A barrera
    carlos A barrera Month ago

    I eat pig tails once a year you have to boil it then fry it taste so good with lemon and salsa

  • Chris Sleepsick
    Chris Sleepsick Month ago +1

    Take a shot every time they say "structural integrity"

  • potato bunny
    potato bunny Month ago

    I was crying at the possum 😂 Rhett just saying stuff to make Link gag. Oh, god.

  • JP Labs
    JP Labs Month ago

    Yeah, *that* dude.

  • Sara Atkinson
    Sara Atkinson Month ago

    i have been binge watching all these episodes

  • Tobi Boy
    Tobi Boy Month ago

    "Je suis barrel"

    I am barrel XD

  • Eugene Luster
    Eugene Luster Month ago


  • Kasper Knudsen
    Kasper Knudsen Month ago

    It's pronounced gif, not gif

  • Eugene Luster
    Eugene Luster Month ago

    I don’t like spinach and artichoke 🥵😖

  • d d
    d d Month ago


  • ItzMeNooby
    ItzMeNooby Month ago +1

    Pause at 10:12 and you will see the greatest face link has ever made

  • Suzy White
    Suzy White Month ago

    Will it script: it always starts heavenly then suddenly it takes a wrong turb

  • AJ HiddleStan
    AJ HiddleStan Month ago

    They literally did part 2 of will it will deep fry, but just made it them cylindrical shaped and called it will it corndog.

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg Month ago

    8:26 Link said I AM BARREL

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson Month ago

    8:30 "I am...corn dog."

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook Month ago

    Do more of this! The possibilities are endless!

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Month ago

    11:45 thats what she said

  • Emerald the Anime dweeb!!!

    Link gags a lot

  • Abdul-Aziz Moore
    Abdul-Aziz Moore Month ago


  • Max Hart
    Max Hart Month ago

    “All your wildest dreams... Just came true in my mouth” - Rhett 2016

  • drayson200taco official rap channel and live

    Caveman Corndogs 11:21

  • Jonas Kynaston
    Jonas Kynaston 2 months ago

    0:23 links face haha

  • Blation Dragons
    Blation Dragons 2 months ago

    I liked spndgargdijp way before I like corn dog 1:44

  • Kay Kieth
    Kay Kieth 2 months ago

    "Excuse me sir! Where did you get that blimp?!"

  • daisy lara
    daisy lara 2 months ago

    i love how Rhett keeps it going by saying nasty things to keep Link gagging 😭💀

  • aidan johnson
    aidan johnson 2 months ago

    Can someone please make a compilation of link gagging!😂😂😂

  • Isaac Woods
    Isaac Woods 2 months ago

    "All your wildest dreams just came true in my mouth." - Rhett 2016

  • Christina Hamilton
    Christina Hamilton 2 months ago +5

    Watching in 2019 🤷🏻

  • Ellie and Jacob
    Ellie and Jacob 2 months ago

    Your videos are drugs because I can’t stop watching them

  • kevinct 493
    kevinct 493 2 months ago

    9:57 as soon as he started describing it link started gagging 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1tsGabeツ
    1tsGabeツ 2 months ago


  • Annie And Alex
    Annie And Alex 2 months ago

    It's a dwinkie, a corndog that looks like a twinkie

  • ArturoPladeado
    ArturoPladeado 2 months ago

    1:00 No it's not, it's poor people food that is cheap and not classy in the slightest.
    1:16 That redneck music fits this perfectly.
    2:48 Everything. That dip was ruined by being made into corndog.
    3:00 That looks like so messy that it's disgusting, anyone with even the slightest sense of class wouldn't eat that.
    4:15 My point exactly, a disgusting mess.
    4:37 Even if that heath hazard does taste good, it so messy that I would never try it even if it was made at fairs. Which I don't go to due to all the rednecks that are usally there. And the fact that all the food is deep fried.
    5:17 So not only was it frozened, reducing it's quility, it was then deep fried. So not only would it taste like shit, it's a health hazard.

  • Luke The Wolf
    Luke The Wolf 2 months ago


  • chelsi irvine
    chelsi irvine 2 months ago

    Man i caught your puke. I caught your puke from you man. I was going for it. Look at that it looks like gray matter

  • James Hardy
    James Hardy 2 months ago

    'You don't want you create and gifs' LOLOL

  • Evan Mutter
    Evan Mutter 2 months ago

    Escargot is so good what do you mean

  • D- zombieslayer - C
    D- zombieslayer - C 2 months ago

    “Je suis barrel” roughly means “I am barrel”

  • trainmuzik
    trainmuzik 2 months ago

    It’s Guh not juh in the GIF

  • YahGamerGirlLeah FortniteJammer

    Nog ops, are you okay in there??

  • Carl Fansler
    Carl Fansler 2 months ago

    Egg Nog dog? I must make these.

  • Captain Uncle
    Captain Uncle 2 months ago

    Go Go Es-Corndogo's
    (Power Rangers Theme)
    Go Go Es-Corndogo's
    (Power Rangers Theme)
    Go Go Es-Corndogo's-----.....END

  • CloppyFeet
    CloppyFeet 2 months ago

    I'm gonna call the possum one the "If I Had A Tail" Dog

  • ScarredAngel Studios
    ScarredAngel Studios 2 months ago

    Omg the first corndog looks AMAZING. I’m hungry

  • Fidget My Midget
    Fidget My Midget 2 months ago

    i dont like it...

  • Solomon Westerhout
    Solomon Westerhout 2 months ago

    I don;t think that was egg nog boys

  • Voltex
    Voltex 2 months ago

    Whats a Jif?

  • You wot M8
    You wot M8 2 months ago

    The street dog looks like you killed and deep fried a Cornish game hen and then put taco fixings on it

  • Scrimpy Mule
    Scrimpy Mule 2 months ago +1

    The first three gave me a food boner.

  • Justine Haywood
    Justine Haywood 2 months ago +4

    When link takes his glasses off, you know it’s getting seriously gross

  • DP91
    DP91 2 months ago

    Honestly, I'd rather eat the roadkill than drink the eggnog. Eggnog is disgusting.

  • Jacy Gacha
    Jacy Gacha 2 months ago

    *sO tHe nOg dOeSnT OOZE*

  • SuperLukeGamez
    SuperLukeGamez 2 months ago

    ive eaten possum its not that bad I could eat 4 possum burgers or dogs

  • Oh Yankee Candle
    Oh Yankee Candle 2 months ago +1

    *I am barrel*

  • Easyclap
    Easyclap 2 months ago

    “This thing has been in the trash “😂

  • Morgan Wilson
    Morgan Wilson 2 months ago

    i hate to break it to you, but it's spelled opossum😂

  • Aaron Buchholz
    Aaron Buchholz 3 months ago

    Rhett: this has been in the trash.
    Link: gaging
    Rhett: this is not corn fed possum.
    Link: gag
    Rhett; this is pizza fed Bossum.
    Link. Hurmp!

  • Adriana M RM
    Adriana M RM 3 months ago

    Please stop with the puke.

  • J Fred G
    J Fred G 3 months ago

    8:25 I am barrel

  • MajicalBean 101
    MajicalBean 101 3 months ago

    When link says I am barrel (of course barrel is in English but je suis is French for I am)

  • R4Y *
    R4Y * 3 months ago

    The eggnog part, awkward... 💀😂