Friends With Benefits | Jimmy Carr: Stand Up

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • Who needs a relationship it's so old fashioned?!
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  • Usama Muhammad Ismail
    Usama Muhammad Ismail 21 hour ago

    I'm finding the girl's parents in the comment box 😂

  • Dave Andrew
    Dave Andrew 22 hours ago

    that non of you know its fixed.the girl is in 4 other shows around uk

  • Christopher R
    Christopher R 2 days ago

    Hes definitely got a girlfriend/wife

  • Hoista
    Hoista 4 days ago +1

    Why does the guy get praised, but the girl is treated with disdain? This type of comedy has aged so badly

  • Randy Porter
    Randy Porter 9 days ago

    Sometimes it’s better to just say nothing ! LOL! That poor girl wanted out of that was there was no way out. Awesome !

  • Wobble Bop
    Wobble Bop 13 days ago

    3:34 cheeky flip of the bird

  • Brita Ahonen
    Brita Ahonen 17 days ago

    Don't talk to her then. Chin up and next conversation

    • Brita Ahonen
      Brita Ahonen 13 days ago

      @Ewoke meaning, you don't respond to even your own personal problems, or why would he be talking like that?

    • Brita Ahonen
      Brita Ahonen 13 days ago

      @Ewoke And in the whole entire church of England, this is the only thing that's going on is it?

    • Ewoke
      Ewoke 16 days ago

      You're either referring to something I don't get or it's you who doesn't get what's going on here

  • Arwah Sapi
    Arwah Sapi 19 days ago

    You have the right to remain silent when you're dating someone else's spouse on a Jimmy Carr's show on front rows.

  • Mohammed Nurul
    Mohammed Nurul 26 days ago

    1:11 the guy realizes he's gay, and shouldn't laugh.

  • Carrigan Cooper
    Carrigan Cooper 29 days ago

    Jimmy Carr mr gay uk

  • Charlie
    Charlie Month ago

    Her children will watch this one day.

  • barkebaat
    barkebaat Month ago +1

    2:39 - hahaha

  • Richard Bridge
    Richard Bridge Month ago +1

    does jimmy carr have small hands or a big head

  • adam vaughan
    adam vaughan Month ago

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  • blue lining
    blue lining Month ago +1

    This is the first video i ever watched of jimmy carr on yt years ago

  • BlackWind
    BlackWind Month ago +17

    All of that could've been avoided if she just shut up and owned the first joke

  • Spencer Card
    Spencer Card Month ago

    Yikes. Jimmy Carr's kinda going way too far.

  • Mobius Fugue
    Mobius Fugue Month ago +1

    'Audience Interraction' is part of most established stand-up acts nowerdays... i.e. they are plants. What comic is going to take the risk of talking to the audience where they have no idea what might come back at them. The only possible exception is Frankie Boyle as he happily does half the people in the audience... there comes a point where they cannot have paid them all.

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern Month ago


  • red headed stepchild
    red headed stepchild Month ago +1

    2005 ???

  • Willy Bagatcholon
    Willy Bagatcholon Month ago


  • Willy Bagatcholon
    Willy Bagatcholon Month ago


  • captainbro999
    captainbro999 Month ago

    I really like jimmy carr, but his laugh really annoys me to the point where it’s hard to watch him lol

  • Nickster316
    Nickster316 Month ago

    Haha, well played by Jimmy Car and the woman at the end there

  • Rohan Chaturvedi
    Rohan Chaturvedi Month ago

    1:21 "it was at this point she knew. She's fucked up..."

    1:24 "by this point she knew, she was fucked"

  • Sunny Days
    Sunny Days Month ago +1

    She got roasted badly.

    • Sunny Days
      Sunny Days Month ago

      @George Markham no problem. Someone has to explain it to an idiot like you

    • George Markham
      George Markham Month ago

      Thank you for the run down of the video

  • murphh57
    murphh57 Month ago


  • Marie Williams
    Marie Williams Month ago +3

    I wouldn't mind being is buddy he is fit

    DaBIONICLEFan Month ago

    If you go to see Jimmy Carr, know what you're in for

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  • The JokeR
    The JokeR Month ago +1

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  • Денис Ше
    Денис Ше Month ago

    Нихуя не понял, но очень интересно!

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  • Mr Weber
    Mr Weber Month ago

    I generally do not find a Siri funny at all your sense of humour it is way off balance

  • MrOldCrow
    MrOldCrow Month ago +1

    Why picking on people from the audience who did not heckle?

    • D Roberts
      D Roberts Month ago +2

      part of Jimmy's routine is interacting with the audience, usually he just asks the names and what their job is and makes a joke about the job but because she told him to 'move along' he wanted to show that this was his show and that he's in charge of whether he 'moves along'.

      It's not so much that she was heckling but that she was being a bad participant in the show

  • vadergrd
    vadergrd Month ago +1

    let's just stop the youtube autoplay for a second and aknowledge this man's genius!

  • sexypoetry
    sexypoetry Month ago

    the ultimate comedy occurs at 2:16 ....the man and the woman are sitting next to each other, they arrived together, upon buying tickets together...but the boss carr (in a world where audience doesn't matter since the entire "art scene" is rigged) "knowingly" declares that "they are not going out with each other" ... this instantly becomes the "fact", in the venue where performer is ("by definition") in charge...whilst the audience is, basically, the bunch of morons who "must" go out sometimes, muddy cretins in glastonbury who cue in front of the box with the words "drop your written complaint here if you think that festival is not so good as it used to be" (i saw that on youtube too)

  • Harley Hintz
    Harley Hintz Month ago +3

    Anyone else clap ? Or am I enjoying this a little to much!

  • Marc Schoofs
    Marc Schoofs Month ago +8

    "that man there" could be maried with someone else...

  • raj sharma
    raj sharma Month ago

    her parents must be real proud

    • Luke Barnes
      Luke Barnes Month ago

      @XSDUP rwd looked pretty embarrassed to me, and if you think meaningless sex is the better thing in life I recommend expanding your horizons

    • XSDUP rwd
      XSDUP rwd Month ago +1

      Sure they are, raised a carefree human not embarrassed by enjoying the better things in life.

  • Bender
    Bender Month ago

    Is it OK to refer to you as JC during the holiday season? I didn't know who you were last week. Very funny and the presentation is impressive. I am a HUGE Sam Kinison fan, you do similar material but you are as far away as you can get from the Sam approach but you are just as funny. Thanks.

  • Edie &Andy
    Edie &Andy Month ago

    His shirt is soooooo pretty.

  • Sarmen PM
    Sarmen PM Month ago +17

    "My parents are going to watch this"
    Oh sweetie...They know,They already know 🙊🤷‍♂️

  • 7 10
    7 10 Month ago +1

    I'm still convinced you're gay

  • Anthony Harrison
    Anthony Harrison Month ago

    I'm imagining Jimmy Carr as a cartoon-book hero, what would that be like!

  • Jack McConnell
    Jack McConnell Month ago +8

    Remember when you could tell these sorts of joke

  • Bearded Patriot
    Bearded Patriot Month ago +3

    I about cried laughing so hard lmao. Jimmy Carr is becoming more & more legendary.

  • Darren Croghan
    Darren Croghan Month ago +2

    i wonder if her husband saw this?

  • Вячеслав Семухин

    Когда уже будет перевод на русский язык?

  • FLAPslapSLAPflap
    FLAPslapSLAPflap Month ago

    Well, he fucked up that guys situation lol

  • gharbi hamza
    gharbi hamza Month ago

    He Fucking obliterated her.

  • mimoocho dom
    mimoocho dom Month ago +2

    Red flag to a bull.

  • smallworld77
    smallworld77 Month ago

    She should've just gone along with the joke... Would've ended much better for everybody!

  • Bebo May
    Bebo May Month ago

    Boy he threw her under the bus, then he backed up and ran over her again, then he backed up and ran over her again, then he backed up and ran over her again!!!

    • XSDUP rwd
      XSDUP rwd Month ago +1

      Why was she getting up and running round to the back of the bus we will never know.

    • Bebo May
      Bebo May Month ago

      @quasarsphere With big boots!

    • quasarsphere
      quasarsphere Month ago

      Then he got out and kicked her.

  • Gemini M
    Gemini M Month ago


  • Ayy lmao
    Ayy lmao Month ago +22

    That woman kept shooting at her own kneecaps with every sentence lol

  • 79Sarwar
    79Sarwar Month ago +1


  • Patrick Lewis
    Patrick Lewis Month ago +15

    Did she not know she was sitting up front at a Jimmy Carr performance? This is like showing up to the circus and being surprised when one of the clowns gets eaten by a lion.

  • BritishIdiots
    BritishIdiots Month ago +7

    Talking back to jimmy Carr... big mistake

  • BusyBasaz
    BusyBasaz Month ago +2

    I've seen just about every Jimmy Carr video on TheXvid. As much as I hate to be the focus of attention, I know you can't just do "move along" on Jimmy. You answer as best you can and hope he doesn't gut you.