Building a Furze Tea Machine

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Make tea the same way, same time, every time with levers n cables it's the Colin Furze Tea Machine.
    To get a COLINFURZE MUG click here
    Thanks to Yorkshire Tea for supporting this project even though I'm putting the milk in first, there tea really is the best, check out there biscuit Tea to it tastes like biscuits.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  7 months ago +1268

    So how do you make your tea.....milk first or water or shake a squirrel at it before.......Either way you'll need your Colin Furze Mug to appreciate it to the full

    • ShadowDragon8685
      ShadowDragon8685 11 days ago

      Sweetener, teabag goes in, hot water. Water going in mixes it all up. Teabag leaves when I'm done drinking. And I've never even SEEN Yorkshire tea. Does the mug handle coffee, hot chocolate and oatmeal? Or would those cause something like spontaneous unplanned deconstruction of the mug?

    • Clark Carpentry
      Clark Carpentry 11 days ago

      Teabag then sugar then water then milk

    • Alyssa Osberg
      Alyssa Osberg 16 days ago

      No squirrel, man, it鈥檚 gotta be an opossum 馃憣馃徎

    • Justjoshing2557
      Justjoshing2557 2 months ago

      How I make tea:
      1. Tea bag
      3.lots of sugar
      5.oh yah that is a nice tea mate

    • Hunter Hart
      Hunter Hart 3 months ago +1

      Even here in America milk And sugar first is a war crime

  • jacob DeAngelo
    jacob DeAngelo 3 days ago


  • North West
    North West 4 days ago

    This channel is exactly how Wallace and Gromit would be in real life
    And I love it so much

  • Harald Schmidt
    Harald Schmidt 5 days ago

    Crazy British. Put milk and sugar in the cup first and then the tea bag. Oh good Lord. If the Queen knew that.

  • Mathew Styles
    Mathew Styles 9 days ago

    Im pretty sure this guys gonna hit his head on a bathroom sink, giving him the idea for the flux capacitor, which will lead to time travel

  • Tmant321
    Tmant321 9 days ago

    Yorkshire Tea. The greatest tea on the planet.

  • WhateverHoney11
    WhateverHoney11 10 days ago +1

    1:33 make a Roomba sander?

  • Ted Baker
    Ted Baker 11 days ago

    校 袧袝袚袨 袝小孝鞋 小袝袦鞋携 ? 袧袗 袟袗袛袧袝袦 袩袥袗袧袝 袛袝袙袨效袣袗 协孝袨 袝袚袨 袛袨效鞋 ???
    HE HAS A FAMILY ? from behind him is a girl sitting on a sofa is his daughter ???

  • twenty one cries for help

    Who makes their tea milk first

  • EL BARTO LV lol
    EL BARTO LV lol 14 days ago

    1:28 no f*cking sh*t馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Oliver 2050
    Oliver 2050 15 days ago

    You are sooo cool! 馃槑馃憤

  • Ben Huckle
    Ben Huckle 15 days ago

    not even a 1 min in and found a flaw. its just not on. milk has to go in after boiling water. not good

  • Alyssa Osberg
    Alyssa Osberg 16 days ago +1

    1:30 Well, lads, he did it! His masterpiece is complete!

  • Jay Kenyon
    Jay Kenyon 20 days ago

    Turned off when he puts the milk in first

  • Logan Loundagin
    Logan Loundagin 20 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that he has a tv and speakers in the background

  • Owen Ward
    Owen Ward 20 days ago

    I like tetley tea

  • My penis is Microscopic, but

    Only in Britain 馃嚞馃嚙
    Ammi right lads?!

  • carlos Mejia
    carlos Mejia 21 day ago


  • GalacticDan
    GalacticDan 21 day ago

    Mmm, gotta love tea.

  • drago black
    drago black 22 days ago

    using a bit
    spring steel to give it a little bumper to show where each stop is by feel, would be lovely. also using a proper rail system with less friction gip would make it go smoother

  • fisk7aal
    fisk7aal 23 days ago

    What happened to the jettle?

  • Tiny Cube
    Tiny Cube 25 days ago

    Colin will probably help create the future

  • Tiny Cube
    Tiny Cube 25 days ago +1

    Colin: the creator

  • Roman Volovik
    Roman Volovik 25 days ago

    There are a couple of things wrong with this design.
    1) you dont leave milk overnight in room temperature.
    2) I am guessing that there needs to be a certain amount of water in the kettle for this to

  • Jules Starn
    Jules Starn 26 days ago

    The late great Douglas Adams was of the school of milk first, than tea. You can find his explanation of why this is a strategically better method in the book of his posthumously published writings, The Salmon of Doubt. I, myself feel a bit torn. Adams makes a good argument for milk first, but after so long, it feels strange. Like eating a banana upside-down, which you're also meant to do.

  • GoatHead73
    GoatHead73 27 days ago

    colinfurze: gets sponsored by yorkshire tea just by asking
    The Spiffing Brit: !!!???

  • Pro Gamer AJG
    Pro Gamer AJG 28 days ago


  • max nye
    max nye 29 days ago

    Unsubscribing for putting milk in first

  • Zach Davenport
    Zach Davenport Month ago

    whats keeping the milk from spoiling?

  • Nathanael McCooeye
    Nathanael McCooeye Month ago

    You could use some electronic relays and grafcet to automate the system so you can start it with a button.
    It would be much easier to use and not too difficult!

  • Lasivian Leandros
    Lasivian Leandros Month ago

    I'm let down that this isn;t completely automated. ;)

  • FireSniper
    FireSniper Month ago

    you put the milk in first you sinner

  • Denisa Mendelsohn
    Denisa Mendelsohn Month ago

    Cool. I wish I could meet you! But I live in the USA.

  • Nunyo Bisnus
    Nunyo Bisnus Month ago

    The most British thing ever

    EPICMATIONS Month ago

    the spiffing brit is jealous

  • T Beck
    T Beck Month ago

    Oh my god, Yorkshire tea were totally right. How can you do it that order!? You're a MONSTER! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
    I think you should do another attempt at this. Have the whole thing stringed together on one string and a motor to do the whole thing to happen autonomously

  • Charlie smith
    Charlie smith Month ago +1

    What tea bag do u use?

  • Eric_shawn
    Eric_shawn Month ago

    Right lads so you want to make a banging cupa tea
    Here鈥檚 my recipe that i have been perfecting over the years
    1.a cup (optional: get your favorite cup, I don鈥檛 know why it just makes it taste better)
    2. Slap in a tea bag
    3.2 to 3 sugars (you may be thinking 鈥渢hat鈥檚 alot of sugar鈥 and my answer would be 鈥渟hut up it works鈥
    4. Pour in your boiling water
    5. Keep that tea bag in for around 10 second (you need to be stirring it around)
    6.take the tea bag out and fuck it in to the bin
    7.get your milk and pour it in your cup
    8.give it another stir
    9.Wait for it to cool down
    10.drink your amazing cupa tea
    You can now make the best cup of tea know to man kind

  • Iro Sp
    Iro Sp Month ago +1

    Shut up ant take my money 馃槄

  • Shadow 18
    Shadow 18 Month ago

    #yorkshiertea all the way

  • No it鈥檚 Patrick

    you sure know how to enjoy life

  • ekvictory007
    ekvictory007 Month ago

    Idea for a mk2: make it all programmable and run it from a phone app?

  • crystal sheep
    crystal sheep Month ago

    We don't have yorkshiretea where i live :(

  • Big Aussie
    Big Aussie Month ago

    I'm from Australia. Saw some Yorkshire tea on the shelf and remembered this vid, so I bought it (I make my tea almost the same way but with milk last) and it's pretty good.

  • Ko La
    Ko La Month ago

    he probably doesn't own a firearm

  • Bruce Penhaligan
    Bruce Penhaligan 2 months ago

    Colin, please tell me you鈥檙e still alive? We haven鈥檛 heard from you in ages!

  • Ashley Ford
    Ashley Ford 2 months ago

    I never thought I would take issue with a process of yours but...... milk 1st. You savage animal.

  • 13579 jac
    13579 jac 2 months ago

    can i get one shiped to the us and does it need to be tea because all we have here is coffie

  • pianoman 18
    pianoman 18 2 months ago

    Everyone has commented on his insanity for putting milk first (EVEN BEFORE THE TEABAG) but he is right about Yorkshire tea

  • La juntada f煤tbol club bera

    Estar铆a mejor autonomo

  • Justjoshing2557
    Justjoshing2557 2 months ago +2

    Sir I really doubt you British status as you put MILK IN YOUR TEA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!
    As i am a TRUE British I am offended by your tea making skills and I shall come to take your tea license, Good day sir

  • XLDARKWOLF Shadowflame
    XLDARKWOLF Shadowflame 3 months ago

    I lile tea

  • Ross Hughes
    Ross Hughes 3 months ago

    The fuck you just about pg tips

  • Kim Diesel
    Kim Diesel 3 months ago

    Leave it to a Brit to make a tea machine.

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment 3 months ago

    Hello. I am American and do American things, however I do drink tea. I also drink tea with milk. I have tested it out and concluded that adding milk first does not change the flavor. Thank you.

  • Stephen Parsons
    Stephen Parsons 3 months ago

    Completely agree with the comments.... backwards way of making tea. Tea bag...Water. ..milk... sugar... stir

  • Adam Bainbridge
    Adam Bainbridge 3 months ago

    I tried this... The optic dispenser for the milk ended up full of off milk.
    Wasn't nice.

  • The Red Paladin
    The Red Paladin 3 months ago

    Furze version things mean, things that can possible blow your house up to shreds, make you blind, deaf and take off a limb.

  • Oliver Allen
    Oliver Allen 3 months ago

    Colin, I'm sorry, actually I'm not sorry. That was rubbish. For sure it's got to be plumbed in and with a hopper full of tea bags for full automation. And another hopper full of Colin Furze mugs ready to go. But otherwise very nice, I don't mind that you put the milk in first... your very special.

  • General. Goods
    General. Goods 3 months ago

    Yes he did though, make a cup of tea completely backwards 馃槀