Building a Furze Tea Machine

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Make tea the same way, same time, every time with levers n cables it's the Colin Furze Tea Machine.
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    Thanks to Yorkshire Tea for supporting this project even though I'm putting the milk in first, there tea really is the best, check out there biscuit Tea to it tastes like biscuits.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  3 months ago +1238

    So how do you make your tea.....milk first or water or shake a squirrel at it before.......Either way you'll need your Colin Furze Mug to appreciate it to the full

    • Rachel Redhead
      Rachel Redhead Day ago

      tea bag, milk, sugar, hot water

    • Daniel Langham Guitarist
      Daniel Langham Guitarist 9 days ago

      PG Tips are better, tea bag, water, let it brew, sugar, milk

    • Alsped
      Alsped 16 days ago

      Never MIF (milk in first) tea pot warmed then brew the tea then sugar lastly milk, so says me dad. Perfect. Top Channel by the way 👍👍👍👍

    • P Nixxy
      P Nixxy 18 days ago

      colinfurze i want to purchase a blue mug like the one in the video can you make them available only white blablablabla. Love your channel ❤️❤️

    • Γιώργος Κοκκινάκης
      Γιώργος Κοκκινάκης 24 days ago

      Neurotoxin first

  • Francis Sims
    Francis Sims 42 minutes ago

    So yer a MIF eh?

  • Jose
    Jose 13 hours ago

    Colin makes the tea same way as me

  • Bob Rosshurburger
    Bob Rosshurburger Day ago +1

    He put the milk in first...WHAT A MAD LAD

  • Matorum Physiker

    And how do you want to cool your milk?

  • punkypaige
    punkypaige 3 days ago

    Im so triggered you put the milk in firdt smh. It goes tea bag, sugar, water, milk. Theres no over way

  • GamingForAiden_HD
    GamingForAiden_HD 4 days ago

    Erm... I went to buy the new cup you have just brought out, but it came to £10 total after shipping and VAT when I'm in the UK lol! At first it was telling me it was £6 then went to checkout and it shot to £10, think that is delivery price but I am in the UK so it shouldn't be like that... nevermind lol!

  • 1 2
    1 2 5 days ago +2

    The most British Colin furze video yet

  • -sub• zero-
    -sub• zero- 6 days ago

    How dare you make a cup of tea with the milk in first...actually it isn’t all that bad.

  • captain supermaket
    captain supermaket 7 days ago

    i was wearing the exact same shirt 5:01

  • andypocalypse
    andypocalypse 7 days ago

    thats not a tea machine.... its a tea murder machine

  • jerytheorc 2
    jerytheorc 2 8 days ago

    Water first not milk

  • Jesse Denyer
    Jesse Denyer 10 days ago

    Why have I not seen this guy befor

  • oathompsonjones
    oathompsonjones 10 days ago

    how to make tea: twinnings earl grey tea bag first, then water, then a splash of milk, NO SUGAR

    • oathompsonjones
      oathompsonjones 10 days ago

      also, setting the kettle to boil is the FIRST thing you do, so it's ready to pour when you need it

  • Shane Rebelo
    Shane Rebelo 11 days ago

    Hey can you make a hover bord that goes on water

    • VividiantYT
      VividiantYT 8 days ago

      Shane Rebelo That’s impossible. If so, don’t you think everyone would be driving with hover cars?

  • Brad Sargeant
    Brad Sargeant 11 days ago

    Who in the right frame of mind puts milk in first! Its tea bag sugar water squeeze milk stir end of

  • Fineasi Tuifuaivaha
    Fineasi Tuifuaivaha 11 days ago

    Hi Collin I wanted to ask a copy of the tools and setup you got in your workshop as I am going to setup a workshop like yours or maybe close to it any help with the machine to buy a set up will be grateful. I love how simple and easy you make anything with the setup and machinery you got a big fan of your Chanel and easy to follow your videos all the best.

  • Andrew McMahon
    Andrew McMahon 12 days ago

    milk in first is the best. Dribble milk in hot tea = UHT milk taste

  • detoxn
    detoxn 13 days ago +1

    at 6:20 is my favourite part

  • jayney xx
    jayney xx 13 days ago +1

    *ewww MILK IN FIRST that's just narrssttyyyyyy*

  • Coco Films
    Coco Films 13 days ago

    5:53. She should not be in there Collin. That’s dangerous. Plz don’t let her in there. She’s too cute.

  • Tot Gaming
    Tot Gaming 15 days ago

    Why don’t you make a machine that make stuff for you

  • Billy Naylor
    Billy Naylor 16 days ago

    I do my tea like that

  • Oleś
    Oleś 16 days ago

    I think its best thing u ever made, because i love tea with milk❤

  • Nathan the gaming
    Nathan the gaming 16 days ago

    what happens if i make
    *lincoinshire tea*

  • Matthew Ellis
    Matthew Ellis 17 days ago

    Colin mate, the milk does not go in first. It's water on to tea bag, brew and then milk and sugar if that's your thing.

  • Khant Htet Aung
    Khant Htet Aung 17 days ago +1

    Professionals -> Safety 1st
    Colin Furze -> Safety 23rd

  • lag controls
    lag controls 18 days ago

    Barry’s tea for life

  • Meromes Death
    Meromes Death 18 days ago

    Tbh if he was able to mass produce this I’d buy one instantly 😂

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 18 days ago

    there is some spiffing influence in this video.

  • Shrek the Memelord
    Shrek the Memelord 18 days ago

    That first part reminded me of vsause

  • S k
    S k 18 days ago

    Joke or not. Milk first is an absolute fucking disgrace. Fuck you Furze you heathen.

  • Mad Mikey
    Mad Mikey 19 days ago

    who else loves colin's choice of music

  • GlebRysanov
    GlebRysanov 20 days ago

    Wearing a tie in a workshop may be even worse idea than the 'milk first' principle. Ask Mr Bean :)
    Edit: never mind, just saw his mug in the end of the video :)

  • mackenzie trebilcock
    mackenzie trebilcock 20 days ago +3

    "the cup will move gently down the track" *adds 17000 rpm motor and cup is launched to pluto*

  • Bobby Jay
    Bobby Jay 20 days ago

    Did people dislike this video because he put milk first?

  • Ngao Nhat
    Ngao Nhat 21 day ago

  • water cow
    water cow 22 days ago +1

    I think its safe to say Colin Furze is living in the future.

  • MrVein
    MrVein 22 days ago

    i leave the teabag in for like 5 mins..

  • PSNFREAK 202
    PSNFREAK 202 22 days ago

    I like how colin just enjoys doing this like he doesn’t ask for likes or nor he clickbaits he is a very good youtuber

  • PSNFREAK 202
    PSNFREAK 202 22 days ago

    I put sugar then tea bag then water than milk and add more sugar if needed

  • BIG Al
    BIG Al 23 days ago

    Good luck getting any other tea sponsors

  • Ryan Rosenblum
    Ryan Rosenblum 24 days ago

    I wonder if a carousel instead of a straight track would have been more efficient space wise

  • fuse box
    fuse box 24 days ago

    PG tips

  • Gamer3427
    Gamer3427 25 days ago +2

    Everyone complaining about the milk going in first, but as someone from the Southern US, while I don't mind a cup of warm tea, (though cold sweet tea is far superior), I'm mostly baffled by the fact that you'd put the milk on there in a machine like this without any sort of refrigeration to keep it from spoiling. I can understand drinking a lot of tea, thus it potentially not lasting long enough to spoil, but that's just asking for curdled milk......

  • Isaac Taylor
    Isaac Taylor 25 days ago

    Beau TEA ful

  • Mossy Skull
    Mossy Skull 26 days ago

    To be honest this is the most practical thing he’s ever made

  • B BG
    B BG 26 days ago +1

    First thing that came to mind "Wallace and Gromit".

  • JIKENG _
    JIKENG _ 26 days ago


  • Julie Thurgood
    Julie Thurgood 26 days ago

    Err, Yorkshire Tea? That’s mank, PG Tips is the good stuff.

    • S k
      S k 18 days ago

      PG tips is disgusting dogshit.

  • Jed nobel
    Jed nobel 26 days ago

    notice the chrome socket on the impact at 1:45

  • ReBeL
    ReBeL 26 days ago

    Okay fix it its in the wrong order. (Put the water first) and make it automated

  • ReBeL
    ReBeL 26 days ago

    Don't put the tea in first because the tea will boil slower

  • ReBeL
    ReBeL 26 days ago

    Ur wallace

  • Andy Mitchell
    Andy Mitchell 27 days ago

    6:25 Colin's kid is completely oblivious to what the heck is going on

  • kshark 12
    kshark 12 27 days ago

    "That other stuffs like dust."
    Bruh u ever had private selection?

  • Andrew Kiefer
    Andrew Kiefer 27 days ago

    Not even the Americans are ok with the order you make your tea.

  • Zach Suhsen
    Zach Suhsen 27 days ago

    Just started watching your videos today and man they are great! I've watched like 15 already 😂 thanks for the great content!

  • Little Kitty Crafter
    Little Kitty Crafter 27 days ago

    I say tea bag, then water, then milk. No sugar for me/my mum

  • Donagh O'Hagan
    Donagh O'Hagan Month ago

    How does this man make a cup of tea . He puts the milk in first and it's obvious that you put the tea bag in first then the water then the milk and finally the sugar

  • Daniel Powell
    Daniel Powell Month ago

    1. Tried Yorkshire tea once, Never again.
    2. You should be sent to the tower for doing your milk first, It genuinely angered me 😂

  • Liam Moss
    Liam Moss Month ago

    Thanks for the cup of Rube Goldberg tea

  • hfg ythu
    hfg ythu Month ago

    Puts milk in first, likes Yorkshire tea - oh dear Colin I think you’ve finally gone insane

  • Aaron Reimer
    Aaron Reimer Month ago +1

    Sorry for you tea lovers I kinda like coffee more

  • Aaron Reimer
    Aaron Reimer Month ago

    Colin you should of built a guard that when the shugar misses it will go back in the cup

  • Christopher Phillips

    How are you going to keep the milk cold?

  • Anudeep Yalamanchi
    Anudeep Yalamanchi Month ago

    Bro why don’t you update garage
    Arrange all the tools and machines in an systematic order because they look clumsy

    Fans from India 🇮🇳

  • Charlie Greene
    Charlie Greene Month ago

    He could use a bit of help as far as music goes😂😂

  • Maximus Gigantos
    Maximus Gigantos Month ago

    WTF is wrong with these 2K people?

  • liam hgd
    liam hgd Month ago

    I like the thout that Ur house is like Wallace and grommets

  • GhOsT jay
    GhOsT jay Month ago

    I love Yorkshire Tea

  • Kenny King
    Kenny King Month ago

    You cant have milk first. Its like not properly boiling the water.
    I do it completely the other wait around. Bag, water, sugar and then milk. And I am only half britt...

  • stevenazx
    stevenazx Month ago +1

    *tycoons in roblox built in real life*

  • lonely turtle p
    lonely turtle p Month ago

    The spiffing brit runs a TheXvid channel and he completely agrees with you tea opinion.

  • Ventus Vero
    Ventus Vero Month ago

    Hey, you know what? Milk First? You do you sir!