England Vs Australia rugby world cup 2019. Michael Cheika half time rant

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Australian rugby coach Michael Cheika half time rant to his team during the rugby world cup quarter final in japan.

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  • Geoff Lobegeier
    Geoff Lobegeier Month ago +1

    Not Rugby.....talks about 22 players and playing quarters.....maybe Australian Rules

  • Charl Van Wyngaardt

    Exactly the reason why they performed the way they did. Australian Rugby better off without him.

  • Bobby Bellingham
    Bobby Bellingham Month ago +1

    Dis nie nodig om the skree nie!! Dis nie nodig om te skree nie!!!

  • Luca Longari
    Luca Longari Month ago

    Michael cheika is the biggest fuckin cunt - his players are not to blame, it's him (this is lowkey mental abuse)

  • Miss Fit
    Miss Fit Month ago +1

    Pretty sure that’s not Cheika

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 Month ago +1

    Nice resignation speech.

  • Matthew Stewart
    Matthew Stewart Month ago +1

    Sounds like a nice bloke

  • James Postle
    James Postle Month ago

    Fake news. Not Cheika.

  • James Postle
    James Postle Month ago +2

    It's Ricky Stuart a league coach! The same one who England had in their training camp this World Cup!

  • James Postle
    James Postle Month ago +3

    That's not Cheika! Doesn't even sound like him!

  • Matthew Phillips
    Matthew Phillips Month ago +1

    Easy there tiger

  • Caan Guttenbeil
    Caan Guttenbeil Month ago +2

    This isnt him, this is from like 2017 or 18 from Ricky Stuart at the Canberra Raiders in NRL

    • Lom Bardy
      Lom Bardy Month ago

      doesn't sound like Ricky!?

  • Rumble Jungle
    Rumble Jungle Month ago +7

    Such a shame he has resigned. Was so awesome seeing Australian rugby decline to the extent it has under Cheika

  • R.m. B.
    R.m. B. Month ago

    Certainly didn’t make them play any better in the second half.... obviously never heard of constructive criticism. Twat!

  • twofacesa
    twofacesa Month ago +3

    Definitely fake. He says 22 players at the beginning. That rule changed before 2015.

  • Clive Patterson
    Clive Patterson Month ago +11

    I think he's just explaining how they can improve in the second half.

  • sam driver
    sam driver Month ago +1

    A gentleman of the sport

  • Matt Atherton
    Matt Atherton Month ago +1

    This is old and not Cheika, sorry. Original recording from a year ago: facebook.com/watch/?v=223345195191272

  • Lom Bardy
    Lom Bardy Month ago

    Need the transcript for this could barely understand him haha ‘its fucking hoopy, you’r shit’

  • Matthew Dower
    Matthew Dower Month ago +1


  • Flight Level 480
    Flight Level 480 Month ago +3

    That's Ricky Stuart talking

  • Mike McEwen
    Mike McEwen Month ago

    I’m sure if he really tried he could have got another fuck in.

  • The Fridge
    The Fridge Month ago

    I love how you are doubling down on the lie. Top work.

  • Michael Standing
    Michael Standing Month ago +4

    Israel Folau would be laughing right now and who could blame him.

    • Michael Standing
      Michael Standing Month ago

      @Faiek Galant Very good point could not agree more. www.foxsports.com.au/rugby/rugby-world-cup/teams/australia/quade-coopers-michael-cheika-sendoff-wallabies-coach-resigns/news-story/2a85e521b3bbf36a6056e717849f908c

    • Faiek Galant
      Faiek Galant Month ago

      And Quade Cooper

  • Jo Black
    Jo Black Month ago

    Translation - You fucking cunts are plaing just like the faggots Israel Folau was gonna send to hell. Get out there and play like real men or after the match I'll fuck each and every one of ya up the arse

  • digiscream
    digiscream Month ago +1

    He sounds a little cross.

  • Paul H
    Paul H Month ago +3

    Can someone please translate?

    • Liam Dilley
      Liam Dilley Month ago +1

      He wasn't happy. Did not offer anything constructive. Call them a lot of bad names, benched a couple for being bad and warned others not to do some dumb stuff again. That is pretty much it.

  • RRSmurf
    RRSmurf Month ago

    I'm not sure but he seems sad.

  • Ingur Lund
    Ingur Lund Month ago +10

    Bloody useless. How about coaching them, giving them a second half game plan to bloody use?

  • thomas simpkins
    thomas simpkins Month ago +4

    Is this recording real?

    • Cameron Heywood
      Cameron Heywood Month ago

      It’s from an Aussie rules game apparently

    • twofacesa
      twofacesa Month ago

      Definitely fake. He says 22 players at the beginning. That rule changed before 2015.

    • wildebest
      wildebest Month ago

      @Glen Be yeah ofc it's real, it's just not cheika

    • Glen Be
      Glen Be Month ago +1

      @wildebest apparently is is "real" just not Cheika (or even Rugby) real. It is a tirade from a lower tier AFL (Aussie Rules) team coach, hence why it refers to 22 players.

    • wildebest
      wildebest Month ago

      nope, no chance this is real

  • Stefano Corsini
    Stefano Corsini Month ago

    Please, can someone transcript for non english people? I did not understand everything, but I guess he wasn't so happy :)

    • Glen Be
      Glen Be Month ago +2

      It is mainly a lot of swearing and calling people c un ts. But it is not Cheika. It is a lower grade AFL (Aussie Rules) Coach.

  • Ethan Rajan
    Ethan Rajan Month ago +3

    Calm down sunshine