Solo: A Star Wars Story | "Ride" (:30)

  • Published on May 5, 2018
  • “Who’s gonna be my co-pilot?”
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Comments • 452

  • Bryant Susilo
    Bryant Susilo 10 months ago

    Please make kenobi a star wars story

  • Karel Hirš
    Karel Hirš 10 months ago


  • LightsaberProductions
    LightsaberProductions 11 months ago +2

    0:07 "Heared about a job, big shot gangster, putting together a crew"

    The trailer want´s you to think Beckett is talking about the man shown in the next cutscene, but in the actual movie he is talking about Jabba the Hutt! Very cool!

  • Luke Starkiller
    Luke Starkiller Year ago


  • Riccardo Capriuoli

    In this movie there will be Darth maul

  • Arthur Paz
    Arthur Paz Year ago

    Do not make spin-off movies about unnecessary stories! Make a trilogy of The Old Republic, Obi Wan movie (with Ewan McGregor) and the completion of the trilogy with Episode IX, better than VIII and more focused on the fluidity of the story than on irrelevant missions. Only. PLEASE.

  • Jack Hemsley
    Jack Hemsley Year ago

    The Millennium Falcon at the beginning is missing the front piece like the old days

  • happy 12
    happy 12 Year ago +1

    Solo Top Or Feed :
    A league of legends story

  • prometheuspaintball

    Please don't ruin my childhood...again.

  • Brody
    Brody Year ago


  • MileZee Movies
    MileZee Movies Year ago


  • Baron Trump
    Baron Trump Year ago

    i wouldve cared 5 years ago

  • Toxteth O’grady
    Toxteth O’grady Year ago +1

    Solo now black man?? ahahah jokineg italy fans xxxx

  • Carlos Domingo Gonzalez Alzaga


  • K Bowman
    K Bowman Year ago

    I don't want your garbage

  • Varg Wölf
    Varg Wölf Year ago

    Jajaja. I dislike this Garbage DUMBS

  • Felipe FP
    Felipe FP Year ago +1


    • Kaylee
      Kaylee Year ago +3

      Felipe FP #noonecares

  • Edmundo Perez
    Edmundo Perez Year ago +3


    • Kryptic
      Kryptic Year ago

      Well it ain’t yours pal but it’s everyone else’s

    • Kaylee
      Kaylee Year ago +5

      Edmundo Perez #noonecares

  • Roberto Sola
    Roberto Sola Year ago +2


  • Byron Eveson
    Byron Eveson Year ago +2

    Boycott Soylo: An SJW Story

  • Jerry Sowders
    Jerry Sowders Year ago

    Is that the same chest game that been going all this time lol ?

  • Jack Mathis
    Jack Mathis Year ago +2

    Disney... A sell out company.

  • Gamerkid
    Gamerkid Year ago +1

    0:07 is where you can see the original falcon

  • Kev 420
    Kev 420 Year ago +3

    NOBODY GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Disney is making Star Wars a racist sexist franchise. Look up the quotes of Kathleen Kennedy saying that Star Wars needs less white people. PLEASE NOBODY PAY TO SEE THIS TRASH!

  • Guardian
    Guardian Year ago +1

    Boy this is awesome

  • ScruffyThe1st
    ScruffyThe1st Year ago

    I remember that, I remember this! References References woooow, chess, the falcon!!! I hope this movie is just more than that.

    • kubla 98
      kubla 98 Year ago

      thats all fans want, they dont want change

  • Harrys Cupboard Music

    Chewy is gonna save this movie ✌(Hopefully🤔)

  • Oatmeal
    Oatmeal Year ago

    can't wait

  • kbg12ila
    kbg12ila Year ago

    Done Avengers, Next Deadpool and then THIS!!!

  • Alex Doolan
    Alex Doolan Year ago

    will go to watch it but this is gonna bomb at box office

  • MagnusTheGreat
    MagnusTheGreat Year ago +1

    This will be a fun movie

  • Bobby Rodriguez
    Bobby Rodriguez Year ago


  • Just a dude named Ian.

    Ok now I’m interested into this movie

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor Year ago +2

    WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! I've got a good feeling about this!

  • [RNS] RedneckSniper1

    I cant wait to watch this

  • Matthew Jura
    Matthew Jura Year ago

    Again SW..... I still didn’t watch even one movie.. getting too many to catch up xD

  • Rob h
    Rob h Year ago

    No... just no.

  • COMAND Модератор

    ну че пойдём?

  • MoonlightSky
    MoonlightSky Year ago

    Lol this is on my birthday

  • pigsrcool626
    pigsrcool626 Year ago

    Great, now I can never take Holo Chess seriously again.

  • StarWarsMagic
    StarWarsMagic Year ago +2

    OG FALCON???!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kubla 98
      kubla 98 Year ago

      nope, its an escape pod

  • Alfred The Seeker

    basically a pointless movie. hope it's fun tho

  • Sparks of Revolution offical channel

    I think there may be a pattern with the new Star wars films,
    Force awakens- dissapointment
    Rouge one- amazing
    Last jedi- dissapointment
    Solo- ?

  • Beau Baker
    Beau Baker Year ago

    I wonder what will be better SOLO or KENOBI

    G BLAST Year ago


  • Deka Tron
    Deka Tron Year ago

    Less than 12 parsecs! 😜

  • caleb howle
    caleb howle Year ago

    Good old Donald Glover

  • Benjamin Farca Vazquez

    OMG thats will be an amazing movie!! ;v

  • Harold Brown
    Harold Brown Year ago

    not going to see it

  • Newo Productions
    Newo Productions Year ago +2

    Who else can't wait for this movie?



  • Dylan Fowler
    Dylan Fowler Year ago

    The force is strong with this trailer.

  • ben4d85
    ben4d85 Year ago

    Is this gonna be of similar quality as the last Star Wars movie, or is this gonna be different?

  • zgialanella zgialanella

    Me too banactor I can’t wait anymore going, opening day with my mom and grandma and unfortunately three weeks to wait oh well anyway may the force be with you peace ✌️

  • Jason Alerts
    Jason Alerts Year ago

    this looks good

  • Jaymond Sperling
    Jaymond Sperling Year ago +5

    I truly think this movie will surprise us all and be up with A new hope, empire, and force awakens! I am officially hyped! These trailers have some really awsome shots, and I think it will be a great story.

  • Caliban at large
    Caliban at large Year ago

    I hope this disaster get kennedy and johnson fired

  • Noah Lofgren
    Noah Lofgren Year ago +7

    To Disney: You need an incredibly good movie, and brilliant director.
    Disney: We got the director

  • Adderz
    Adderz Year ago +7

    Can't wait!! Seriously!

  • Ur mom Giey
    Ur mom Giey Year ago +1


  • Sergeant Arch Dornan

    Looks nothing, sounds nothing like Harrison Ford. Nope.

  • Luke Newcomb
    Luke Newcomb Year ago

    There's a smiley in the title

  • Suffering
    Suffering Year ago


  • Azzian 11
    Azzian 11 Year ago

    Yeah, trending with 100k views. Sure

  • João Vitor De Melo

    Ohhh ow oooow, ohhh ow owwaa I'm falling, so i'm taking my time of my ride

  • Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz Year ago

    They're H O L O G R A M S

  • Deadeye Cpt.
    Deadeye Cpt. Year ago

    Meh .... I don't know... Looks good but I'm not sure, I've been fooled too many times by a trailer.

  • Fox
    Fox Year ago +2


  • Most Likely Mu
    Most Likely Mu Year ago +1


  • Merida watson
    Merida watson Year ago +1


  • 外国人说中文

    @Disney , why are you DESTROYING Star Wars??? TLJ was a joke and the films are not going the right direction! Stop wasting the franchise and the legendary characters!! Why did you disgrace Luke???

  • Marvel I. T. K
    Marvel I. T. K Year ago

    Rebolt is the BEST!

  • RetroRoboDog
    RetroRoboDog Year ago +1


  • Soccerthomas #10
    Soccerthomas #10 Year ago +1

    Is that Jarvis from marvel in the trailer!!!

  • Kendrik Doughty
    Kendrik Doughty Year ago

    0:06 Center piece is gone O.O

  • Matrix Madness
    Matrix Madness Year ago


  • pisswobble
    pisswobble Year ago

    This looks a load o pants

  • Brian Radcliffe
    Brian Radcliffe Year ago

    Got my tickets for 7pm on the 24th best seats in the house cant wait!

  • Gbate Dating
    Gbate Dating Year ago


  • Fade Nightshade
    Fade Nightshade Year ago

    Star Wars is B tier going on C tier. Marvel dominates. Marvel is the Star Wars of today!!

  • I don't have a name

    Wait, I thought vision died

  • I don't have a name

    Coming out the day before my big exams - meh who cares bout revising

  • Rutger Van Den Bosch

    This is the last chance I'm giving to disney star wars. I'm not goinh to the cinema for it anyways, don't want to spill my money for it. But if this movie flops, I'm done

  • Robert King
    Robert King Year ago +9


  • NPC 100573200
    NPC 100573200 Year ago +1

    Kennedy so desperate to have this movie succeed that she has to use her minions to make endless fake TheXvid accounts
    How pathetic are you when you know your work sucks but desperately try to cover up how bad it is

  • Mika
    Mika Year ago +3

    All people buy your tickets lets show marvel his place

  • Jack Wood
    Jack Wood Year ago

    Ooooo this is coming out on my birthday

  • Jacob Dominguez
    Jacob Dominguez Year ago

    Can't wait!

  • Jo Jo Saboia Adventure


  • Steelbreeze420
    Steelbreeze420 Year ago

    Just rename is "Chewie: A RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHH Story"

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund Year ago

    That Chewie/Beckett scene is awesome. 😂

    KYLO REN Year ago

    I cant wait!!!
    Avengers 3 was awful!

  • Tom Talks Movies
    Tom Talks Movies Year ago

    Yea boiiiiiii can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Norimah Abdullah
    Norimah Abdullah Year ago

    OMG! Stop spoiling us with all these short clips! So hyped for this movie! 😀

  • BlueNuggetBoy Productions

    What’s with all these actors being in both Star Wars and Marvel?!
    There’s Benicio Del Tero, Andy Serkis, Forrest Whitaker, Lupita N’Yongo, Sam Jackson, and now Paul Bettany and Donald Glover!

  • Corey Donaldson
    Corey Donaldson Year ago

    Excellent clip !

  • karmer isbak
    karmer isbak Year ago

    06 seconds in all the panels are ripped off the falcon

  • The Greenman
    The Greenman Year ago +3

    Woody Harelsons face wrecked it for me. I won't be seeing this film.

  • CC-2224
    CC-2224 Year ago

    0:06 falcon!!!

  • chloe
    chloe Year ago

    Chewie is so cute!!!