How it FEELS to Play Pyro in TF2

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    All 7v7 matches were played in pick-up games
    Huge thanks to Alaxe for creating several custom models for this (the cartoon Pyro mask, the pyroland babies, the panic attack trigger, animatable angel/devil pyros, and stretchy spy mask just to name a few). Thanks to Ardate for animating the SFM scene where I spawn camp with the phlog. Thanks to 9joao6 for the Minecraft torch particle. Thanks to Serket for some assets used in the phlog + trash can frame. And a big thanks to the entire SFM community for making creative scenes like Pyroland possible (e.g. RedMser).
    Songs used:
    0.07 Metaknight's Revenge - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    0.30 Pleasantville - North Sphere
    0.40 Schala's Theme - Chrono Trigger
    1.00 Ice-Cream Island - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Paintbrugh
    2.00 Sharkle Dream - Night in the Woods
    2.15 Event Battle - Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door
    3.18 The Princess-Sorceress' Feelings - Wild Arms
    3.30 "It is (r word)" + "Damnation," both from Quake
    3.56 Homer's Day Off - Simpsons Hit and Run
    4.19 Awaken Pillar Men
    4.30 Kids Next Door Theme (instrumental from the video game)
    4.39 Dealings - Anthony Earl
    5.02 Rip and Tear - DOOM 2016
    6.21 Serious Trouble - Mario and Luigi Partners in Time
    6.28 Icy Cavern - Kirby Returns to Dream Land
    7.18 some Flood-related Halo song, sorry I can't get the specifics (there are compilations)
    7.24 Toad Brigade - Super Mario Galaxy
    7.58 Aquariam Park Act 1 - Sonic Colors
    8.20 Final Battle Against Ganon - Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
    8.36 You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet - Final Fantasy VII
    8.57 Drunken Pipe Bomb - Team Fortress 2 (indie video game from 2007, hard to find a copy now)
    9.07 Boss Battle Theme - Final Fantasy IV
    9.57 Epic Voyage - Dream Cave
    11.32 space odyssey classical music
    12.16 Aim for the Big Star - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Paintbrush
    13.18 Taking Over the Halberd - Kirby Super Star
    13.52 Barbed Wire
    13.58 Banjo Kazooie Pause Screen
    14.08 Invincibility Candy - Kirby Return to Dream Land
    14.29 Final Battle - Banjo Kazooie
    15.15 Runescape Death Sound
    16.00 Neo Star - Kirby 64 the Crystal Shards
    16.53 Taswell - Minecraft
    17.10 Paper Mario Main Theme
    If you're reading this I have one question for you: Did you TRULY learn how it feels to play Pyro in tf2? Airblast boys rise up
    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound (royalty free music website)
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  • LazyPurple
    LazyPurple  24 days ago +9035

    Pyro is quite a tricky class to discuss... I did my best to balance the importance of protecting your teammates with the fun of setting the world on fire. I tried to address some more ideas and playstyles in the Behind-the-Scenes video, check it out here!
    Also I'm streaming these days !

    • Axel Eide
      Axel Eide 12 hours ago

      This makes me wanna put down my spy butterfly knife and dead ringer in favour for the degreaser, a weapon i never use
      Thanks lazy purple
      You inspire me to play more classes

    • The Broken Villager
      The Broken Villager 17 hours ago

      why do the glasses pyro lazy wear remind me of veggie tales

    • Luke Patteson
      Luke Patteson 2 days ago

      Could you please do medic next

    • Gaming Cyborg - dead channel
      Gaming Cyborg - dead channel 4 days ago

      I bet at the end of the series the Minecraft world has a RED and BLU stronghold

    • lel toast bath
      lel toast bath 4 days ago

      We will die for you

  • Ele
    Ele Hour ago



    M E D I C S ! ! !

  • ThatsW0lfy
    ThatsW0lfy Hour ago

    That usage of Schalas theme is just epic

  • Sammie Weiss
    Sammie Weiss 2 hours ago

    "Why does God look like the Heavy!?" Because Heavy IS God

  • Black Deer
    Black Deer 3 hours ago

    12:29 SCP Reffrence?

  • Trommari
    Trommari 4 hours ago

    you know, this actually relates to pyro's canonical schizophrenia. maybe this is actually canon?

  • Келлат Позитивный

    Lazy:"Don't worry Medic, you're safe with me"
    *Crit rocket incoming*

  • bruhstve bruh
    bruhstve bruh 4 hours ago

    noone gonna talk about engie having a conversation with his sentry??

  • Robotic Eggs
    Robotic Eggs 4 hours ago

    11:16 I'm literally tearing up! The spy screaming was too funny! My Stomach hurts now!

  • SuperSpyMario
    SuperSpyMario 5 hours ago +1

    6:34 "You have to understand that I'm simply concerned for your well-being!"
    *Proceeds to gun down soldier in cold blood*

  • *Bruh Sound Effect*
    *Bruh Sound Effect* 6 hours ago

    next:how it feels to say the nword

  • Fiery Saint
    Fiery Saint 7 hours ago

    He protect
    He attacc
    But most importantly,
    *He reflecc*

  • glockroach
    glockroach 7 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure half the views are me watching this over and over again. . . I have a problem

  • Meat Redfield
    Meat Redfield 7 hours ago

    This gave me cancer more than radiation..........

  • Minerhaven127
    Minerhaven127 9 hours ago

    3:36 look at the devil, its having a sesure

  • Mr .PLadominal
    Mr .PLadominal 9 hours ago

    i like how the pyro looks like a vegetales character kinda

  • Reiu -Gaming i Vlogi
    Reiu -Gaming i Vlogi 10 hours ago

    Your Medic kid is very cute~!

  • Luck Von BonBon
    Luck Von BonBon 11 hours ago

    Probably because it’s a metal machine and they are as flammable as human beings

  • MrAngeickKraken 505
    MrAngeickKraken 505 12 hours ago

    That heavy was a bro

  • Nathan de guia
    Nathan de guia 16 hours ago

    Becuse pyro is a female

  • Logan Stewart
    Logan Stewart 16 hours ago

    6:58 same room lazy was captive in

  • Lunar Frost
    Lunar Frost 17 hours ago

    For someone who's face has yet to be seen, this video makes pyro very expressive, moreso than the others. And I love it 😍

  • Witted Acrobat19
    Witted Acrobat19 19 hours ago +1

    Lmao this is how Salamander Space Marines act like. They love fire, but care for teammates

  • NinoNotachat
    NinoNotachat 19 hours ago


  • Tiny Tom
    Tiny Tom 20 hours ago +1

    I like the kill everybody flame thrower

  • Zedbags jr
    Zedbags jr 21 hour ago +1

    I don't get scared.
    8:11 *Heavy Breathing*

  • AetherResonant
    AetherResonant 21 hour ago +1

    this is now canon
    bruh moment and all

  • Dubstep Raver
    Dubstep Raver 22 hours ago

    8:20 is my favorite part

  • Cloaker
    Cloaker 23 hours ago +2

    soldier: shoots rocket
    rocket: im about to end this mans whole career
    pyro: no, *U* (uses uno reverse card)
    soldier and rocket: aight imma head out

  • Dixie
    Dixie Day ago +1

    this video convinced me to go full pyro main, thanks.

  • Elder Rusty
    Elder Rusty Day ago +1

    Pyro can be best described as one of two roles. The first being the loving mother who does absolutely everything for her children, and unleashes hellfire upon those who dare scorn her
    or the alcoholic father who is disappointed in his kids, so he spends time bullying the other children to make up for it.

  • Kitsu
    Kitsu Day ago

    Everyone going on about the medic, I wanna see how it feels to play Demoman!

  • NightOfSuffering
    NightOfSuffering Day ago +1

    13:36 XD

  • NiCk[]Cringe Incorperated[]

    4:20 Ah yes. One of the best Jojokes one can produce.

  • Mokowz
    Mokowz Day ago +1

    This man is the direct oposite of lazy, you should be called " *ACTIVE PURPLE* " like please! LOok at THoSe aNImaTIoNS FFS

  • Jeffbonfro
    Jeffbonfro Day ago

    Watch "20 .. or so ways to die in payback 2" on TheXvid "If Source engine is so great, why isn't there a Source 2?" on TheXvid

  • MrNo Valentine
    MrNo Valentine Day ago


  • Timothy Rodriguez

    Bouncy Ball = Grenade?

  • Alien Cheeks
    Alien Cheeks Day ago

    For engineer i put a dispenser near a player

  • joshua fisher
    joshua fisher Day ago

    are we just going to ignore the reference to if the emperor had a text to speech device at 4:18

  • Sarcastic Femboy

    Hmm.. I just realized the irony..
    Once I was a spy main, the most played of my classes, coward to pyros.
    But now..
    I’ve become a pyro main, 3rd most played of my classes, destroyer of spies...
    ..and salt generator to heavies, scouts, snipers, demos, etc....

  • Stephen DeWitt
    Stephen DeWitt Day ago

    why does pyro exist

  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso Day ago

    a recration of LazyPurple being a Dad.

  • Moony
    Moony Day ago

    fucking airblast, each time i had fun with demoknight there was some burning idiot..

  • Gollon's Gassy Grotto

    I am by no means a great TF2 player so it really says something when using the Phlog on upward allowed me to dominate -the entire enemy team-. BRUH

  • Joshua Ng
    Joshua Ng Day ago

    4:20 Is that a JOJO REFERENCE

  • Mattia Querci
    Mattia Querci Day ago

    Sub ita if possible thanks

  • TheRook
    TheRook Day ago

    How it feels to play Pyro. Stimulate your M1.

  • [ anger ]
    [ anger ] Day ago

    What spy main look like IRL: *12:29*

  • Agustin Chirino
    Agustin Chirino Day ago

    Traduscanlo porfavor

  • Vault Boi
    Vault Boi Day ago

    8:10 BOGGERS


    R.I.P Daniel2015933
    2015 - 2019

  • GNP 7Z117
    GNP 7Z117 Day ago

    I think this is how it feels to play Medic

  • A Walnut
    A Walnut Day ago

    im pretty new to TF2 and my second item was the fucking phlog
    I cant make this shit up
    anyway i'm a pyro main now

  • Stacy Sinclair
    Stacy Sinclair Day ago

    Plz next demoman

  • NepDM Lover
    NepDM Lover Day ago

    How to get a Home Run(Ft. Demoman):
    1. Have the Demoman attempt a sticky jump off a cliff face.
    2. Airblast said Demoman as he’s about to sticky jump.
    3: 16:44

  • Connor Thomas
    Connor Thomas Day ago

    Ever since you posted this, the amount of Pyro's using the Panic Attack has effectively tripled.

  • Nerk Durgen
    Nerk Durgen Day ago

    the plog is selling your soul, but the backburner pyro is right from the depths of hell!

  • bored
    bored Day ago +1

    No one:
    American Moms when they recently visit their kid's school: 2:28

  • DerpfishsaysNO
    DerpfishsaysNO Day ago

    I'm so glad that "screw you, I'm gonna go play minecraft" has becoming a running gag in this series
    I laugh every time