Building a Marsbase is a Horrible Idea: Let’s do it!

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
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    Humans love to explore. Strangely enough even horrible places - like Mars. Let’s see how building a Mars base could work and how insanely nerve-wracking exactly it would be.
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  4 months ago +3035

    To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.

    • corrupted judge ERROR
      corrupted judge ERROR 3 days ago

      When people are down we could sing sea shanty's or should I say space shanty's

    • General kingo
      General kingo 9 days ago

      Please Arabic language

    • Marek Halás
      Marek Halás 12 days ago

      Yeah like tf imma gonna build on a planet that is litelarry
      A rock with tornadoes and few water bodies
      Yeee that sounds good lets do it!

    • Eevee cudroid
      Eevee cudroid 15 days ago

      This guy got more likes than EA's pinned comment

    • Sim Suil
      Sim Suil 21 day ago

      I would really enjoy seeing a video about Venus colonization, there is always the HAVOC project nasa theorised about doing and watching your take on it would be really fun!

  • NrNi9e
    NrNi9e 16 hours ago

    One glaring question remains: why would we want to colonize Mars? What would be the benefit of doing it? Purely to gain more information?

  • Fost Vicious
    Fost Vicious 21 hour ago

    Angry radioactive sun destroys you. Doom guy knows this.

  • suchinth TS
    suchinth TS Day ago

    Protecting earth is a horrible idea: let’s do it!

  • ComplX hellasfreeproducts

    I am not from usa but i dont understand why people say goverment should cut money from the army to give it to Nasa lets say nasa builts a self sustainable colony with 1M people on mars how this will benefit you? If we all die in earth and they survive you will be benefited? On the other hand USA's army sustains your wealth and your global superior you morons

  • Anemona_04
    Anemona_04 Day ago

    You are incredible I have learned a lot with your videos, don’t stop!

  • Sierra Symone
    Sierra Symone Day ago

    Yeah umm how bout let's stay on earth, sound good??

  • Hatrick X
    Hatrick X Day ago


  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones 2 days ago

    bring back oppy

  • Parker Jack
    Parker Jack 2 days ago

    i mean we can still have poop potato for lunch right?

  • Mace Universe
    Mace Universe 2 days ago


  • Joao Mi Miguel
    Joao Mi Miguel 2 days ago

    I think the birds will do

  • Geetha Geetha
    Geetha Geetha 2 days ago


  • saphire cat
    saphire cat 2 days ago

    How can the United States 🇺🇸 make a profit from going to Mars?

  • Tommy Dennis
    Tommy Dennis 2 days ago

    Why wouldn't you just build subterranean structures? They could be better insulated from both a thermal and radioactive point of view, structures could be larger and interconnected easier, containment of air purifying equipment and food from contaminated dust would be much easier... Plenty of reasons to consider it.

  • T H
    T H 2 days ago

    Hahahah love the Doom reference.

  • ChorusDropxoff YT
    ChorusDropxoff YT 2 days ago

    Who came here after watching the Martian 👽

  • Sanyu Kumaran
    Sanyu Kumaran 2 days ago

    Imagine 5000 years from now in a Martian history class where kids learn the struggles of colonizing mars 😂😂😂

  • Trek
    Trek 2 days ago

    Also if we placed a massive mirror in space to reflect the suns energy towards the arctic
    poles in mars to raise wars temperatures and melt the ice caps

  • Trek
    Trek 2 days ago

    So if Mars has a lighter atmosphere how does that make wind turbines a bad idea... won't you achieve more (turns) with the propellers

    • Samuel A.
      Samuel A. 15 hours ago

      the air's density is lower than on earth - that means you will have less impulse on the propellers, because you have less energy in the volume of air (because the mass is lower). Watch out for the second law of Newton, if you want to understand it. have a nice day :)

  • Kevin Stubbersfield
    Kevin Stubbersfield 3 days ago +1

    "Wherever there is space to expand, humans do it"
    *sees a cute chicken*

  • Ado
    Ado 3 days ago

    Can't wait until we have to specify the planet in our adress

  • rob black
    rob black 3 days ago

    Unmanned automated tunnel boring machines.
    Covering habitats with dirt is...dumb.
    Send the robot tunnel boring machines in first to bore holes into the sides of cliffs and mountains. The first explores arrive and install the airlocks (which also arrived on unmanned missions prior to the explorers).
    Radiation exposure on the surface is the first big killer. Building the first generations of habitats inside the natural shields of mountains is the only feasible plan.
    Probably what Elon is thinking as well...
    *Also, three stage rockets from earth. First stage chemical, to get off of earth. Second stage nuclear (heated hydrogen thrust) to get to Mars. Third stage chemical to land.

  • arnav kadam
    arnav kadam 3 days ago

    suscribe kurzgesagt

  • Opponent Robinson
    Opponent Robinson 3 days ago

    i am convinced that the people at kurgesagt are birds

  • No’nt Likes
    No’nt Likes 3 days ago

    Underground mars base. Now we can go.

  • Theo Williams
    Theo Williams 3 days ago

    Hang on... what about aliens? (3:44)

  • An0r4k
    An0r4k 4 days ago

    Guys I have a question what are the pros and cons of signing up to mars one

  • Sandulescu Andrei
    Sandulescu Andrei 4 days ago

    Why should you do it if its a horrible idea?

  • TommyPutYouON PYO
    TommyPutYouON PYO 4 days ago

    How about we just make an artifical atmosphere making the whole plantet an airlock

  • Reaper!Sans a.k.a. God of Death

    Why would humanity spend many resources to make colonies on the Mars?
    Why not just wait until better technologies invented and make the Mars habitable by using some ice asteroids (because Martian ice caps are made of CO2, not water) and something to make core to move to make protection from Sun radiation.

  • Glenn Scott
    Glenn Scott 4 days ago

    Why not colonize the Fukushima reactor building?

  • Glenn Scott
    Glenn Scott 4 days ago

    Why not colonize Wyoming?

  • KIRA
    KIRA 4 days ago +1

    ELON MUSK: OK OK.........

  • Ajit Gaming
    Ajit Gaming 4 days ago

    Your right! People shouldn’t go on mars because it’s not fair people to poor people cause they can’t afford to live there.

  • James Sanzio
    James Sanzio 4 days ago

    I would like to go mars

  • King_Bird #Dude
    King_Bird #Dude 4 days ago +1

    Elon Musk: Ima die on Mars
    *astronauts make Mars habitable*
    Elon Musk: God dang it

  • Stickman Science
    Stickman Science 5 days ago

    7:59 Ah, KSP prograde, normal and radial out markers.

  • Siddiq Haroun
    Siddiq Haroun 5 days ago +1

    If mars really that bad why are we even wasteing our time trying to colonize that planet when we can try to colonize venus

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 5 days ago +2

    Titled Building a mars base is a horrible idea....
    Shows solutions to almost every problem.

  • Mr Purple
    Mr Purple 5 days ago +2

    kinda pointless tho,
    if you want to colonize space just build a cylinder habitat inside an asteroid lmao.

  • Shesha Ratn
    Shesha Ratn 5 days ago

    Bright side is copying your ideas

  • Memes For Days
    Memes For Days 5 days ago +2

    Elon Musk sees this video... Let me explain

  • CaptainPositron
    CaptainPositron 5 days ago

    Settling Mars seems extremely impractical and utterly pointless. The crew would essentially have to live as troglodytes. Might as well build O'Neill cylinders. At least that way the crew can have all the gravity they need.

  • Pat Roney
    Pat Roney 5 days ago +1

    NOW ITS EVEN HARDER TO MAKE A MARS BASE!!! seriously mars changed its orbit

  • Connor Simon
    Connor Simon 6 days ago +1

    Nobody is going to mention Grob Gob Glob Grod appearing in this video?

  • Pass2Me Winner
    Pass2Me Winner 6 days ago

    Why don’t we do it when the sun eats earth so that we get more energy because of the distance

  • Julius Ratumo
    Julius Ratumo 6 days ago +4

    and that is why we live on Earth

  • Joshua Hoffmann
    Joshua Hoffmann 6 days ago

    What about Tesla spools used in MRIs? Could you simulate earths magnetic field with that?

  • Maelstrom
    Maelstrom 6 days ago

    if we succeed we will become unstoppable

  • Yahya Alkazzaz
    Yahya Alkazzaz 6 days ago +2

    Way the Arabic translations not add to this video?


    Remember to find me

  • Eazy me
    Eazy me 7 days ago +1

    Welp this video shows that we will be extinct before we get there

  • PasserMontanus
    PasserMontanus 7 days ago +1

    Martian dust may not be as coarse, rough and irritating as sand, but it still gets everywhere.

  • Blazer God
    Blazer God 7 days ago

    There is already a base that is perfect for mars and it will be built on mars really soon called Marsha

  • Zion
    Zion 7 days ago +1

    the question is, WHY would you do that

  • Simon Huang
    Simon Huang 7 days ago

    Is it possible to change what it’s like on Mars with bacteria? Just like what happened long time ago on the earth. I know this is gonna take a long time though.

  • M Wing
    M Wing 7 days ago

    I sincerely hope this never happens. :O)

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 8 days ago

    anyone saw the xenomorth

  • Theriomancer
    Theriomancer 8 days ago +3

    2 things:
    1: There will be many, MANY deaths before we find success colonizing other astrological bodies. We must not let this discourage us however, as it might be our only hope to survive as a species.
    2: I bet video games will be vitally important for recreation in space

  • Almant Pavlov
    Almant Pavlov 8 days ago

    Exploding all explosives on earth is a horrible idea: lets do it!

  • joe joeington
    joe joeington 8 days ago

    Nice subnautica refrence

  • madjimms
    madjimms 8 days ago

    Build it underground.....

  • Flipclockfans
    Flipclockfans 8 days ago

    We’re going to terraform Mars ... but we can’t even counteract supposed human caused Climate Change on Earth without going back to a primitive society? Ok.

  • Chris Freeman
    Chris Freeman 8 days ago

    I wonder if Elon Musk would pay my kids if I went to Mars to help set it up.

  • 991Fate
    991Fate 8 days ago

    What? And open the portal to Hell? NO THANK YOU! smh

  • monaso9
    monaso9 9 days ago

    I still don't understand why we need to colonize Mars, what are the advantages? That planet is not habitable

  • Mark Javier Justine
    Mark Javier Justine 9 days ago

    NASA shall grant your wish

  • Sexy Stilton
    Sexy Stilton 9 days ago

    cleg cleg cleg

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 9 days ago


  • TH C
    TH C 9 days ago

    take weed too so people stuck inside for years everyday dont get bored just high on mars

  • Jed Miller
    Jed Miller 10 days ago

    I like the Mars/Alien references in the video.
    Ridley Scott's Alien: 3:45
    Mars Attacks!: 4:33
    Doom Guy HUB from the Doom 1 and Doom 2 games on the PC from the 90s (getting angry and bleeding meant you were low on hp): 7:10

  • Glitching Alan
    Glitching Alan 10 days ago

    why 688 people?

  • Md. Hasibul Islam
    Md. Hasibul Islam 11 days ago +1

    Please make a video about terraforming...

  • kostas sargiotis
    kostas sargiotis 11 days ago +3

    amaizing, greek subs on video like that is great! i see other subs too! very very usefull!

  • Nicole Mantip
    Nicole Mantip 11 days ago

    The first crew that will go to mars will be remembered as gods who sacrificed their lives to make life possible on Mars

  • Isabela Delgado
    Isabela Delgado 12 days ago

    what do you use to make your videos

  • Aliyah Musa
    Aliyah Musa 12 days ago +1

    What makes y’all think that there’s no living beings already on mars 🌚🤔

  • Alexander Le
    Alexander Le 12 days ago +1

    What would we even gain from colonizing on Mars? It seems like a absolute waste of resources, both human and material.

  • Judecatoru
    Judecatoru 12 days ago +2

    It is nice to terraform Mars, but i think we have to focus on preserving and cleaning Earth first. When you house gets dirty you use your vacuum cleaner, not move to another house ;).

    • Anthony Domanico
      Anthony Domanico 3 days ago

      Judecatoru, your comment reminded me of something Dr. Zubrin once said: “There were many problems in Spain in 1492... and there still are.” In other words, we could wait decades and there will still be problems, but colonizing space will help tremendously to alleviate those problems. Just as Columbus’ role in the advent of America has helped spread freedom and prosperity throughout the world. He played a small part in forming America and thus the world gets to go on an American invention and complain about how bad America is.

  • ENTITY 1012
    ENTITY 1012 12 days ago

    Last problem Olivia Pierce opening a portal to hell.

  • A fat cat from sweden
    A fat cat from sweden 12 days ago +6

    mabye cameras can replace windows?

  • trash account
    trash account 12 days ago

    Teraforming is impossible there

  • Marek Halás
    Marek Halás 12 days ago

    So i can take my feeeesh to space?!

  • feme896
    feme896 12 days ago

    The real question is how much is the ticket cause if it costs something like 1000000000$ then no one is going to go.

  • Yankee Gohome
    Yankee Gohome 12 days ago +3

    The best part of this entire channel: The birds!

  • Waldemar
    Waldemar 13 days ago +2

    7:06 That little face is a reference to the original Doom game from 1993. That face was to be a sort of Status representation, as it changed and looked around depending on what current effects were on the Player, how hurt the Player was, etc. Said face was supposed to act as a sort of representation of the main characters current face, the main character being unnamed and often referred to as Doom Guy or the Doom Marine. The face would grow increasingly bruised and bloodied as the Player was damaged, and would eventually close his eyes and die when the Player's health reached a Null Value. In some ports of the game, if the Player managed to get a "Gibbed Death" (Meaning if the player was crushed or exploded), the face itself would also explode in violent 90's pixelation. It is also worth noting my favourite expression made by him, when the Player picked up a new weapon, he would display an iconic malicious grin.

  • Jonathan Berki
    Jonathan Berki 13 days ago +4

    7:06 - 7:14
    Is that a mutherfuggin *Doom* reference

  • OMG Ai
    OMG Ai 13 days ago +3

    and then real life gundam happens mars vs earth mars ppl.............bring the unicorn gundam

  • Candy Man
    Candy Man 13 days ago +1

    Could just use a mars network of vr controlled robots kinda like those Jaeger's from pacific rim

  • Merbin J Anselm
    Merbin J Anselm 13 days ago


  • Arunas Barkauskas
    Arunas Barkauskas 13 days ago

    Dust is radioctive, so why cant extract radiation from dust

  • AirSky TR
    AirSky TR 13 days ago +11

    How to make build a mars base easier:
    Play *HOPES AND DREAMS* Everyday

    • cammiecookies
      cammiecookies 6 days ago

      me, while aggressively humming hopes and dreams: what

  • SlimeyGames
    SlimeyGames 13 days ago

    You just made a whole tutorial

  • Ssnakee
    Ssnakee 13 days ago


  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee 13 days ago +61

    - There a plenty of *people* willing to do that work...
    Shows birds...

  • Hayley Tilghman
    Hayley Tilghman 13 days ago +1

    Don't get me wrong, space travel & colonization is a really exciting step for humanity and I wish/hope I am around to see it! But a big part of me also thinks that the money we would spend on this endeavor would be better spent solving homelessness, poverty, and hunger on Earth first; billions of dollars spent to try to feed a couple of astronauts in an experimental planetary colony vs. reforming & improving the lives of millions or billions of humans who are currently in need of resources.

  • Xubels
    Xubels 13 days ago

    hmmmm lets just terraform Mars

  • N0mAd basically yeah my nans a creature

    Doing dangerous things is what we are good at
    We specialize in making horrible ideas not-so horrible ideas

  • b o r e d
    b o r e d 14 days ago

    So to be in mars you need to be fit and rich... Dwayne Jhonson?