Houston Rockets vs LA Lakers - Full Game Highlights | February 21, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
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    Los Angeles LA Lakers vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | February 21, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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  • Ximo Pierto
    Ximo Pierto  2 months ago +173

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  • Gabby Bred
    Gabby Bred 4 days ago

    Harden its so weaj

  • Kwatro Pogi
    Kwatro Pogi 6 days ago

    Where is the old hunger athletes best player james i dont see it now

  • Roy Weiran Wu
    Roy Weiran Wu 21 day ago

    8:10 definitely a travel.

  • Ester Kuen Magno
    Ester Kuen Magno Month ago

    whove observed the score of lakers from 94 after a shot return back to 92..is it a machine error?

  • carlos Edward
    carlos Edward Month ago

    Hi brothers, i like is bit.ly/2CNh2eV

  • Brawley Btt
    Brawley Btt Month ago

    Lets go rockets lets go

  • lyn radz
    lyn radz Month ago +1


  • lyn radz
    lyn radz Month ago +1

    Nice laker

  • Nihaj’s Kingdom
    Nihaj’s Kingdom 2 months ago

    I was there

    SKITT 2 months ago

    8:33 ricegum?

  • Shan Manggay
    Shan Manggay 2 months ago

    Amazing shoot

  • paul castro
    paul castro 2 months ago

    I came back here to say,where is the lakers right now?hahahaha..warriors 3peat

  • Mista _Mask
    Mista _Mask 2 months ago

    How they beat the rockets but then proceed to lose to the Suns 2 games later?

  • Douga Ba
    Douga Ba 2 months ago

    First Shawn Livingston now this😔

  • Prahlem Child
    Prahlem Child 2 months ago


  • ncs ncs
    ncs ncs 2 months ago


  • Double Pump Juice
    Double Pump Juice 2 months ago

    I wonder is LAL would get in the playoffs :((

  • seday duarte
    seday duarte 2 months ago

    En el minuto 6:56 lackers iria ganando 96-95 y despues le bajan cuatro puntos wtf

  • Li TopOne
    Li TopOne 2 months ago


  • Tfue _
    Tfue _ 2 months ago

    1:35 he said double pump😂I think he has played to much fortnite😂😂

  • Vocu
    Vocu 2 months ago

    At 5:33 did he say my nigga with the step back

    ALAMA ONLINE 2 months ago

    thexvid.com/video/FpNSVcVtoaU/video.html EATS DOG MEAT ON TANZANIA

  • Fuy Gawkes
    Fuy Gawkes 2 months ago

    That's right Lakers fans, cheer and shout like there's no tomorrow. For there will be no playoff games for all of you this season. Y'all be restin :D

  • Edward Lopez
    Edward Lopez 2 months ago

    Fuk the lakers

    HAIDETI ALIENILOR 2 months ago


  • BlinkHeart
    BlinkHeart 2 months ago

    "james cannot finish" but he gets his own rebound and then finishes

  • Laurent CB
    Laurent CB 2 months ago

    7:06 not buzzer beater

  • Kimryan Mabalatan
    Kimryan Mabalatan 2 months ago

    7:06 not counted

  • JJ Kirkman
    JJ Kirkman 2 months ago

    How come Lonzo hasn't been playing?
    Does anyone know why

  • PS4 Gaming
    PS4 Gaming 2 months ago

    With Harden : Lakers beats us
    Without Harden : We beat Warriors

    GENERAL DEO 05 2 months ago


  • Adolphe L.
    Adolphe L. 2 months ago

    Is 7:07 not a shot clock violation. o_o

  • Robert Boyce
    Robert Boyce 2 months ago

    At 2 minutes in LeBron has a nice travel. He catches the ball just past half court. He takes a couple steps dribbles one time and takes 4 more and lays it in. :) :) :)

  • คนทามะดา

    Acting sport

  • Господар TV
    Господар TV 2 months ago

    Подписивайтесь пж я начинающий ютубер помогите

  • Jerick Carlos Mangalus
    Jerick Carlos Mangalus 2 months ago

    Lakers are awesome.

  • Florence Judiel Rafael
    Florence Judiel Rafael 2 months ago

    7:06 that was not counted

  • David Turingan
    David Turingan 2 months ago

    The thumbnail is clickbaiting

  • Ballislife 2
    Ballislife 2 2 months ago +1


    Read more subscribers on my channel

  • Samantha Cabida
    Samantha Cabida 2 months ago

    Did everyone notice that the score is 94-95 why it becomes 92-95 later on?

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 2 months ago


  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 2 months ago

    long live new lakers dynasty..............upset the worldddd new lakers dynasty they trid to split you up go hard or go home nigga do it for LA LEGACY LA MAGIK

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 2 months ago

    long live lebron the goat long live new lakers dynasty...............

  • Faruk III
    Faruk III 2 months ago

    What is name intro song

  • hun steven
    hun steven 2 months ago

    8:06 girl ig???

  • Sevy
    Sevy 2 months ago

    Didn't know that nené knows how to kage bunshin

  • yunus emre bütün
    yunus emre bütün 2 months ago

    Wow wow lebron powerfulll!!

  • 說書人
    說書人 2 months ago

    harden's defense is so funny

  • Emzkee
    Emzkee 2 months ago

    Scott Foster helps the Lakers to win...

  • Timmy Hornbuckle
    Timmy Hornbuckle 2 months ago

    3pt shot after the buzzer and still counts.... Fuck this shit is BAD!!!!

  • 千手観音45
    千手観音45 2 months ago

    WTF REFS!!

  • DJMarzz Breezy
    DJMarzz Breezy 2 months ago

    Cappella looking like dennis shroder

  • Legitwolfpack
    Legitwolfpack 2 months ago

    We just going to ignore that travel by LeBron and Kuzma though ?

  • StoveTank
    StoveTank 2 months ago

    at 5:30 the announcer said my nigga

  • Danai Brown
    Danai Brown 2 months ago

    The thumbnail!!!! Lol.
    TWO really famous pros doing stare down.

  • Chandra Abner
    Chandra Abner 2 months ago

    sooo my boi James harden had a flu and neck injury still stuntin 😀

  • Typical Viewer
    Typical Viewer 2 months ago

    Lakers came back on em real fast

  • Alfia Mae Dulay
    Alfia Mae Dulay 2 months ago

    go lakers

  • Chee Pin Ang
    Chee Pin Ang 2 months ago

    Harden foul out!?

  • Shaun D
    Shaun D 2 months ago

    Lebron Raymonr James!!!!

  • Raptor717
    Raptor717 2 months ago

    What's a travel in basketball? James takes likes 5 steps to the rim and nothing. I like LBJ but c'mon that's fucken ridiculous.

  • Tony Liang
    Tony Liang 2 months ago

    zhou qi is better

  • Ling Lanuza
    Ling Lanuza 2 months ago

    Loving the wwe oh I ment nba

  • 5323370 532337O
    5323370 532337O 2 months ago

    Everybody are become great player people don't see how lebron become a trully great player maybe he is not an scoring machine but if he want to score he can make more than 50 points per game but he always want to pass the ball and he knows how to take care him self against injury
    If you are a person with high IQ level you will gonna say he is the real G.O.A.T james harden can score 50 or more points but what team did he bring into the finals ?
    Durant can be a good defender and scoring machine but without star player and a championship team with who is kevin durant now try to put him into cavs team
    people with average IQ can only Watch nba while eating popcorn
    But smart people watching Nba while analizing every player, coach and the team become a championship team

  • Terry Silva
    Terry Silva 2 months ago

    Start at 9:21 chris paul took like 6 steps before that 3 lmao

  • Anton.d09
    Anton.d09 2 months ago

    Good game. Really nice shots and dunks.

  • Too Blessed847
    Too Blessed847 2 months ago

    Harden has a better game I.Q than previously thought!! His backdoors in this game was a thing of beauty!! Christ Paul shooting rain makers on the fly over seven footers...reminds me of an old school game of NBA Jam.....especially on the sideline. lol.

  • Brandon Lamont Morgan
    Brandon Lamont Morgan 2 months ago

    Josh Hart is valuable, rondo playing well with vision, and the role players making 3s is legit perfect style for the team rn

  • Allen Walker
    Allen Walker 2 months ago

    7:42 - 7:45 time goes down 30 seconds and lakers lose 4 points? What???

  • Timothi Morales
    Timothi Morales 2 months ago +4

    Haha there are no Laker fans no more there's just Lebron fans that migrated from Cavs 😂 it's that simple.

  • Xiolin Ramírez
    Xiolin Ramírez 2 months ago

    In the minute 7:37 the score was 95-94 winning the Rockets but in 7:47 it was 95-92, what happened here ?

  • seth8556
    seth8556 2 months ago +2

    lebron is mason :( u still like him ?

  • lilyusi
    lilyusi 2 months ago

    Is this the og ximo?

  • Corinthian Harris
    Corinthian Harris 2 months ago

    Lakers needed more than Houston. 3-1 season series. Playoffs are all that really matter.

  • Mega Lovania
    Mega Lovania 2 months ago

    Wth Lebron and harden looks the same in the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Anish Suresh
    Anish Suresh 2 months ago

    Look at Jame's feet at around 0:50

    VINCE DAN VEVO 2 months ago

    Is it me or them mfs be shifting the scores easy easy ... hou 95-94 Lakers and then hou 95-91

  • 김강민
    김강민 2 months ago


  • peskaka15
    peskaka15 2 months ago +2

    Rockets didnt get the calls only because it is LeSweep. Whoever doesn’t know that then you need to wake up. Love LeFlop flopping for a charge “I am a football player” Fuck the lakers

  • sityboys
    sityboys 2 months ago

    Tyler nfinit likes this video

  • Lmao Reano1030
    Lmao Reano1030 2 months ago

    Lebron a clever mf 🧠

  • Des Valentine
    Des Valentine 2 months ago

    Wow we took that L. I really can’t believe we let em come back, nice game though

  • H.D. T
    H.D. T 2 months ago

    Both players are overrated.

  • aLeXx1314
    aLeXx1314 2 months ago

    If Harden wins MVP over Giannis it will be a travesty!!

  • Reactionary Hermit
    Reactionary Hermit 2 months ago

    7:05 that three by Caldwell-Pope was well after the shot clock expired.

  • Pyruvate
    Pyruvate 2 months ago +4

    1:17 I can't wait to see the next Shaqtin' A Fool episode

  • Pyruvate
    Pyruvate 2 months ago +2

    I see Sportz Cases ad's on every basketball channel and not once have I considered buying it, its garbage

  • So Cool1
    So Cool1 2 months ago

    Why does harden looks like he is spitting game to LeBron and LeBron is about to knock him out for it in the thumbnail?

    MAJESTIC MIKE1 2 months ago

    As a rockets fan im waiting for hardens 30 point streak to end so he can play some teamball

  • Johnafat
    Johnafat 2 months ago

    That thumbnail though

  • HOLY Age 22
    HOLY Age 22 2 months ago

    We’ll see when the time comes

  • Inno Jia
    Inno Jia 2 months ago

    So, that’s the first man of NBA

  • TXHEN1
    TXHEN1 2 months ago +4

    Lebron should have gone to the Rockets

    • Abhi Danda
      Abhi Danda 2 months ago

      la popular he would never go to houston. James harden commits 3 fouls this game why should he go. See you mfs in playoffs rockets.

  • HUI
    HUI 2 months ago

    7:43 the score goes down for the lakers

  • Alberto Gonzalez
    Alberto Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Lebron was very ready to intentionally hit Harden's body and then fall to the ground. There was no such foul. 4TH 1:26 so that Harden had to leave the field. I have seen many times make "dirty" moves to Lebron. It does not have the sense of fair play !! It's unfortunate because being a great player, you should not resort to these invented moves to take advantage of your team.

  • Caleb Christopher
    Caleb Christopher 2 months ago

    who else saw the score change from 94 to 92 instead of 96

  • 王建军
    王建军 2 months ago


  • Parker Z
    Parker Z 2 months ago

    Why does the thumbnail looks like Harden and LeBron are about to kiss? 😂

  • jc bacani
    jc bacani 2 months ago

    7:37 look the time and score, can someone explain it to me?