• Published on Jan 13, 2022
    today I make Roblox ... today I invented a game called roblox and i said let there be light then on the 7th day roblox simulators were made by me and today I play them
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  • Flamingo
    Flamingo  4 months ago +4390

    im having a lot of fun with the types of videos we've been making and there's been more support lately so I appreciate that.
    2021 I did a lot of self growth and took more time off youtube, 2022 I want to do a lot more content because I have a lot of great life balance now after taking some time to relax last year :--) I might talk about this later since I never did a 10mil sub vid aha

    • Billy Shears.Eyes1963
      Billy Shears.Eyes1963 15 days ago

      Bee swarm

    • denisa
      denisa 26 days ago

      wow. you just started Lol

    • warrior
      warrior Month ago

      Flamingo do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend LOL

    • •Dazzling Bella•
      •Dazzling Bella• Month ago

      Hi Albert I’m really happy you have had fun and that you did self growth take a break whenever you wanna you deserve it for all these amazing masterpieces stay safe ! 🍪❤️✨🐀

    • Miel
      Miel 2 months ago


  • NeoSilver
    NeoSilver 4 months ago +1519

    Simulators are a lot like 2016's tycoons, where most of the front page was all the same copy-pasted tycoon with a different color scheme. However, those were actually fun because you could play with friends, destroy little kids, or both. Things like Wizard Tycoon and 2-player Gun Factory Tycoon were some of the rare ones equivalent to Bee Swarm Simulator that were unique and fun no matter how many times you played.
    Honestly, I'd switch out the simulators for tycoons. I miss 2016 roblox.

    • themysticfiremario9001
      themysticfiremario9001 7 hours ago

      Same I miss arc of the elements

    • PewSpy Fox
      PewSpy Fox 3 days ago

      @Big Ol' Noob There was cringe and copies, 99% of tycoon games were literally copy and pasted, and there was even more cringe than now, nostalgia can blind people it was not perfect

    • Karane
      Karane 3 days ago


    • Woink
      Woink 17 days ago

      @My Cats Are In This Picture it got published in 2005/2006

    • Shannon Fuller
      Shannon Fuller 19 days ago

      Fffff ROBLOX password

  • Styles 🫶🫶
    Styles 🫶🫶 4 months ago +40

    Albert you have helped me through so much I know you won’t see this but I wanted to say just how much I appreciate you I wouldn’t have made it with out you

  • Beeleav
    Beeleav 3 months ago +26

    Even though bee swarm simulator has "simulator" in the title, it's more of an RPG than a clicker game.

    • Beeleav
      Beeleav 2 months ago

      @Eyemaster the things he said we're to invalidate my point of it being an rpg because he got rpg confused with roleplay.

    • Eyemaster
      Eyemaster 3 months ago

      @Beeleav Thats exactly what he said

    • 👾Tighber_6pack👾
      👾Tighber_6pack👾 3 months ago

      -bring Honey
      -get honey from flowers
      -hatch eggs from pets
      Where's the roleplay part there?

    • 👾Tighber_6pack👾
      👾Tighber_6pack👾 3 months ago

      Does it sounds like a roleplay?

  • Arenoth
    Arenoth 3 months ago +55

    Simulators can actually be good if done right, a great example of this is Bee swarm simulator!

    • DOD
      DOD 3 days ago

      Yeah it’s all fun until UNTIL *end game ptsd*

    • DOD
      DOD 3 days ago

      Yeah it’s all fun until UNTIL *end game ptsd*

    • 200iqdumbass
      200iqdumbass 15 days ago

      yeah tds too.

    • Kelly Andrew
      Kelly Andrew 20 days ago

      Or Scriptbloxian's Simulators.

    • Arenoth
      Arenoth 23 days ago

      @randomizedguy2 grindy af tho end gamelol

  • bee man
    bee man 3 months ago +3

    Most of simulators are just cash grabs and p2w, but there are some good simulators out there like bee swarm simulator, tower defense simulator and other

  • Trash Monster
    Trash Monster 4 months ago +801

    I completely agree with Albert. It's really upsetting how much money people are making off of effortless simulator games, and how many games than aren't making money despite tons of effort because of them.
    Edit: Bee Swarm Simulator is a good, original, well made game. I'm talking about most other copy-and-paste games, basically just the same games with a new title.

    • cabinboycott
      cabinboycott 3 days ago

      @Nooby Gamer ah yes bbs even thou its bss

    • Abeib
      Abeib 14 days ago

      Or Bubble gum simulator

    • Deimos?
      Deimos? 18 days ago

      Pet sim x :

    • DaRealKirby
      DaRealKirby 22 days ago

      Its like those mindless ads you see nowadays for anime rpgs, we all heard the words 'UsE GiFt cOdE 888888 AnD GeT EvErY oP lEgEnDaRy fOr FrEe" and thought "Whats the point of the game then and why ruin your game like that?"

    • SquareBear
      SquareBear 28 days ago

      ignore the fact that I play time wasting sim…

  • Zack M
    Zack M 4 months ago +4

    I agree with Albert except bee swarm simulator cuz it has real effort compared to other simulators

  • beefplayz yt
    beefplayz yt 4 months ago +4

    Bee swarm simulator is Really the only different simulator and I just love it so much and I hope It will stay good simulator because People love this and only have some haters

  • rodj kurt angelo rodenas
    rodj kurt angelo rodenas 4 months ago +5

    the only simulator that is still alive is the bee swarm simulator

  • Fleemuut
    Fleemuut 3 months ago +3

    Hello Albert, I just wanted to say that me and many others appreciate you and what you do. I hope you've been doing well and that you'll continue to do so, your a genuine kind and thoughtful person :) I also love your humor, ty for being in my life 🙌 i copy pasted this comment

  • lovelysunnies
    lovelysunnies 4 months ago +4065

    idk why but i think albert would be a good lawyer since he’s brutally honest

  • Jimmy the cat🐱
    Jimmy the cat🐱 4 months ago +4

    Albert I have ben watching u for a couple years now I just wanted to say u helped us alot made us laugh keep up the good work

  • 007Agent
    007Agent 3 months ago +1

    These "simulators" arent actually simulators. A simulator is a game that simulates something realistic. Farming simulator,bus,metro,car etc etc. Who ever started these simulator should get punished.

  • Milu Johnston
    Milu Johnston 4 months ago +10

    "You could've put my grandmothers ashes here and it would still be the same."
    Albert- January 15 2022

  • Baby Axolotl
    Baby Axolotl 3 months ago +4

    Just the thumbnail makes me wanna laugh, keep up the great stuff.

  • Caleb Alva
    Caleb Alva 4 months ago +339

    I think we can all agree that bee swarm simulator is an actually good game. I was made before all of the other effortless money makers. It is also pretty interesting when it comes to gameplay and mechanics. There is only one person that has made the entire game and works hard on updates/bug fixes. The bees actually have value and play a big part in letting you access the rest of the game. Their is absolutely no rebirths. The game passes are only optional and aren’t actually very powerful. The bees give cool abilities when you collect their tokens. There is just too many positive things that come with this game. Best of all, it is not a garbage attempt at getting as much money as possible like other simulator games.

    • Jason Roots
      Jason Roots Month ago

      I can't exactly say it's that fun, but I agree that it is WAY better than about 98% of simulator games

    • fellvieh
      fellvieh 3 months ago

      Tds is also good btw

    • DogChamp
      DogChamp 4 months ago

      I think the point that makes people quit is the difficulty of no knowing what your doing

    • daothitranhuyen
      daothitranhuyen 4 months ago

      @Matt_h15 you forgor bee energy exist and the bees actually enjoy grinding they sometimes smile

  • nothing.
    nothing. 3 months ago +3

    There really are not that many "decent" simulator games- BSS, TDS, UFO simulator, and ghost simulator have the most unique concepts out of any simulator games.

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui 4 months ago +1

    Albert just gives his honest impression and that’s what makes his content so unique

  • bee man
    bee man 3 months ago +3

    I like how when he typed "earthwax simulator" The first thing to come up was bee swarm simulator... Very similiar you know.

  • Ben Shelton
    Ben Shelton 3 months ago +1

    i agree with you, there might be a few good ones but most are just clicking games and not really simulators

  • Shattered Saline
    Shattered Saline 4 months ago +675

    honestly alberts right about simulators being like a disease because we havent had many actually good games that have stories get on the front page since simulators and 'story games' took over the platform.

    • DaRobloxBois
      DaRobloxBois Month ago

      i made ur likes 666 >:D

    • Beast
      Beast 3 months ago


    • Justin Menendez
      Justin Menendez 4 months ago

      @Kavetion AYO WHAT IS THAT PFP

    • POMOL
      POMOL 4 months ago

      There are some simulators that deserve the good, like simulators that take alot of grind,. For exemple... Bee swarm simulator!*

    • ThatNanMan
      ThatNanMan 4 months ago

      example of actually a good one: bee swarm simulator

  • soph
    soph 22 days ago

    i've literally never liked any type of simulator and this video just proves my point...

  • Axtolt
    Axtolt 4 months ago +2

    well bee swarm is the best simulator of all time. Cant change my mind.

  • Michael Hintze
    Michael Hintze 2 months ago +1

    there are actually some good simulators out there

  • old account LOL
    old account LOL 3 months ago +2

    there are a few rare good simulators, take bee swarm simulator for example

  • DarkDev
    DarkDev 4 months ago +188

    There are some good simulators out there, like Tower Defense Simulator and Bee Swarm Simulator, but most simulators are legitimately just horrible.

    • Herb is coming for you.
      Herb is coming for you. 18 hours ago

      @Headcrab Zombie atleast bss doesnt have pets or some bullcrap like that its actually somewhat unique, you dont sell instantly, you can make boosts and clearly youve never played the game if ur calling it all the same as other copy paste simulators

    • Purplecorgi10
      Purplecorgi10 23 hours ago


    • Headcrab Zombie
      Headcrab Zombie Day ago

      bad swarm is bad tds is not a sim it's a td but they didn't have any other name bee (bad) swarm is like all the other sims

    • tesha mauchley
      tesha mauchley 14 days ago

      i agree

      TOHTORIMAA ASTRALA 14 days ago

      And knife simulator and I use to play it and gun simulator what I still play

  • jac1es
    jac1es 3 months ago +1

    the only simulator i liked was called "india simulator" me and my friends would play that for hours , but it got banned like a year ago 😭

  • PlayerTwoMedia
    PlayerTwoMedia Month ago +1

    specifically for speed simulators, they need an option to disable your speed

  • bedowedo
    bedowedo 3 months ago +1

    the way i dont even play roblox often but still continued watching Albert rlly says something

  • Dr Pepper Cum
    Dr Pepper Cum 9 days ago

    Weight lifting simulator was probably what made people make effortless simulators because of how successful it got.

  • JustAUser
    JustAUser 4 months ago +56

    Flamingo: Avoids calling out on Bee Swarm Simulator
    The Bee Swarm Simulator Franchise: *Visible approval*

    • JustAUser
      JustAUser 16 days ago

      @I'm a dyeing Jelly bean exactly lol

    • DarkDemonXVI
      DarkDemonXVI 23 days ago

      @I'm a dyeing Jelly bean strongly agree with you

    • I'm a dyeing Jelly bean
      I'm a dyeing Jelly bean 28 days ago

      Bee simulator actually put effort in so thats why it does not get called out.

    • ritzchi ritz
      ritzchi ritz Month ago

      a dro that is not reall so i will soo you goodbye

    • Anh khôi Lê
      Anh khôi Lê 4 months ago

      @ds *no.*

  • ChickAndDuckArmy7982
    ChickAndDuckArmy7982 4 months ago +1

    The simulator system always starts like this : you upgrade tools grind more get more upgrades and grind more also you can get pets but bee swarm is different

  • Cooper Hewett
    Cooper Hewett 4 months ago +4

    I wanna see lazarbeam and flamingo play together.

  • Wolfiectionite
    Wolfiectionite 3 months ago +3

    to all simulator game owners: how about you go simulate some girls

  • Bread Queen
    Bread Queen 3 months ago +2

    Flamingo is the best youtuber, so entertaining LMAO


    if you want to watch albert react to simulators such as "pet simulator, weight lifting simulator, ramen eating simulator, spider man simulator, squid game simulator" than this is the video for you! 👍🏽

  • Mlgchicken Playz
    Mlgchicken Playz 4 months ago +3

    tbh bee swarm simulator is the only good simulator (with the exception of pet sim x)
    it is not like the typical simulator stereotype

    • Sniper gaming
      Sniper gaming 27 days ago

      your comment got stolen and I feel bad for you

    • Blob lizard
      Blob lizard 3 months ago

      I guess tower defense simulator is good, but that’s not really a simulator game

  • CooperJ
    CooperJ 2 months ago

    the one that started it all was actually pilot training flight simulator, i just googled it and i have played it, and somehow the new simulators evolved into this

  • Carter Morrison
    Carter Morrison 25 days ago

    "I'd say only 99.9% of these game's do not need to exist,and they're trash."
    Yet another 𝗳 𝗮 𝗰 𝘁.

  • Miso
    Miso 4 months ago +352

    Hello Albert, I just wanted to say that me and many others appreciate you and what you do. I hope you've been doing well and that you'll continue to do so, your a genuine kind and thoughtful person :) I also love your humor, ty for being in my life 🙌

  • Oliver Swan
    Oliver Swan 3 months ago +1

    I can relate but some simulators like bee swarm simulator and destruction simulator which are actually good and there was more effort in it

  • What Is My Name
    What Is My Name 3 months ago

    4:05 This is a DNA strand btw, A DNA molecule consists of two strands that wind around one another to form a double helix shape.

  • coconut
    coconut Month ago

    it’s honestly concerning how much robux my brother has spent on simulator games

  •  [ROBUKS.CLUB] - 👈Free 20.000 Robux

    Words can’t describe how thankful I am.

  • Mei Chan
    Mei Chan 4 months ago +190

    i remember playing the original pet sim almost 4 years ago and realizing how boring the game was, i'm surprised the games were able to get even worse

    • Nebula The SeaNight
      Nebula The SeaNight 4 months ago

      one of my friends always begged me to play it with him

    • Mei Chan
      Mei Chan 4 months ago

      @Balpoa tysm, i really love urs as well!

    • Mailu2305
      Mailu2305 4 months ago

      why i saw the same comment like 2 times

    • Random stuff
      Random stuff 4 months ago

      bee swarm simulator man

  • Benedict
    Benedict 3 months ago +3

    Bee Swarm Simulator is probably the only simulator that is actually good and creative. not a cash grab low quality copypaste game unlike most other simulators. And Weight Lifting Simulator 3 is also pretty okay imo. too bad the original creator of wls 3 got banned

  • Dark Days
    Dark Days 23 days ago

    I'm genuinely surprised noones talking about RPG Simulator I mean it doesn't have that many RPG elements other then the loot system but it's actually pretty fun

  • Blakey
    Blakey 3 months ago +1

    Hi Albert I love ur vids and I bought the Cleetus plush and it’s arriving in march! Your videos make me feel happy when I am struggling and I rlly love ur content and channel

  • Westium
    Westium 4 months ago

    I used to play a game called Texting Simulator, actually i still do sometimes and it looks useless at first glance, you just click and earn *texts* and sell them so you can get money which lets you unlock better phones which in return make more texts per click and the cycle continues, but once you grind in these types of simulators, you get addicted.

  • Noble
    Noble 4 months ago +297

    I agree with Albert, These types simulator games don't need to exist if all of them are about clicking.
    I'm just disappointed how many Roblox developers are left in the dark because of Simulators.
    Edit: I never said all of the Simulators. Don't get mad at me :|

    • Aphoxy
      Aphoxy 4 months ago

      @best roblox player this 10 year old tried to attempt to “troll”

    • JacobRBLX
      JacobRBLX 4 months ago

      @roblox4life😎 i told you to shut up on a different comment so listen already

    • JacobRBLX
      JacobRBLX 4 months ago

      @Colossal Blocks tower defence simulator is better

    • JacobRBLX
      JacobRBLX 4 months ago

      @PixelThatsMe thats a very pro simulator

    • LegoMyEgo
      LegoMyEgo 4 months ago

      @best roblox player lmao- get some help.

  • Rashmi Bala
    Rashmi Bala 3 months ago

    Glad that he didn't include anime simulator games cause they're good

    ALEXANDER KALIMERIS 3 months ago +1

    honestly the only good simulator is pet sim x
    and bee swarm simulator

  • 200iqdumbass
    200iqdumbass 15 days ago

    the only simulator that are good rn is tds (high quality, decent update time, and you can play for a really long time) and also bee swarm

  • Foggy
    Foggy 3 months ago

    You can tell that Albert made the thumbnail 😂

  • Tashiroua
    Tashiroua 4 months ago +415

    Personally the only actual good simulator game is bee swarm simulator as it actually has variety and doesn’t just have it where you sell get better items and sell.
    Edit: I think I started a Twitter argument in the replies, sorry?

    • Rhiean B. David
      Rhiean B. David 3 months ago

      @• Kate Kate • same, but my wifi kicks me from playing roblox experiences

    • fellvieh
      fellvieh 3 months ago

      @Juan Star (Old Channel) bro ur the most wrong person every event tower is trash but exe sledger and toxic gunner also glad so the newer event towers and the oldest event tower you can also easily grind with only farm commander dj ranger and mil base or mil base turret commander dj and farm

    • fellvieh
      fellvieh 3 months ago

      @Teardown Random Series below is still in college bro he doesnt have alot of time plus they said they would focus on tds more now

    • Blob lizard
      Blob lizard 3 months ago

      @Nazlee Abas bruh that’s not the point of tower defense sim, it has actually strategy intriguing gameplay, while having some flaws. You could probably say the same for any other td game since it’s a td game not a simulator game lol

    • Blob lizard
      Blob lizard 3 months ago

      @Nazlee Abas not a simulator but ok

  • Mincraft Bacon pal
    Mincraft Bacon pal 9 days ago

    There's one that's good . Bee swarm
    Has good customizability and doesn't have op pets and is really grindy
    Doesn't have a rebirth system and is actually balanced

  • Mink Mink
    Mink Mink 2 months ago

    Bee swarm seems to be pne of the games that actually has the deserved amount of players

  • Dustin Martinez
    Dustin Martinez 3 months ago +1

    One of the only good simulators is bee swarm simulator

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti 2 months ago

    I remember some of the more original simulators. Pet Simulator 1 is definitely not the first but it is the one that made pets more popular I'm pretty sure. Now they are all just copied.

  • Raheem Sterling
    Raheem Sterling 4 months ago +263

    Aw, I remember coming to this channel every day. Finnaly, after 2 years, I'm back!

  • David Sanders
    David Sanders Day ago

    Try Tower Defense Simulator, it's not cash grabby and it actually has effort put into it.

  • •Marble•
    •Marble• 2 months ago

    Theres a game called WorldBox that is advertised as a ‘god simulator’ I believe its on steam. I personally find the game really fun :]

  • the kid that thinks he's smart

    I want to thank roblox, preston and everyone who created auto click

  • kashu
    kashu 10 days ago

    I think that the point that you’ve truly broken Albert’s soul can be pinpointed when he starts a sentence with “I don’t mean to be mean-“

  • 3X0TIC M00N
    3X0TIC M00N 4 months ago

    Washing machine simulator is actually pretty fun and I haven’t used any of my robux on it and it’s very easy.

  • Diablazco 0
    Diablazco 0 4 months ago

    Your thumbnail picture is what dragged me over here. It looked so good. Flawless. it looked like it had 1000 dimensions to it. I saw a whole new world flamingo, a whole new world.

  • I'm not really sure
    I'm not really sure 3 months ago

    Flamingo, you made clicker simulator popular. Good job man.

  • sunset_ cloud
    sunset_ cloud 4 months ago +1

    it's not a mistake ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Eden ^_^
    Eden ^_^ 4 months ago +444

    For some reason, Albert always puts a smile on my face. His videos are clever and kinda hilarious. Thak you, Albert for being an amazing youtuber. (Btw I pre ordered your merch)

  • AXMAD!
    AXMAD! 8 days ago

    Roblox Started dying when simulators first came to the front page.. 😔

  • xiao5ting
    xiao5ting 3 months ago

    albert can be mean anytime i'd still be laughing on the ground

  • ༘ ꧁꧂ Toga༘ ꧁꧂

    Albert said my name "Aubrey" :') Thanks Albert really appreciate it. I was hoping that girl was me.

  • º•Møchi • Gamer•º

    "It's not a mistake" ✨ IT'S a MASTERPIECE✨

  • Nodgex
    Nodgex 4 months ago +79

    I don't even play roblox that much anymore, but Albert is still one of my favourite youtubers.

    • It's Bass
      It's Bass 4 months ago +4

      same, the only roblox youtuber that i still watch even i don't playing roblox anymore

  • º•Møchi • Gamer•º

    "It's not a mistake" ✨ IT'S a MASTERPIECE✨

  • Queen D Plays
    Queen D Plays 3 months ago

    6:05 I love how I actually play treasure hunt simulator :)
    Fun fact: it has no pets

  • Axolotl
    Axolotl 3 months ago

    Albert: Couple Simulator
    Online Daters: *That's what I play for a living*

  • Tanner Compton
    Tanner Compton 4 months ago

    3:53 that game was in my friends playing and I almost passed out from laughter

  • bridge ito
    bridge ito 3 months ago +1

    In my opinion one of the only good sim games is bee swarm sim

  • Amie Brooks
    Amie Brooks 3 months ago

    these thumbnails are the things that motivate me to get up in the morning. 🌝

  • Carpty
    Carpty 4 months ago

    albert : pet sim started this
    weight lifting simulator : am I a joke to you?

  • xXGracie_singxX💕
    xXGracie_singxX💕 3 months ago

    “You could have put my grandmothers ashes here and it’ll still be the same game!
    The things he says are so random and funny! 😆

  • Cheembs
    Cheembs 4 months ago +7

    pet simulator actually didnt come first, i remember playing simulator games in 2016. a lot of them actually had substance back then, but now theyre just terrible cash grabs

    • sssanity
      sssanity 4 months ago

      not bee swarm simulator tho

  • Itz_Sl1py
    Itz_Sl1py Month ago

    albert: simulators are a disease!
    me: you have created a whole community of diseased people

  • JJRaye
    JJRaye 2 months ago

    I only play this simulators when I'm blasted out of my mind.

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward 3 months ago +1

    5:35 funny how he wears a French soldiers uniform while having a baguette

  • DavidSaysUrBad
    DavidSaysUrBad 3 months ago

    95% of the simulators on roblox shouldnt exist and the other 5% are good

  • Kilo
    Kilo 4 months ago

    Fun Fact: Did you know that half of the Roblox games are Tycoons?

  • MixALity
    MixALity 4 months ago

    when i was 6 i used to play this game called 'bubble gum simulator' i found it fun when i was younger

  • Chelsea Gallaway
    Chelsea Gallaway 9 days ago

    i love how when he joins the boxing game and his hands look like
    that : )

  • Koki-chan♡
    Koki-chan♡ 4 months ago +1

    Albert: "oh it's James Charles.." *shoots with gun*

  • beominy
    beominy 4 months ago +66

    ive been watching you since 2016, and you still entertain me💕

    • Tamaki Amajiki
      Tamaki Amajiki 2 months ago +1

      Same! I used to watch this on my dad's acc lol!

    • Zipplings
      Zipplings 3 months ago

      @Za Ro yes

    • Za Ro
      Za Ro 3 months ago

      @Zipplings wait what

    • Zipplings
      Zipplings 3 months ago

      @Za Ro Okay?

  • RCDN200
    RCDN200 3 months ago +1

    Simulators not containing pets in them: 🧔‍♂️
    Simulators containing pets in them: 👶

  • Anna
    Anna 3 months ago

    i think we can all agree that bee swarm simulatior is the best of its kind

  • Str4wberry Gummy
    Str4wberry Gummy 3 days ago

    Bee Swarm Simulator is the only roblox simulator i've found that isn't brainless and is actually entertaining

  • Themaddestlad
    Themaddestlad 3 months ago

    Fun Fact: the original Weight Lifting Simulator was not that bad but, it got banned

  • AJ Hood
    AJ Hood 4 months ago +8

    some of the only good simulators left on roblox are bee swarm simulator and tower defense simulator

    • Sniper gaming
      Sniper gaming 27 days ago

      the only simulator that you dont need to use autoclick

    • Za Ro
      Za Ro 3 months ago

      and Money simulator x with literally no pets
      i love it

  • JenetPlayz
    JenetPlayz 3 months ago +1

    I still love them still love how fun it is simulator game

  • Ibrahim Ali
    Ibrahim Ali 4 months ago

    Play difficulty button simulator it’s actually a good and it has a lot of effort put into it