There are gonna be some BIG changes around here...

  • Published on Jul 6, 2019
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    We're FINALLY getting a real workshop space... and oh man, it's gonna be SICK.
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  Month ago +1187

    Check out all the gear we unboxed at

    • Joshua Long
      Joshua Long 13 days ago

      Watching this video made me proud to be a long time subscriber of LTT but sad to work in longterm healthcare. I love seeing an employer not just purchase what they need but what they're employees want.

    • Jacob Brown
      Jacob Brown 22 days ago

      where is part 2 of this

    • mettsenator
      mettsenator 24 days ago

      you forgot you get your fellow canadian AvE's stickers

    • psrandz
      psrandz 25 days ago

      Should have reached out to Milwaukee

    • psrandz
      psrandz 25 days ago

      Scrapyard wars 24/7 build a computer without leaving the workshop limited buying options

  • Victor Boyd
    Victor Boyd 41 minute ago

    Safety is important kids - Alex.
    5:25 - Linus

  • xt3100
    xt3100 53 minutes ago +1

    very cool to see a Wisconsin brand appear in this video

  • WildNoob
    WildNoob 2 hours ago

    Alex just bought whatever he wanted and Linus didn't know what it all was so he just said ok

  • Tublecain
    Tublecain 8 hours ago

    You want to hire a ticketed welder now?
    I may require a brake press and CNC plasma cutting table though...

  • KumaBMX
    KumaBMX 9 hours ago

    I want to see Linus on Braille.

  • EBHaenger
    EBHaenger 13 hours ago

    Some people say love makes you happier than money... but holy
    if i see this work shop... i say i would work for Linus almost for free!
    not joking.
    With a boss who's cares about employees in a
    Ingeenering-tecky heaven

  • BulletProof Tomato
    BulletProof Tomato 21 hour ago +1

    Where does Linus tech tips even get all their money? Do they do commissions on stuff or something?

  • Gul Dukat
    Gul Dukat Day ago

    or maybe he banged his head one to many times :P

  • Adam
    Adam Day ago

    you have a massive compressor but bought no air tools

    • 10 hours ago +1

      That Sandblaster alone deserves a big tank like this. Otherwise the compressor is kicking in every 30-60 seconds which is not that great for the engine.

  • Jarrid O'Bryan
    Jarrid O'Bryan 2 days ago

    I am glad the guy in the hat understands what the value of those items. The other guy seems to be confused as hell. The questioning of the price of the Bridgeport definitely indicates a need for some further education.

  • Andrew Ooms
    Andrew Ooms 2 days ago

    do a van conversion like all the rest of the people in BC do :)

    RACHID BOURAMDANE 3 days ago

    hahaha finesse 😂

  • Valentine
    Valentine 3 days ago

    As a 19 year old working a minimum wage job running on a Dell i5 7577, I'm really glad he hit me with that Pulseway sponsor so I could store all my data.

  • Rye J
    Rye J 3 days ago

    Linus needs a Machinist now to work on these.

  • Gregory Galyan
    Gregory Galyan 4 days ago

    Ez-track that shit on your new Bridgeport

  • Gregory Galyan
    Gregory Galyan 4 days ago

    Nice Bridgeport

  • HeavyDemir
    HeavyDemir 4 days ago

    dang nabit I hate you! give me all of that lol

  • Ricco 1233321
    Ricco 1233321 4 days ago

    Linus and Alex open storage cabinets: The Movie

  • my1little2pony
    my1little2pony 5 days ago

    i want to work in that shop :)

  • Heinz Alberto
    Heinz Alberto 5 days ago

    Your Workshop is now better then the one in my school where students should learn how to work in one like you have it. Kind of funny... 😂

  • Gerson Lizama
    Gerson Lizama 6 days ago

    Alex: “this is a very sensitive high precision piece of equipment”
    Linus: “okay you be careful with it”
    Me: “yes Linus, I’m sure he knows...”

  • Civilized Delinquent
    Civilized Delinquent 6 days ago +3

    Geez you guys have bigger budget then most commercial building properties...

  • Scott Schopf
    Scott Schopf 6 days ago

    So I can work with Alex I'm a plumber who is mechanically inclined who grew up in the country doing Similar things to what Alex did with his buggys if that counts for anything and I'm fairly good at building a computer. I'd happily give you a legitimate resume. Just thought it was worth a shot.

  • Mathias Örbo
    Mathias Örbo 6 days ago

    Well, I'm jelaous.....

  • Absolute Thinker
    Absolute Thinker 6 days ago

    He has to build a small Awesome IT city to live up to the $$ Linus was talked into spending.

  • timg2727
    timg2727 6 days ago +2

    My God, the revenue that this channel must be bringing in.

  • Matthew Thegreat
    Matthew Thegreat 6 days ago

    well someone is going to die now...

  • Random User
    Random User 6 days ago +1

    You be careful with these.

    Because if linus touches them he won't be. 8)

  • Random User
    Random User 6 days ago

    I never knew Canadians learned engineering. I'm a little beyond skeptical. Don't ya know!

    I forgot to refer to chinese by another countries name.... Always refer to the closest country to you buy using the wrong name. It's only proper manners.

  • Brian McGaw
    Brian McGaw 7 days ago

    I bet Linus will guard the company credit card a little better in the future lol

  • dl_gamez
    dl_gamez 7 days ago

    On of my favorite things about yall is that youre all canadian and the ware house is very close to my work!

  • tbled52
    tbled52 8 days ago +3

    That look when Linus realizes he should have opened the budget pdf before approving it.

  • Tushar Uchil
    Tushar Uchil 8 days ago +10

    Is it all setup yet? When can we expect a workshop tour?

  • Zach the opossum
    Zach the opossum 8 days ago

    When I saw them Milwaukee tools i was like Dewalt

  • genepat rick
    genepat rick 8 days ago

    Having seen videos of your immense crafting and fabrication skills in the past, I’m very tempted to road trip to your shop maybe give him some lessons on how to use all that awesome stuff :)

  • DaniPooo
    DaniPooo 8 days ago

    That's like the best early Christmas ever :D

  • Myt Máté
    Myt Máté 9 days ago

    how the hell you guys, have this kind of money?

  • Filipe Frade
    Filipe Frade 9 days ago

    Awesome start to a new shop!

  • MacKnight
    MacKnight 9 days ago

    Linus. Give me your workshop. NOW.

  • You-Decide
    You-Decide 9 days ago

    I want to see the whole shop set up
    link video

  • NvrUseYur RealName
    NvrUseYur RealName 10 days ago

    10:52 - YES! XD ^_^

  • Agung Sudewo
    Agung Sudewo 10 days ago

    Thats some crazy milwaukee tools tight there, linus was right. He got mor love from him than linus parents lol

  • paulo simioni
    paulo simioni 10 days ago +1

    If you fill those water bottles you sell with Linus Tech Tip Bathwater™, you can sell those bad boys from $70 - $100 a pop baby! (Water included)

  • Lonezewolf Gaming
    Lonezewolf Gaming 11 days ago +1

    I'd think be cool to work in that building, am I an engineer no, do i Intend to be one, no. However, just moving things around, or help organize would work for me.

  • Blind Bob
    Blind Bob 11 days ago

    Linus is like a big sulky kid........... He let's them spend money without checking it correctly (remember the "red" camera stuff)
    Then he sulks about it later......

  • Nouman Tahir
    Nouman Tahir 11 days ago

    I initially used to think you guys are Americans....

  • Stefan R
    Stefan R 11 days ago

    Is there a follow-up video for this, where you can see all those nice machines in use?

  • serraniumxetra
    serraniumxetra 11 days ago

    weld linus one of those 6DOF racing seats

  • Pithy Bikes
    Pithy Bikes 12 days ago

    Perfect! Make a bicycle frame.

  • Matthew Croden
    Matthew Croden 12 days ago

    The majority of this bullshit seems wildly unnecessary, but if you can, fuck it why not?

  • Stewart Gray
    Stewart Gray 12 days ago

    this is a dream

  • Johiah plays games
    Johiah plays games 12 days ago +1

    So is Linus literally the rudest Canadian in existence?

    Yes this is a joke

  • Billy Wilson
    Billy Wilson 12 days ago

    People just send these guys stuff and they have no idea what they are. Wtf

  • MacZack87
    MacZack87 12 days ago

    Im so jealous, I would give my left nut for all that equipment! Put it to good use and build some cool shit. Look forward to seeing upcoming build videos!

  • Nicholas Hull
    Nicholas Hull 12 days ago

    Hey, bud. What else do you need? I'll send it if my horder has it.

  • Jortand
    Jortand 13 days ago

    This is what happens when you give Alex the company card

  • mikael rabb
    mikael rabb 13 days ago


  • David
    David 13 days ago

    omg! You are canadian? THAT explaines everything.. ! :D Just kidding... keep up the good work! :)

  • Blood
    Blood 13 days ago

    Being from Wisconsin and especially close to Milwaukee always love seeing our tools so many different places in videos considering how useless we are besides cheese

  • Sanzu River
    Sanzu River 13 days ago

    LTT can probably make limited edition merchandise with the new machine shop. Here is a LTT machined custom PC case, worked on by Alex and dropped by Linus. Only 399.99

    MMFQ DEATH 14 days ago

    I absolutely love the dynamic between Alex and Linus.

  • Baxi
    Baxi 14 days ago

    OMG I watch so many machining channels and makers, this is really cool that you got a real workshop now!

  • Silverbreaker
    Silverbreaker 14 days ago

    linuses wife payed it

  • Zen
    Zen 14 days ago +9

    Linus: here's the company card, how much are you going to buy
    Alex: yes

  • RicksReefs
    RicksReefs 15 days ago

    Can I move to Canada and work here? This is literally the greatest working environment I have seen. Very employee supportive.

  • Tomáš Jelínek
    Tomáš Jelínek 15 days ago

    LMG = Linus manufacturing group

  • Tastingmender05
    Tastingmender05 15 days ago

    Damn I wish that happened to me😂

  • Hellsing2161
    Hellsing2161 15 days ago

    I used that exact same Bridgeport mill when I was an aviation machinist in the USMC. Very good quality machine. Same with the lathe. You're shops productivity, work flow, and efficiency should elevate leaps and bounds. Makes my personal workshop pale in comparison. Have any job openings available? Haha!

  • shros
    shros 15 days ago

    May as well buy a 5 axis cnc mill and hire me now

  • Channel LuckySpock - Left 4 Dead 2

    what.. no.. this is the welder!

  • 하윤박
    하윤박 15 days ago


  • RdL
    RdL 16 days ago

    imagine linus spending with this room, red camera, gaming room and all the shiz around it.
    that must cost a lot. but linus actually does usefull stuff with this YT money, and sponsor money ofc.

    but now imagine pewdiepie with 10X the amount of subs.
    doesnt do a single giveaway.

    makes me think twice about some youtubers.
    but linus is awsome and eveything he does is for the better for his channel

  • RdL
    RdL 16 days ago +1

    ''lets say a water block''
    thats linus his vision for one of the first things he wants to get off these tools.
    LTT style waterblocks to sell