Pokimane Responds to WHOLESOME Unban Request

  • Published on Oct 15, 2021
  • Influenced by Dexerto - When it comes to having an “interesting” chat, Pokimane has one of the most “interesting” on Twitch. The Valorant pro is the constant target of gross remarks and harassment from creeps in chat, but one of the recent unban requests from chat was actually one of the most wholesome unban requests she’s ever read!
    Here's hoping he got unbanned.
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Comments • 2 146

  • Influenced by DEXERTO
    Influenced by DEXERTO  7 months ago +12660

    Would you have unbanned him?

  • Japan
    Japan 7 months ago +19239

    Poki: does something normal

    • David Sanchez
      David Sanchez 2 months ago

      They just gkt no more content to post

    • Orang Lain
      Orang Lain 2 months ago

      Fact 😍😍😍😍

    • 𝓝𝓸𝓻𝓪𝓛𝔃𝓸
      𝓝𝓸𝓻𝓪𝓛𝔃𝓸 3 months ago

      @raymond claypole I kinda did to I used to watch her when she did videos with Valkyrie and when the made among us videos

    • PinkGae Whistle
      PinkGae Whistle 3 months ago

      @UtterlyRandom im not, have you seen the ninja controversy lately, she is so damn petty its honestly sad

    • UtterlyRandom
      UtterlyRandom 3 months ago

      @PinkGae Whistle You are way too obsessed with what she's doing my dude, get off the internet

  • XO’TWOD Forever
    XO’TWOD Forever 7 months ago +32635

    This man don’t need no lawyer. He got himself.

  • Daisy
    Daisy 7 months ago +13813

    The fact that he actually apologized and didn't just say "please un ban me" is why I would unban him.

    • Cyrix
      Cyrix 2 months ago

      “I’m sorry. Now unban me right now”

    • Cold-Blooded Beats
      Cold-Blooded Beats 3 months ago

      @BananaBread I'm not talking about this specific incident, I'm just talking about in general

    • Stupidbro
      Stupidbro 4 months ago

      @KID KUSH Name literally just one case

    • KID KUSH
      KID KUSH 4 months ago

      @Stupidbro imma just pray for you🙏

    PABLO-XXL 7 months ago +7079

    Wow that’s actually relatable and funny We all have those moments where we are listening to someone on TheXvid and then we hear them say something they didn’t actually say

    • Redoxoful
      Redoxoful 5 months ago

      spending time in twitch chat makes me think otherwise

    • Alexia Romero
      Alexia Romero 7 months ago

      @The Son of the Original G I work at a hardware store and have done the exact same thing with caulk 😂😂

    • King Ghidorah
      King Ghidorah 7 months ago +1

      I once heard a family friendly channel say "fuck" when he probably didn't mean to say that but it sounded like it

    • SomebodyYetNobody
      SomebodyYetNobody 7 months ago

      @SwankyPants47 Do you want an award ?

    • Clover_aintit
      Clover_aintit 7 months ago

      Yea lol

  • VimblesArt
    VimblesArt 7 months ago +9381

    "i wasn't trying to make any sexual advances" is so... so good. like its such a serious sentence for such innocent offense lol

    • DiamondSnake125
      DiamondSnake125 2 months ago

      @Bonzo Pippinpaddleopsicopolis wasn’t even creepy people are just sensitive

    • DarlingKoreXo
      DarlingKoreXo 2 months ago

      @killer snowman yeah about YOUR dead dad
      But joking about other peoples dead family is another story.

    • iidark
      iidark 2 months ago

      @red fox "jokes is not offensive" not very true its also known as dark humour and artiristics for the person to be offended 😐

  • WeGamingBoys
    WeGamingBoys 7 months ago +2709

    The way how he said that and explained that that was very genius

  • Xwavves
    Xwavves 7 months ago +547

    That’s either the best apology I’ve ever heard or the most crafted lie in twitch history

  • Push me
    Push me 7 months ago +347

    Almost like he did nothing wrong and he presented his case accordingly.

    • Push me
      Push me 4 months ago

      @Fish Baker memes

    • april
      april 4 months ago

      screenshotted your nft, wait fu-

    • Fish Baker
      Fish Baker 4 months ago

      @Push me For real tho, why is it an nft ?

    • Michael Corrao
      Michael Corrao 4 months ago

      @Push me love the pfp lol

    • Push me
      Push me 4 months ago

      @_Illustrious_ yes

  • Pilly
    Pilly 7 months ago +727

    This guy took "I can explain" to a whole other level

  • fu lip
    fu lip 7 months ago +317

    "Run poki run" is the cutest voice ive ever heard

    • Ashtech
      Ashtech 3 months ago +1

      @Jonathan D. Agreed

  • KiraAsakura14
    KiraAsakura14 7 months ago +35

    This is the "With all due respect, mam, I do this respectfully." meme but an actually wholesome guy.

    • Skelli
      Skelli 7 months ago

      So wholesome 🤓

  • Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
    Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag 7 months ago +135

    Aaaww the most wholesome chatter I’ve ever seen 🥺 RUN POKI RUN!!!

  • rPahws
    rPahws 7 months ago +498

    Is getting unbanned from Pokimanes chat that big of a deal tho, it’s pokimanes chat. That’s freedom tbh

    • NeonWafflex
      NeonWafflex 3 months ago +1

      @ShamoBlamo you’re acting like she doesn’t play with big streamers too? only men like her is basically what you just said too!

    • TearDaTaco
      TearDaTaco 7 months ago +1

      It's not freedom lmao he will get banned again for no reason

    • IDK
      IDK 7 months ago +5

      He almost had a shot at being a normal person for a second right there

  • ZhyperCR1T
    ZhyperCR1T 4 months ago +31

    He's the only one that can represent himself in court

  • Primo Victoria
    Primo Victoria 7 months ago +573

    Man got his simp badge back.

    • Michael Vousdalekidis
      Michael Vousdalekidis 2 months ago +1

      This is just sad. This is what people have come to now days. People are weak and need to touch some grass or else theyll end up like this lad whos sending un ban apology requests.

    • Zathrael
      Zathrael 7 months ago +17

      Imagine listening to a woman talk and thinking "mmm yes this makes my ears feel good"

    • Kakabito7
      Kakabito7 7 months ago +35

      I shouldn't be laughing so hard at this

  • bau
    bau  7 months ago +129

    we were this close to greatness, THIS CLOSE, and he had to make an unban request

    • bau
      bau  7 months ago

      @A Simple Human oh sht my bad, probs auto correct. w e r e. there.

    • Clover_aintit
      Clover_aintit 7 months ago +3

      @A Simple Human lmao people don’t pay nearly enough attention to grammar.

    • A Simple Human
      A Simple Human 7 months ago +1

      We we are?

  • Fyron
    Fyron 2 months ago

    This guy never amazes me more when he proves me wrong even more everyday that he can find even more useless information

  • LeakCentral
    LeakCentral 3 months ago +1

    Wow that’s actually relatable and funny We all have those moments where we are listening to someone on TheXvid and then we hear them say something they didn’t actually say

    • Srayo
      Srayo 3 months ago

      Bruh this Spammer literally Copyed another Commenter comment He just copy pasteed it

  • LeakCentral
    LeakCentral 3 months ago

    Wow that’s actually relatable and funny We all have those moments where we are listening to someone on TheXvid and then we hear them say something they didn’t actually say

  • Deru
    Deru 7 months ago +12

    Lol the animation while Poki narrates what happened was cute!! xD

  • Star Fan
    Star Fan 7 months ago +1

    My man turned himself into phoenix wright on that un-ban request, defending himself, no lawyer needed, what a chad

  • bluetrilobite
    bluetrilobite 7 months ago +27

    I think its sad that he cares so much about someone that not only doesn't care for him, but doesn't even know who he is.

  • SpareAWin?
    SpareAWin? 2 months ago

    Gotta love how she acts in such ways all the time, get any sexual comments from discord or twitch and you get banned on the spot.

  • Rochelle Villafuerte
    Rochelle Villafuerte 6 months ago

    It happens to the best of us, when we hear a person say something that sounds like another thing

  • 1ris
    1ris 7 months ago +6

    thats prob the best unban evidence. i feel like most would just be "unban me pls", but this guys put effort

  • ひ.
    ひ. 7 months ago +93


    • Yape
      Yape 7 months ago

      @SwagToast productions thanks

    • SwagToast productions
      SwagToast productions 7 months ago +20

      @Yape beg for an unban there I said it

    • Yape
      Yape 7 months ago +9

      Go on.....

    • Lost
      Lost 7 months ago +11

      Have to what?

  • whywos
    whywos 4 months ago

    pokiman really can get the attention of the entire internet by doing the most normal thing

    ZENZIC 7 months ago

    It's kinda weird how when someone actually treats her with respect she flips out

  • GacktheZyborg
    GacktheZyborg 5 months ago

    Thats awesome, good on her for unbanning him

  • LeakCentral
    LeakCentral 3 months ago

    This guy took "I can explain" to a whole other level

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu 7 months ago +54

    Wow they actually animated his request lol

  • ECEndzo
    ECEndzo 4 months ago

    I feel bad for whoever got that ban

  • Jan Ebeneezer Cabrera
    Jan Ebeneezer Cabrera 7 months ago

    That man should be my lawyer
    He will get me out of any situation

  • Exmandrew
    Exmandrew 7 months ago

    Sad how someone gets banned or canceled over something like this

  • LeakCentral
    LeakCentral 3 months ago +1

    These shorts are so entertaining it hypes my day up! 💗

  • Brayden
    Brayden 7 months ago +3

    Love ur vids u deserve 10 mil subs keep up the good work ❤ 👏 don't let anyone tell u otherwise pls respond bro I love you so much!!

  • Hirandomperson
    Hirandomperson 4 months ago

    This person is so wholesome

  • Mohammad hassan
    Mohammad hassan 4 months ago

    Its not a mistake ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Eve Jasper
    Eve Jasper 7 months ago +1

    Yes. Why wouldn’t I have unbanned him this dude is so kind.

  • Pulkit Kush
    Pulkit Kush 7 months ago +1

    Poki: *literally does nothing*

  • _shinobi_
    _shinobi_ 7 months ago

    Good it's nice too see some good stuff from twitch

  • pakalu papito
    pakalu papito 7 months ago +17

    I'm trying to figure out if this man is a simp in disguise or actually just really wholesome

    • pakalu papito
      pakalu papito 3 months ago

      @Oracle "'Tis the action one makes, that makes one a simp. But not oneself a creator."
      - very wise man

    • Oracle
      Oracle 3 months ago

      Just because he watches a female streamer doesn’t mean they r a simp

  • Al Sage
    Al Sage 7 months ago +158

    Daymn it blows my mind how much creativity and hardwork goes into simping.

  • Based Soldier
    Based Soldier 4 months ago

    She got her simps and "innocence" to back you up.
    *We know what you did.*

  • Wolverene
    Wolverene 7 months ago

    Oh boy. Good thing he now can can keep typing lines of spamming words that won't matter to her or anyone for that matter. Good thing.

  • Whyx shotz
    Whyx shotz 4 months ago

    Poki: breathes
    Everyone: omg u won’t believe what just happened

  • Jolvet
    Jolvet 7 months ago

    Imagine pouring your heart out to get unbanned in a pokimane chat…. Cmon bro….. what you doin in a pokimane stream

  • jacksepticeyesam97
    jacksepticeyesam97 4 months ago

    Dude just represented himself on twitch court 😂

  • not my opinion
    not my opinion 4 months ago

    The perfect unban request consists on him simping over her for forever before making a small joke and getting banned

  • dust mondo
    dust mondo 7 months ago +184

    damn he really chose the simp life over endless possibilities life

    • bootybutt hole
      bootybutt hole 2 months ago

      @Dank Duck yea he can still enjoy it. He got banned from the chat not the stream. He just wanted to chat despite his comment getting showered by a ton of other simp comments

    • Ihateeveryone
      Ihateeveryone 6 months ago +4

      Imagine bashing someone because they are watching something they enjoy.

    • Skelli
      Skelli 7 months ago +1

      He has no one other than some e girl who will never care for him. I almost have sympathy for the guy.

    • Killah Roundz
      Killah Roundz 7 months ago

      @makar_on nothin wrong with it being a kid ,that's what im trying to say, people are acting like this a grown ass man and i call cap

    • makar_on
      makar_on 7 months ago +1

      @Nong Hole alright I don't really understand what you trying to say but I'm guessing it's something cursed

  • TuRtS W.
    TuRtS W. 7 months ago

    Imagine having no life and hold these streamers above you like god. Remove all these streamers and the world

  • 駻Asura'sCosmo駻
    駻Asura'sCosmo駻 7 months ago +8

    This guy literally wiped the floor with his pride

  • Dare
    Dare 7 months ago +33

    Can't believe after all these years of evolution we have ended up here.

    • NeonWafflex
      NeonWafflex 3 months ago +1

      End up where? Thousands of others worse clips than this

    • Beatit
      Beatit 7 months ago +2

      It's like a made in heaven rest but for the worst

  • Nob assassin
    Nob assassin 3 months ago

    Can we all accept the fact that the animation was cute af

  • Breonna Burns
    Breonna Burns 7 months ago

    I feel like people fail to realize that if we didn't know the entire story, it'd look inappropriate.

  • Northern Polaris
    Northern Polaris 3 months ago

    I'd be happy to be banned and never see any of her content anywhere

    GLITCHED? 7 months ago +1

    He is not a simp he's a smart guy

  • Hexagonal
    Hexagonal 3 months ago

    That’s how you get the most chance of getting unbanned, if you’re honest and explain yourself, you’re most likely to no get unbanned. Imo everyone deserves a second chance.

  • Set
    Set 7 months ago

    Imagine being this down bad to chat inside of a streamer chat

  • Roblox With Joseph
    Roblox With Joseph 4 months ago

    It’s not a mistake✨it’s a masterpiece✨

  • Childish_Behavior
    Childish_Behavior 7 months ago

    Ya'll can't actually think she was the one who banned them in the first place...Auto ban is a thing now

  • Rebekkah C
    Rebekkah C 7 months ago

    Ya hes so polite & gives evidence & apologizes. What a sweetie pie

  • Antoine Gouverneur
    Antoine Gouverneur 7 months ago

    This video : Being unbanned from her stream is like getting out of jail, how wonderful !
    In reality : W h o t f i s t h i s e g i r l w i t h w e i r d d i s c o r d G I F S ?

  • Jake Gikowski
    Jake Gikowski 7 months ago

    Man: gets unbanned 😏
    +100 RESPECT

  • Middle Man
    Middle Man 7 months ago +6

    I'm literally shocked that this is society now. Smh

  • Krishna K
    Krishna K 7 months ago

    And Then She Starts Clapping Her Hands😂😂

  • God Elemender
    God Elemender 7 months ago

    He went from a mindless 5 year old to a whole documenter

  • Truth4hn
    Truth4hn 5 months ago +1

    Already saw that legendary clip, but nice to see it again! ^^ so sweet :)

  • Brett Havens
    Brett Havens 4 months ago +1

    “It’s not a mistake”, ✨it’s a masterpiece ✨

  • TIC Lynx
    TIC Lynx 7 months ago

    Keep him banned so he can have something productive to do instead of writing papers on twitch inconveniences.

  • Kxng Adams
    Kxng Adams 2 months ago

    This is definitely key information I needed in my life right now…

  • Electric Maniac
    Electric Maniac 5 months ago

    Great work keep it up

  • Jellyisclair
    Jellyisclair 7 months ago

    I liked it so much that I watched it over and over again

    LIL_J_HILL 4 months ago

    TheXvidrs and twitter uses need to use this apology as a refrence and take notes

  • Eugene Skillful
    Eugene Skillful 2 months ago

    Imaging being 30+ year old dude and spending your life to review some teenage drama shit on twitch

  • Stephen Irvine
    Stephen Irvine 7 months ago +1

    Damn how is all of her chat not banned they're all creeps

  • براء براولر / baraa brawler

    Can we all agree that the "holy guacamole" at first is so funny in a cute way?

    • Pacc
      Pacc 2 months ago

      @D14 607 you watch ninja your opinion doesn't matter

    • D14 607
      D14 607 3 months ago

      No sorry.
      Not sorry😐

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 7 months ago +1

    Spoken like a true gentleman, and professional! With a good formal apology like that, they'd be free to go, no doubt.

  • Modern Crusader
    Modern Crusader 7 months ago

    Unfortunately, that viewer ruined his chance of living a normal life.
    Being banned by Poki is a blessing and message to get your life together.

  • LGi Wrongful
    LGi Wrongful 6 months ago

    Imagine banning anyone

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 7 months ago +3

    Seems like a trivial reason to have banned him.. interacting with the horny people can be fun. Ultimately as the streamer you hold the power because even bad press is good press

  • relief
    relief 3 months ago

    this man doesn't get lawyers the lawyers get him

  • Jelly Dean
    Jelly Dean 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece

  • 𝙑𝙖𝙡 :•
    𝙑𝙖𝙡 :• 4 months ago

    i need to learn from this man (idk) if i ever get banned

  • John Allegood
    John Allegood 7 months ago

    He was so polite lmao

  • toasted leg hair
    toasted leg hair 7 months ago

    Imagine wanting to be unbanned

  • Ken Kai
    Ken Kai 7 months ago

    He the type to go to court but when he show up His Lawyers get defended by Him

  • yurim ༄
    yurim ༄ 2 months ago +2

    Haha this animation made it so much funnier to visualize

  • CheeseyMcSmeg
    CheeseyMcSmeg 7 months ago

    I got banned from a stream for telling a joke, funny part is that I didn't even say the punch line which was the only bad part lmfao

  • ShrimpRick
    ShrimpRick 4 months ago

    She did him a favor

  • Marxz _
    Marxz _ 3 months ago

    And HE secured the unban.

  • Auburn Meme Student
    Auburn Meme Student 7 months ago

    when you create a twitch persona of banning people, enough to warrant an entire segment of her content dedicated to reading ban logs

    • Ben
      Ben 7 months ago

      I mean a lot of other streamers also do it like Ludwig and Miniminter. It’s just funny and its fairly popular to do on twitch

  • Josh Uncle
    Josh Uncle 7 months ago

    Gone through that much effort to get unbanned 🤣

  • Rocket Penguin
    Rocket Penguin 7 months ago

    Aww they sounded so genuine too

  • Unused Toast
    Unused Toast 5 months ago

    There is nothing such as a perfect unban reque-

  • EskalatoryBinges
    EskalatoryBinges 2 months ago

    An alternative title could be : a kid who has no life and spends 20 hours of his life on twitch and is a disappointment to his family

  • AllEliteMemes AEM
    AllEliteMemes AEM 6 months ago

    Aww this is actually really sweet lol

  • Trench goblin
    Trench goblin 2 months ago +1

    If this is not directed towards you then move forward
    Say it with me everyone! Just because you watch a female content Creator doesn’t make you a Simp!

  • FizzyFireMan
    FizzyFireMan 7 months ago +1

    Dam fam you got the whole squad laughing