Project Binky - Episode 24 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • In episode 24 of Project Binky we take a close look at the radiator pack and somehow squeeze a quart into a pint pot with a multitude of heat-exchangers. We also make a start on the ECU and engine wiring.
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  • Curtis Barker
    Curtis Barker 8 days ago

    If the grill frame is touching and rubbing the Aluminum radiator surface it can and will rub into and thru it. Cause Aluminum is incredibly soft. It is not friction resistant at all. The name of this episode should have been "getting Randy! For Radiators!"

  • Ian Alton
    Ian Alton 9 days ago

    More head always makes the pump last longer hahahahaha

  • 802 Garage
    802 Garage 10 days ago

    Was that supposed to be "Totally rad!" Then a cheeky "I'll see myself out for that bad pun." 😅

  • Ziggurat XYZ
    Ziggurat XYZ 11 days ago

    Very reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine, the funk in this video.

  • Roger Scott
    Roger Scott 14 days ago

    Looks like the CAC heat exchanger is in direct contact with the radiator. Are you not worried about heat saturation?

  • Kevin Rey
    Kevin Rey 16 days ago

    6:56 I'm a geology professor with a specialty in hydrology...that was one of the funniest things I've EVER heard!

  • JoeyLovesTrains
    JoeyLovesTrains 16 days ago

    You forgot your hat

  • JoeyLovesTrains
    JoeyLovesTrains 16 days ago

    That’s one mighty thicc and beautifully beefy laptop you got there!

  • GlennnD
    GlennnD 17 days ago

    29:15 any one knows this kind of hoses and fittings? Special brand?

  • John Graham
    John Graham 19 days ago

    Oh no, what am I going to do next week. I've watched all the episodes over the last month and I'm addicted. Anyone know a good Binky substitute?

  • Imp5011
    Imp5011 20 days ago

    It took me 24 episodes to realise it. Your The Likely Lads. Nick is clearly Terry and Rich is Bob.

  • Ross Armstrong
    Ross Armstrong 24 days ago

    Will we get to see the final product after all the fit and finish complete?

  • MrJimbaloid
    MrJimbaloid 26 days ago

    Well lads I never thought I would say a piece of engineering would be Beautiful (impressive yes but beautiful) but you have made a scratch build into a Produced T.V. show. No really it's that good.

  • Phill White
    Phill White Month ago

    Great work guys.. cant wait to see this in the flesh.. but will you be doing a MK1 rear tail light conversion?? as OEM is long gone

  • Philip Gee
    Philip Gee Month ago

    I love all this but can't help thinking that the same performance could be obtained more simply with an electrically powered version. Next project?

    • Sarikas Panayiotis
      Sarikas Panayiotis 22 days ago +1

      you didnt get it, it was not about power but if toyota cellica could fit into a mini

  • kzed0
    kzed0 Month ago

    hot radiator action

  • M.Y
    M.Y Month ago +1

    you working really fast ..... maybe

  • don west
    don west Month ago

    so as not to waiver from their existing acronym i suggest Bracket Obsessed Maniacs

  • Matt's Garage
    Matt's Garage Month ago

    You guys never disappoint with your epic fab skills and amazing Brit humour!

  • psychowesty
    psychowesty Month ago

    Nic and ric both of you have totally blown my fucken mind

  • T'airn'KA
    T'airn'KA Month ago

    That radiator fan must be very powerful to pull air through those three radiators, especially at a stop (on a hot day)? ;-)

  • Dag Eirik Fevåg
    Dag Eirik Fevåg Month ago

    The damn car wil rust apart again before its finished. But wery nice job tho:)

  • biro24
    biro24 Month ago

    Omg the commentary 😂😂😂

  • shaw4020
    shaw4020 Month ago

    You fellas crack me up love it lads keep it coming

  • Robert French
    Robert French Month ago

    Love this series! I discovered it by accident and have since subscribed to your channel! Binge watched every episode of this build over the last 2 days!

  • smev
    smev Month ago

    Am I the only one that forgets what he's making a bracket for halfway through the clip??

  • Tracey Thompson
    Tracey Thompson Month ago

    Longest running build on TheXvid lmao

  • Waka Tobi
    Waka Tobi Month ago

    BOM fan ALERT: If you enjoy these videos it is likely you will enjoy the excellent craftsmanship Vince is displaying in his videos when he makes a replica of an old school Indy car from scratch. He is young but oh, so skilled.

  • idemchuk0506
    idemchuk0506 Month ago +1

    Amazing show!!!! keep it up!

  • norman hauser
    norman hauser Month ago

    You guys are something else!

  • David Snipes
    David Snipes Month ago

    Not sure if there is going to be anymore &A episode/s but just how many cut-off disc and flap disc has this project taken? I also remember in one much earlier episode you said you cut more metal off the car than you reinstalled; is there anyway this is actually true? Don't get me wrong I love the engineering (term used loosely) and a bracket for this, a bracket for that, etc. Keep up the good work. I'm very excited for the end result, come 2022 right?

  • David Snipes
    David Snipes Month ago

    So I've been watching this series since the episode building the fender extensions and due to a recent back injury I thought I would finally watch the the series from the beginning....OMG this was started 5 years ago. Funny in the 1st episode you said you would bring the Mini to Goodwood track the following year...HAHAHA

  • JonLupen
    JonLupen Month ago

    This may have been mentioned before, but will Binky be going without ABS?

  • Stor Bokki
    Stor Bokki Month ago

    oh, I had to stop the video to go make some hot tea. splendid.

  • Nicholas Little
    Nicholas Little Month ago

    Did you know that if you made the videos shorter you could release more of them and more often and possibly even make more money out of them like everybody else does?

  • Bernhard Michael Fux

    Hmm when i think how long this build takes... Are you Guys aware, that the World will be running out of oils some day? Wouldn`t it be better to rethink the drive Train , and build an electrical one? I just thi9nk in this direction... lol...

  • Bernhard Michael Fux

    OMG! It gets sicker with every Episode... Unbelievable... This car is not unique, this thing will be an evolution! I wonder if it will be able to speak also ;-) !

  • Daniel Nilsson
    Daniel Nilsson Month ago

    And what kind of sick bastards is putting toyota parts in the finest brittish craftmanship? Poor Mini :'(

  • Fred Flynstone
    Fred Flynstone Month ago

    Sometimes at 3:45am when I'm out in the shop fiddling with bracketry I stop and ask myself, "Self? What would Nick do? Then I start over and make a better bracket

  • Stuart Brown
    Stuart Brown Month ago

    I just watched all 24 videos back to back, twas staggered to find I have to wait for more videos!! Ive purchased "make the noise" t-shirt in support of your dark skills and thanks for the
    entertaining viewing.. P.s Get the man a cable tie gun, I hate sharp cable ties....

  • routercnc
    routercnc Month ago

    BOM: “Hello is that ABC insurance?”
    ABC: “Yes how can we help you?”
    BOM: “We would like to insure our Mini”
    ABC: “No problem Sir. Any modifications?”
    BOM:” “Er . . . . .”

  • Gilbert Franklin
    Gilbert Franklin Month ago

    Watched all 24, and now I know - either Nik is a mad genius fabricator, or simply mad. I will never look at a bracket the same way again. I walk through Home Depot, look at all those puny brackets and actually LOL!

  • Bill Bogan
    Bill Bogan Month ago +1

    I've just finished binge watching to the end of this episode.
    The Mrs now has no reason to say "Are you still watching them building that bloody mini?"
    I'll be able to sneak an episode in once in a while without her catching me. :)
    But seriously!!!!!! In Australia we would tell you to "Pull your BLOODY finger out" hahaha
    See you in a month or so. :)

  • Matt & Amy
    Matt & Amy Month ago

    Loved the "more head always makes the pump last longer" moment. Well done.

  • Shane
    Shane Month ago

    Taking along time making a 4wd mini

  • MiniManSam
    MiniManSam Month ago


  • King Earl
    King Earl Month ago

    I like your sense of british humor - and your fine work!

  • silys
    silys Month ago +1

    There are channels where people - who dont know much about metal work or engines - repair chassis and fix motors (supposedly). The only reason people watch is because they select cool cars (Lambos, Ferraris). You guys pick a Mini and people still love your clips more... because you guys are awesome!!!

  • Oxenan17
    Oxenan17 Month ago

    So far this series has been the only one in youtube to satisfy my OCD. Perfection!

  • Mr.Padgett
    Mr.Padgett Month ago

    I must be getting old because the wiring stuff seems more fun to me than the grindy smashy bangy stuff.

  • Caetano Plentz Wecker

    This channel is so underrated

  • Jordon Oliver
    Jordon Oliver Month ago
    Nick Blackhurst at 1:33 🤣

  • konstantinos adamos

    What size lines and fittings are being used for the High pressure side ? AN-4 ??

  • Nico Warr
    Nico Warr Month ago

    any chance of a season playlist guys....?!

  • Rahhhhhnman
    Rahhhhhnman Month ago +1

    No other build I've seen comes even remotely close to this bespoke masterpiece

  • Jon M
    Jon M Month ago

    Just "binged" on this - wow I cannot believe I still enjoyed the 1000'th bracket montage :) - have to say, you two are genius's - clearly not finished yet but love attention the to detail - (keeping the 10/10 moniker till I see the paint) might get the moths out and go and order something, perhaps I can watch the next episode, in my BOM overall, draped over me in a Jason King styl'eee .... nice

  • Олег Костривцев

    Why don't use top mount air to air intercooler?

  • Dr. Reason
    Dr. Reason Month ago

    Gretchen Drives a Mini to Nebraska.

  • Sa'ed Rayan
    Sa'ed Rayan Month ago

    pleeeeeeeeeeez don't be late with the next episode dear ... thanks in advance

  • Bill Kerman
    Bill Kerman Month ago

    The 2 of you are mental.

  • mark chastain
    mark chastain Month ago

    Before and after power to weight ratios would be interesting

  • Haris Jurada
    Haris Jurada Month ago

    . . . . never ending story!

  • Matt L
    Matt L Month ago

    You two guys are amazing and do some amazing work. I'm very inspired to work on my projects and can't wait to see more of your work. Keep up the great work you two.

  • porthos88
    porthos88 Month ago

    Amazing attention to detail and I love that nothing is out of reach for u. Very impressive. Really enjoying the mi I series so far. Loving the whole idea of the project also:) we’ll done!

  • Eddie Oliver
    Eddie Oliver Month ago

    Should see if this can get some sort of record for longest you tube build ever

  • JackelN20
    JackelN20 Month ago

    OMG the knock sensor was great. Wife really liked the platypus, platypi?

  • greebo 69
    greebo 69 Month ago

    I've enjoyed this since it's inception.But I'm seventy years old now...any chance I'll see the final episode?

  • Owen Tighe
    Owen Tighe Month ago

    Love the build but I guess you guys are getting tired or you have outsouced the production. It's lost its humour.

  • ufx808
    ufx808 Month ago

    A stone strike to the front of Binky will bring tears to your eyes, Chaps. Hope you are going to fit some protection.

  • RockYouVideos
    RockYouVideos Month ago

    Damn. I have caught up to the videos.