The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
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    The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

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    • Chris Contact
      Chris Contact 2 days ago

      Did you see what that type X civilization did with the magnetic fields of the black hole at the center of the milky way?
      I always thought Dyson Spheres were art project BS for advanced civilizations. If you are that advanced you can get energy better ways.

    • Hanif Ayyash
      Hanif Ayyash 9 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
      Please answer my question.
      I'm a 3rd grader High Schooler from Indonesia freshly getting curios of physics by watching an explanational video with cute illistration just like your channel provide. It's been a long time since this spirit of mine burried deep down when i was just an elementary schooler. So i just watched some of your video and subscribed already ;).
      Time at the moment my phisics spirit goes down, i'm just mediocre at physics in school, until i want to change it now, hopefully, it becomes my playground.
      So what i trying to say that i might not exceeded your knowledge about this Black Hole Bomb or not at all, because it is my first time knowing about Black Hole Bomb or even Black Hole by watching your video.
      With that i hope you humbly answer this question :
      - Is it mean a newly born black hole cannot be used as a Black Hole Bomb?
      - In the Penrose Process, how could the energy we give to the black hole, gives a bigger energy output. Why it is not input equal to output?
      Thank you so much😃

    • Gabe Saravia
      Gabe Saravia 10 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell How much energy could a stellar mass black hole ringularity give us per second

    • Rain Candice
      Rain Candice 11 days ago

      Create a game that's like ur animating

    • 殿アッシュ
      殿アッシュ 17 days ago

      Don't all blackholes rotate?

  • Vishwajeet Agrawal

    Wouldn't mirror already shatter before any energy accumulates?

  • Autumn Sprites
    Autumn Sprites Day ago

    The name of the video reminded me of a weapon in Mega Man 9. Black hole bomb.

  • Maple Kerman
    Maple Kerman Day ago

    It's nice how they give credit to Stephen Hawking near the end.
    Rest in peace, my guy, rest in peace.

  • Cheeseburger Monkey
    Cheeseburger Monkey 2 days ago

    When life gives you mirrors

    make a black hole bomb

  • 1st proton of the Hydrogen atom

    i love pizza with extra cheese

    FAZEX 2 days ago

    I Like watching these videos and wishing that I will be alive when this technology will come out

  • Harumi Kagaya
    Harumi Kagaya 2 days ago +1

    0:18 😂😂starcraft PROTOSS CIVILIZATIONS ALSO what sofrware animation you use its amazing i love this channel need to subscribe

  • Steven Strain
    Steven Strain 2 days ago

    I know lasers have no trouble at all burning right through mirrors, I guess I’m curious as to how the energy can be continuously reflected without the increasing energy amplification simply wearing our the mirror.
    I imagine it would be a maintenance nightmare to keep it working properly.

  • Trek
    Trek 2 days ago

    So is it possible to use this energy to achieve the speed of light. (due to the black holes infinite gravity)
    Or to achieve this do we need to go closer to it, which would kill us anyway??
    and what about the temperature of black hole?
    they're constantly feeding so if we try using this energy won't we burn up due to friction from other elements in it's
    Gravitational pull???

  • Chi Pa Pa
    Chi Pa Pa 2 days ago

    If the universe is dying then at that point traveling to a different universe or dimension could be possible.

  • Yelo Jelo
    Yelo Jelo 2 days ago

    What about a Kugelblitz? (If I spelled it right.)

    ASIF CRA 3 days ago

    give me love button, wanna love love this video😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • SpeedNinja14
    SpeedNinja14 3 days ago

    Wait, if you fired a number of strong enough bombs into a black holes core, could you detonate it/them and destroy the black hole from the inside out and collect the leftover energy or would the bombs get destroyed during spaghettification or would it just not work at all, or would you end up destroying all the leftover energy with the
    bomb/bombs? Please explain

  • Szymek Wlodek
    Szymek Wlodek 3 days ago

    Are you saying that the black hole has master hands flying everywhere on it's ergosphere?

  • Benjee Silv
    Benjee Silv 3 days ago

    How ballsy. Trying to steal from a matter devouring cosmic structure. I like it

  • Vamsi Kumar
    Vamsi Kumar 3 days ago

    Kurz : singularity ..
    Me : yeah I Know that
    Kurz : ringularity
    Me : ok what ?

  • Y M
    Y M 3 days ago +1

    Black holes are like pac man

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 4 days ago

    Question - if constant radiation was applied to this mirror, wouldn't it eventually evaporate the black hole via Hawking Radiation at an exponentially faster rate than regular black hole evaporation?

  • ChaZ-E
    ChaZ-E 4 days ago

    That's the _slingshot theory_ used in Interstellar movie.

  • sangetube
    sangetube 4 days ago

    Fucking nonsense... Get a girlfriend

  • The world of wolves Moonlight wolf

    Black holes 🕳 are pac-mans

  • MiniMarvel 22
    MiniMarvel 22 4 days ago

    I may just be stupid but what if we put our trash into a black whole?!!!!

    • dahbul ki
      dahbul ki 3 days ago

      why would we do that?

      if we took trash out of the ocean and put it into a black hole, it would take a lot of energy and polution to get it to one.

  • Antares
    Antares 4 days ago

    *Future alien friend:* there's a way you can get tremendous energy from a Black hole for trillions of years. Let me show you.
    *Shows the Superradiant scattering technology*
    *Future human:* so if you don't open the mirror it's a bomb.
    *Future alien friend:* exactly, so you must make...
    *Future human:* cool, build us that bomb.
    *Future alien friend:* the what?
    *Future human:* the bomb, make the bomb.
    *Future alien friend:* wait hold on it's not just a bomb...
    *Future human:* but it can blow up, right?
    *Future alien friend:* well ofcourse it can blow up. That's what I've...
    *Future human:* let's make the bomb.
    *Future alien friend:* so you want to make a bomb from this when you could get almost infinite energy that can be used for your species' welfare.
    *Future Human:* oh my Crab Nebula, it's infinite? Let's make the bomb right now.
    *Future alien friend:* okay bye.

  • John Marston
    John Marston 5 days ago


  • TheFamousArthur
    TheFamousArthur 5 days ago

    4:27 That's not what "exchange" means.

    • dahbul ki
      dahbul ki 3 days ago

      actually, yes it does mean that.

      exchange means trade, for instance: I EXCHANGED my apple for an orange.

  • TheFamousArthur
    TheFamousArthur 5 days ago


  • TheFamousArthur
    TheFamousArthur 5 days ago

    999999999999999 yottatons

  • Nerds in Suits
    Nerds in Suits 5 days ago

    that was the protoss from star craft in the first 25 seconds wasnt it

  • Vumpalouska
    Vumpalouska 5 days ago +1

    Now I want to rule a Penrose Sphere of my own.

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude 5 days ago +4

    The mirror on the Hubble space telescope had to be changed out because it was slightly imperfect and sending back fuzzy images. It cost about 2 billion dollars to fix
    So good luck building a mirror around a black hole

    • Steven Strain
      Steven Strain Day ago

      Hopefully will have improved on the quality control by that point. In all likelihood people would not build it, they would send robots and use nano technology to harvest the raw materials from astroids etc. and construct this for us from a safe distance away.

  • harrishen
    harrishen 5 days ago +6

    Content of video: highly intellectual

    Comments: my brain hurts

  • Jakari Jones
    Jakari Jones 5 days ago +3

    Building a dyson sphere sounds like ants trying to build a house

    • Rishabh Manoj
      Rishabh Manoj 4 days ago

      more like ants trying to build the earth

  • Ethereum 51
    Ethereum 51 6 days ago

    But nothing can run faster than light, so how an electromagnetic wave could be accelerated to reach the ultimate point that could generate a big explosion or energy excemption.
    If we push an electeomagnetic wave into the sphere it won't obtain more energy than the it can be pulled out from the speed of light.
    I think i'm wrong, so can someone explain a little?

    • Ethereum 51
      Ethereum 51 5 days ago

      @Tarototh thanks, i will go on diging in this direction. :)

    • Tarototh
      Tarototh 5 days ago +1

      think of a laser pointer.. it doesn't burn paper. a 100w laser from Amazon can make a burn on wood. a million watt military laser can make a hole in tank armor. they all still go light speed.
      the rest of the video though ,'s too over simplified and confusing...

  • Seth Richner
    Seth Richner 6 days ago

    How would the mirrors be able to resist the gravity of the black hole?

  • Daniel Norman-White
    Daniel Norman-White 6 days ago

    Out of all the time periods yet to come, I think that The Degenerate Era is the most interesting. As the last intelligent lifeforms adapt to the universe's scarcity of light. Difficult to comprehend really..

  • ZSTAR 1000
    ZSTAR 1000 6 days ago

    Would the ringularity behave like a Tippler cylinder?

  • garYo
    garYo 6 days ago


  • phillip harris
    phillip harris 6 days ago

    I love the Starcraft reference at the beginning!

  • Funky tom
    Funky tom 7 days ago

    Is the way things accelarate in the ergosphere like the way we use gravity assist with planets ... only way stronger ?

  • Just a Pucker
    Just a Pucker 7 days ago +2

    "Unlike stars, black holes are much more compact"
    Ton 618: *chuckles**

  • TimLikeEnder gaming’s alt YT e

    Universe: How much energy you want?
    Humanity: *Y E S*

  • Totally Pointless
    Totally Pointless 7 days ago +2

    Russia: has Tsar Bomba
    Black hole: hold my beer....

  • mediocre ice rink parodies

    The energy is still lost exempting Hawking radiation if you fall into it though, you can only recover rotational energy from the black hole

  • Jeevaksh Singh
    Jeevaksh Singh 7 days ago

    every bird in the video, are there any parakeets? i just want to know

  • Feynstein 100
    Feynstein 100 7 days ago +1

    Hmm couldn't we artificially create a small-ish black hole and harvest its Hawking radiation?

  • Brother Alaric
    Brother Alaric 7 days ago

    You will be happy to know this have made a it's way into the game Stealaris as a mod that allow you contrcut such devvice ^^^.

  • Animaln’t :D
    Animaln’t :D 7 days ago

    Everyone falls. The scientists have all died. Nobody is alive now. The power of In A Nutshell is too overwhelming. Nobody lives. Everyone either dies or lives on another alien world. The supercontinent Pangantaramerausteouroafroasia Ultima has formed. Mammals are all dead. New creatures form as the world dies. Nobody is happy. Venus is destroyed. 98% of humanity of dead. Slowly all the oceans evaporates. 99% of all life is wiped out of existence. The infection slowly spreads to Mercury and Mars. People are flocking to Jupiter in hopes of surviving. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars have fused into one superplanet, creating Mearthsus. Jupiter is sucked into the planetary mess too. The only survivor planets are Saturn and Uranus since Neptune and Pluto got destroyed by a black hole. All the planets have turned into one ultra superplanet. The sun is also sucked into the mess. This is called a Solarnova. The Milky Way gets sucked into the solarnova. Now the Milky Way Galaxy is a enormous grey hole (fusion of black hole and white hole) The grey hole destroys other galaxies. The universe is now one huge grey hole. Chances of life is one of 300,000,000,000,000,000. The last life form in the universe has died. No life is here. no new life will be created. The grey hole soon destroys the entire multiverse and slowly evaporates...
    9000 Years Later
    The giant grey hole has evaporated. All that is left of the multiverse is particles of light and dead life in pure darkness. Soon those evaporate and all there is left is boiling heat and darkness. It is now the Darkness Era, a ultimate era which nothing happens, forever and ever and ever.
    30 Years Later
    A life form is discovered and is a Type 25 life form (means that it can destroy and create multiverses at ease and can use omniscience) It creates a new multiverse and quickly warns the people in the 2000s that there will be a huge mass extinction in the next 1000 years. In A Nutshell tries to stop the type 25 life form, but just can’t. In A Nutshell dies and the world is finally happy again.

  • DexFire1115
    DexFire1115 7 days ago +1

    Noon: cgp grey.p has released a video on the u.k in Northern Ireland
    1:17: wendover productions has released a video on a u.k airport

    *I THINK NOT!*

  • Supreme Tacoz
    Supreme Tacoz 8 days ago

    When you decide to blow up the human civilization with a black hole:
    I'm gonna do whats called a pro gamer move

  • Abi Sun
    Abi Sun 8 days ago

    If we build a mirror wall around a black hole , won't the black hole suck it , making the invention useless? I am only asking this out of curiosity.

    Forgive me.

  • Vladislavs Dovgalecs

    All black holes in the universe is my property. If you use any energy from them, pay the bill!

  • Vladislavs Dovgalecs

    What does this exactly mean “black hole is spinning”?

  • Jonathon Cameron
    Jonathon Cameron 8 days ago

    Where is my anime with this premise???

  • Boka 666
    Boka 666 8 days ago

    Protoss in black holes Oo..... that makes so much sense too me xD

  • Random Funnies
    Random Funnies 8 days ago

    Ok but how do you turn kinetic energy from rocket going at an incredible speed into electrical energy?

  • Otto Majer
    Otto Majer 8 days ago

    Marlin was my morning

  • Brian V
    Brian V 9 days ago

    Anyone notice the halo ring in this video

  • Not Business Casual
    Not Business Casual 9 days ago


  • Riko Saikawa
    Riko Saikawa 9 days ago

    En Taro Adun! My life for Aiur!

  • Noirbluu
    Noirbluu 9 days ago

    Is there any good movie about that ?

  • Aashish Singh
    Aashish Singh 10 days ago

    this is the first channel for which I clicked the bell icon for

  • x
    x 10 days ago

    Ringularity is today's new BS word

  • Deku Mario
    Deku Mario 11 days ago +2

    Atleast kim jung un doesn't live forever

  • Lukson
    Lukson 11 days ago

    I thought you literally said using blackhole as a bomb, damn thats a good idea.

  • That RandomDude
    That RandomDude 11 days ago

    "big ass"
    I know thats not what he said but just- just listen

  • Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 11 days ago

    We will make a mini-black hole in a vaccum chamber and use it's power to turn a generator to make P O W E R R

  • amčooo HD
    amčooo HD 12 days ago

    Wow i dident know that black holes are going to be our last source of energy and life

  • Ps Nightmare
    Ps Nightmare 12 days ago

    Black widow : "cough" "cough"

  • Antônio Fernando
    Antônio Fernando 12 days ago

    Os vídeos desse canal são muito informativos e interessantes e os desenhos são muito bonitos

  • Blazer378 Gaming
    Blazer378 Gaming 13 days ago

    OH BOY that means we are all gonna die

  • Maximusa Gaming
    Maximusa Gaming 13 days ago

    The black hole bomb explode and cause the universe to start again

  • Jack Riba
    Jack Riba 13 days ago

    I would love to see a real life version of the black hole harvesting mirror.

  • Mystic R
    Mystic R 13 days ago +3

    Quantum mechanics explains by eyeless ducks. I love this to death 🦆💀

  • Rex Iloka
    Rex Iloka 13 days ago


  • Malamex
    Malamex 13 days ago +4

    Kurzgesagt: you need to move faster than the speed of light just to stand still here witch is impossible.
    Warp drives: aM I A joKe tO yOU?!?!

    • Trueantitheist
      Trueantitheist 9 days ago

      Warp drives are probably impossible due to hawking radiation frying anyone who trys to use them. When the universe says no FTL it means no FTL.

  • Aristides e a Galáxia


    if the black hole eat the mirror


    • Aristides e a Galáxia
      Aristides e a Galáxia 12 days ago

      @Luka T. nice

    • Luka T.
      Luka T. 13 days ago

      Essentially the mirror would be far enough away from the black hole to avoid falling into the even horizon. It would probably have to be extremely strong to do so, but depending on its distance from the singularity, totally possible.

  • Hus _
    Hus _ 13 days ago +11

    "Black hole bomb"
    *Kim Jong Un enters the chat

  • Sushant Karande
    Sushant Karande 13 days ago

    so that's all the fuss in interstellar movie

  • Xiaohui Hou
    Xiaohui Hou 13 days ago

    Do a warp drive

  • Crimson Fox
    Crimson Fox 14 days ago

    Hm? Kakyoin! 6:10

  • Nicolas Flores
    Nicolas Flores 14 days ago

    6:05 “You can imagine what happens next by imagining tossing a ball to a wall and then it returns faster that A bUlLeT!!!”

    PETER ZARI 14 days ago

    I still can think of a thing that spins faster than a black hole

    9 year olds in 2017 with fidget spinners

  • lil lexy
    lil lexy 14 days ago +5

    Matter: *Exist*

    Black holes: Ok, Im bout to end this mans whole carrier

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet 15 days ago

    The music kinda sounds like a cover of *Supermassive Black Hole*

  • Fragua goddess
    Fragua goddess 15 days ago

    But wouldnt the gravity of the black hole make the mirror structure to colapse and be eaten by it?

  • raqib islam
    raqib islam 15 days ago

    yes we saw black holes

  • lemonsauce_
    lemonsauce_ 15 days ago

    When we travel in a dead universe we might get sucked in a black hole

  • UnDeaDCyBorg
    UnDeaDCyBorg 15 days ago

    This is definitely something I did not know so far. Damn. I might just learn more than expected. Fascinating.

  • Ottoman Ball
    Ottoman Ball 15 days ago

    0:52 why not?

  • William Singht
    William Singht 16 days ago

    Black Holes are mathematical abstraction which does not exist.

  • Allan Russell
    Allan Russell 16 days ago

    What if took an super big rope that is indestructible and tied two almost indestructible human beings on the ends of the rope one person at the gravitational pull of one black hole and the other person at another person at the gravitational pull \ equally sized black holes \equaly as power full they both are at the black hole simultaneously \what would happen !?!!!/??

  • limemonade
    limemonade 16 days ago +1

    things with a thickness of 0:
    - ringularities
    - my ass

    • Allan Russell
      Allan Russell 16 days ago

      When life gives you lemons you squeeze em

  • Splosion7
    Splosion7 16 days ago +13

    "We could use it as an endless source of energy for trillions of years"
    "We could blow it up"

    • Splosion7
      Splosion7 11 days ago

      @Lukson yeah

    • Lukson
      Lukson 11 days ago

      lets blow it up thats a good idea

  • Splosion7
    Splosion7 16 days ago

    Not a single soul:
    God : I am going to make so many types of black holes.
    Not even your dog:
    God : It can also kill you by absorbing you and sometimes it spins really fast.

  • Brian McCann
    Brian McCann 16 days ago +14

    Kurzgesagt: Meat is okay sometimes but not all the time.

  • Julian Wanless
    Julian Wanless 17 days ago +2

    Ah now we have a use for all those black dwarfs that are taking up space our galaxy, we can just shove them into the local black hole and get some more use out of them

  • MegalodoN
    MegalodoN 17 days ago

    Put the bad boi into the *m i r r o r b a l l*

  • Isaa Khan
    Isaa Khan 17 days ago

    Pac-man was there

  • CynasFan
    CynasFan 17 days ago

    Wow, Crossfire Mod for Freelancer was right! Let's start intergalactic black haole war XD