The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
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    The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

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    • sam
      sam 6 days ago

      0:20 you got not enough minerals.

    • Sean Godsell
      Sean Godsell 14 days ago

      Planets, even small ones will always produce heat internally.

    • Mohammed Smeida
      Mohammed Smeida 19 days ago

      almond potato ankkd

    • Genesis_0peX0ptics
      Genesis_0peX0ptics 22 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I love your videos so much

  • Jon Forrister
    Jon Forrister 17 hours ago

    so could the penrose process give us lightspeed?

  • Miller _
    Miller _ 23 hours ago

    What if space is just one huge black hole and everything we know of is in it

  • Red Raph
    Red Raph Day ago

    7:02 Is that supposed to be Homer Simpson?

  • Lion71
    Lion71 Day ago

    6:42 halo?

  • -ジェトロ・カバルーナ


  • M C
    M C Day ago

    While the media around the world is doing its best to convince us that blackholes will be the last known source of energy for civilization . . they are forgetting the fact that us humans/living things are proof that entropy is not the only way the universe grow old. The idea of creating something from nothing (splitting matter and dark matter from 0) has not picked up interest, but it is the ultimate reality of existence.

  • Pill Grimm
    Pill Grimm Day ago

    Seeing these birds dying is horrifying.

  • Pugamapish
    Pugamapish Day ago

    Galaxy Man

  • Quemero Cagón
    Quemero Cagón 2 days ago

    Love the Protoss command center!

  • Oscar CR
    Oscar CR 2 days ago

    Show me the money.

  • rico casto
    rico casto 2 days ago

    The thing about black holes I dont understand is not the explanations of black holes it's the fact we say what it's like to be inside or near or around yet noone has even been within the same thinking distance of one.

  • Unknown-User
    Unknown-User 2 days ago

    Wait... so if we could trap a black hole and keep it under control we could travel to plantes like mars much faster ?

  • AceShippo
    AceShippo 2 days ago +1

    instead of a 100% mirror put a slightly see through mirror and shoot a light wave inside. the light will radiate out side the mirror and provide an immensely bright light

  • Pranav Ghantasala
    Pranav Ghantasala 2 days ago

    Could you make a video trying to explain gravity. That would be amazing!

  • RageFire
    RageFire 2 days ago

    FTL developer should collaborate with you guys

  • Tony Bjornson
    Tony Bjornson 2 days ago

    That StarCraft reference though :D

  • M Gam3r
    M Gam3r 2 days ago

    If you put your bed in a black hole and sleep I bet your bed will blow up

  • acktually aintaddingup

    5:10 W O K E

  • Mirovalka
    Mirovalka 3 days ago

    6:52 why does that remind me of a halo ring.

  • jo blakely
    jo blakely 3 days ago

    It would be ideal for waste management especially nuclear waste. Convert waste to energy. The idea that it could be contained and controlled in a dyson sphere is laughable. The energy and heat would get so intense it would blow up on its own pretty quickly. I don't even think you'd have time to build the sphere before the energy contained would explode out. You really think you can contain the electromagnetic field or release it fast enough? lol.

  • For Comment Purposes

    Data without proof

  • AJMSG Gaming
    AJMSG Gaming 3 days ago

    3:20 why blackhole being gae

  • Turrebo
    Turrebo 3 days ago

    Conclusion: the Great Filter is in front of us. It's a black hole bomb and there's no chance we'll not use it.

  • Gastrapo Gazmoño
    Gastrapo Gazmoño 3 days ago

    Hey those are Protoss 0:18

  • Joash Manayaga
    Joash Manayaga 3 days ago

    The biggest sun: am I gonna turn to a black hole

    The biggest black hole: no your to big

  • Mattéo Blanc Mathieu

    4:42 Halo référence 👌😁

  • Franchestcreator
    Franchestcreator 4 days ago +6

    3:48 The black bird is wearing a condom on its head...

  • Mythetic
    Mythetic 4 days ago +1

    Anything : *exists*
    Black Hole : Hippity Hoppity this is my property

  • it's moonpie
    it's moonpie 4 days ago

    Black holes, the original masters of the golden spin.

  • Milo Estobar
    Milo Estobar 4 days ago

    This bomb succ!

  • alvyno
    alvyno 4 days ago

    what if we use black holes as propulsion system?

  • voidblade legend
    voidblade legend 4 days ago

    starcraft protoss

  • Dzie Kuje
    Dzie Kuje 4 days ago

    Ahahahaha, "we get the better deal", i know this is hypothesized but id like to see that happen

  • Ayush Chakraborty
    Ayush Chakraborty 4 days ago

    Is there Anyone who could tell me about the real positioning of the actual black hole caught by us. Because it says its 55m light years old and I don't know where the black hole is ri8 now.

  • A literal Ice cream samwhoch

    So your telling me.... we have a ring that legit murders any thing it sees?

  • The 13th
    The 13th 5 days ago

    >Black Holes are spinning
    Tasuku! Acto 4

  • The glorious reich
    The glorious reich 5 days ago

    Kim Jong un take notes.

  • Northfolk_Southern Train_Hunter

    universe: Why was homer sleeping on the job?

    Black hole: because I want to kill him!!

  • Lucian Seelt
    Lucian Seelt 6 days ago

    So sc1 can create bombs is what im taking from that snimstion

  • Dacian wolf
    Dacian wolf 6 days ago

    Black hole is the rectum (ass). The elites (mainly Rotschild and Rockefellers, but there are more) are Sodomists, pefophile, pschopaths, sociopaths and Satanic. Albert Einstein was one of them. Nikola Tesla reffered to Albert Einstein as a clown, which he was!

  • Ryan Rafter
    Ryan Rafter 6 days ago

    black hole bomb, wont you come, and blow away the pain, black hole bomb, wont you come, wont you come...

  • braves7581
    braves7581 6 days ago

    s/o to Pinky & The Brain!!

  • Ryan
    Ryan 6 days ago +9

    5:16 who else here was focused enough to notice 'Pinky and the Brain'?

    • Fajar GM
      Fajar GM 2 days ago

      There is homer simpsons too somewhere in the video

    • Schrodinger's Cat
      Schrodinger's Cat 2 days ago

      you mean Russel Brand and Kelsey Grammer?

  • RogueRY
    RogueRY 6 days ago

    so is the rotational energy given by the spinning black hole like a weird version of gravity? since the narrator said that the spin drags spacetime with it

  • The SpookyM8
    The SpookyM8 6 days ago


  • *ArcanHage*
    *ArcanHage* 6 days ago

    hmm, if it's a ring we don't need to completely cover the black hole, just cover it's circumference and use a 2D reflection model.

  • Marijan Marić
    Marijan Marić 6 days ago

    5:22 USA has entered the chat.

  • 69696 subscribers with no videos challenge

    ”strongest bomb in the universe”
    *USA wants to know your location*

  • Detonator gamer
    Detonator gamer 7 days ago

    Warcraft protos aester egg

  • Rosalina
    Rosalina 7 days ago

    Black hole: I just LOVE driving human scientists insane.

    • Rosalina
      Rosalina 7 days ago


  • Machineni Jaswanth
    Machineni Jaswanth 7 days ago

    we don't know the backside of the black hole, then how can you build a mirror sphere around it.

    • DepressedCat
      DepressedCat 4 days ago

      Are you being serious right now? Black holes can still be surrounded you dong, it's not like it's a 2d object in a 3d space.

  • Julian Bruck
    Julian Bruck 7 days ago

    sacrifice to the black hole gods

  • ice cold water
    ice cold water 7 days ago +1

    Did you see the Halo ring in the video

  • SkateChiaps
    SkateChiaps 7 days ago

    10 year old kids who just figured out what racism means: tHiS viDeO iS rAcIst!!!!

  • Fox gaming 101
    Fox gaming 101 7 days ago

    Me in a nutshell

  • Orangeside Orangeside

    Wait... The big bang is probably not what I thought it was but you get the point. Some super nova ended intelligent life that is probably smarter than a me...

  • Orangeside Orangeside

    Has anyone come from the space filter video and is thinking the black hole bomb is the filter that killed all life before this. If we build this and blow up the bomb causing a super nova it could kill us all... But will also explain or at least give some thought about the Big Bang and if it was a super nova from a Really Really big black hole bomb that was built by smart life before us. Actually I just thought about this so that means we don't have to bomb a black hole to get some thought.

  • Prothope
    Prothope 7 days ago

    I really wish the universal objects are like they're animated here with silly faces and personalities, so I can go up to a black hole and just ask it straight up "seriously George, just what the f are you anyway? Like stop it and just tell me."

    ZACHARY FRENCH 7 days ago

    piinky and the brain aren't messing around anymore