Death Stranding (dunkview)

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • The third strand type game.
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  • Adam Samir
    Adam Samir 55 minutes ago

    I really like dunkey, and I won’t pretend like he doesn’t make good points but I feel like because his instinct as a content creator is exaggerate to for the sake of comedy, he ends up blowing the flaws of the game way out of proportion. That’s not to say he can’t deliver a serious opinion and make a comedic review at the same time. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive. But in this case, his presentation of the game is super unbalanced. He didn’t talk about any of its strengths and mentioned its failings exclusively as if that’s all the game was. You could do that with literally any game. New Vegas is a fantastic game, one of my favorites, and it has countless flaws. I could easily make review just tearing into the flaws making the game look like total dogshit. But that’s not reflective of the quality of the actual game. I understand that Dunkey’s tastes are his own, and he dislikes this game for very legitimate reasons. However, I find his presentation of this game to be disingenuous and unfair.
    In conclusion, dunkey is American dumdum and I hate him for all time.

  • AirborneZombie7 6
    AirborneZombie7 6 Hour ago +1

    And this piece of garbage was nominated for the most awards in the game awards

  • Данияр Жахан

    what's the name of the song that's played at the end of the video?

  • inthenameofnine
    inthenameofnine Hour ago

    Sorry Kojima. Dunkey is way too American for this shit.

  • Phil
    Phil 3 hours ago

    Hmm. I did not expect you to hate this game. Kids.

  • Aleef Muhammed
    Aleef Muhammed 3 hours ago

    Dunkey could you do an la noire dunkview.

  • OR10N_TheHunter
    OR10N_TheHunter 4 hours ago

    Yup, definitely waiting for a sale or when it inevitably becomes a playstation hit next year

  • Sheep Jesus
    Sheep Jesus 5 hours ago

    I disagree but respect your opinion.

  • Kurosu
    Kurosu 5 hours ago

    "Slightly fantastic" might be my new favorite phrase

  • FryCanon
    FryCanon 6 hours ago

    Cant tell if he's joking. But I see him brute forcing this game climbing in places that you would in botw. If you dont play a game by its terms you're gonna have a bad time. Thought monster Hunter was terrible and archaic till I saw people making it run like butter. Came back played it the way it instructed me too and not like god of war or DMC and had a ton of fun

  • Jill Hopkins
    Jill Hopkins 7 hours ago +1

    Death Stranding before it's launch: It's something.
    Death Stranding after launch: Kojima World Order Backpacker Mountain Climbing Simulator.

  • Ivin3690
    Ivin3690 8 hours ago

    Gideo Gojira LMAO 3:15

  • L U K K Y Anims
    L U K K Y Anims 8 hours ago +1

    I Don't think people wanna understand this Game

  • Johnny U. Films
    Johnny U. Films 9 hours ago +2

    i still personally love this game with a passion. been playing it non stop

  • Swag It
    Swag It 10 hours ago +1

    Hideo-sensei has lost his mind. He doesn't even know what the hell he's doing anymore

  • DONI ツ
    DONI ツ 11 hours ago

    "this is like if they built an entire game around the mechanic in Skyrim where you can walk your horse up the side of a cliff". My fucking dawg

  • Laura Wachter
    Laura Wachter 12 hours ago

    I like how that fragile girl switched up pronunciations halfway through her dialogue. Is fra-gel or fra-gile?

  • Archmortal
    Archmortal 12 hours ago

    I don't know what you were expecting, but I also can't fathom why you expected it to be any different than it is. Like you even got all serious with the comparison to Metal Gear Solid and... I kind of expect fans of that to be able to follow, you weren't wrong, Kingdom Hearts level story-telling. It's super easy to see why people might not like or even hate the gameplay loop, but come on. It's a great game, it's just not a game everyone is going to enjoy playing. Like Souls games. Or Metal Gear Solid (the control complaint followed up by this comparison got me good).

  • Joe
    Joe 13 hours ago

    It doesnt help that he played this game like Skyrim when trying to scale a fuckin mountain in the most retarded way possible

  • Braulio Velasquez
    Braulio Velasquez 13 hours ago

    I disagree with dunkey,but hey,what can expect from the guy that beat browser's big beaned burrito.(death stranding for goty)

  • Darkness Rang
    Darkness Rang 13 hours ago +1

    Fedex delivery service in a nutshell

  • Ompfff
    Ompfff 14 hours ago +2

    Dunkey has shitty mole rat vision to observe his terrain. He needs his simplicity..

  • LBenn302
    LBenn302 15 hours ago

    So I’m guessing you didn’t like the game?

  • JBLegend 52
    JBLegend 52 17 hours ago +2

    I knew the game sucked

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 17 hours ago +2

    Garbage review. Blatant bashing of a game with a completely original idea. The game is very artistic and unique. Graphics and Music are amazing as well as gameplay. I personally didn't have trouble getting around like he does in this video. Honesty his game play skills suck ass. Who climbs a mountain with tons of shit on your back. The game is realistic and you have to use your brain to play it. He's comparing it to Mario? Wtf! Kojima is right. People that don't understand this game are very simple minded. This game is a trillion times better than this crapy review.

    • Ompfff
      Ompfff 14 hours ago

      2:20 “Oh waaa my bikes driving feels so bad because I’m literally driving on the worst terrain possible” man dunkey is a dumbass for this one, making the game tedious for himself

    • Music Lover
      Music Lover 14 hours ago

      Lmao. World records with video games is worth about as much as toilet paper. Hahaha

    • NanoGamer12
      NanoGamer12 16 hours ago +1

      His gaming skills are a mastapiece now tell me bucko do YOU have the world record on bowsers big bean burrito

  • DevilGearHill
    DevilGearHill 18 hours ago

    People who write that Dunk is just bad at the game because he is not playing it the intended way forget that for normal, actually sane human beings that know what "entertainment" is, playing it in a intended way is a torture real people in real world get payed real money for. Thus he is clearly trying to cheat, but the game punishes his every attempt to, thus making HIM look like an idiot.

  • Robert Moores
    Robert Moores 18 hours ago +3

    Every second of gameplay you show in this video is literally you doing a shitty job of playing it. Press the jump button earlier. Hold the shoulder buttons when you walk. Don't drive your motorcycle straight into a fucking rock.

  • samseed666
    samseed666 18 hours ago +1

    I think Hideo Kojima is the greatest prankster of this millennium and has trolled you all with this game.

  • onii-chan 69xD
    onii-chan 69xD 18 hours ago

    higgs was my favorite and i wanted to join him. but no i guess he was a puppet of blonde bitch i wanted dead. higgs and clifford was the best characters and most open without all the lies and betrayal of the literal rest of the cast. 10/10 game tho

  • InstantChildBirth
    InstantChildBirth 19 hours ago

    dunkey's mad this isn't another mario game >:L

  • crimsonwolf911
    crimsonwolf911 19 hours ago +2

    dunkey, your description of this game thus far has taught me most definitely do NOT have OCD. Climbing and driving issues or no, I still drool when looking at gameplay of this game.

    • Mega Zeta
      Mega Zeta Hour ago

      I'm not sure a game that exacerbates a medical condition is a good thing

  • Unknow0059
    Unknow0059 22 hours ago

    I don't agree with you but this video has me rolling laughing HAHAHahha
    the combat's a joke for real tho
    4:44 good point. the zipline is broken.
    5:14 good point as well

  • Johny Kidd
    Johny Kidd 22 hours ago +1

    Mad cuz bad

  • Eli Chitwood
    Eli Chitwood 23 hours ago

    You're gonna be really mad when it gets game if the year then.

  • Ken Productions
    Ken Productions Day ago +1

    dunkey how many salt stored in your kitchen?

  • Sushi Boy
    Sushi Boy Day ago

    Dunkey: I’m gonna have to make the jump.
    Me: Just walk around the cliff you dumb american with your shooting game

    • Luizedw
      Luizedw 16 hours ago

      @DevilGearHill now consider, you are a guy carrying a shit ton of weight in your body, of course you could jump over a cliff, because you obviously are a superhuman, i think some of you forgot how fragile our body actually is, and that is why Sam can't actually do most of the crazy shit you would think a normal game would allow to do, also do you think that dunkey tried to cheat the game? He did, and it cost him, he got punished for that, most people are shitting on this game, its because they think that at one point they will receive a helicopter or a killstreak reward at a point of the game, its grounded enough that it filters the dumbasses who think that this is a bad game, when its just not a typical gameplay you would get.

    • DevilGearHill
      DevilGearHill 18 hours ago

      Because that is... More exciting then making a jump and actually reaching another edge ? And less time consuming, right ? Video games !!! Excitement ! Walking around instead of jumping ! Surely something a human being with the basic understanding of what is and isn't fun is going to spend his time after work on a Tuesday afternoon.

  • JawzPause
    JawzPause Day ago +2

    Fuck me this is a terrible review. Dunky got this game wrong, i hope he gives it another chance one day

    • DevilGearHill
      DevilGearHill 18 hours ago

      Why would he ? It's tedium incarnate. And playing it right is exactly THE most boring way to play it.

  • X T
    X T Day ago

    The fact that even dunkey cut the legs off this game should tell ya something.

  • Лихой Семён


  • Juan martin
    Juan martin Day ago +1

    Wow 30K of dislikes

  • Wanaga
    Wanaga Day ago +5

    This is the first time I disagree with Dunkey.
    If you find the game interesting you should give it a go (this review doesn't showcase the game very well, multiplayer aspect is cool as hell)

  • Namajaff
    Namajaff Day ago

    i dont get it did he like it or not

  • tyblue 2000
    tyblue 2000 Day ago

    At least it looks good .........

    • DevilGearHill
      DevilGearHill 18 hours ago

      More then that - it also sounds awesome. As well as supposedly has a interesting story. And insane detail in both gameplay and presentation. Only problem - it is tedium incarnate and all of it's parts are there to support that tedium.

  • PixieTheDude
    PixieTheDude Day ago +1

    the joy it brings to my heart when people realize hideo kajima was responsible for all the WORST parts of the metal gear series

  • TheSealofDoom
    TheSealofDoom Day ago

    Will we ever get a link to the ending song?

  • Stellar Beatz
    Stellar Beatz Day ago

    Santa claus chronicles

  • Dewadatta Avasare
    Dewadatta Avasare Day ago +1

    Amazon simulator

  • Phil Ve
    Phil Ve Day ago +4

    I think you are just bad at the game...

    • DevilGearHill
      DevilGearHill 18 hours ago

      I don't think he is bad at it. It is clear that he is just refusing to play it as intended. And is actually trying to absorb more fun out of it then it essentially can give. In other words - it's no MGSV.

    • Culted
      Culted Day ago +1

      The Good Guy He shouldn’t play like that for a review that will determine millions of people’s opinions on this game. If he can’t give a fair review, he shouldn’t review it in the first place. He most likely turned away people from buying this game, and now those people think this game is a flop all because Dunkey didn’t like the game

    • The Good Guy
      The Good Guy Day ago

      And that's some dumbass moment right there

    • The Good Guy
      The Good Guy Day ago

      @Culted well, who knows, maybe he play like that just for the video, who knows. If he's bad at the game, i don't blame him.

    • Culted
      Culted Day ago

      The Good Guy No, he really does suck at this game

  • bringindapain6727
    bringindapain6727 Day ago +2

    "I'm princess beach" is in the same league as "Conglaturation !!!" for the worst video game endings

  • The traveling meme merchant

    Kojima’s statement about Americans tastes in video games is a mistranslation actually

  • The Sad One
    The Sad One Day ago +1


  • Hilkson J
    Hilkson J Day ago

    .... I didn't really like the game mostly due to cutscenes.
    I want to point out few things. I think this game should be praised for figuring out how to get there then actually getting there. Think of those games where they give you a hook but u cant use them because u just cant. This game u can use almost everything although it doesnt guarantee it works well.
    If you actually try to think more about the story or why certain things happened that way, there is a lot of context clue to story.(agreed not in gameplay.)
    I really liked using tools creatively to get through challenges.
    Last cutscene should die and give me more choice.

    • Hilkson J
      Hilkson J Day ago

      I think future in gaming lies in your choice, you can't change the plot in movie or musical.
      Is different from sandbox type of game, but I like how the choice changes the world.
      Kojima broke that.... so yeah i hope kojima's movie fail horribly and focus on making games and give us more choice.

  • ninjacat230
    ninjacat230 Day ago +1

    6:37 is she on a beach in high heels

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming Day ago +5

    I'm so glad that someone is finally shitting on this boring, overly polished turd of a 'game.'

    • Culted
      Culted 8 hours ago

      DevilGearHill He may have tried to beat it the intended way, but he also had to put out his review as fast as possible. It would make sense that he didn’t have a fun time with it because of the time constraint, same with Dunkey, seeing as he also wanted to put out the review as fast as possible he also got tired of the absolute detail Kojima put into making this game feel like a journey. If they take their time with it and experience the game long-term, they would give the game a more genuine review.
      In terms for Jim, he stated that he can see why other people would enjoy this type of game, which I can infer means his review is coming from a biased point-of-view. Furthermore, he kept comparing the game to Red Dead 2, and The Witcher, which is totally unfair to a game where action is not the main attraction.
      In the end, neither of them felt the game was made for them, I guess that’s what GTA and Call of Duty does to someone.
      One more thing, what was with Dunkey calling the shooting section “non-gameplay”? “You fill them will bullets until they die” He’s describing every shooter right?!?!?

    • DevilGearHill
      DevilGearHill 10 hours ago

      @Culted Well, if that would help you might wanna go watch Jim Sterling's review then. He is playing it the intended way. And that doesn't help in the slightest. Or change anything. Makes the game and the video both look bad and not even half as fun as this one. Soo...

    • Culted
      Culted 13 hours ago

      DevilGearHill His review should reflect what the game has to offer, but when he paints it in the worst light possible by trying to scale a mountain with no gear, that’s not him trying to cheat the game, that’s him refusing to learn to adapt and wanting to play his own way. You can’t say the proper way isn’t fun when he is always having a hard time doing it his way, you just can’t make that comparison. If he would just learn not to scale a mountain by going straight up, or that some vehicles woulds have a hard time on certain terrain, or that some terrain he simply has to avoid, he would have way more fun. But because he’s a fucking idiot and for some reason hates this game, he’s going to spoil it, he’s going to make fun of kojima, and worst of all make other not want to buy the game. Every person in this comment section has never played the game, and it clearly shows that Dunkey’s intention to spread misinformation has worked.

    • DevilGearHill
      DevilGearHill 18 hours ago

      @Culted Wrong. He clearly isn't playing the game the intended way. Because playing it the way it is intended is a chore real people in real world get payed real money for doing. So he's trying to cheat and hopes to absorb more fun out of it then it can give. As such - looks like he's "just bad at it". No wonder, when fun is not permitted in this truly overpolished busywork of a game...

    • Erron
      Erron 20 hours ago +2

      Pyra And yall will praise this shit like its the seconding coming of video games when its really a glorified shitty movie with a terrible game attached to it. I’ma put it this way: If you enjoy this game you probably eat pizza with a fork and knife, and Drink water with a spoon

  • tom202404
    tom202404 Day ago

    I think the comment wars are the best part of this games story

  • Sanskar Mishra
    Sanskar Mishra Day ago

    i really wanna know how dunkey feels about the story tho. like the plot and shit

  • berserkermalkav
    berserkermalkav Day ago

    Omg. There's "Death" in the name. How that can suck so bad? Lol

  • carlos costas
    carlos costas Day ago +1

    This whole review sounds like you didn’t even play the game, are too close minded to understand the themes or you must’ve forgotten to how to play a game all together

    • Pyra
      Pyra 22 hours ago

      @Culted his point was that they're extremely easy, which they are

    • Culted
      Culted Day ago +1

      “This bosses in this game are a complete joke, they can’t even kill you”
      They can kill you, and when they do they perma lock you out of the area you died in. Dunkey just lied and y’all ate it up

    • Rustyhound
      Rustyhound Day ago

      To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Death Stranding...

    • The Good Guy
      The Good Guy Day ago

      Ok gaymer

    • Count Of Monte Cristo
      Count Of Monte Cristo Day ago

      carlos costas did you even watch the video? Are you actually being serious? He clearly states his problems and they are valid😂

  • Ibrahim Dafalla
    Ibrahim Dafalla Day ago +4

    People praise this game just because of kojima and his drama with konami , it's a horrible game and doesn't deserve anyone's money, the people who say "it's not for you" are delusional and just want their daddy kojima to get praised for doing shit

    • Culted
      Culted Day ago +1

      You didn’t play it and it shows

  • Luis Luz
    Luis Luz Day ago +1

    congrats from the review love the part " to advance for my brain" Nice