Daniel Ricciardo x Yes

  • Published on Sep 22, 2020
  • Pretty jacked to be joining the @yesoptus fam.
    Daniel's Twitter: @danielricciardo | danielricciardo
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  • Carlita Snyman
    Carlita Snyman Year ago +607

    This makes me want 2021 to come faster. Daniel and Lando are gonna be an iconic duo

  • MikeSZA
    MikeSZA Year ago +226

    How did this man just make a promo enjoyable and seem so genuine?

  • PandasAreBAE
    PandasAreBAE Year ago +615

    This man is an advertiser's dream.

  • GARIMA Soni5
    GARIMA Soni5 Year ago +386

    He is so real funny happiest guy who have ever graced the f1 grid

  • Seiddu Plays
    Seiddu Plays Year ago +512

    man Riccardo has that smile which just makes me want to stare at his face for the whole video

  • music lover
    music lover Year ago +183

    “stunning good looks” i need that level of self confidence in my life

  • Arshed Nabeel
    Arshed Nabeel Year ago +34

    The Ryan Reynolds of Formula 1. He could be doing pretty much anything, we will watch it. 😃

  • Mirielle M
    Mirielle M Year ago +40

    This guy always make me smile. Can’t wait for him and lando.

  • Chris Wild
    Chris Wild Year ago +34

    I love this guy, always hilarious

  • Lauti Donnet
    Lauti Donnet Year ago +123

    I can imagine Daniel Riccardo with Lando Norris at McLaren

  • Gina Franco
    Gina Franco Year ago +3

    I love this charisma and personality. He's one of my favorite F1 drivers! Makes me smile evertime

  • Mrs. Chadwick
    Mrs. Chadwick Year ago +17

    The best way to start a day is watching to Daniel Ricciardo and his positivity and happiness.... YES!

  • Alexander Ivory-Brown

    Literally in love with this man. In love with what Dan shows us. So genuine.

  • Nicole Domingues

    It's impossible not to love Daniel, he's wonderful, and he's still going to be world champion!

  • Racing Driver
    Racing Driver Year ago +1

    Daniel Ricciardo, congratulations on your race in Portimão! It really was incredible. You drive in a very clean and well focused way. Know that I have great admiration for you and I am your big fan, for the pilot that you and for you are. The Australian pilot who fought and fights everything and everyone since he was a child. Only you and your family know what you went through. Know that you are an example for me and many people. Keep being who you are. You will go far believe me, because I believe. You are already writing your name in the story and indirectly I am part of that story. Fabrício, Brazil

  • Abhijith Mohan
    Abhijith Mohan Year ago +3

    The thing is i couldn't find a single video on youtube without seeing him laughing or smiling 😂 ❤️

  • BMW1M
    BMW1M Year ago +51

    Next time Albon tries to go around the outside while you’re gunning for a podium, just remember what Lewis would do.

  • Portable Thunderstorm
    Portable Thunderstorm Year ago +47

    imagine Daniel being part of the wiggles tho 😂

  • Randum Miller Stuff
    Randum Miller Stuff Year ago +1

    Hey Daniel you are the best F1 driver ever keep it up. Keep being your happy self and try get that podium!!! Good luck

  • Ash Parks
    Ash Parks Year ago +1

    This guy is the best! He just makes me happy watching him! A real CHAMP! Dunno WTF Optus is though 😂