6 minutes of kawhi leonard accidentally being the funniest player in the NBA

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • A 6 minute compilation that proves Kawhi is the king of unintentional comedy.

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  • FanaticMixes
    FanaticMixes  Day ago +9

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  • xp3bood
    xp3bood 39 minutes ago

    1:35 lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • LoveLabs 31
    LoveLabs 31 Hour ago

    Kawhi's laugh: aUgAHAAhaG

  • Mstry Chessboxn
    Mstry Chessboxn 2 hours ago

    Yeahh, just you know when I walk down the steps

  • Jeff Bucks
    Jeff Bucks 3 hours ago

    Kawhi is a Doppelgänger 👁

  • IHitGrandSlams
    IHitGrandSlams 4 hours ago

    Is no one going to talk about him eating penis

  • Dondadda
    Dondadda 14 hours ago

    0:22 you’re welcome

  • Aarushi Gupta
    Aarushi Gupta 19 hours ago

    5:21 Justin Trudeau in the back

  • scotttont gaming
    scotttont gaming 23 hours ago


  • Amos Kambo
    Amos Kambo Day ago +1

    “AHA HA HA HA”

  • B.P. A.W.P.
    B.P. A.W.P. Day ago

    If Donald Glover/childish gambino was a basketball player

  • Isabel Cameron
    Isabel Cameron Day ago


  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Day ago

    Why is this me?

  • Shock Jacob
    Shock Jacob Day ago +1

    😐: Uh.. i'm a fun guy.

  • Seungmin’s Hyunjin

    his laugh-

  • Etoile Martinez
    Etoile Martinez Day ago

    Go off kawhi

  • Austyn Joe
    Austyn Joe Day ago

    It’s obvious he’s brain dead lol 🧠 💀 if he wasn’t he would have joined the lakers but now he ain’t winning shit again

  • Thanosisabarb
    Thanosisabarb Day ago

    “I’m a fun guy” had me dead 😂😂😂

  • been in this fandom longer than taehyung's forehead

    “Is there anything you’d like to say to all the Chinese fans?”

    *”NI HAO”*

  • Fun Guy
    Fun Guy Day ago

    2:56 my personal favorite

  • Chillin With Nicole

    Minks youtube channel brought me here. I really don't know this guy buy the skits are funny.

  • President Moore
    President Moore 2 days ago

    RIP headphone users 3:05

  • arnautov
    arnautov 2 days ago +1

    "it's a snowball"

  • Marcus Morales
    Marcus Morales 2 days ago

    he’s so funny l

  • Yaku Zafier
    Yaku Zafier 2 days ago +6

    Me acting fine after telling a joke and no one laughs

  • We So Lit
    We So Lit 2 days ago

    His shoulders are broad af that looks really attractive

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 2 days ago +1


  • jada flowers
    jada flowers 2 days ago

    i really love his life 😭💗

  • jada flowers
    jada flowers 2 days ago


  • Flowsss
    Flowsss 2 days ago

    0:21 🤣🤣heh heh heeeeh

  • prod. by messina
    prod. by messina 2 days ago

    This man is truly me if I was a pro athlete

  • happy mingyu
    happy mingyu 2 days ago

    i was not expecting that laugh at all

  • Ace Reloads
    Ace Reloads 3 days ago +2

    5:51 sounds like a sims character having an elegant conversation

  • Mari Jaco
    Mari Jaco 3 days ago

    Love him lol!

  • takeeazy g
    takeeazy g 3 days ago

    Yo trophy ma boii

  • Abundance Above All
    Abundance Above All 3 days ago +15

    Sounds like his kidneys in straight pain with that laugh

  • T Gods Royal Artist
    T Gods Royal Artist 3 days ago

    3:05 rip ear tunnels

  • Devun Saggar
    Devun Saggar 3 days ago

    Yo the guy that asked kawhi what he thought igudula hit the three was the same guy that asked lebron what happened in jr smiths mindset

  • Proper Nazi man
    Proper Nazi man 3 days ago +5

    "I'm vegan I ain't cool with killing cows" 😂

  • Rev3rse Angel
    Rev3rse Angel 3 days ago

    Chef: Cmon more taste of pEnIs!.!.
    Leonard: 0_0

    Leonard has left the chat

  • vKxntucky
    vKxntucky 3 days ago +1

    ni hao the girl be like wtf😂

  • Sean Mellers
    Sean Mellers 3 days ago +1

    Dude is awkward as hell.

  • SupremeDreamss
    SupremeDreamss 3 days ago +1

    He started out looking like Meek Mill😂😂

  • Jay Mazyopa
    Jay Mazyopa 3 days ago

    0:22 immortal moment

  • ScottPaulMusic
    ScottPaulMusic 3 days ago +1

    Just leaves the trophy lmao

  • alex
    alex 3 days ago +5

    he looks like he’s permanently tired or in pain

  • Tarmogoyff
    Tarmogoyff 4 days ago +6

    And have fun wid it

    *A HAH. HAH. HAH. HAH*

  • Jade Jamilet
    Jade Jamilet 4 days ago +1

    He dead ass left his trophy on the table and walked off lmao

  • Bri._.Mangan 101
    Bri._.Mangan 101 4 days ago

    Ni how

  • peter c
    peter c 4 days ago

    People are just trying to do their job as reporters lmao

  • Amaze
    Amaze 4 days ago +1


  • Anti Cannabis
    Anti Cannabis 4 days ago

    He just needs to work more on his deadpan.

  • TheEverythingKing85
    TheEverythingKing85 4 days ago

    1:34 isnt ne hao japanese? Lol

  • Joyful Spirit Life
    Joyful Spirit Life 4 days ago

    I absolutely 💖💖💖 #KawhiLeonard. He is so 100% Natural & Organic, a real ‘fun guy’ 🤣🤣🤣

  • Septom
    Septom 4 days ago +1

    1:19 ahaha😂

  • Jiren
    Jiren 4 days ago

    "hey hey hey"

  • CJ32 pull2
    CJ32 pull2 4 days ago

    Commercials are of him becoming a ⭐️

  • CJ32 pull2
    CJ32 pull2 4 days ago

    It’s meat 😂
    It’s beef 😆

  • surfbug1
    surfbug1 4 days ago

    2:59 best laugh ever!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 I wanna party with dis guy! 3:58 too! Omg 😂

    KENYGAMER302 4 days ago

    Me: Siri laugh