How To Make Tabouli | Tabouli Recipe | Hilah Cooking Ep 32

  • Published on Jun 15, 2010
  • How to make tabouli (tabouleh). Tabouli is a classic middle eastern salad of herbs, bulgur wheat, tomatoes and cucumber, great for light summer meals.
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Comments • 66

  • Mattie Oakley
    Mattie Oakley 2 months ago

    Do you think coucous will work instead?

  • Ankit Shah
    Ankit Shah 7 months ago

    using your recipe after 6 yrs i think

  • S S
    S S 11 months ago

    This tabouli is AMAZING!! I like to add extra greens. I also omit the wheat due to an allergy and it comes out fantastic without it, but I'm going to try adding quinoa next time.

  • jpheinrich91
    jpheinrich91 Year ago

    You are fucking hilarious and it looks/sound fantastic! :)

  • Jack Shaheen
    Jack Shaheen Year ago

    Pretty much how I make mine except I use green onion. Most don’t use garlic but they don’t know what they are missing.

    XD WINDY WIND XD 3 years ago +1

    You remind me that of my sister.

  • Kane Erickson
    Kane Erickson 4 years ago +2

    bahahah you are funny dude

  • Joseph Youngberg
    Joseph Youngberg 4 years ago

    Welcome my brothers and sisters?!?!?! Wow! LOL You need to find a flow and make this more entertaining!

  • Rob Aitken
    Rob Aitken 4 years ago

    A long way OFF traditional, there are far better recipes about

  • COOKING FOR FUN اكلات متنوعة

    Thank you for sharing chef!
    Please subscribe to my channel. Is full of middle eastern recipes, cakes and bakery and international recipes as well. Thank you:)

  • Patti Lewis
    Patti Lewis 4 years ago +2

    you hardly have fat sausage fingers lol!! you are too silly but cant wait to make tabouli here in a lil bit, all i have in quinoa so ill be using that

  • carla lopez
    carla lopez 4 years ago

    Love Tabouli!!

  • izzymania92
    izzymania92 6 years ago

    wow never heard of this version b4..

  • mrlafayette1964
    mrlafayette1964 6 years ago

    not traditional but some very thinly sliced beef goes good in this

  • Ana Paula's Life
    Ana Paula's Life 6 years ago

    Hi Hilah! Thank you for the video. Easy to make tabouleh! Do you think I can make a day before I actually need? I'm having a party and I would prefer to get few things done the day before.

  • KITTYKAT1100101
    KITTYKAT1100101 6 years ago

    another way to enjoy this tabouli .....don't totally drain off all the fluid and let the bulgur wheat soak all night and use it as a cold soup

  • Scotty McLean
    Scotty McLean 6 years ago

    I want you to have my babies!!!

  • maria cerrillo
    maria cerrillo 6 years ago

    Eff that nose i love tobouli! Taste like ceviche without the fishy taste!

  • John Dingler
    John Dingler 6 years ago

    Annoying intro music,

  • Virginia Moya
    Virginia Moya 6 years ago

    Oh please. grow up

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  6 years ago +1

    Why'd you watch the video if you already know everything about it?

    • Bri Miller
      Bri Miller Year ago

      Hilah Cooking cuz clearly u have some haters!! Lmao. Nobody said it was traditional. Modern is good too. Great video!

  • arow gobe
    arow gobe 6 years ago

    This Not Middle east Tabouli.Looks Like Green sallad

  • Chuck Jerry
    Chuck Jerry 6 years ago

    You don't add fucking cucumbers

  • 1000000000000000000g
    1000000000000000000g 6 years ago


  • Heidis Time
    Heidis Time 7 years ago

    Love tabouleh- no one really around here makes it at the restaurant I've gone to. I miss living in a metropolitan city where you can actually get ethnic foods. Guess I will just have to make it ;)

  • Gisela Pacheco
    Gisela Pacheco 7 years ago

    Hilah great recipe, but you just contaminated the salad by putting the spoon in your mouth and using it again to stir the salad. Just hope you are the only one eating this salad!

  • urbanpope
    urbanpope 7 years ago

    I still can't train myself to like mint, like poison to me!

  • Jason's world
    Jason's world 7 years ago

    that looks Hilah good

  • Leila A
    Leila A 7 years ago

    omg not

  • Leila A
    Leila A 7 years ago

    Hillshire I love ur cooking and style but you got the Americanized bastardized version of tabbouleh. it ain't right but I still like you.

  • Rickem
    Rickem 7 years ago

    I did. looks great! having trouble finding green tomatoes so we decided to try to grow our own :)

  • roel vanacker
    roel vanacker 7 years ago

    instead of using a garlic press, you can easily make a garlic 'paste' by roughly shopping the clove(s), then crushing them under the flat lemet of your knife while pushing down on it, while moving and scraping your knife over the board.. it's hard to explain, but it's easy and you never get chunks of garlic in your dish!

  • greengeekgirl
    greengeekgirl 7 years ago

    It did! :) I can eat it again with wild abandon. Thank goodness.

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  7 years ago

    Oh, I just saw this comment again - did you find the fried green tomatoes vid?

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  7 years ago

    Oh wow! I knew about the genetics part (poor guys!) but never had heard of a medication that would do it. How awful! I guess it got better once you were off the meds?

  • greengeekgirl
    greengeekgirl 7 years ago

    The deal with the cilantro is definitely not always a preference but some sort of chemical thing in the person's body. I have a friend who thinks it tastes like soap . . . and I was once on a medication that made cilantro taste TERRIBLE to me (I usually love it). I couldn't even use seasoned salt because there was dried cilantro in it, and the smell made me feel almost sick.

  • chinouyamale
    chinouyamale 7 years ago

    Love your cartoon intro!

  • vostro
    vostro 7 years ago +1

    Calm down. She isn't offering to give you any.

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  7 years ago

    Yes Yes YES!!! Can't wait til they're in season!

  • Rickem
    Rickem 7 years ago

    I love Tabouli and this looks great. If it pleases and sparkles may I suggest a recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes?

  • Russell Stone
    Russell Stone 7 years ago


  • nouraa lala
    nouraa lala 8 years ago +2

    Im a lebanese.this salad came from my culture we invented it.the thing is that u didnt make it tabouli u never ever put pepper, onion and all wrong and u r supposed to put more lemon juice then oil.thay was to much oil.u only have to put 4 table spoons or even less.and u have to put quarter cup lemon jiuce because thats the point of tabouli.its supposed to have a sour bitter but nice taste.and another mistake is the ammount if parcley. The amount of parcley is usually m

  • Natalie Ceja
    Natalie Ceja 8 years ago

    I can't believe she tasted the tabouli from the spoon and then stuck the same spoon in to the salad. YUK!!

  • mushroomhill
    mushroomhill 8 years ago

    I like-a her-a style!

  • arow gobe
    arow gobe 9 years ago

    Good Job Looks Good this tabuli( you spoak 1 word french ) i saw other video on you tube they make strange tabolui i been eating this tabouli in mid east 30 years

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @achtagon Thanks, buddy! Yeah, it's crazy to me that people hate cilantro. I've heard it's genetic. Like, it literally tastes different to some people than it does to me. Weird.

  • Neil Elver
    Neil Elver 9 years ago

    cilantro haters are a well-documented sub-culture - but I love it! There's a link on the coriander wikipedia page to a Wall Street Journal article about people who get sick from the smell.
    keep up the sweet vidz - go team cilantro ! Don't listen to the haters.

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @OccasionalVlogger you're not the only one who hates cilantro, although I will never understand you people! ;)

  • OccasionalVlogger
    OccasionalVlogger 9 years ago

    No wonder I couldn't find it even though I spell it Tabouli there's more then one way to spell it and I was told the "proper" way was tabouleh couldn't find your video because you spell it the way I like to lol. Tabouleh even though it can be spelt that way just looks wrong to me lol wasn't gonna argue ith the person and thanks for telling me you had this. Looks delicious hope I can find the ingredients will be substituing the cilanto with parsley can't stand the stuff.

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @AnnieNM06 You're lucky!

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @alyausa Say whah?! Oh, snap!

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @MariahmR You mean the bulghur wheat? Full recipe is on the website.

  • Alya Rami
    Alya Rami 9 years ago

    looool it is tabula not tabuli
    Thanx 4 ur lovely vidz!

  • Jimbo Jitsu
    Jimbo Jitsu 9 years ago

    looks great

  • Drpapuffnik
    Drpapuffnik 9 years ago

    I fricken love Cilantro too.....

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @1kperday Glad we finally see eye to eye on SOMETHING!!! Sheesh.

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @TheVittleVlog Thanks!

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @KayeLaSha Mmm, lambchops. xx

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @MixMasterApu I am always totally amazed at things that absorb water and then are ready to eat. I wish there were more foods like that.

  • Hilah Cooking
    Hilah Cooking  9 years ago

    @MrJingjong Sometimes I can't think of my words right!