PS5 VS XBOX SERIES X: How Will They Be Different?

  • As the next generation encroaches, more and more information about the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox comes out. Now that we have some concrete info, how will these two devices stand out from one another? Let's talk.
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  • gameranx
    gameranx  2 months ago +370

    A vid for some info catch up and some speculation
    What about you guys? Console or PC?

    • 2wheelphoto
      2wheelphoto 13 days ago

      Ben Aaron I have madden 20 and fifa 20 both on pc and ps4, same price bro. A $500 pc is pretty dang good these days and can certainly run most games that you might play on a ps4, maybe even ps5. So really it depends on the kind of games you play. All the games I play, except MLB The Show are also on PC. Also PC games are free to play online, which xbox and ps4 games are generally not, with a few exceptions. So yeah upside is your PC is less likely to go out of date in 5 years and you won’t have to buy a whole new machine to play the new games, but the console has some exclusives. So yeah I have decided that I’m going to just do PC. Not going to get stuck into another machine that will be obsolete next Christmas 🎄👍🤷‍♂️

    • 2wheelphoto
      2wheelphoto 13 days ago +2

      gameranx well when a new console comes out, it’s good for like 4 or 5 years, but then you have to buy a new one to play the new games...pc can be upgraded a lot easier and will pretty much never necessarily be unable to play the new games, aside from any hardware limitations, but pc games typically allow you change the graphics settings to adjust for older systems so yeah. I vote PC, after years of upgrading consoles, I’m tired of it.

    • Boo Leslie Knope Booo
      Boo Leslie Knope Booo 14 days ago

      @Shane Cavannagh That spec drop looked impressive. If it's a solid hardware build.. at that price point.. I dunno, the SeX might be worth it.

    • Shane Cavannagh
      Shane Cavannagh 14 days ago +1

      I've never chose one over the other but I can tell you the new Xbox has everything over PS, PlayStation fan boys will definitely make development look bad in either platform they chose to play their game, gamers buy every consoles for the games as all consoles only provide for some and not for the other, make your mind up when we see what happens, my vote on the bigger and better console will always be on the Xbox Series X

    • Boo Leslie Knope Booo
      Boo Leslie Knope Booo 27 days ago +1

      @Ian Thorpe Does the scanner see clearly or darkly?

  • Michael Devaney
    Michael Devaney 2 days ago

    I know how they'll be different....I've owned both xbox and playstation from the beginning.....the Xbox is always the cheaply built piece of shit out of both

  • lincoln clay
    lincoln clay 3 days ago

    Anybody else excited about Mafia IV and a possible Mafia II remaster?

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 6 days ago

    guess I'll buy a ps5 then just do xbox game pass on my pc

  • Aiga Edits
    Aiga Edits 9 days ago

    Anyone play on the TI-84 though?

  • Gixxer983
    Gixxer983 10 days ago

    Playstation always had better games and more reliable hardware .

  • DownInLA
    DownInLA 11 days ago

    The analysis is misleading about the specs between the two because you’re comparing apples and oranges. MSFT’s specs are sustained TFLOPs since the GPU and CPU clocks are fixed. Sony is giving PEAK TFLOPs. It may be 10 TFLOPs at 2.2 ghz, but we don’t know how long it can maintain that speed, if a game requires more CPU power. Being variable speeds at fixed power means, you can’t have the CPU and GPU at full speeds at the same time.

  • Timotej Bogša
    Timotej Bogša 11 days ago

    The onli thing that is different is that picture of the ps5. That is not what ps5 looks like

  • John Castiel
    John Castiel 11 days ago

    More hyped for hellblade 2 and Halo then Godfall or whatever its called.

  • John Dawd
    John Dawd 11 days ago

    Now with honesty Microsoft is way ahead of Sony in this gaming machine build up, Xbox x already play games @4k 60fps , and this new gen isn't a big leap ahead of current generation of consoles, the only thing that would make a difference is when you have 120fps at 4k or 1440p and you then have to buy a tv with 120hz panel, other than that it's not significant change, more like a PC than a console because you are able to twerk the graphics to your preference just like Xbox One X is able to do but with an added horse power.

  • Nsubuga Patrick
    Nsubuga Patrick 11 days ago

    Microsoft announce new xbox series X
    Me: Buy xbox one x

  • Raiiyzyn
    Raiiyzyn 11 days ago

    wouldn’t you need a 4k tv to play 4k? i’m pretty sure 1920x1080 120+ fps would be better

  • michael kagan
    michael kagan 11 days ago

    I think that the Xbox with its exclusives, online service, and quality of their games will keep gamers like myself around for years to come but the one Ace that the Playstation has is that it has a huge variety of games. Almost 4 times as many so they could win me back to playing the Playstation but again quality vs quantity. It's still hard to say wright which system is going to be too dog and the games on their machines and then there's the elephant in the room the Nintendo Switch. I own a Xvox One X as well a Nintendo Switch and can say the Switch is almost as good as the Xbox and Playstation and the New One coming out to be called the Pro version of the Switch could turn things upside down for both Sony and Microsoft.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 11 days ago +1

    Yes, 8k graphics... The second most pointless concept of this upcoming generation

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith 11 days ago

      @Raiiyzyn then you shouldn't be able to even see 4k let alone 8

    • Raiiyzyn
      Raiiyzyn 11 days ago

      Nick Smith around 32 inches

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith 11 days ago

      @Raiiyzyn how big is your TV?

    • Raiiyzyn
      Raiiyzyn 11 days ago

      honestly , i’m sure higher frame rate would be better

  • jorge penate
    jorge penate 12 days ago

    from what i have seen xbox looks fucking amazing and acts a totally new way. like you can play a game pause choose another game start the other game fast then go right back to where u paused no smooth and easy. u can go back and forth on all ur games quickly. i have not seen anything on ps4 yet but i will now

  • jorge penate
    jorge penate 12 days ago

    lol thanks

  • Jever
    Jever 12 days ago

    Will you be able to log into your old account with the PS5

  • Billy Markley
    Billy Markley 12 days ago +1

    so a bit more powerful and ssd. just get a pc guys, 144 fps blows everything away

  • Humanus
    Humanus 12 days ago

    Streaming service from Playstation is a joke, it crashes way to often to enjoy it.

  • Zachariah powless
    Zachariah powless 12 days ago

    This is bullshitt it never will and never have!? Not for 1000 of years

  • Bill Fletcher
    Bill Fletcher 12 days ago

    If Sony removes their mod restrictions I'll buy the PS5. If not then I'll buy a Xbox series X

  • Caleb Jackson
    Caleb Jackson 12 days ago

    1:20. Wrong

  • Zach Bunch
    Zach Bunch 12 days ago +1

    4k/60? I'd rather have 1440/120

  • shadowguy321
    shadowguy321 12 days ago

    Welp, PS5 had it's shown shown and will only be backwards compatible with a few PS4 games. Had your chance, Sony but you screwed it up...again. Won't buy this paperweight. And don't give me that BS about "oh the hardware is hard" or "liscencing" if Microsoft can pull it off, you could've too

  • Mr. Stantile
    Mr. Stantile 13 days ago

    Well I’m glad I have a decent pc won’t be buying Xbox anytime soon I still have a lot to play on Nintendo switch and ps4

    DEDMIT 13 days ago

    i want ultrawide resolution

  • Y-star
    Y-star 13 days ago

    Important question is will ps4 will be ps5 game compatible?

  • Critter B
    Critter B 13 days ago

    We don’t want 60fps. That is a terrible FPS for today’s standards. Computer games run at 180-200fps. There is a real difference in smooth gameplay between 60&180fps

    • Critter B
      Critter B 11 days ago

      Nick Smith Lol.. the difference is not visually noticeable. FPS determines how smooth a game feels when playing it. It’s most noticeable on fast paced shooters. Generally you’ll sacrifice resolution for better FPS. So the game if anything looks a little less good on higher FPS.

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith 11 days ago

      @Critter B after looking at a comparison between 120 and 60, I've concluded that you guys are making a petty squabble over a pixel worth of blur in which you think makes a difference in a high pase first person shooter.

    • Critter B
      Critter B 11 days ago

      Nick Smith if you have ever played a game at 120fps or higher , then gone back to play something els with 60fps you would not need to ask that question. We don’t necessarily need 200, but anything below 120fps is a joke for today’s gaming standards. We have been running games at 30-60fps max on console since Xbox 360. Were as computers have been running games at 120fps and much higher for more than 10years. FPS directly affects how smooth and clean a game feels. In shooters especially. They have boasted about the console using the latest in tech. And they still choose not to us this tech to get smoothest and best gameplay possible

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith 11 days ago

      Why do you need 200fps?

  • Christopher Petts
    Christopher Petts 14 days ago

    I'm glad I'm getting old..the futures bullshit! Enjoy kids.

  • Simply Human
    Simply Human 14 days ago

    But what's the price? And when is it coming out?

  • Mikhil Muhunthan
    Mikhil Muhunthan 14 days ago

    I really wish Codemaster can fix up the licensing issues for Colin Mcrae's Dirt 2 cuz in my opinion Dirt 2 was the best racing game ever made by codemasters better than Dirt,3,4 and showdown

  • Dovydas Simulynas
    Dovydas Simulynas 14 days ago

    They gonna be exactly the same apart from ps4 having more and better exclusives

  • PhoenixKing1611
    PhoenixKing1611 14 days ago

    Claiming Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, is a "dev" who "claims" the xbox is more powerful than the ps5. Even though he hasn't touched one. Is different than a leak that came out in December, which had the same specs for the series x. which had only 12.1 terraflops. compared to the PS5 specs which had it coming in with 13.3..... So Which is supposedly more powerful? Not to mention that Sony has more game studios working on games than Xbox has....

  • Uchiha_Itachi
    Uchiha_Itachi 14 days ago

    Can't wait for them consoles

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 14 days ago

    i still think is funny how they cant even use the newest cpus?

  • ExuberantRaptor
    ExuberantRaptor 15 days ago

    The Series X can be pre-ordered for 9.999 SEK which is about $1050 here in Sweden. If PS and Xbox players were to play together there arguments and you're gonna have to listen to the console war daily instead of reading about it. Great for teamwork in terms of communication unless you mute the whole lobby in which case even better!

  • Wizkid Gaming
    Wizkid Gaming 15 days ago

    My 2016 iPhone has 60fps so these consoles need it

  • MrCrayonBoy 911
    MrCrayonBoy 911 15 days ago

    Whoever makes online free will win the console wars without a do

  • GrVo0n
    GrVo0n 15 days ago

    Hey,I mostly buy my games digitally on the PS Store. Will I be able to play them on PS5 or is the backwards compatibility available only for CDs?

  • Alex Domanovic
    Alex Domanovic 16 days ago

    ill beat it into you until you understand. ps5 will dominate again, as it did the last 4 times. period!

  • Youtube Noob
    Youtube Noob 16 days ago

    Consoles trashhhhh

  • Youtube Noob
    Youtube Noob 16 days ago

    Who cares get a pc

  • Joan Mirabal
    Joan Mirabal 16 days ago

    Sony is trash. They just leak controller. lol

  • john jackson
    john jackson 16 days ago

    Sony hiding tells me their not comparable at all lol

  • XxTreytay27xX J
    XxTreytay27xX J 16 days ago

    I really wish Xbox did new something to their controller and not just add a share button

  • R.C. R.
    R.C. R. 17 days ago

    Can't keep it civil if you place the ps5 in a lunch bag

    IIl OGENIUS lII 17 days ago

    man I cant wait to kick some xbox players asss
    PS4 till I die

  • Gray Fox105.2
    Gray Fox105.2 18 days ago

    As long as they support physical disc media I'll always be in interested buying consoles.

  • Jorden Purinton
    Jorden Purinton 18 days ago

    Im done with xbox Microsoft is a garbage company im.going to sony

  • Jorden Purinton
    Jorden Purinton 18 days ago

    Well lets face it us older gamers we have left the the golden age of video games ... it time for me to let go .. I miss ps1 and 2 days ..

  • Mr.Realism 111
    Mr.Realism 111 18 days ago

    Put 2 of the Xbox series x besides each other, then at 9:11 am/pm hold a plane beside the xboxes, then get very huge flash backs from 2001

  • NoVaHD
    NoVaHD 18 days ago

    6:32 - "HotFriesFTW" is a dick, lets get him banned jk (Ah the good old days when Fortnite was about shooting, now a days its just a sweat fest who ever can out build)

  • Tramaine B
    Tramaine B 18 days ago

    I'll wait half a year for a price drop and to get general reviews

  • Tuskan Reader
    Tuskan Reader 19 days ago

    I'm not exclusive to any one console. I play all of them.

  • DatBoyC 88
    DatBoyC 88 19 days ago

    All I care about is exclusives which sony always does, higher refresh rates, and faster load times. Graphics don't matter when it takes soooooo damn long to load and refresh rate is low.

  • blueshadow
    blueshadow 20 days ago

    What console wars there is none only true gamers respect all consoles

  • Jose Atalig
    Jose Atalig 20 days ago

    I'm sorry to break it to you but Sony doesn't charge you for free to play games or Netflix or anything else that's free to use on everything else. Playstation plus is optional for receiving extra services discounts and games. I'm shocked at how you guys are willing to support xbox live. So you guys like getting charged extra to use the internet that you are already paying for? That's like Google charging us to use their search engine. Most reliable network? Its called the freaken internet and you guys are getting charged to use it! They're free to play on everything else! If google starts charging us to use their search engine its cause of you guys believe the "its more reliable now" lie. Protection from hackers? They still have them! Doesn't go down as much? Its still goes down! What the hell are you paying for?!

  • Asian Anims
    Asian Anims 20 days ago

    Because the new xbox is kinda ugly lol
    But it’s fine
    If you’ a gamer, you’re a gamer you respect all consoles

  • LilacDoe
    LilacDoe 21 day ago

    For the next 2yrs the consoles won’t hold pc games back 😄

  • poslla7486
    poslla7486 22 days ago

    Won't matter I'll be getting both.

  • hidden
    hidden 22 days ago

    Ps now is terrible

  • Havloch Takacs
    Havloch Takacs 22 days ago

    Jake is definitly a massive sony pony

  • M. Wade
    M. Wade 22 days ago

    Anyone else just a 90’s kid that remembers the days when you bought the system and then a game and that was all you needed to play? I miss that. This is my problem with the cost of the system! If it stopped there that would be fine but it’s the system, the game, the ps plus, or Xbox online. Then it’s the downloadable content that ends up costing you another 60$ on top of the 60 dollars you payed at the store, for the disc, which you still have to connect to WiFi and download... So wtf is on the disc? The music? Sure it’s cool to play online and meet new people and make friends but there is this nostalgia I have with the days of putting in the game and just playing and while I never knew how I would have faired on the world stage I was at least second or third on my block in goldeneye. And I can live with that. That trash talk you constantly endure online. It dramatically changes when said party is within reaching distance. But it’s now the days of the Premium Subscription! Which is a great way of saying “hi we are going to hold you hostage with countless forms of Advertising until agree to pay the monthly fee! So why not just expedite the process now and get the free week! But should you change your mind you will have to cancel or we will automatically bill you monthly!”...

  • Michael Khoury
    Michael Khoury 22 days ago

    You're putting the wrong emphaaasis on the wrong syllahhhhble... "Differ" is not pronounced the same as "Defer"...

  • Spence The Fence
    Spence The Fence 23 days ago +1

    I know which one is better, both! Now shut up about “what console is better”

  • ThE-UnKO-LeMa
    ThE-UnKO-LeMa 23 days ago

    Spec by spec these consoles look identical. How can one claim better graphics performance ?!

  • SamF2000
    SamF2000 23 days ago

    I think till we see what games come out for these consoles the power aspect means nothing. A system can have 12 Tflops and 8k but with no good games it means nothing. Time will tell

  • Saucy Fox
    Saucy Fox 24 days ago

    PS4 sold 4x as much as the Xbox One, PS5 with sell 5x as much.

  • Tyusplayz YT
    Tyusplayz YT 25 days ago

    Eww a pc player🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮

  • jack tyer
    jack tyer 25 days ago

    If that's what the ps5 looks like I'm not buying it.

  • Rocafella Plaza82
    Rocafella Plaza82 26 days ago

    Easy Answer:
    One controller makes sense while One does not!

  • ImmersiveGamer83
    ImmersiveGamer83 26 days ago

    Pc user but like that Xbox games can be played on pc but they lock you out of the files so no reshade or tinkering ect so I buy on platforms where I can add mods and tinker freely.

  • Auto70Galaxy
    Auto70Galaxy 26 days ago +1


  • MayX
    MayX 26 days ago

    Imagine if they would just take away PS+ and Xbox gold, this would be gold. Hah get it ”gold” no? Just me. ok

  • Dmac 740
    Dmac 740 27 days ago

    Xbox is 8k confirmed

  • Velpoem
    Velpoem 27 days ago

    Boiling down to it having the freedom to playing old games on your new backwards compatible console (Xbox Series X) without seeing nothing on your tv screen such as buying a cheap console (PS5).

  • Conar Hone
    Conar Hone 27 days ago

    It says on the Xbox one series x trailer that it dose 8k gaming so there is no speculating it’s the truth Xbox series X is going to have 8k gaming. But I respect your thoughts thoe.

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan 28 days ago

    The difference is, you have to pay for 2 consoles to play console specific games.
    On pc you can play all the games on one computer

    PC GAMING IS DEAD 28 days ago

    PS5 will sell over 100 million.
    Xbox Series X won't hit 30 million.

  • Luka Melinc tosevski
    Luka Melinc tosevski 28 days ago +1

    Ps5 will be almost better in each category. Xbox will have better raytracing