• Published on Nov 30, 2019
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  • crocky55
    crocky55 22 days ago


  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali 23 days ago

    Mahrez don’t want you either 😂

  • mc leavey
    mc leavey 25 days ago +1

    M8 ur kinda unluky in a premium gold pack i got prime icon rush and marquinhous

  • DU KY
    DU KY Month ago

    U should join the sidemen like this comment if he should

  • Corey Dovey
    Corey Dovey Month ago

    Noone gonna talk about how good his team is..

  • Latha Sauras
    Latha Sauras Month ago

    Back song?

  • Guca On my PC
    Guca On my PC Month ago

    Where should I buy coins

  • Aaron Seth_-
    Aaron Seth_- Month ago

    Mahrez 4 time

  • Yah Y
    Yah Y Month ago

    What does manny stream on??

  • Jaidon Baker
    Jaidon Baker Month ago +1

    Pele on the bench yeah

  • Cesar Perez
    Cesar Perez Month ago

    roberto carlos left back would be good🤷🏾‍♂️

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks Month ago +2

    When the man said "Working hard" all seriously while earning cash playing fifa and I'm going to be slugging it out on a farm in minus degree weather tomorrow for pennies 🤷‍♂️

    SW GAMING Month ago +1

    When he discarded Robertson I felt that

  • Crushrr6969
    Crushrr6969 Month ago

    Bs I opened 20 125k packs
    5 100k packs
    2 walk outs both busquets

  • Ttv Wiki7702
    Ttv Wiki7702 Month ago

    Ea should do torenments for black Friday packs

  • Kapunology
    Kapunology Month ago +7

    13:29 Discards Robertson

  • Luski
    Luski Month ago

    Manny just spent 315k fifa points =£2080

  • DLx CS:GO
    DLx CS:GO Month ago +1

    Legend has it, Manny is still opening packs to this day.

  • Xxunknown29xX
    Xxunknown29xX Month ago

    I'll take the marezes #RESPECT THE POOR FIFA PLAYERS

  • Ryan Lynchehaun
    Ryan Lynchehaun Month ago +4

    So sad seeing this, sold my team and bought packs and got nothing and now I've no team or coins :(

  • Thxmas 13
    Thxmas 13 Month ago +2

    This is how many times he packed if Mahrez

    DJ VEVO Month ago

    Money teammm ❤️😂😄👌

  • Frode0404
    Frode0404 Month ago +3

    When he has more FIFA pints than i have coins😐

  • Luke Mavridis
    Luke Mavridis Month ago

    Can I have a free player

  • Nathan Barron
    Nathan Barron Month ago

    He discarded Robertson

  • Glemify
    Glemify Month ago +2

    okay tell me if I'm lucky, I haven't spent a penny on fifa, and I packed mbappe out of a 35k pack

  • Inge Vem
    Inge Vem Month ago

    Simon got nothing lOol

  • Ana Hoo
    Ana Hoo Month ago

    Manny:if I get mahrez again I
    Fifa:try me

  • Dion
    Dion Month ago +2

    You bought like 5% of the lightning round😂😂😂

  • Elias Tannous
    Elias Tannous Month ago

    He made 800k from Mahrez’s

  • Rdoyler07._.
    Rdoyler07._. Month ago +2

    Manny:varane walker Allison
    Me:controller out the window 😂

  • Mike_ 2704
    Mike_ 2704 Month ago

    Manny can u go and do a vid where you ask the public a question and if they get it right they get fifa points

  • Jedi Jet
    Jedi Jet Month ago

    Bro He doesn’t like it when he gets fricken Thiago! I would kill for one bro, my packs r shit

  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor Month ago

    at least you play the game on your account unlike simon doing it for views

  • Gleyber Day
    Gleyber Day Month ago +1

    How do u tell if walkout

  • Naren Keyntang
    Naren Keyntang Month ago

    i want son thooooo 🥺💔

  • viktor björk
    viktor björk Month ago

    Manny made mahrez sink in price

  • Alex Clarke07
    Alex Clarke07 Month ago

    Did he discard kante

  • D3structzOP
    D3structzOP Month ago

    He just made 2 mil+ profit from quickl selling players wtf!

  • Evan Raymond
    Evan Raymond Month ago +1

    This just made me realise how lucky i was to pack neymar with only one pack

  • Stewart Holden
    Stewart Holden Month ago

    I'm calling fake

  • Ethan Allen
    Ethan Allen Month ago

    Is IF walker good/worth it?

  • JimDeanSmellyPeen
    JimDeanSmellyPeen Month ago +2

    Mannie--"Damn I should saved my points"
    Also Mannie- HAS 365 000 FIFA POINTS

  • Carrick Best
    Carrick Best Month ago

    I packed Ramos from 100k pack on friday

  • Loli Pop
    Loli Pop Month ago +4

    Yo brightness too high making me think every packs an icon

  • king_slayer975
    king_slayer975 Month ago

    The most boring channels of all

  • l1ttle Smurfy
    l1ttle Smurfy Month ago

    Any1 else think it was ronaldiniho on the thumbnail instead of manny😂

  • Dan Turner
    Dan Turner Month ago

    I packed Kanté and started screaming

  • Teoman Cereda
    Teoman Cereda Month ago

    Funny thing i packed inform messi from a sbc pack spending 0 pounds

  • AT4
    AT4 Month ago

    Pls sub to me everyone will be updating weekly

  • ferzfy
    ferzfy Month ago

    My mate opened a 50 k pack got inform mane and van Dijk in the same pack

  • Muhammad Isa
    Muhammad Isa Month ago +7

    Simon 2:35-2:42
    “OMG I got 5 blues in a pack I know they’re rubbish but they look pretty”😭😂

    XxAZ SPiKEYxX Month ago +3

    People opening 125 k packs and getting veratti
    Me: opens untradable 7.5 k pack from objectives and gets vvd

  • Junior 17
    Junior 17 Month ago

    Dont mock peckham lowe it😂

  • Aage-Leonhard Høie

    13:29 did you Discard robertson

  • Watch Me React
    Watch Me React Month ago

    Manny do a giveaway with fifa points for ps4 and xbox!!! Please!!!

  • Brzy.Drewpy
    Brzy.Drewpy Month ago

    Srry but this is boring

  • Luffy’s right hand
    Luffy’s right hand Month ago +3

    Wow and I have never gotten a player over 50k in a pack in any ultimate team from fifa 14 to fifa 20!!!!
    I opened a 125k pack and got tadic too on Friday :/ just my luck

  • Abdullah Siddiqui
    Abdullah Siddiqui Month ago

    what is even the point of you opening packs and playing Fifa anymore? the money kills the excitement of the game